30+ Small Business Website Examples To Inspire You In 2023

Websites are critical for the success of online businesses. 

Whether you want small business website examples to make your website to be an online presence for your business or a platform where customers can actually buy or order the product. 

You might even have a fully-functional e-commerce website with a fair share of traffic but not much of a purchase. 

Well, if you have a high bounce rate on your website, there must be something lacking on your part that needs to be done. 

With plenty of information online regarding improving your website efficiency, appearance, and other optimization to boost sales, sometimes still the vision seems vague and unclear. 

But if you can actually see the small business websites just like you, but really doing excellent at their website design and interface. 

So much so, that they have won awards and recognition from various credible platforms. 

We have brought various successful websites of small businesses around the world, and the best designs out there to get inspired. 

Look and study briefly what and how they are doing it right. Take notes and try to relate with websites that align with your brand. 

So, here you go! 

Spotify Design

Spotify is a popular platform to make a Small Business Website
Image Source: Hubspot

Spotify is a popular platform for listening to music. Their latest iteration of the Spotify Design is really worth your time to look at

It has won the Honourable Mention Awards by Awwwards In 2020 only. They use bright colors, very smooth animation, and drop shadows to give ultimate depth to their website.

The website is visually striking using a flat geometric design combined with abstract accents to bring more character to the website.

Visit The Website >>

Motivated Mornings

Small Business Website Examples

Image Source: Sbr

Motivated Mornings is a website made with Squarespace and really impressed with its basic but really outstanding design and user interface. 

What really stands out is the clean and crisp look matched with the strikingly beautiful color scheme, which is an excellent small business website example.

The website also has this minimalistic approach perfectly blended with fine use of whitespaces. 

One would really love the font they used on their website, something that sparks cheerfulness in the readers as supporting their theme. 

It communicates very well to the users with all the required information and CTA buttons to work with. 


Small Business Website Examples
Image Source: Southernmedia

Dropbox Business is a perfect example of providing a unique user experience to a specific targetted audience.

In a comparison to any other user-based website, the target is not the end consumers but other businesses.

That means it requires more detailed information and proof to convince businesses as a scalable solution for them.

It is simplistic, and effective and took more of a minimalistic approach to the design.

The website design, color combination, and high-quality images complement the branding of the business.

Andy Warhol

Small Business Website Examples
Image Source: Hubspot

Andy Warhol is an artist, producer, and film director, and that’s what very much encapsulated in his extremely well-designed vibrant website.

A real example of how website design can capture the style of an artist and cultivate similar energy.

The cursor on the website becomes the spotlight to navigate the website that converts every image portion into negative or inverses the color as it hovers.

It is quite colorful, dynamic, and animated in different ways. Clearly a choice, not subtle rather big and bold emphasizing the copy.

However, there is very subtle animation that doesn’t ruin the user experience for the visitors.


Small Business Website Examples

Image Source: webflow

Influencer marketing has a huge impact on the progress of any business for its growth and flowing sales. 

Traackr is a website for brands who want to tap into the huge sea of influencers, and that too the most relevant and suitable ones for them. 

The website is highly efficient as a platform for both, the design stands out at the homepage of the website. 

You see using them the bold and vibrant colors with scroll-triggered animations very well crafted with the design. 

There is more than just a good-looking website and surely other pages with information are quite aesthetically placed. 


If you are a web design agency, your website should definitely stand out and speak of the skill you’re offering. 

HTMLBurger does an exceptional job in impressing the client or customer with their homepage only. 

Small Business Website Examples
Image Source: Live Your Message

They chose to make it vibrant, colorful, and punchy with their choice of colors and graphics. 

With the layout being very simple, the color scheme selected is still quite soothing to the eyes and also easy to navigate through the whole website. 

Change of color patterns also makes you focus on particular areas or sections to read. 

They went one step ahead, also using high-quality animation to make their website look playful and cheering. 

It also speaks to the brand image they want to portray as someone creative, vibrant, and with a sense of cheerfulness in their work. 

Visit the Website >>

Gary Vaynerchuk

Small Business Website Examples

Image Source: Marketo Blog

One of the really impressive websites along the lines of a personal brand is Gary Vaynerchuck. 

