Top 10 Best Socks Brands: American-made socks to buy

Just like a good-looking dress shirt, a well-fitted pair of trousers and nice shoes, a pair of good socks is essential to dressing smartly. Gone are the days when socks were only a necessity to keep our feet dry and prevent them from rubbing against the sole of our shoes.

Socks have now emerged as a major accessory to showcase our style statement. People who take their dress seriously never neglect the kind of socks they are wearing. Many brands offer well-made and good-looking socks in the United States.

Top 10 Best Socks Brands: American-made socks to buy

1. Bonobos

Bonobos is one of the most popular socks brands in the United States. Apart from socks, the company also specializes in trousers, shirts, suits, and other gents’ apparel.

The company is known for its excellent online shopping experience.

They are at present the biggest online clothing brand in the US.

The excellent delivery system of the company makes sure that you get all your products delivered free of charge and makes returns easy in case you are not satisfied with their product.

The excellent return policy of the company sets it apart from other clothing brands.

Bonobos socks are ideal for both office and casual parties.

2. Ted Baker

Even though Ted Baker is a company that is based in the United Kingdom, it is extremely popular in the United States as well.

The company was established in Glasgow as a shirt specialist. However, their American-made socks are made of excellent material.

The patterns in Ted Baker’s socks are famous all over the world and they cater to a huge customer base.

Quality has always been an important aspect of the company and it has not changed even after so many years in the industry.

Apart from the United States, the company also operates globally and has stores in Singapore, Dubai, Hong Kong, Bangkok, and Jakarta.

3. Happy Socks: American made socks Brand

As the name suggests, Happy Socks is a company that manufactures socks that have designs with a pleasant and happy undertone.

The primary purpose of the company is to make its customers happy.

Since socks are an everyday companion of our lives, beautifully designed socks go a long way to enhance our mood.

Happy Socks combines the best of skillful techniques and flashy designs to make the most colorful as well as comfortable socks in the world.

Because of its consistent quality, the company has been expanding around the globe.

Other than its immense popularity in the United States, the company has reached more than 90 countries around the world.

4. Frank and Oak

All of us are aware of the unsustainable methods of production in the fashion industry and their impact on the earth and its people.

Frank and Oak strive to promote the manufacture of sustainable clothing items.

The company commits to minimizing the impact of its products on the earth and uses mostly recycled materials.

All the raw materials used in the production of Frank and Oak socks are sustainability sourced and produced in proper working conditions.

5. Hugo Boss

Although a German socks brand, Hugo Boss is one of the best sock brands in the United States.

They bring the best of European fashion and minimalistic designs to their sock production. Hugo Boss socks are famous for having a neat look and minimalistic design.

Apart from socks, Hugo Boss also manufactures other clothing apparel like shirts, trousers, and jackets.

The socks are made of excellent quality cotton which makes them extremely comfortable and easy to wear.

Beautiful designs and high-quality products make Hugo Boss very popular among the American public.

As a result, the company has rapidly expanded its business in the US as well as across the world.

6. Pantherella

Pantherella has been manufacturing excellent quality men’s socks since 1937. It is one of the most popular US sock brands and is easily available across the country.

Pantherella socks are available in a wide range of materials and a variety of designs including bold and subdued patterns.

The toe seams are hand-linked and are almost invisible to the naked eye which ensures the utmost comfort for the wearer.

The raw materials are sourced from across the world to guarantee the best quality like Australian Merino Wool and Sea Island cotton.

7. J Crew

J Crew is one of the Best Socks Brands
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J crew produces clothing apparel that lasts for a lifetime. The company produces socks in happy colors and uses a variety of materials.

The company has made a name for itself in the production of blazers, coats, and trousers.

Attractive designs like leopard print, classic stripes, and gingham socks are the specialty of the company.

The high quality of the products is maintained without compromising their cost-effectiveness.

This makes J-Crew socks all the more popular among the regular office goer or the college student.

8. Chup

Chuck is a Japanese company that is very popular in the US. Established in 2009, Chup socks showcase the culture of several indigenous tribes from various parts of the world in the design of their socks.

The stocking frame machine makes sure that each sock is of the highest quality.

The utmost care is given to minor details of design and color to make sure that you get the best quality socks. Maximum comfort is promised by Chup at reasonable prices.

Master craftsmen are employed to provide customers with socks that can be worn anywhere.

9. Anonymous Ism

Anonymous Ism is another popular sock brand in the United States which is famous for beautifully designed patterns and bright designs on its socks.

This American made socks brand is of Japanese origin but has emerged as an industry leader in America.

The beautifully created socks are perfect for flashing them from under the trousers and creating an impression among friends and colleagues.

Anonymous Ism socks are perfect for the office as well as for casual outings because of the soft raw materials used in production.

The socks are also reasonably priced which makes them easy to acquire for the regular American.

10. Charles Tyrwhitt

Initially known for making the best business shirts in the industry, Charles Tyrwhitt has now ventured out into the production of socks perfect for corporate events and regular offices.

Charles Tyrwhitt’s socks are sported by corporate big shots who take their office attire very seriously.

These stylish socks are produced without making any compromise on quality. The customer service of the brand is also top-notch. They provide doorstep delivery and make returns extremely easy.

The company has been operating in the apparel market since 1986 and has been a major player in the business ever since.

Exceptional craftsmanship along with British elegance makes Charles Tyrwhitt socks extremely popular among the American office goer.

Thus, you can get the best socks from these renowned US brands. Be it a corporate event, a casual outing, an important date night or just chilling at home, these companies will provide you with socks for all kinds of occasions. Apart from looking extremely attractive, the socks from these brands will present you with the most comfort.

The reasonable pricing and easy availability across the country will make sure that you can get hold of a pair very easily.

Most of these brands offer office doorstep delivery so that you do not have to step out of your house to lay your hands on these beautiful socks.

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