151+ Best Short Bio to Make Your Own

You can’t just do without a bio these days! Bios are required on all social networking platforms. Even for Youtube and Tiktok, bios are a mandate these days. Read all the short bios mentioned here, and choose the ones that you like.

Short Bios for FaceBook

-I consume caffeine like my life depends on it!

-There is more to me than this social media profile will tell you!

-I’m a recovering junk food addict.

-The COVID 19 pandemic has turned me into a recovering pizza addict, my home being my rehabilitation center!

-I am not a nerd, I wear glasses only for show!

-My hobbies include checking the refrigerator out every hour, hoping for new food items to pop out magically!

-Working hard to make every day magical for me and for everybody else!

-Here to spread love and hope to get the same in return!

-Rainbows after heavy rain and the shining stars in the night sky are the hope givers!

-Trying to be the reason why my family smiles.

-There are too many people who will try to be the rain in someone’s parade, so why don’t you be the one that can bring sunshine to the parade?

-I am the princess that does not depend on a prince to become a queen.

-I am a queen who is perfectly capable of keeping her crown intact!

-What is this first sight love, it should rather be- first fight love!

Short Bios for YouTube

-What you preach does not matter as much as your actions matter!

-I always practice what I believe!

-Let us always remind ourselves that even if we do not like it, it is very natural for other people to have their opinions!

-I belong to the group of people who are happy to let others live their lives the way they want!

-Princess Diaries? No, I am a queen writing her journals!

-I believe in earning respect through actions, not through nepotism!

-I am a girl and I am attracted to other women and I do not find any reason to hide my choice!

-Be someone friends can easily find when their days are jumbled!

-Do not wait for your fate to change, you are the one that changes your fate!

-Do not get scared of your problems, your problems are what will cause you to grow!

Short Bios for LinkedIn

-If you think you can predict my actions, you are wrong, because even I do not know what to do!

-Do not miss living when preparing to live!

-Hoping to come across jobs, which will permit me to get my dream lifestyle. 

-I am working for a living, not living to complete work.

-Talk about work during my leisure and I lose my interest in work when I am supposed to!

-Do not talk work to me all day, please get a life!

-Working my way to glory and success!

-My goal is to party the hardest and so I work harder than everybody else!

-Working every day and partying every night, but that does not mean my work is compromised!

-Learning to find the balance between work life and family life!

Short Bios for Instagram

-I love a good sandwich and I will love anybody who can make me a good sandwich!#likeforlike

-My interest in something is always affected by how hungry I am because everything is automatically more tolerable once my tummy is full!#life

-Crankier than I look in my photos!#instamood

-My photos are not a good way to judge me, they do not show my crankiness!#life

-Caution! I might turn into that scary Tasmanian Devil if hungry! 

-I am alive only on the outside!#instamood

-My friends think I am a Tasmanian devil trapped inside the body of a human! Follow at your own risk!#likeforlike

-Just because life is bitter does not mean that you have to be bitter too!#instamood

-Trying my best to limit my use of curse words at Office!#instamood

-COVID 19 has been the worst surprise present that the new year 2020 has gifted to all of us!#life

Cool Short Bios

-Did you ever meet a person and regretted not having met that person before? No? Well, now you have!

-I may look sweet but I am always hungry on the inside!

-There are many wonders of the world, you just have to broaden your perspective to see them!

-My family enjoys a few sports and roasting me is their favorite among all!

-Do not pay any more for comedy shows, just call me.

-My life makes for a better joke than any comedian’s show!

-I think I hate life but then I realize that it is actually my life that hates me!

-Waiting for life to treat me better!

Inspiring Short Bios

-I would be a millionaire in 2 years if I was paid a rupee for the number of f-words I use to get through a single day!

-A short life, mandatory to live wisely.

-Every breath you take is precious, so keep in mind to not let a single breath go in waste!

-Shaming is so backdated, let us support each other and help everyone rise above the pettiness!

-Businesses run because people are insecure!

-Your aim in life is to be at peace with yourself!

-Moving ahead in life by getting rid of my insecurities one by one!

-Why do we wait for someone else to fulfill our dreams when we should be more focussed on making our dreams come true by ourselves?

-Let us rise above body shaming!

-Here to send a lot of virtual hugs to everybody who wants it!

Short Bios for Twitter

-I stay busy by tweeting all day long!

-My life is literally dependant on the Tweets!

-I have taken up the jobs of the birds because I now tweet more than birds do!

-Here for your daily dose of meaningless tweets!

-A funny tweet a day keeps a lot of problems away!

-Tweeting supportive tweets do not harm anybody!

-Why don’t we use this platform to raise the real issues of the country rather than tweeting meaninglessly?

-I like to use Twitter as a platform to raise my political and social concerns!

Funny Short Bios

-I am basically a sloth that uses gadgets!

-If a panda had to be sent to an office, that panda would be me!

-If I wanted to cry I would just cut onions, why would I undertake the painful task of measuring my weight?

-One day, I swear to God, I am going to be brave enough to cut onions without putting on glasses!

-I will never understand the secret behind my mother’s tearless onion chopping capability!

-Let us not waste time pretending to like each other, we all know that nobody cares!

Short Bios for TikTok

-I create videos because they make me happy!

-Do not criticize me for pursuing my hobbies!

-I use TikTok because I enjoy it and TikTok haters do not scare me!

-If I was scared of haters, I would not be using TikTok!

-Why not use this platform to bring smiles to a person who needs it?

-Every platform can be used for a good cause and I use TikTok to spread joy to people!

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