The best speaks well about what GaryVee is all about. Since he is very into video content creation, it is evident they used a video as the featured graphic on the website. 

It also reflects the kind of personality Gary is, as the website is to build a personal brand. You see how the website represents the boldness and direct approach to the users as Gary does too. 

The design uses a selected number of colors, very basic with its choices yet extremely powerful and focused on the content. 


Image Source: Hubspot

Another awardee website that you can learn from, is Feed. The website is as stunningly beautiful and interesting as its own business concept. 

The understanding of what one can do with a web design and what are the possibilities, Feed really blurs the line and brings great innovation to web design. 

They blended the perfect balance of video and animation into their dynamic website making the whole experience immersive. 

Any use will be first pulled in with the visual design of the website, also making an atypical design with various unique web design elements. 

It is highly recommended to visit their website to experience it and understand what makes it award-winning and win the title of “Site of the Day” Awards. 


Rise is a cafe based in Connecticut featuring a very minimalistic, modern, and sleek website with all the required information a potential customer would want. 

It remains simple and easy to navigate for people going through the details, especially their menu. 

They have made good use of high-quality images but only where specifically required. 

The approach of creating the website is clearly minimalist and not so dynamic, rather focused to deliver all the relevant information about the cafe. 

The website is powered by Squarespace where it is so easy to make your own website. 

They have used the Atlantic template to make this website, in case you’re wondering. 


Image Source: Webflow

Alley is the platform hosting events and providing opportunities to people, businesses, and professionals to collaborate and work together. 

It promotes the culture of co-working spaces and offers more than just infrastructure and a feature-rich roof. 

Alley believes in how it brings together, a sense of community and more happiness and so more productivity. 

And the best part is one can easily get that from their website as that’s messaging the design and the overall interface speaks about. 

Bold usage of fonts, large-high-quality images, big feature images, and a guided menu, everything creates confidence and power in togetherness. 


Image Source: ETQ

ETQ is another great example of taking a minimalistic approach to e-commerce website design. 

The website is beautifully designed with plenty of whitespaces and carefully laid down product placements. 

It draws you in the very few selections of elements on the particular area of screen you see. 

Also, the visuals of products are crafted with the overall design in mind which is quite clever. 

Strong typography is used to stand out from the clean background making it confident and simple to understand. 

Use high-quality, guaranteed-unique photographs to provide authority to a small business website.

It just focuses on the product and nothing else, which shows their dedication towards the product subconsciously through the design. 

garoa skincare

Image Source: Hubspot

One of the websites that won the Site of the day (2020) at Awwwards, is Garoa Skincare.

They brought a great sense of extravagance to their products through the very subtle and elite color palette used on their website.

You will find the visuals high-quality, sharp, and complementing the other design elements.

There is a balance of negative space with meaningful ad copy adding a simplistic yet effective elegance to the website.


Image Source: Southermedia

Whitehouse.gov is a government website made to address the whole nation, so it is essential to have a balance in its design.

The balance goes for anyone and everyone in the country. It reflects the changes happening in the country.

More so, the website is also constantly developing and changing. It is user-friendly, simple, and minimalistic.

The homepage is very well optimized for easy user behaviour and accessible reading.

It has a very clean design showing the sensibility of one-ness and equality in the community.

Mikiya Kobayashi

Image Source: Hubspot

Mikiya Kobayashi is a portfolio website of the product designer. 

It is predominantly focused to present a very minimalist portfolio showing the work with subtlety in everything. 

The work is standing out from the clean landscape and doesn’t try to brag out with any overuse of text, graphics, or anything. 

The website was originally created in Japanese and later translated into English to make it scalable on international grounds. 

It is definitely a website that will make you rethink your approach to portfolio websites. 

The website was awarded “Site of the Day” on the 7th of April in 2015. 

Ali Abdaal 

Image Source: Collegeinfogeek

Ali Abdaal is a doctor in the UK who is also a prominent content creator, creating Youtube Videos and podcasts as well. 

He talks a lot about productivity, personal development, academics, and other stuff as well. 

