Top 10 Best Soft Drink Brands in the US

A soft drink is a beverage that mainly has an amount of artificial or natural flavoring, a sweetener and carbonated water in it. The sweetener is probably a mixture of sugar, a sugar substitute, fruit juice, and high-fructose corn syrup.

Cold beverages are called “soft” in difference with “hard” alcoholic beverages. There are a lot of soft drink brands in the United States of America that choosing one is not easy. Given below is a list of the best 10 soft drink brands of the US.

Top 10 Best Soft Drink Brands


Coca-Cola is a very famous soft beverage and is liked by most people in the world. This soft beverage is produced by the Coca-Cola industry. John Stith Pemberton first formulated this soft drink in the late 19th century and Asa Griggs Candler traded Coke.

Coca-Cola is generally called Coke, the drink is manufactured and retailed in more than 200 countries. Together with more than 500 other various beverages manufactured and retailed by the Coca-Cola industry, there is no other cold drinks company that can compete Coca-Cola as a single unit.


Pepsi is a cola beverage type produced by PepsiCo. Pepsi was available for sale for the first time as Brad’s Drink in the United States. Pepsi contains dissolved carbon dioxide and there are so many variants of Pepsi and each has its own flavors and tastes.

Some of these Pepsi varieties include Caffeine-free Pepsi, Pepsi Vanilla, Pepsi cola made with real sugar, Pepsi Zero Sugar, Crystal Pepsi, and Diet Pepsi.

Pepsi is one of the cold drinks liked by most people because it doesn’t contain high caloric value comparatively other soft beverages. A 12 ounce can of Pepsi contains less than 160 calories. Other cola beverages contain more calories than Pepsi.

Diet Coke

Diet Coke or Coca-Cola light is another soft beverage without calories and sugar. Diet coke is manufactured and dispersed by The Coca-Cola Industry. Diet coke has artificial sweeteners as a replacement for sugar.

Disclosed on July 8, 1982, and present formally in America on August 9, Diet Coke was the first completely new soda brand since 1886 to utilize the Coca-Cola label. The soft drink didn’t take much time to overtake the existing diet cola of the company Tab, in deals.

Diet Coke never utilized an alternate formula of the procedure of Coca-Cola rather a completely unique recipe depended on the Tab recipe. The contentious New Coke, launched in 1985, utilizing a version of the Diet Coke formula that included sweetener made from corn and a little different proportion of ingredients

Mountain dew

Mountain Dew is also the most liked PepsiCo soft drink. It has liquefied carbon dioxide just like Pepsi. Pepsico manufactured and owned this soft drink brand. It sells in a market in the flavors of Mountain Dew Soda, Dew Slurpee, The Energy, international Variations, and also the Kickstart Flavors.

In 1940, Ally Hartman and Tennessee beverage bottlers Barney first formulated the actual preparation method of this soft beverage. In 1958 Bill Bridgforth invented a revised preparation method. This carbonated soft drink is recently available in commercial shops in every continent, and over 100 countries.

Mountain Dew is generally traded in wonderful green bottles that are nicely manufactured and imprinted consequently tempt more buyers.

Dr. Pepper

Dr. Pepper is another unique flavored soft beverage that contains dissolved carbon dioxide. Charles Alderton who was a pharmacist first formulated this soft beverage in 1880, in Waco, Texas. The name Dr pepper was originally retailed in 1885.

The soft drink was marketed nationwide in America at 1904 St. Louis World’s Fair as a recent type of sweet carbonated drink, containing more than 20 flavors. This soft drink is presently also retailed in more than 3 continents as a foreign good bought by the government of another country.


Sprite is an uncolored soft beverage with a lime-lemon flavor. This soft beverage contains no caffeine. This soft drink is produced by the Coca-Cola company. It is traded in a translucent green colored container that shows a yellow-green tab.

Variously, the can often be traded in aluminum, blue, silver and green. The taste of this beverage can effortlessly be bewildered with the flavor of Lemonade.

Diet Pepsi

Diet Pepsi contains dissolved carbon dioxide and it has no calories in it. PepsiCo manufactured this soft beverage, given an introduction in 1964 as an alternative to Pepsi without sugar.

In 1963 it’s the first trial traded in the assuming name Patio Diet Cola, in the next year it changed its trademark in Diet Pepsi and came to the market as the first diet Pepsi to be dispersed nationwide in America.


Fanta is also another most liked soft beverage manufactured by the Coca-Cola Company and with a German conception. In the present day, there are more than 100 variations of flavors in the world.

Other beverages have mostly a flavor of fruit with some of the blackcurrant, pineapple, and strawberry flavors. Fanta is one of the most popular soda brands for kids and youngsters. In the time of second world war trade restriction against Germany was ascertained by the United States which made the export of Coca-Cola syrup impossible.

To avoid this situation, Max Keith who was in the leading position of Coca-Cola Deutschland made up his mind to formulate a fresh product for the German trade utilizing only a recipe that was able to be used in Germany in that situation, containing apple pomace, whey, and beet sugar.

Diet Mountain Dew

Diet Mountain Dew is a soft beverage that contains no-calorie. This soft drink was first acquainted in 1986.

It was previously popular as the name of Sugar-Free Mountain Dew up to 1986, Diet Mountain Dew was invented differently with a fresh “Tuned Up Taste”, utilizing a mixture of aspartame, sucralose and acesulfame potassium as flavored sugar syrup.

Coke Zero

Coca-Cola Zero Sugar, also known as Coke Zero, is a zero-calorie cola manufactured by The Coca-Cola Industry. In many countries, coke zero is traded as Coca-Cola Zero Sugar. This soft drink was originally introduced in 2005 It was the biggest producer of the Coca-Cola company that was introduced in 22 years.

International trade was performed by inventive agency Crispin Porter + Bogusky. It was traded for the taste that is identical from the common Coca-Cola, as conflicting to Diet Coke, which contains a unique flavor.

Top Soft Drink Brands

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