An Ultimate Social Media Calendar- Canada 2022

There is hardly any brand on the planet that does not love holidays. Christmas, Black Friday, Thanksgiving, the Super Bowl, and the Oscars happen to be some of the main holidays during the year, which attracts lots of brands to provide the best offers.

These holidays can be found to be essential when it comes to spicing up the content marketing of any individual. They will provide ideas for content for your social media platforms in the long run. 

It is true that a few of the holidays might not even be extremely engaging, but they can work to create awareness around your brand. In this way, it will be possible for you to increase the number of followers on your social media accounts.

This will also help to improve the number of your email subscribers and followers in the long run.

canada social media calendar

There are several observances, which as a marketer, you can share to start generating amazing brand awareness

To assist you in ideally planning content prior to these holidays, we have mentioned the most well-known social media holidays in Canada for the year 2022.

Just going through this list will provide you with reminders, and this is also one of the top starting points for social media marketers to plan and create engaging content so that their followers can engage with them on all social media platforms and have fun.

List of the days for the Social Media Calendar for Canada to create content. 


The month of January provides lots of interesting days, ideal for content creation. January happens to be the perfect backdrop for several of the best events and festivals in the country. Here is the January social media calendar for you to create social media posts around.

1 Jan New Year’s Day (Friday) – This particular day marks the commencement of the New Year as per the Gregorian calendar.

2 Jan Science Fiction Day (Saturday) – The birthday of a well-known science-fiction writer known as Isaac Asimov, is celebrated on this day.

7 Jan  Orthodox Christmas Day (Thursday) – According to the Gregorian calendar, lots of Orthodox Christians in Canada are known to celebrate Christmas on this day.

9 Jan Bubble Bath Day (Saturday) – It is widely believed that a bubble bath helps in cleansing the skin and is also an intriguing activity out there.

15 Jan Hat Day (Friday) – On this day, individuals put on the hats prepared by them.

16 Jan Get To Know Your Customers Day (Saturday) – Companies are reminded to interact with their clients in the best possible way.

20 Jan Cheese Lovers Day (Wednesday) – On this particular day, it will be possible for individuals to taste new cheese and likewise come to know about innovative recipes by using various types of cheese.

23 Jan National Pie Day (Saturday) – It is used for the celebration of the pie. Apart from preparing some delicious pies, people also consume them.

28 Jan Data Privacy Day (Thursday) – Individuals are encouraged to become aware of data privacy and data protection practices on this day.

24 Jan International Day of Education (Sunday) – This day celebrates the role played by education for development and peace.

28 Jan Tu B’Shevat (Arbor Day) (Thursday) – This festival is likewise referred to as the “New Year for Trees” and is observed by Jewish communities in Canada.

31 Jan Hot Chocolate Day (Sunday) – Hot chocolate happens to be a popular beverage for Canadians during winter. On this day, people are encouraged to consume hot chocolate throughout the nation.

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january canada social media calendar


In spite of being the coldest month in Canada, February can boast of hosting quite a few winter holidays. Here is the social media calendar for January. 

1 Feb Bubblegum Day (Monday) – People are encouraged to chew their bubblegum and also raise some funds.

9 Feb National Pizza Day (Tuesday) – Pizza is considered to be a favorite for all individuals out there and this day is used to celebrate this scrumptious treat.

13 Feb World Radio Day (Saturday) – On this day, the radio is celebrated as a way of educating people while offering them information as well.

14 Feb Valentine’s Day (Sunday) – This day provides an opportunity for individuals in Canada to propose their love to someone in a romantic manner.

15 Feb National Flag of Canada Day (Monday) – This day saw the inauguration of the Canadian national flag in 1965.

15 Feb Family Day (Monday) – It celebrates the significance of families to individuals as well as their communities.

18 Feb Drink Wine Day (Thursday) – Individuals are reminded to enjoy their preferred wine on this day.

20 Feb World Day of Social Justice (Saturday) – This day inspires people to understand how social justice has helped to get rid of poverty. It also focuses on attaining full employment.

20 Feb Love Your Pet Day (Saturday) – Pet lovers observe this day throughout Canada which focuses on offering attention to pets.

22 Feb Be Humble Day (Monday) – One is reminded that he or she will become a better individual by becoming humble and accepting their mistakes.

