Snapchat Marketing Strategies: Driving Engagement And Conversions Like A Pro

Do you become weary of reading through an endless sea of unoriginal advertising tactics? Prepare to enter the realm of Snapchat, where fleeting messages and pictures with dog filters rule rampant! ?

Marketing experts sit tight as we investigate the outrageous, absurd, and delightfully odd marketing techniques that make Snapchat the quirkiest platform in the online playground. ?

Be prepared to be astounded as we reveal the secrets of Snapchat’s glory, which range from material that vanishes to virtual reality displays. ?

For a marketing trip beyond any other, prepare your Snapspectacles and a hearty dose of interest because this article is going to take you there. With each amusing filter, let’s Snapchat our way toward advertising success! ?

About Snapchat

Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy, and Reggie Brown developed the well-known multimedia communication software Snapchat while they were Stanford University students.

After its 2011 launch, Snapchat swiftly became a favorite among young people thanks to its distinct and transient messaging style. Users of the app may share “Snaps,” or images, videos, and messages, with others who are friends with them. Snapchat stands apart, though, since these Snaps vanish after being seen, fostering a sense of secrecy and urgency.

In general, Snapchat is renowned for being entertaining, engaging, and transient, which makes it a distinctive platform for advertising, expressing yourself, and interacting. It continues to be a prominent participant in the social media scene and has garnered a wide user base.

QUICK FACT ?- As of 2022, the Snap Inc Company made a total revenue of 4.60 billion USD and has total assets worth 8.03 billion USD.

Snapchat’s History in Short

In 2011, Snapchat debuted as Picaboo, a posting images application. It immediately became well-liked and changed its name to Snapchat, which provided transient communications. 2013 saw the launch of Stories, which quickly gained popularity. 

With the addition of Our Story, Snapchat increased its functionality by enabling people in the same place to share Snaps. Spectacles were introduced in 2016, and Snap Inc. was established. However, sales were not as good as anticipated. Amid competition, Snapchat kept its client base strong?.

With a $24 billion IPO, it became public in 2017. Snapchat has developed features like Snap Map and Spotlight over time, providing marketers with options for promotion.

Marketing Strategies of Snapchat

Companies use a variety of advertising approaches to market their business. Marketing helps in getting more customers.

Snapchat, being an app, also uses certain tactics to increase downloads and engage more people.

QUICK FACT ?- Snapchat has over 343 million daily active users globally.

Let’s take a look at the strategies they use ⤵️

Influencer Partnerships

Snapchat works with prominent influencers and famous people who are active on the app. These Snapchat celebrities provide material, share their stories, and invite their fans to connect with them there. 

Snapchat gains from the influencers’ already-existing following and reputation, which draws in new users and raises brand awareness.?

Interactive Filters and Lenses

Snapchat is renowned for its creative and engaging lenses and filters. Brands and Snapchat may collaborate to produce custom lenses and filters that consumers can use on their images and videos. 

These brand-related components, logos, and advertising messages are frequently featured on these filters and lenses, making for an interesting and sharing experience. Users like utilizing these filters and lenses, which benefits the companies by boosting material generated by users and brand awareness.

QUICK FACT ? – Snapchat face filters got popular because of the classic dog and the flower crown.

Storytelling and Discover

The material found on Snapchat’s Discover page comes from influencers, companies, and media. Brands may provide compelling narratives, written pieces, and multimedia materials that people can browse. ?

This enables businesses to share their narratives, highlight their goods, and offer users insightful material. Snapchat’s storytelling features may be used by marketers to engage customers and foster loyalty to the company.

Ad Products and Formats

Snapchat provides a variety of ad types and formats that are intended to blend in with the Snapchat user interface. Snap Ads are vertical video advertisements that show up in the Discover area or in within stories. ?

User-generated tales contain full-screen advertisements called Story Ads. Users may add Sponsored Lenses and engaging virtual reality events to their pictures. Collection Ads enable marketers to highlight a variety of items in a single advertisement. 

With the help of these ad styles, businesses are capable of communicating their ideas while retaining the curiosity and focus of Snapchat users.

Targeted Advertising

Snapchat offers sophisticated targeting possibilities for businesses. To provide exact advertising based on age, geography, hobbies, and other factors, they make use of user data and statistics?. 

Utilizing mailing lists or mobile IDs, advertisers may target certain populations with Snap Audience Match. With the help of these targeting capabilities, companies may connect with their target market and improve the effectiveness of their advertising efforts.

Partnerships with Brands

To develop cutting-edge advertising initiatives, Snapchat collaborates with companies. Branded content, sponsored competitions, and virtual reality encounter all fall under this category. 