His personal branding website is also a great example for professionals and aspiring personal brands to learn from. 

The website is very informative and content-focused to begin with. And the design is simple with Ali’s own picture at the forefront. 

With utmost importance given to taking emails from the visitor is the next thing you see on the website which is one of the best strategies to pull off. 

Rest, you can see plenty of categories, pages, and menus to offer tons of content with easy navigation. 

Woven Magazine 

Small Business Website Examples

Image Source: Hubspot

Woven Magazine is an online publication that publishes scoops or news about artists, celebrities, creators, and crafters. 

Being a magazine often states their design to be more vibrant and all over the place to pick up anything, in terms of content or information. 

However, they took a different route and established a very easy-to-consume, semi-minimalistic appearance. 

Rather than heavy use of images or featured images, it focuses on showing one large picture of the recent blog at a time. 

The online magazine is created to offer a distraction-free reading experience with engaging easy-to-read content. 

You find the selection of fonts quite relaxing to the eyes and make it less pressure to read. 

Even there are no intrusive ads, pop-ups or anything that takes you away from the content itself. 


KeyNets is a well-known startup, growing great at its own pace. They provide vacation property rental services. 

And they have this beautiful website, clean, minimalistic but yet very good use of design elements. 

The colors are very calming and inviting to the visitors, focusing them more to read the messaging in a way they’re moving down or scrolling. 

It also offers a live chat feature where any prospective customer can ask any questions or doubts about their customer care.  

KeyNest used SquareSpace to build its awesome and creative website. 

World Of Swiss 

Small Business Website Examples

Image Source: Hubspot

Another airline website won prestigious web design awards with the title “ Best User Interface” in the 2015 Webby Awards. 

Well, when a website wins an award for its user interface, you definitely need to see what they have done is so good! 

To highlight, their website is highly immersive. It is designed to take you into what brands are trying to communicate with you. 

They use strong images and visuals along with very subtle but effective animation, only enough to make it more engaging, not to stand out. 

The website is extremely fast loading even with all the dynamic aspects of the portal. 

Again, the focus is to offer what customers are looking for right away, and that too in the forefront without other distractions. 

With easy to consume content and information, it has different sections to make it seamless to know what they need to know without even reading much. 

Izzy Wheels 

Izzy Wheel is another example of a brand really having fun with its design and being creative about it. 

With their highly vibrant and colorful bright pictures, they set a tone for what they stand for. ( no pun intended) 

They offer wheelchairs with colorful patterns and unique design modifications. It shows its product in the best way possible along with its users. 

The website uses the stick and transparent head making the user experience better, and easy to click on the menu at any point or part of the website. 

Navigation is super simple. Basically, everything other than them being creative with the color choices, everything is simple and easy to find. 

They have used Wix to make this colorful, vibrant, and engaging website if you haven’t guessed already. 


Small Business Website Examples

Image Source: Hubspot

Awarded with the title “ Best Cultural Blog or Website” for the 2017 Webby Awards, NOWNESS is certainly another great web design example to look at. 

It is one of the coolest video blogs on the internet that is crowdsourced. 

Most of the content published on the website comes from independent creators making it a creative hub for various brands to tell their stories and promote. 

The web design smartly caters to the videos submitted to the website in the best way possible. 

Protest Sportswear 

Small Business Website Examples

Image Source: Hubspot

Protest Sportswear won Site of the Year in 2016 by Awwwards which refers to the website as a “shoppable lookbook”. 

And that’s the first feeling you get with their website. The company reinvented the part of how they are going to market its product and using the website for this transformation. 

Protest sportswear focuses on the ‘looks’ of their garments making their whole website extremely appealing to potential buyers. 

It is visually striking and gives you the best of the products, highly convincing and more effective than the usual e-commerce catalog style.

They prefer a collage style to design their homepage as compared to all the traditional ways to portray it. 

It certainly speaks to small businesses about not being afraid to experiment with the design of the website. 

El Pez 

El Pez ia a hotel and restaurant brand coming from the niche of hospitality, their website does make the case of offering something experiential, soothing, and inviting. 

That much a website can impart through its selection of fonts, images, videos, and color schemes. 