25 Feb Mardi Gras (Thursday)-  This day marks the beginning of Lent for Christmas.

february canada social media calendar


The weather is perhaps not yet warm in the month of March in Canada, but a lot of events and festivals are held in the country at this time of the year. Below, we have mentioned several of the most notable social media holidays in March in Canada, according to which your social media posts can be planned.

3 Mar World Wildlife Day (Wednesday) – World Wildlife day focuses on enhancing the awareness of individuals for plans as well as animals that happen to be endangered.

4 Mar Grammar Day (Thursday) – Canadians are encouraged on this day to make proper use of grammar in verbal and written language.

5 Mar Employee Appreciation Day (Friday) – This day provides an opportunity for employers to support and give incentives to the workers.

8 Mar Commonwealth Day (Monday) – It remembers the Commonwealth of Nations.

8 Mar International Women’s Day (Monday) – International Women’s Day focuses on celebrating the achievements made by females in the course of time across various nations.

10 Mar Pack Your Lunch Day (Wednesday) – This day encourages Canadians to take their lunch along with them regardless of whatever they go.

14 Mar Popcorn Lover’s Day (Sunday) – Canadians are encouraged to consume popcorn in different flavors on this particular day.

21 Mar World Poetry Day (Sunday) – It provides us with a chance to appreciate poetry and poets around the world.

21 Mar International Day of Forests (Sunday) – This day helps to promote the importance of forests and trees in our everyday lives. It likewise helps to address issues such as deforestation.

22 Mar World Water Day (Monday) – On this day, events are organized to promote the awareness of people about the significance of water in the environment, trade, health, as well as agriculture.

23 Mar World Meteorological Day (Tuesday) – The United Nations is responsible for organizing this day and various activities are going to be organized on this day.

23 Mar Puppy Day (Tuesday) – This day is known to celebrate the love and affection that puppies provide to us.

24 Mar World Tuberculosis Day (Wednesday) – This particular event helps to enhance the awareness of individuals about tuberculosis. It also informs them about how to prevent and treat this condition.

28 Mar Palm Sunday (Sunday) – On this day, many Canadian Christians remember the triumphant entry of Christ into Jerusalem. 

March canada social media calendar


There are lots of ways to celebrate the month of April in Canada, which will depend on which portion of the country you are in. While Carnival and Easter are usually celebrated in this month across Canada, there are also other holidays. Here is the social media calendar for April.

1 Apr Maundy Thursday (Thursday) – Maundy Thursday remembers the Last Supper of Christ as well as the initiation of the Eucharist.

1 Apr April Fools Day (Thursday) – On this day, everybody is involved in jokes, tricks, as well as pranks.

2 Apr Good Friday (Friday) – On this day, the Christians commemorate Christ’s crucifixion, which plays a significant role in the Christian religion.

2 Apr World Autism Awareness Day (Friday) – This day aims to promote the perception of people regarding individuals suffering from autism, particularly kids.

3 Apr Holy Saturday (Saturday) – It remembers the day when Christ lay in his tomb following his demise.

4 Apr  Easter Sunday (Sunday) – This day celebrates the resurrection of Christ following his demise.

7 Apr World Health Day (Wednesday) – Word Health Day is organized by the UN to make individuals aware of the significance of global health.

10 Apr National Siblings Day (Saturday) – On this day, our brothers and sisters are provided with proper honor.

11 Apr National Pet Day (Sunday) – On this day, special focus is given to the pets which do not get proper attention from us.

18 Apr National High-Five Day (Sunday) – On this day, we are encouraged to “high-five” any person whom we meet.

22 Apr Earth Day (Thursday) – This particular day is celebrated by some people during the March equinox, while others celebrate it on 22 April every year. It aims to inspire awareness and appreciation for our planet’s environment.

24 Apr Denim Day (Saturday) – It makes us aware of every type of sexual violence.

25 Apr World Malaria Day (Sunday) – World Malaria Day inspires individuals to prevent and minimize the spread of this condition around the world.

29 Apr International Dance Day (Thursday) – This day emphasizes the significance of dance in our daily lives.

30 Apr Orthodox Good Friday (Friday) – Good Friday is observed by lots of Orthodox Canadian Christian churches at a later date than the actual Good Friday date.

30 Apr National Honesty Day (Friday) – On this day, all people are challenged to be authentic to everything they perform.

April canada social media calendar


In the month of May, much of the snow is gone, and the climate starts becoming somewhat warmer. There are several festivals that are being held in Canada during May, including the Canadian Tulip Festival. Here is the May social media calendar.