Brands work with Snapchat to design innovative ads that complement the functionality of the site and appeal to users. Through these alliances, consumers are inspired to express what they’ve seen on Snapchat and increase participation among users?.

Events and Experiential Marketing

To appeal to its customer base, Snapchat plans activities and gatherings. Users may meet, discuss, and contribute to their Snap encounters at Snapchatters Meetups. 

At particular venues or occurrences, Snapchat distributes its camera-equipped eyewear to consumers as part of Snap Spectacles’ activations. These interactions foster a feeling of community, promote user involvement, and raise interest in the platform?.

Social Media and Online Advertising

Snapchat advertises its features, upgrades, and campaigns using social media channels as well as internet ad networks. They employ targeted advertisements on websites like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to connect with prospective consumers who might not have yet started using Snapchat.

 To raise knowledge and encourage downloads or interaction, Snapchat also works with celebrities and content producers on various networks.

Now that you’ve got an understanding of what marketing strategies Snapchat uses let’s move on to looking at some of its most popular products and features in the application ⤵️

Top Products of Snapchat

Snapchat Camera

The Snapchat app’s core feature is its camera function. It enables people to utilize the camera on their gadget to take pictures and film movies. Snapchat is renowned for its enormous library of lenses and filters that individuals may put on their images and videos.

While lenses employ augmented reality, or AR, to add dynamic components, visuals, or face changes, filters overlay different kinds of effects, including color adjustments or picture distortion.

Users may further customize and enhance their material by drawing on their snaps and adding stickers, text subtitles, and emojis?.


Users may post a collection of images and videos using Snapchat’s Stories feature, which is accessible to friends for 24 hours. Users may upload current photos from their smartphone’s camera roll or take new ones using the Snapchat Camera to make stories.

Stories provide a detailed account of an individual’s day or a particular incident. Users may interact with their friends by sending messages, replying with emoticons, or contributing their pictures to the tale by seeing their friends’ stories in an ongoing stream.


The Snapchat app features material from media outlets, publishers, companies, and celebrities in an area called Discover. According to consumer preferences, it provides an organized collection of articles, movies, and multimedia material. ?

Users may look for information on a range of subjects, including headlines, videos, lifestyle, and more.

Publishers and content producers may access Snapchat’s user base through Discover by providing interesting and eye-catching material. Additionally, users may subscribe to their preferred channels to get alerts when new material is available.

Snap Map

Users may check their friends’ whereabouts on an interactive map and share their position with them using the Snap Map function. Users who use the Snap Map may see the Bitmoji avatars of their friends put on the map, roughly showing where they are.?

Users have the option to either establish bespoke groups or share where they are with only certain pals. Additionally, “Our Story” footage from occurrences, celebrations, or well-known locales is included on the Snap Map.

With Snap Map, users can connect with friends, find local events and sites of interest, and interact with location-based information.

Snap Originals

Exclusive programs called Snap Originals are created by Snapchat in association with media companies and celebrities. The content types available in these original series include written stories, docuseries, reality programs, and more.

The majority of Snap Originals are interactive and short-form, created specifically for mobile consumption. Within the app’s Discover area, users may find Snap Originals and participate in the material by viewing segments, engaging with dynamic aspects, and expressing their thoughts.?‍?

Discover Games

Within the Snapchat app, there is a function called Discover Games that enables gameplay. These games often offer basic and fun playing opportunities and are informal and simple to take up. Users may test their top scores or battle against friends to acquire rewards.

Through the Discover area or directly via talks with friends, Discover Games provides a wide selection of titles from various producers.

Chat and Messaging

Inside the app, Snapchat offers a feature-rich conversation and communication platform. Users may communicate with their friends one-on-one or in groups by sending them text messages, images, videos, and audio notes. ?️‍?️

Snapchat offers real-time messaging, so users can check to see if their contacts are still using the app or when their texts are read. Users may also participate in team video chats with several people or conduct video calls with their pals to speak to them in person.


Snapchat created the camera-equipped eyewear known as Spectacles. These wearable gadgets enable users to take first-person pictures and movies. Users may easily upload the content they shoot with Spectacles to their Snapchat accounts thanks to its seamless syncing with the Snapchat app.

Snapchat Marketing Mix 4P Analysis

Now, let’s analyze the 4Ps of Snapchat


Snapchat is a video and picture communication program that has a significant influence on followers and significantly improves the user’s standing. Snapchat is used by companies and content producers to create daily tales that engage and excite viewers. 

