The Top 10 Social Media Marketing Agencies

Gone are the days when newspaper advertisements and roadside hoardings were enough for the efficient advertisement of your company. Today’s generation lives in the digital world and reaching them requires considerable presence in different social media platforms. Efficient social media marketing can ensure an increase in the sales of a company and higher revenues.

Different companies offer different services to their customers in this field. Many social media marketing agencies have sprung up in the United States, which offer a host of services. Many of them have earned considerable renown among the general public for their efficient and high-quality services.

Top social media marketing agencies


The first name that comes to the mind of an average person when spoken to about social media marketing agencies is Lyfe. It is a renowned social media management company in the US. They provide their customers with web design services, social media services, and search engine services among others.

They not only manage the social media accounts of their clients like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest but also make relevant use of them to help your business flourish and meet the goals of the company. 


The next most popular social media marketing agency is Disruptive Advertising. The company is renowned for its AdWords and Facebook ads. They undertake site experience testing for their clients and considerably increases their revenue.

Disruptive advertising tracks every move of the user on your website with the help of sophisticated software and tracks calls to exactly measure the contribution of revenue to the growth of the company. Because of their high-quality services and efficient client interaction, Disruptive Advertisement has earned the goodwill of its clients within a very short period of time.


Boostability is another social media marketing agency that is extremely popular in the US. The company was established in 2009 with the goal of providing affordable SEO services to small businessmen. The company claims to emphasize the spirit of entrepreneurship of any company by supporting local brands and family businesses.

Boostability is renowned for there customer relations. Their clients always get satisfactory results from the company and get their purpose served. The principle of the company to respect diversity and contradicting perspectives makes them very popular in the corporate world.


SociallyIn is a social media marketing agency of the United States that has been operating in the market for quite some time and has earned considerable customer renown. They help businesses to keep in touch with their clients in the most efficient way and strengthen their relationships with them.

SociallyIn focuses on boosting the sales of their clients with the help of skillfully designed social media advertising strategies. The skilled professionals employed by the firm makes sure that new leads are generated faster than ever.

All the resources of their clients are spent wisely and in the most efficient manner. This ensures a cost-effective and efficient social media campaign.

Bad Rhino

Bad Rhino is a social media marketing agency that has received many awards and accolades. They are one of the most popular in the United States and operate from West Chester in Pennsylvania. Even though they are extremely popular nationally, they also have global clients.

The skilled teams of efficient marketing managers for social media advertisements make sure that you get successful results. The office style and customer experience at Bad Rhino make it all the more popular among their customers which have a unique and attractive look.

The company provides its customers with a host of services like content creation and approval, strategy evolution, community recruitment, and social media audit.

Social Vantage

Social Vantage is a company that provides professional social media management services to its customers. They develop the most efficient strategy for companies to bring in positive returns.

The company assigns a regular social media manager to each of its clients who handles the entire portfolio of the business on different social media platforms. This increases the growth of your social media channels and the number of followers you have on them. Professional advertising services are also provided by the company.

They undertake targeted ads, drive-in engagement and generates important leads to accomplish the goals of your company.

Thrive Internet Marketing Agency

Thrive Internet Marketing Agency was established in the year 2005. It has its headquarters in Arlington in the state of Texas. Apart from its headquarters, the company also has offices in New York, California, Minnesota, and Florida.

Thrive Internet Marketing Agency also has global customers from countries like Germany and Hong Kong. It provides its clients with professional services like internet marketing, PPC, web design, SEO, web hosting and content writing.

The company helps out small businesses and startup firms who search for efficient and cost-effective message broadcasting services.

Viral in Nature

Viral in Nature is a popular social media marketing agency in the United States. The company looks forward to fostering the growth of the business of its clients and maintains a high standard of excellence and good quality of services.

The company assists the branding of the company with sophisticated social media advertising strategies. Viral in Nature advertising agency caters to avoid the range of customers starting from small businesses and startup firms to multinational corporations.

Because of its quick and high-quality services, the company has earned a wide base of loyal customers across the world and has emerged as an industry leader in the United States.


Operating in the San Diego digital marketing scene, MaxAudience is a leading social media marketing agency. The online presence of the clients of the company has reached the next level of working with this company.

Headquartered in San Diego County, the company caters to a wide range of customers with consulting and marketing advice. The Search Engine Optimisation campaigns of the company are very popular among its customers as they use the latest algorithms and drivers to suit your needs perfectly well.

MaxAudience also offers email marketing and database services. They create engaging content with an aesthetic design to attract more customers.


Even though it is the last name on this list, Firebelly is by no means lesser than the other companies. Firebelly is a popular social media marketing agency in the United States which have gained considerable renown in the past few years for their efficient service and cost-effective pricing.

It offers various services like content creation, content analysis, performance benchmarks, audience insights, comparison with peers and strategy development for their clients.

The social media management program of the company takes care of the optimal publishing times, custom monthly content calendars, promotion of the posts for greater outreach and regular performance reports.

This list is by no means exhaustive and does not take into consideration many of the other social media marketing agencies. But these are perhaps the most important ones which have had the greatest impact in the industry in terms of market presence and annual sales. They have supported their clients in various ways and have enhanced their business operations. The corporate industry would have been different without the presence of these firms.

Top Social Media Marketing Agencies In The Us

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