2 May World Password Day (Sunday) – On this day, we are encouraged to have better password habits which are vital in terms of shopping, private work, banking, dating, social media, and so on.

3 May Space Day (Monday) – On this day, we remember the outstanding achievements as well as the benefits of space exploration.

4 May Star Wars Day (Tuesday) – Star War enthusiasts celebrate this particular day throughout the nation.

9 May Mother’s Day (Sunday) – Mother’s Day is celebrated by lots of Canadians who show their appreciation for mothers.

13 May Ascension Day (Thursday) – Ascension Day remembers the ascension of Christ into heaven.

13 May Eid ul Fitr (Thursday) – Eid Ul Fitr symbolizes the conclusion of the month-long Ramadan fast and the beginning of a feast that can last up to 3 days.

15 May International Day of Families (Saturday) – It focuses on the importance of families at present.

21 May National Memo Day (Friday) – You’re going to be sent a reminder on this particular day in case you fail to remember.

24 May Whit Monday (Monday) – It remembers the descent of the Holy Spirit on the Disciples of Christ.

24 May National Scavenger Hunt Day (Monday) – On this particular day, individuals try to enjoy themselves by coming across random items.

30 May Trinity Sunday (Sunday) – This day, which is celebrated by lots of Christians in Canada, happens to be the first Sunday following Pentecost.

31 May World No-Tobacco Day (Monday) – It aims at educating people regarding the harmful effects that tobacco can have on our health.


June happens to be a fantastic month for events in Canada, ranging from art and culture to food and drink. Below, we will take a look at the social media calendar for June.

1 Jun International Children’s Day (Tuesday) – This particular day promotes global togetherness throughout the world amongst children.

5 Jun World Environment Day (Saturday) – This day inspires the awareness of people across the globe regarding the environment.

7 Jun Higher Education Day (Monday) – The objective of this day is to assist the students in getting a higher education certificate.

14 Jun World Blood Donor Day (Monday) – It enhances the perception of individuals for donating blood regularly for saving the lives of other individuals.

20 Jun Father’s Day (Sunday) – Father’s Day is observed by many Canadians for showing their appreciation for fathers.

20 Jun World Refugee Day (Sunday) – This day honors the courage, determination, and strength of all individuals who were forced to escape from their home country because of harassment, violence, and conflict.

21 Jun National Indigenous Peoples Day (Monday) – This day is used to celebrate the diverse cultures, heritage, as well as outstanding achievements of the aboriginal people of the country.

21 Jun International Day of Yoga (Monday) – The International Day of Yoga intends to make yoga part and parcel of our daily lives. Moreover, it makes people aware of peace and harmony related to yoga.

21 Jun National Selfie Day (Monday) – People are involved in capturing selfies so that they can be shared on social media on this particular day.

24 Jun St. Jean Baptiste Day (Thursday) – It happens to be the feast day of St. John who was a Jewish preacher responsible for baptizing Christ in the River Jordan.

27 Jun National Sunglasses Day (Sunday) – This day is aimed at informing people regarding the dangers of UV rays and how sunglasses can safeguard them.

30 Jun International Asteroid Day (Wednesday) – It spreads the perception amongst people about the dangers of asteroids impacting our planet.

june canada social media calendar


July happens to be a warm and pleasant month in Canada, which attracts lots of visitors from across the globe. Here is the social media calendar for July.

1 Jul Canada Day (Thursday) – Canada became Great Britain’s self-governing Dominion in the year 1867 on this day.

2 Jul World UFO Day (Friday) – This day aids in spreading awareness about UFOs that have been observed in different parts of the world.

7 Jul World Chocolate Day (Wednesday) – Chocolate buffs are encouraged to savor their favorite treat on this particular day in Canada.

11 Jul Cheer Up the Lonely Day (Sunday) – In case somebody is feeling lonely, they’re provided a lift on this day.

17 Jul World Emoji Day (Saturday) – We make use of emojis on social media extensively these days. This day is used to celebrate those emojis.

26 Jul Talk in an Elevator Day (Monday) – We are motivated to communicate with individuals within an elevator on this day.

30 Jul International Day of Friendship (Friday) – The International Day of Friendship helps to promote the role played by friendship amongst various cultures.

july canada social media calendar


August happens to be summertime in Canada, and communities across the country are known to celebrate the summer days with events and festivals that also welcome visitors. Listed below is the August social media calendar.

