28+ Unique Social Media Strategies for Small Business

Social media is the one aspect that has taken the present generation by storm. The popularity of social media can be judged by the fact that almost everyone who has access to the internet has an account in one or the other applications.

Whether it be Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, almost everyone is hooked to one or the other. Another important aspect of social media is the advertising aspect that is attached to it.

All of these platforms have the provision for digital marketing and advertising of various Small business ventures.

Optimizing social media can become key if you are looking to launch your own small business or catapult your existing one onto a global stage.

However, some keys must be kept in mind to get maximum results before plunging into it. What needs to be kept in mind is that the outreach of these applications is far and wide.

Therefore, your marketing should not be very age-group or society-strata-specific but should be appealing to a maximum number of people.

The following article discusses the important strategies by which you can make social media work to your advantage and make your Small business successful. In case you decide to dip your feet into it, these should come really handy.

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Believe in yourself

If there is one person who believes in your venture’s Small business prospect wholeheartedly, it is you.

If you are not convinced of the chances of success, making it a profitable conversion is almost next to possible.

Therefore, you should be very careful in choosing what kind of Small business you would like to invest in because, for most people, it is a big decision, especially financially.

You should have the belief that your business will strike the right chord with your target customers and will be a success. Having that self-belief will act as a confidence booster as well.

Fact: “The number of local business pages on Facebook has reached 65 million. “

What is your goal for social media?

The next strategy to be kept in mind is what you expect from social media. Are you heavily dependent on it for generating more traffic to your website or platform, or is it another aspect of digital advertising apart from the existing conventional ones?

Do you want to target a specific niche of customers, or is your product open to usage by all? All these questions have different ways to manage your social media account, mainly on the basis of the various levels of advertisement that you need to indulge in.

Invest in branding

You must have heard the statement a thousand times that the first impression is the best impression. Add to that; it is one of the most lasting ones.

Therefore, the social media account of your venture should be very well designed so that it reflects your personality in the best light.

Things to be kept in mind are that it should be structured and layered well, it should be easy to navigate and handle by everyone, the viewers must be given clear directions about the accessibility and how to use the site to place an order, and the layout should be attractive and inviting.

Special attention should be put on detailing and choosing amiable colors that are soothing to the eyes.

If you feel that you won’t be able to do the best job in designing a website as your expertise doesn’t lie here, you could even hire a professional to do the needful.

It may cost you some money, but this investment in Social Media Branding Strategy is going to be worth it in the long run.

So it’s no surprise that 83% pay for ads on Facebook.

Less posting is more amazing.

Quality precedes quantity, especially when you are trying to create an air of sophistication around your website. It is not necessary for you to keep updating your social media every single day, highlighting the smallest of details.

Instead, you should work towards something that is more substantial and then post it on your account.

The logical reason behind posting less is that if anyone really likes your products, they will anticipate your next post.

Instead, if they keep seeing frequent posts, the charm will be lost, and your Small business will become just like any other. Thus, post only when required and concentrate on making it worthwhile.

Less promotion, more information

This strategy continues with the previous point that says you should focus more on quality posts.

Similarly, when you are making a new post on your social media account about your Small business venture, it should look less like a promotion and should concentrate more on providing more information about your Small business set up and product.

The customer of today is mostly the no-nonsense type. They don’t really have the time to make an effort to collect information about you.

You can only catch their interest by giving them the information on a platter. So make your posts as information oriented as possible.

Make a video with strips.

Video promotion is a unique way of advertising using social media. This visual method is guaranteed to garner a lot more views than normal. You can also cover more aspects of your Small business using a video.

It should be completely appropriate and easy to understand. However, there is always the danger of it becoming too long and boring not to hold the interest of potential customers.

Therefore, make it as precise and informative as possible, mostly in the form of strips, so that it can keep replaying easily.

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Don’t just wish them for festivals; surprise them.

Nowadays, automatically generated emails have become very handy in keeping track of all the potential customers who visit your website and subscribe to your newsletter. Festivals are important as it is during this time that most people indulge in shopping.

So cashing in on the sentiment of the people during this time is generally a good idea. Therefore, instead of just wishing them well during these festivals, you should surprise them with attractive discounts and offers that you would generally not give.

These rebates are a big crowd-puller, and you will notice the change in traffic to your business websites in a very short time.

By advertising these offers through social media, you can ensure that you reach out to a maximum number of people.

Share one easy mobile number for every communication.

Customer care and service are as important as the Small business itself. It is natural for people not to entrust you immediately and have queries they need clarifying before committing to your product.

Thus, a customer care number attached to the advertisement of your profile is an absolute must. You can even purchase your personalized phone number and use it.

The advantage of this will be that these numbers tend to be retained for a longer period of time, and people don’t have to keep referring to your website for it. The number should be unique and easy to remember.

It is also important that there is someone present to pick up the phone and address the doubts in the most cordial manner possible. If all these strategies are followed adequately, you will surely get hefty conversions.

Be a local guy, and share local updates.

Being global and more far-reaching is fine, but so is being local. The best part of being local is that you will have a fair idea of what the people there like or prefer, and you can design your advertisement on social media, keeping that aspect in mind.

Moreover, being local gives a sense of relatability to the people, and they can be a little more trusting towards you. It is based on the simple concept of familiarity.