Snapchat Stories are collections of photos and videos that are only available for 24 hours. Every day, around one billion stories are seen.?


Genuinely utilized on smartphones, laptops, and desktop computers, Snapchat. It was created by the company that owns it, Snap Inc., and is offered in twenty different foreign languages. 

The app’s four hundred million daily snaps are recorded by its one hundred million active customers every day. The operating systems for Snapchat include iOS and Android.


Because of its Freemium pricing model, Snapchat continues to be able to keep a stronghold on the market. Additionally, it has enacted a promotional pricing strategy and provides viewers that watch the whole Snapchat story with several incentives, including discounts and promo coupons. ?

Snapchat has incorporated unique features to make money. It debuted paid advertising for the first time as a 20-second movie trailer. Paid adverts are allowed via its Discover function.


Because it gives users immediate entry to live instances, Snapchat is the ideal online advertising tool. Because it provides an interesting and realistic viewpoint, it is utilized for trade exhibitions, launches of goods, and special events. 

NBA uses Snapchat at Finals, All-Star games, and Drafts. In 2014, it premiered footage on Snapchat at the All-Star Game. Backstage film footage from the 2014 NBA Finals included celebrities Kawhi Leonard and Bill Russell.?

Snapchat’s Top Campaigns

Snapchat has used advertising campaigns to grab people’s attention and to make itself more popular. ?

Now, we will be looking at some of Snapchats top campaigns ⤵️

AR Campaign

To give consumers a new viewpoint on the real world, Snapchat has unveiled a new marketing campaign that capitalizes on the originality of its wildly popular augmented reality trends. 

The campaign undoubtedly attracted notice, and given that 72% of active Snapchat users utilize the app’s augmented reality features daily, there is a lot of interest in these kinds of oddball activations that offer a fresh perspective on the familiar.??‍♀️

‘Real Friends’ Campaign 

The “Real Friends” campaign was introduced by Snapchat in 2018 to highlight the platform’s emphasis on establishing genuine friendships. In contrast to striving to impress others, the ad emphasized the significance of true connections and urged users to share genuine experiences on Snapchat. 

It sought to establish Snapchat as a more sincere and private social networking site.

‘Life’s More Fun When You Live in the Moment’ Campaign

This 2017 advertising campaign highlighted Snapchat’s impulsive and entertaining features. It included advertisements showcasing several Snapchat capabilities, including filters, lenses, and vanishing messages. 

To encourage consumers to record and upload events in real-time, the ad stressed the distinctive and transient character of the site.?

Snap Originals Campaign

Through many promotions, Snapchat has actively pushed its original content. Exclusive Snapchat programs called Snap Originals feature exclusive material. 

To create hype and entice consumers to check out Snap Originals, Snapchat has employed marketing efforts, teasers, and collaborations with influencers and celebrities. The advertisements seek to establish Snapchat as a source of unique and interesting video content.?

Snap Map Campaign

Snapchat started a push to advertise its location-sharing features when it unveiled its Snap Map function. The ability to find occurrences, browse new locations on the map, and learn what your acquaintances are up to was emphasized in the marketing. 

The advertisements encouraged people to share their whereabouts and interact with friends in a novel way by showcasing the enjoyable and social benefits of utilizing the Snap Map.

QUICK FACT ?– You can also hide your location on Snapchat and only show it to people you want to.

Key Takeaways

Snapchat has risen in the social media sphere by bringing on innovations like face filters. ?

Working hard and being creative is key to gaining popularity. Snapchat has also used various marketing campaigns to help grow its reach, and that is something you can also learn from. ?

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Snapchat’s Marketing Strategies

How does Snapchat measure the effectiveness of its advertising campaigns?

In-depth statistics and measurement instruments are available from Snapchat to marketers so they may monitor the effectiveness of their ads. Metrics like views, exposure, participation, swipe-ups, and conversions are available to marketers. Additionally, Snapchat provides pixel monitoring for website conversions, enabling companies to track the precise steps customers take after seeing their advertisements.

How does Snapchat promote its advertising capabilities to businesses?

Through a variety of platforms, including its primary website, social networking profiles, business conferences, seminars, case studies, and collaborations with promotional and marketing firms, Snapchat advertises its advertising possibilities. To help companies comprehend their marketing platform and improve their outcomes, Snapchat also provides tools and instructional materials.

How can businesses stay updated on Snapchat’s advertising offerings and updates?

Companies may frequently check Snapchat’s official website, sign up for their promotional emails, follow their primary social networking accounts, and take part in webcasts or business conferences where Snapchat members share knowledge and improvements to stay informed about the company’s marketing offerings and developments.


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