1 Aug Respect for Parents Day (Sunday) – Parents are responsible for nurturing the life of a kid. This day is used to recognize these roles played by the parents.

2 Aug New Brunswick Day (Monday) – Being a holiday in the province of New Brunswick in Canada, this day provides an opportunity for the local communities to celebrate their history, achievements, landscape, and culture.

2 Aug British Columbia Day (Monday) – It happens to be a statutory holiday in the province of British Columbia and provides the residents with an opportunity to celebrate the achievements made by them or relax with their near and dear ones.

4 Aug The Royal St John’s Regatta (Regatta Day) (Wednesday) – The first Wednesday in the month of August happens to be Regatta Day which is a local holiday in Labrador and Newfoundland.

8 Aug International Cat Day (Sunday) – This day is meant to provide attention to the felines.

10 Aug Muharram/Islamic New Year (Tentative Date) (Tuesday) – A lot of Muslims in Canada observe this day which happens to be the Islamic calendar’s first month.

12 Aug International Youth Day (Thursday) – This day helps to promote awareness amongst individuals regarding youth and focuses on the issues faced by young individuals throughout the world.

13 Aug International Lefthanders Day (Friday) – This particular day focuses on the problems faced by lefties in their day-to-day lives.

15 Aug Assumption of Mary (Sunday) – This day celebrates the Christian notion that the Virgin Mary was assumed by God into heaven following her death on 15th August.

15 Aug National Relaxation Day (Sunday) – Individuals tend to unwind on this day to take care of themselves.

19 Aug World Humanitarian Day (Thursday) – World Humanitarian Day aims at honoring each humanitarian was made an effort to promote the humanitarian cause.

19 Aug World Photo Day (Thursday) – The craft, art, history, as well as science of photography is celebrated on this particular day.

20 Aug Gold Cup Parade (Friday) – This particular day is known to celebrate the joys of summer in Prince Edward Island in Canada.

20 Aug National Lemonade Day (Friday) – This day not only allows young people to savor fresh lemonade but also allows them to taste success as well.

august canada social media calendar


The weather is quite comfortable in September in Canada, and the country offers fantastic hiking, camping, boating, and fishing opportunities. Here is the social media calendar for September.

4 Sep National Wildlife Day (Saturday) – On this day, we are encouraged to be aware of the encircling species.

5 Sep International Day of Charity (Sunday) – The International Day of Charity aims to promote the charitable efforts made with the purpose of abolishing property throughout the world.

6 Sep Labor Day (Monday) – This day provides the workers with an opportunity to campaign for better pay or work conditions.

8 Sep International Literacy Day (Wednesday) – This particular day aims at enhancing the perception of people regarding literacy issues across the planet.

11 Sep National Day of Service and Remembrance (Saturday) – This particular day provides honor to approximately 3000 individuals who died because of the terrorist attacks in 2001.

12 Sep National Video Games Day (Sunday) – On this day, we acknowledge the science behind video games and also appreciate the people who play them.

21 Sep International Day of Peace (Tuesday) – It aims at appreciating the endeavor made by individuals with the purpose of ending conflicts and promoting peace.

22 Sep Car-Free Day (Wednesday) – On this day motor vehicle owners are encouraged not to use their automobiles for one day.

27 Sep World Tourism Day (Monday) – This particular day is celebrated by many individuals for promoting awareness regarding the importance of tourism in our daily lives.

28 Sep World Rabies Day (Tuesday) – On this day, individuals are made aware of this horrifying ailment and also how to prevent it.

30 Sep International Podcast Day (Thursday) – The objective of this day is to promote the emerging media of podcasts.

september canada social media calendar


The weather is cool and yet comfortable in the month of October in Canada. Lots of events and festivals are held in the country during this time regarding which we have mentioned below in the October social media calendar.

1 Oct World Vegetarian Day (Friday) – On this particular day, people are encouraged to stay away from eating meat plus other animal products.

1 Oct World Smile Day (Friday) – On this day, we are all encouraged to smile and also make sure that others are able to smile too.

4 Oct Child Health Day (Monday) – Child Health Day enhances the perception of people regarding the prevention and development of the health of the kids.

5 Oct World Teachers’ Day (Tuesday) – This particular day celebrates the roles of instructors and teachers in modern life.

