Top 10 Best Smoothie Brands in the US

What can be a better way of experiencing a feeling of utmost contentment than gulping an excellent smoothie? There has been a huge revolution in the world of beverages, and smoothies are the only drinks that come with infinite flavors and ingredients.

A smoothie is the best way to keep away hunger pangs during the hectic days of summer and sunny days of winter.

Luckily enough for the fans of smoothies residing in the United States, plenty of brands serve some excellent smoothies that can make anyone’s day and sometimes be a healthy meal replacement.

Best Smoothie Brands in the US

Bolthouse Farms: 

The Jack of all trades and also known as the master of Michigan as it was first founded there, Bolthouse Farms work on serving the finest of smoothies with so many different flavors and new ingredients that the consumer gets lost in its exquisite taste.

The Bolthouse has been the trusted and the most loyal friends to the taste buds of several Americans.

The best part about the brand is that they have acknowledged the new addition in the consumers of Millenials and have come up with gluten-free, organic, and vegan options as well.

The boathouse Farms as a brand as established itself as a ground-breaking brand and thrives on coming up with more and more new options for consumers of every age group

Jamba Juice Company: 

A globally-renowned brand that has lured many consumers of all nations in the world with its palatable smoothies, being a brand with a long history, Jamba Juice Company always thrives on bringing a revolution in the world of smoothies.

With a lot of experiments and luckily, most of the time, they managed to win the battle of taste buds in the U.S.

They serve many different forms of smoothies. Blended Smoothies, Vegetable Smoothies, and even for that case. 

Smoothie King: 

The reputation of Smoothie King is so good that given a chance, once a consumer of its smoothie would be a loyal consumer forever.

In this world where people willingly choose to skip meals for fast foods and fill junk in their bodies, Smoothie King has become popular as a rescue in disguise.

They serve the healthiest and tastiest form of smoothies which so many custom options that the consumer can happily enjoy while taking all those important nutrients in the smoothie every day. 

Tropical Smoothie Cafe: 

More refreshing than the name itself, these brands offer legit nature in your smoothie with all the organic harvest and the best of fruits and veggies.

The smoothies served in this cafe are as refreshing as it can get, and one who has it for the first can not get enough of it.

This brand can offer more options of smoothies than anyone can imagine, and they never settle on the taste that remains on the tongue while a person gulps the smoothie with contentment. 

Maui Wowi: 

As exquisite as the name suggests, Maui Wowi as a brand has been serving quite peculiar yet delicious smoothies since time immemorial.

They excel in serving smoothies that consist of exotic flavors. Cappuccino, Macha, Fruits, and veggies. This brand is known for serving a big and wholesome amount of health and taste in its glasses.

One will recognize the flavors of their smoothie even if they have it only once. The taste of their smoothie leaves an impression on the consumers that is difficult to forget.

Smoothie Factory: 

Many athletes compromise a lot in their diets and are allowed only certain supplements of nutrients in their foods. Smoothie Factory was invented to save the taste buds of health freaks by a miracle.

The Smoothie Factory is a smoothie brand that has always focused on health and has made so many changes with time in its smoothies.

Protein, Vitamins, and Minerals; they focus on all these important supplements while preparing their smoothie recipe while ensuring that the taste does not deceive the purpose.

The taste with excellent focus on health makes smoothie factory the ultimate paradise for any athlete who wishes to grab a quick post or pre-workout meal.

Evolution Fresh: 

The Evolution Fresh Organic superfruit green smoothie has taken the consumers of the U.S by storm and has become a household name in no time; the brand is known for serving smoothies with extraordinary flavors that make the soul of the consumer feel more fed than the body.

The organic availability of veggies and fruits for the smoothies they serve stands apart from any local smoothie with many preservatives. Evolution has brought a great revolution with its richness in flavors and productivity with time.

Many competitors have come in the market with their smoothie recipes but Evolution fresh as a brand stood firm with the test of time; the brand always thrives on serving the best and the most delicious smoothies to the people of the U.S. 

Daily harvest: 

As the name suggests, this brand has worked through and through to offer the best form of smoothie on the consumer’s table.

Imagine walking out of your house, going to the farmers market and grabbing fresh veggies and fruits, and then working in the kitchen to make a close-to-edible smoothie for yourself because you wish to work on your health. Daily harvest has been saving all that time for a lot of people.

Their smoothies make sure to use the fresh harvest of the farm and add such taste to the smoothie that it leaves the consumer almost amazed. Always a great experience for the person who gulps the smoothies of daily harvest with the happiest glow on the face. 

Planet Smoothie: 

This brand is like Baskin Robins in the world of healthy smoothies, offering countless flavors with customized add-ons that sometimes leave the consumer perplexed on which one to drink, and still, the options do not get finished.

The epitome of flavors this brand focuses on is many things, like using alternative options like frozen yogurt and soy in their smoothies.

Consumers of all fields can experience the exotic taste of these smoothies with all their needs taken care of, high protein, low fat, sugary treats, low sugar, etc.

You name it, and planet smoothie makes it happen. Planet Smoothie has, with time have had made many amendments in their flavors of smoothies to the demand of consumers. Therefore, they are still among the most favorite of many people. 

Robeck’s Juices and smoothies: 

In their busy and hectic schedule, many people who keep their health as the first priority come across many challenges regarding the right amount of nutrients and diet intake.

Robeck’s smoothies make that possible for so many people; they come in more than 26 flavors covering needs like low-calorie, low-fat, high protein, and different vitamins.

Robeck’s smoothies have, with time, become a part of so many families and are often included in most of their meals. A person who is a health freak can never worry about health with Robeck’s smoothies. 

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