Sharing local updates through your social media account will attract more and more people from a particular niche. If that has been your intention all along, then it is a completely win-win situation.

Be a storyteller

There is nothing that captures the interest of a person as much as a good story. Therefore, this form of advertising has gained a head with a large section of the Small business group.

You could include stories in your social media about people who were at their wit’s end to find a solution to a problem and were able to do so with the use of your product. This will prove efficiency and strike an emotional chord with the common public.

However, there is a difference between merely being a storyteller and being a good one. Therefore, you should make maximum efforts to be the best storyteller possible.

Use a call to action.

This requires a more immediate response. Using a call to the action method, you could provide a question on your website that would require an immediate reply by the viewer or potential customer, and they will need to act on it.

Using this method, you can track whenever a viewer is active and can set up a conversation with them immediately.

It is basically a cue for you that the customer is online and has shown interest in your product at a particular moment. Someone should also be present on the other side to establish immediate contact.

“21% of consumers are more likely to buy from brands that they can reach on social media. “

Choose motivating hashtags

Hashtags are in vogue. Social media are flooded by it. These are the ideal way to redirect you to the desired link.

All these properties of hashtags make them ideal for the advertisement of your business venture. Sit down, introspect, and carefully choose hashtags compatible with your Small business ideas.

The motivating and inspiring hashtags can turn out to be more beneficial than the ones that are completely random and don’t really make sense.

A contest is a way to win hearts.

Who doesn’t like to be in a competition and come out as the winner? If winning is associated with some kind of benefit, then the stakes automatically go up higher.

Organizing a contest on your social media is an easy way to get more and more people to visit your website.

The prizes after winning these contests should also be attractive enough to garner the necessary interest.

As weird as it may sound, a sense of anonymity makes a large number of people take part in a competition as their identity and the associated embarrassment in case of failure to win is not associated with it.

Therefore, a contest is your answer if you want to carve out a place for yourself in people’s hearts.

Go live and interact.

This is one boon of social media that is not available in any other form of advertising. By going live, you can interact with your customers directly through a video interface.

When people see that you are living and are answering queries, more and more people will use this opportunity to know about your products which they desire to buy, in detail.

Moreover, a Small business with a face associated with it is much more trustworthy and amiable one than one without it.

Use the power of free.

Who doesn’t like free products? However, there should not be any compromise on the quality of the product that you offer for free.

The trick is to combine the offers smartly. Like on purchasing 3 items, the 4th item will be for free.

This will ensure that 3 items are definitely sold. The 4th item could be at par or a lesser value than the other items.

The word “free” always triggers something in people, and when they see the advertisement on social media, the probability of them visiting the website increases.

Compare the products

The customer is going to do this, with or without your help. Therefore, it might be a good idea to provide them with the necessary assistance.

Moreover, comparing products gives a sense of transparency to your website and makes people feel that you are not afraid to take on the competition.

The thing with the comparison is that you should make sure that you have some aspects that sets you apart or ahead of others so that people genuinely choose your product over the other.

In a period of cutthroat competition, having your nose ahead of others is an absolute necessity. Use social media platforms to compare as many appropriate products to yours and save a lot of time for the customer.

Never sell anything directly.

Yes, this may sound a little off the track, but this strategy is as important as any other. A more in-your-face attitude is a good thing, but sometimes having an air of mysticism can be as attractive.

Displaying your products on your social media account might be useful, but it may bring in a sense of redundancy.

There will be no uniqueness in your display. Instead, you could create a post that could grab the interest of a viewer and urge them to proceed further to see what it is exactly about. This approach generally proves beneficial for a Small business.

Give unique or easy names to offers.

The main idea behind doing this is so that the word spreads like wildfire more easily. Giving offers is a major attraction in itself and can garner a lot of interest.

Putting a unique name that is quirky, catchy, and easy to remember and pronounce is the deal breaker.

People will communicate with their friends and relatives about it, and the chances of them visiting your website and making the purchase also increases a lot. This will provide a direct boost to your popularity in every sense.

Share Industry Insights

There are a lot of inquisitive people out there who are genuinely interested in knowing about the internal functioning and insights of the industry. You could be the one that provides them with this food for thought.

This will create a unique niche for you, and a dedicated customer base will keep visiting your website. Thus, this is a genuine method of ensuring a continuous flow of traffic to your website.

Share customer stories and testimonials.

Last but not least, keeping an option for feedback and review is very important if you want your business to flourish.

Before buying a product, it is a common idea to gather information from other people who have already used the product about it.

Keeping a platform open for customers to give reviews and feedback, share their stories, and write appropriate testimonials will improve the overall rating of your website and will provide more genuinity to your venture.

Don’t make the mistake of allowing only positive reviews and filtering out the negative ones. Be honest in your work and be assured that there will always be someone whom you won’t be able to satisfy.

Since social media is so outreaching and connects all the people in the world together, it is definitely a good idea to use these applications to your advantage and advertise your business.

This will ensure that your venture has maximum visibility and will reach out to the maximum number of people possible. This will automatically convert to more sales and revenue generated, which forms the basis of any successful Small business venture.

Apart from these above Tips, There are many ways we can effectively market your Small business and increase your Small business Exposures.

We came up with a unique infographic that contains lucrative strategies for social media marketing. These strategies are very easy to imitate to get desired work on social media marketing. Read more

social media strategies infographic

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