El Pez does an extremely well-done job in doing so. 

However, since people want information, a lot of information about the hotel, their location, packages, etc, websites ensure they get convinced in their homepage only. 

It provides a lot of information in different sections, making it reader-friendly and easy to consume. 

With WordPress, they have also used the Elementor page builder to make the web page more dynamic, animated, and alive. 

JOHO’s Bean

Small Business Website Examples

Image Source: Hubspot

JOHO’s Bean is a website of imagery and storytelling.

You see the website speak boldly about its brand and what they are offering through high-quality images.

The visual design of the website is soothing and even sound-engineered to give an experience of their brand. 

 The website focuses to take the visitors on an engaging, informative, and emotional journey of coffee beans. 

This website was also awarded as FWA of the day on 8 July 2015 with the Favourite Website Awards. 

JOHO’s Beans is a perfect example to learn how a website doesn’t have to be all graphics or formatted to look good.

The Teacher’s Guild

The proud winner of Best Associate Website won in 2016 by Webby Awards, The Teacher’s Guild is a great example for small businesses to look at and learn from.

They are basically a professional communicator of teachers, educators, and tutors addressing the most critical challenges the world is facing today. 

What is impressive about the website design is the striking balance between the diverse use of content types to convey their message. 

You see all these collaborations, programs, approaches, and all sorts of information in one place but it never overwhelms the visitor. 

That’s something worth adapting to your own small business website, especially if you have tons of content to put out there. 

The website also cleverly uses the whitespaces and images in a very balanced way. 

Neither of them is excessive or overpowering as the website is not very vibrant or colorful and also not as minimalist as it does need to be. 

There is a perfect emphasis on the call-to-actions and buttons to help users make the call easily. 

Rainforest Guardians 

Small Business Website Examples

Image Source: Hubspot

Rainforest Guarians presents one of the well-designed immersive websites that also stands for a cause. 

They seek to build awareness on the cause of deforestation and this website allows people to visit these villages virtually. 

You can see different villages, waterways, natives, and everything that makes up the Amazon rainforest. 

The website design elevates the level of interactions that a website visitor can have with a website. 

It also connects more to the cause they stand for creating a level of understanding through such immersive experience and information. 

This is a perfect example of how web design is used to serve the purpose or objective of the brand. 

Felix Trattoria 

Another popular Restaurant you can find in Los Angeles created this impeccable business.

They are pretty known for being difficult to get the table there, always pre-booked. 

The website plays a great role in that because they offer online reservations to visitors. 

So the website which is simple to navigate, and full of high-quality images of their delicious food also offers easy functionality for online booking. 

They put the business hours and reservation details easy to find or spot on the website. 

Simply Chocolate 

Small Business Website Examples

Image Source: Hubspot

The website is focused on increasing your cravings for chocolate and that’s the way it should be. 

The web design perfectly adapts the brand image and messaging also considering the target consumers and their desires. 

When you see the website, it looks like having online chocolate to say the best about it. 

It uses the graphics at the fullest boosting your imagination for chocolate and taking a creative turn with content placements. 

The website proudly wins the Site of the year in 2017 from Awwwards. 

Why the visual works for this website is how it utilizes the three-dimensional visualization of a chocolate bar on the computer screen. It’s almost like you can grab it right away. 

And that feeling surely creates some psychological effect to convince people to buy. 

Supporting the instant purchase feeling, there is an “Add to Box” CTA button right at the top left of the screen, still highlighted to be clicked. 

Sugared + Bronzed 

Sugared-Bronzed, a Los Angeles-based beauty service business, made itself a really clean and minimalistic website. 

The branding of their business is clearly depicted and identified in the color scheme and appearance of their web design, so full points there! 

They kept their website seemingly simple with a handful of vibrant animation in the navigation, giving it a more dynamic look. 

Visitors can easily spot the book appointment sessions of the website with an all-time visit. 

Their eCommerce websites are made to encourage impulse buying decisions and generate high sales through them. 

Leveraging website designing and strategic designing to increase sales is a crucial tactic to learn for all small business owners. 

If you are wondering where this amazingly-crafted website is designed, it is on Shopify. 

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