12 Top Blog Marketing Tips For Small Businesses

Small businesses often get stuck with a tight budget in marketing. It gets tricky when the owners want to promote their business in the market with limited sources. 

Well,  in such cases you don’t mostly have a budget, and to be honest marketing small businesses does not need a lot of investment.

There are lots of useful and effective tactics that can be used to promote your work. These tactics will not blow your budget but surely help in better results.

Around 97% of people get to know about local or small businesses online. So, whether you have an established small business, or you are launching one, in both cases, you must have a strong online presence.

Blog marketing is one of the cost-effective options in digital marketing. Today, Blogging is a powerful tool for creating creative content and bringing traffic to the site. 

Blog marketing is a process used for advertising or publicizing sites, brands, and even businesses via a blog.

Why Do You Need Blog Marketing For Your Business?

The business market keeps changing in terms of demand and supply, technology, trends, and other aspects.

 For small businesses, developing a strong presence on the web, and improving communication with customers become important.  

Creating a website is a key point in online marketing.  Providing useful content along with brand awareness via blogging turned out as the most effective way.

Blogging is an inexpensive option and it drives a huge amount of traffic to the site. 

Also, enhancing the inbound marketing and attracting more customers are additional benefits of blogging.

There are some more benefits like –

  • Boost to SEO

Search engines love content, especially fresh and relevant ones.

To create this, blogging is the best option.  While you make content for your business, you are also providing content to search engines. In the case of fresh content and relevant keywords, the site can rank on top.  

It helps to attract the readers and introduce your business to them

  • Connect To Worldwide

With a small business, reach is one of the problems.  Online marketing whereas opens the door for connecting with the world, Good content helps in establishing a connection with the customers.

The targeted audience can also know more about cooperating standards,  visions, missions, etc. which contributes to building a brand image.

Online marketing and branding depend strongly on customer engagement.  Blogging is an opportunity for small businesses to connect with new and existing customers.  With good content, building trust becomes easier.  An active comment sections help in responding to your readers directly.

  • Sharing For A Better Opportunity

To build a loyal audience, Blogging helps in creating shareable content. With this, your business can expose to potential markets and audiences on a large scale.  

Those who liked your blogging can simply share it on social media. This will work as free marketing for your small business along with building a good image in the market.

How To Improve your Blog Marketing?

Blog marketing is an effective tool but over time you need to improve.

The search engines keep refreshing the index, so the quality content stays on top. To keep your site on that list, you must follow some important :

  • Your blog must contain a niche. Do not write about everything, only what you are passionate about and what your readers want the most.
  • Catchier headlines are the key to attracting attention.  According to Marketer Drayton Bird, 20% is enough for writing content but one should give 80% for writing headlines.
  • Formatting hooks the reader if it is done properly.  Keep it scannable and easy to read.
  • Craft images that can be pin-worthy.  Visuals help in keeping the reader engaged with your content

To improve your blog marketing further, here are some effective tips to follow. 

Target The Ideal Audience

To avoid wasting your budget and time, it’s better to find a niche audience.  Finding the people who care about your blog is the most important step to take.  Pay attention to the preference of your ideal audience and determine if the blog is going to help them or not.

define target audience for business blog

Be Honest With Content

To post the blog, make sure you are not rewriting the same old content again and again.  Instead of following the herd, do your research and collect the information that might help your audience. 

Verify the content, facts, and links you are adding to your blog. Keep your content honest and credible for your readers.

Controversies Sell

Readers are attracted to controversial subjects. It’s a part of the business model. Sharing something different and having an opinion means some people will disagree. If your content gets trolled or faces a few hateful comments, then let it be.

Use Social Media Marketing

Social media turned out to be the most powerful tool for marketing. With the expansion and introduction of new platforms, small business owners can use multi-generation media. 

Make an account on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.  Connect with your audience more directly, and keep them updated with what’s new you are offering.

Stop Overselling Anything

The readers require more than just what you are selling. To establish a relationship with them, you must share what is beneficial for them. It can be information from a different site or some quality articles.

 Knowing when to stop pushing your reader to buy your services and products is helpful. Instead, start to provide information. It attracts more people as readers need information all the time. Having a reliable site can be helpful and time-saving for them.

Optimize Your Content

Keep the site attractive and informative for readers as well as bots.  Cut the cutters which cause distraction in reading and make your site look a mess. 

Besides, pay attention to search engine optimization.  Use tools like Google keyword generate to find out the trending keywords. 

Get the benefits of all new tools and follow the guidelines. It’s crucial to maintain the ground rules to rank on top.

checklist for writing quality content

Keep An Eye On The Competitive Blog

Understanding the concept of having different selling propositions is what keeps you away from the crowd.  Blogging follows the same strategies.

 Focus on what your competitor blog is offering and how it is different in terms of content style. Also Check the keyword target,  user interactions,  formatting, covered topics, website design, etc.

Use the collected information in finding out how your blog marketing is lacking. Follow the comment sections of the blogs on competitor sites. The readers ask questions and leave requests regarding their concerns or needs.

Join Communities

All kinds of niches have their communities.  Finding one will help in adding value to your site. Answering the questions asked by the communities boost credibility. 

It helps in building good repo with other people and finding a loyal audience. Also, it helps in making an expert image of yours.

Go For Guest Posting

Image Source: Ahrefs

Post your content on famous websites that have better reach and a regular audience. Posting the content in your limited reach means not having many readers daily. 

Guest posting is an important tool for redirecting traffic and for adding credibility.

Write For What Your Reader Is Looking For

The blog and website, well are for your reader. Write the content which can help them. Find the latest searched topics and answer the queries they have. The blog either provides a solution or has fresh insight.

Be Frequent But Maintain Quality 

Options are out there depending on how frequently you can post. Also, you must maintain your speed too. You can choose weekly or fortnightly. Avoid quitting your blogging halfway.

Search engines look for sites that are uploading fresh, something new, and frequent. Google mostly focuses on user-friendly and problem-solving sites.

However, your site should create content that holds credibility and value. Don’t write fluffs as it won’t rank or be helpful.

Blogging Style & Word Count 

The blog should be more than 400. If it’s more than that, keep it serializing.  Writing blogs means going informal. You can use the human face of the business. Use this for establishing relationships and trust between your readers.

FAQ ( Frequently Asked Questions) about blog marketing tips for Small business

1. How Often Do I Need to post a blog?

Consistency is important. Google or any search engine will rank your site if your content is frequent. So, post frequently. 

But the search engine and readers avoid reading garbage content. It means not just posting frequently but also keeping the quality good as well.

2. How To Attract People To Read My Blog?

Headlines are the key to attracting people. The reader must get the idea about what they will get but it should be not that obvious either.  The goal of blogging should not be about boosting the people’s visit but the subscription rate.

3. What Content Should I Create?

Create content that can help your audience. It should be informative, creative, and enjoyable. Also, the blog must have complete information. It should be one-stop for your readers so they don’t have to go anywhere for anything.

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