10 Oct World Mental Health Day (Sunday) – World Mental Health Day aims at enhancing the perception amongst people about mental health ailments across the world.

11 Oct Thanksgiving Day (Monday) – This holiday in Canada provides an opportunity for individuals to offer their thanks for their good fortune and also good harvest.

11 Oct International Day of the Girl (Monday) – On this day, we are encouraged to promote girls’ rights plus get rid of any gender inequality as well.

14 Oct National Dessert Day (Thursday) – People are encouraged to consume tasty desserts to satisfy their taste buds.

16 Oct World Food Day (Saturday) – World Food Day enhances the perception amongst people about the importance of eating a balanced diet.

17 Oct International Day for Eradication of Poverty (Sunday) – We are made aware of those individuals who are struggling with poverty.

21 Oct Reptile Awareness Day (Thursday) – On this day, reptile enthusiasts are going to celebrate across the globe.

30 Oct Checklist Day (Saturday) – Checklists are of prime importance in our daily life. This day allows us to be reminded of the importance of checklists.

31 Oct Halloween Day (Sunday) – It marks the night when the spirits and the dead arrive into this living world.

october canada social media calendar


November happens to be a busy month in Canada. Remembrance Day, the Royal Winter Fair, and the Santa Claus Parade happen to be some of the special events that are held at this time of the year. Here is the social media calendar for November.

1 Nov All Saints’ Day (Monday) – This day happens to be a celebration of the Christian saints who do not have any special feast day of their own.

1 Nov World Vegan Day (Monday) – We are made aware of the rights of animals and are encouraged to lead a vegan lifestyle.

4 Nov National Candy Day (Thursday) – on this day, individuals are encouraged to consume candies that are available in vibrant colors as well as flavors.

14 Nov World Diabetes Day (Sunday) – World Diabetes Day promotes the perception amongst people about diabetes as well as the complications caused by it.

17 Nov International Students Day (Wednesday) – This day is intended to make sure that education is available to every student out there.

20 Nov Universal Children’s Day (Saturday) – This particular day promotes international awareness and togetherness amongst kids across the planet.

21 Nov World Hello Day (Sunday) – We are encouraged to communicate with people of different backgrounds with the purpose of attaining harmony and peace.

26 Nov National Cake Day (Friday) – We’re encouraged to eat cakes that are amongst the most scrumptious treats on the planet.

28 Nov First Sunday of Advent (Sunday) – The starting of the Advent season is observed by lots of Christians in Canada which signifies the commencement of the Christian year.

30 Nov Computer Security Day (Tuesday) – At present, there have been lots of developments about computers, and we are reminded to protect them on this particular day.

november canada social media calendar


Although December is extremely cold, you’ll be able to enjoy yourself in Canada in case you are properly prepared. The majority of the events in December are linked to Christmas. Let us see some of the most notable social media holidays in December in Canada.

1 Dec World AIDS Day (Wednesday) – World AIDS Day focuses on the issues regarding HIV plus AIDS.

4 Dec National Cookie Day (Saturday) – Bakers are encouraged to prepare delicious cookies across the country on this day which can be offered to family members and friends.

6 Dec Last day of Hanukkah (Monday) – This particular day is marked by lots of Jewish communities in Canada as the conclusion of the Hanukkah celebrations.

6 Dec Microwave Oven Day (Monday) – Microwaves, which have transformed occasions considerably, are honored on this particular day.

10 Dec Human Rights Day (Friday) – This event is organized by the United Nations, informing people to fight for their individual rights.

11 Dec International Mountain Day (Saturday) – The purpose of this day is to enable people to emphasize the roles which the mountains play when it comes to water and food supply.

24 Dec Christmas Eve (Friday) – This is the final day of the Christmas Day preparations, and individuals usually give gifts to their near and dear ones on this day.

25 Dec Christmas Day (Saturday) – On this day, many Canadian Christians mark the birth of Christ.

26 Dec Boxing Day (Sunday) – This day provides Canadians with an opportunity to watch ice hockey games or participate in post-Christmas sales.

30 Dec No Interruptions Day – This happens to be the ultimate workday of the year and focuses on cleaning up the workspace comprehensively sans any interruption whatsoever.

31 Dec New Year’s Eve (Friday) – New Year’s Eve reflects the events of the last year and provides individuals with the time to get prepare for the New Year.

december canada social media calendar

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