Top 10 software companies in North Carolina: A Hub of Technological Excellence

It is impossible to fathom the modern world without all those lines of code telling machines (and increasingly humans) what to do, when, and frequently how. ?

Software is so essential to the operation of our technology.

Software’s low marginal cost of production is due to the fact that it is composed of computer code.

Additionally, software applications benefit more from widespread use, which makes the sector particularly vulnerable to strong network effects.

The most prominent software vendors thus have excellent sales and profit margins. The transition of the whole sector to cloud computing and the subscription model for software-as-a-service has provided several top software suppliers with a sizable foundation of recurring income. ?

Tech jobs can offer a lucrative and reliable profession with many remote employment options. 

10. Channel Advisor Corporation

The 2001-founded ChannelAdvisor Corporation offers manufacturers and retailers cloud-based e-commerce solutions.

By providing access to a variety of online sales channels, these solutions enable firms to grow and boost their profit margins. ?

Additionally, ChannelAdvisor Corporation provides analytics and automation technologies so that its clients can swiftly enhance their operations.

Software engineers, implementation consultants, price analysts, corporate administrators, and prospect database analysts are a few of the positions that ChannelAdvisor Corporation may be searching for.?

ChannelAdvisor Corporation Location

9. Bandwidth

Since 1999, Bandwidth has been creating communication-supporting software platforms. People can make phone calls and send messages daily thanks to its APIs and countrywide network. ?

Product managers, software developers, systems engineers, fraud analysts, and customer success managers are a few of the positions Bandwidth might be searching for.

Bandwidth Location

8. ArchiveSocial

For businesses in the public sector, ArchiveSocial offers social media archiving technology. The company was founded in 2011. ?

Law enforcement organizations, governmental institutions, and school systems are a few of their clients.

Along with collaborating with regional and national organizations, ArchiveSocial debuted the first presidential social media archive for the White House in 2017.

Contracts assistants, sales development representatives, account executives, and human resources representatives are a few of the positions ArchiveSocial may be searching for.?‍?

ArchiveSocial Location

7. InspectionXpert Corporation

The 2004-founded InspectionXpert Corporation creates software tools that make it simple to conduct quality inspections. ?

Users can use these tools to organize documents, generate drawings, access templates, and edit reports.

Career options at InspectionXpert Corporation may include positions as full-stack web developers, technical support professionals, and marketing interns.

InspectionXpert Corporation Location

6. Pendo

Since 2013, Pendo has been creating software that boosts productivity. ?

Customers may keep track of metrics, gather feedback, and create visual roadmaps to keep their team on the same page with the software tools that Pendo creates.

Pendo has offices spread out over the globe, including ones in Tokyo and London.

Technical success engineer, corporate account executive, software engineer, senior manager, and sales development representative positions are just a few of the occupations Pendo may be searching for.?

Pendo Location

5. AdWerx

Having been established in 2013, AdWerx is a digital advertising firm that collaborates with real estate experts to assist in the creation of effective campaigns. ?

AdWerx offers a comprehensive range of marketing solutions to make advertising straightforward and efficient.

Additionally, they construct classified advertising, generate TV commercials, and produce recruiting materials.

AdWerx may be hiring for positions such as strategic account manager, human resources representative, account manager, senior software developer, and operations specialist.?

AdWerx Location

4. Red Hat

Red Hat, which was founded in 1993, offers commercial open-source solutions. Platform development, application services, cloud computing, data services, and application development are a few of the topics Red Hat concentrates on. ?

Red Hat has several positions open for software engineers, application developers, content strategists, data analysts, and customer success executives, thanks to its more than 100 offices worldwide.

Red Hat offers a competitive base salary, a quarterly bonus scheme, and remote employment alternatives, while benefits may vary by country.

Red Hat Location

3. Ascom

Since 2000, Ascom has offered international solutions to healthcare establishments. Its primary objective is to create information and communication technologies that boost efficiency and patient care. ?

Additionally, Ascom develops mobile workflow solutions. Ascom offers a wide range of professional options and has subsidiaries in 15 different countries.

Software programmers, sales executives, project managers, service engineers, and marketing executives are a few of the occupations that Ascom may be searching for.??

Ascom Location

2. Lenovo

Lenovo was established in 1984 and makes a wide variety of technological products, such as tablets, laptops, smartphones, smart devices, and data centers. ?

Lenovo may have employment chances for software developers, project managers, software engineers, social media marketers, and communications analysts as a Fortune Global 500 corporation.

It is a multinational technology firm that creates, distributes, and sells consumer gadgets, personal computers, software, enterprise solutions, and related services.

Desktop computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones, workstations, servers, supercomputers, electronic storage devices, IT management software, and smart televisions are among the products that the company manufactures.?

Lenovo Location

1. Epic Games

The entertainment business Epic Games was founded in 1991 and makes 3D engine technology. This company is known for its hit video games like Fortnite, Battle Breakers, and Spyjinx.

Professionals who desire to pursue a career in video game design have many options at Epic Games, which has over 40 studios worldwide. ?

3D animator, mobile engineer, cinematic environment artist, concept artist, and data engineer are a few of the jobs Epic Games may be searching for.

Epic Games Location

Frequently Asked Questions for Software Companies in North Carolina

Is North Carolina a tech hub?

Some of the nation’s leading technology hubs include Raleigh and Durham. Another city in eastern North Carolina is currently receiving some attention.

Is Raleigh, NC, a tech hub?

According to rankings, the Raleigh metro area is the second-fastest expanding tech hub in the US. More than 60,000 people work in information security, software development, and other fields at 4,000 tech enterprises.

What is the fastest-growing city in NC?

In their 2022 American Growth Project, researchers at the Kenan-Flagler Business School of the University of North Carolina ranked Charlotte as the eighth fastest-growing metropolis in the nation.

What industry is big in Charlotte, NC?

Banking, financial services, manufacturing, energy, automotive, health, and technology sectors, as well as retail, are some of the city’s major economic drivers.

Where is the best and cheapest place to live in North Carolina?

Chapel Hill is one of the least expensive cities to reside in North Carolina and is connected with higher education. Despite its small-town, southern charm, Chapel Hill is still a college town with many bars, restaurants, and cultural destinations.

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