50+ Most Successful Shopify Stores That’re Earning Huge!

When it comes to starting an online business, it can be not very safe for lots of people.

There are lots of things you need to understand from optimizing the pages to naming your brand.

Shopify is an e-commerce platform that is giving a platform for an online business where they can sell products. 

To start your store, there might be different aspects you want to clear about. Well here are some inspiring and successful stores on Shopify that are earning huge amounts of money. 

top shopify store that earning huge

What Are The Traits That Make Shopify Stores Successful?

The eCommerce business is booming and by the end of 2021, the expected sales are to hit USD 4.9 trillion and by 2023, this will be $6.5 trillion.

Make sure your business stands out even if millions of other businesses are in the market. 

Here are some important traits that most successful Shopify stores follow.

traits successful shopify stores follow

Well highlighting the five important traits that you will notice in most of the successful businesses on Shopify store. Here is what you need to know : 

Good Services To Your Customer 

For the business, making sure that you are offering top-notch customer care services as Shopify takes this seriously. 

Having a theme that doesn’t match with your website, slow page loading, or time popups that have bad timing, well it will make your audience frustrated and they will leave. 

Well,  more than 80 % of visitors leave the site if they are experiencing poor customer service. 

To make sure your site doesn’t contain all of these, you should do these pointers first : 

  • Use the site yourself before officially launching 
  • Search the  products specifically 
  • Click your category pages
  • Add items to your cart
  • Process the whole checkout 

Also, there are some important questions that you need to consider here are : 

  • Find out the excessive pop-ups that can annoy your potential customers
  • Was it easy to find the product on your website?
  • When you find products, see if there is all the needed information or not?
  • See if it’s hard to add the products to the shopping cart?
  • Look out for the fees or any hidden cost that can cause cart abandonment?

Pro Tip: The successful store focuses on keeping the shopping as convenient as it can be. Make sure it doesn’t waste the time of your customers. 

No Extra Or Hidden Fees 

To hold your customers, it’s important, to be honest. Make sure they know what they are paying for. It includes keeping any kind of hidden cost or fee away from them. 

It’s frustrating for shoppers to do all the research, adding products and when they are paying for the product, they see cost added without their knowledge. 

Pro Tip: Shopify stores offer a clear price and free shipping that you can use for getting more sales. 

Add Social Proof 

Social proof is important to your Shopify store. This can help you in encouraging more people to follow the positive footsteps. 

Almost every store that is successful or earning huge has shown the importance of reviews, testimonials, etc on their website. 

Adding High-Quality Images 

Most of the premium Shopify or even free themes on Shopify require high-quality photos. 

Not just it helps your website to get more attention. But good quality images help in gaining trust from your audience on what you are selling. 

Pro Tip: Add description, features, and other information to keep efficient. 

 Powerful  Email Marketing 

The best stores on Shopify have email marketing on point. Not just you get real rewards from it but it also saves money on targeting or bringing the audience to your store. 

Sending emails to your visitors or customers can help in keeping them contacted to your store.

This also helps you in informing your customers if a new product is launched.  It can decrease the chance of cart abandonment too.  

With this, you get more visitors and return customers which exceed the sales. 

Pro tip: add offers, discounts or make it personalized so they can visit more. 

List Of 50 Shopify Stores that make millions 

You can get inspiration and learn how to start your store or if you have, you can get a better understanding regarding how to plan further. 

reasons why shopify store fails

1. Negative Underwear 

Unlike other brands, Negative underwear focused on keeping their customers confident without relying on using push-up pads or bows. 

The Negative Underwear started with one goal and that was to make the women feel confident about their body regardless of what their type is. 

Image source: bizinfo123

Without urging their customers to use something like push-up pads, The brand is successfully growing revenue from their strategy. 

They have the revenue boosted 150% within a few years after they successfully launched their site. 

The brand was featured in The Wall Street, Vogue, and The Forbes.

Takeaway: Negative Underwear used its start and idea to fill the gap between appearances and comfort. 

This helped the brand to get attention and increase sales within a short period. 

2. Allbirds 

The brand on Shopify is focusing on how to keep the footwear well designed, comfortable and sustainable. 

Allbirds mission is to make the customers feel fulfilled without letting them choose between any three. 

They have shoes that are soft, environment friendly, and stylish.

Image source: shopify

To keep their site look more attractive, they have the contrast of earthy tone. 

Well, Allbirds are the greatest example of how you can start from scratch. They started as a Kickstarter campaign and turned out as a brand that has over $1 billion.

They also featured on CNN, Time, and Wall Street Journal. 

Takeaway:  Allbirds are focused on what their product is and use the strategy to strengthen it for more sales. It gives a much better USP and people get attracted towards it. 

3. Beardbrand 

Beardbrand started as Youtube Channel in 2012  They used the platform to build their audience and then to start their store. 

Image source: Klaviyo

From youtube, they gained more than 1.6  million subscribers which turned into their customers later on. 

Beardbrand focused on their channel to keep their video entertaining and engaging.  They keep their audience‘s attention with the content and land the traffic to the Beardbrand store. 

Here they ask for the quiz before, once they complete it and the site gets the information. They use it for boosting email marketing campaigns. 

Takeaway: Unlike other sites, Beer Brands are using their Youtube to get more customers. They are directing their traffic from the channel to the site. The brand focuses on gathering information to use it for better services. 

4. Bombas

Bombas used a similar strategy that the Allbirds did which was to focus on strengthening their product. 

Image Source: Pinterest

They started as crowdfunding but now they are a brand that is worth more than $100 million annual revenue. 

They make comfortable socks and with every sale they do, Bombas donate a pair to charity as well. 

Along with this, If the customer is placing the purchase over $50, the brand offers free shipping. 

Takeaway: Bombas focus on the product USP. along with that the free shipping technique to encourage more items added to the cart. 


Cuppow sold 500 units within 72 hours. 

The idea came from the incident that happened with them in 2011. Joshua Resnikoff who is the owner of Cuppow, his wife used to run a kimchi business. 

Because of that, they had lots of mason jars in their house. He started to use those jars for the coffee. 

Image Source:Firstsiteguide

Not just it was hard to drink from it but one day the jar spilled all the drinks on him. This gave him the idea of creating the to-go lid for those mason jars. And that’s how the company started. 

Takeaway:  Cuppow uses high-quality images on the website to give a better experience an idea about the product. 

Also with Buy Now clicks they encourage their customers to take action. With both of the strategies, they are getting much more conversions on their site. 

6. Bulletproof 

The tech executive Dave Asprey visited Tibet a few decades back, where he tried the local drink which was the blend of yak butter and tea. 

This inspired him and he left the work for starting his own beverage business. With this driver, Bulletproof is selling millions of cups of coffee per year. 

Also, they have several plugins from Shopify such as Yotpo which helps the brand to collect their customer reviews. 

They do  for showcasing the UGC or User-generated content on the website. 

Here they use back in stock for getting signs up from the customers where they can set the alert when the brand does the restocking.

7. Gymshark 

The creator of Gymshark started the business in his mom’s garage in 2012. And that time, he was just the teenager 

From the garage to this, the brand builds a company that’s worth more than $130 million in annual sales.

The sales he got are largely from Instagram. The Instagram page has more than 4.6 million flowers. 

Also with their USG, They are showing off their products on their Instagram. 

Takeaway:  Gymshark did huge marketing using their Instagram. With their Instagram where they boosted as well as encouraged more user content that helped in building trust.

This also helped in getting customers to their sites and increasing sales for the products.

8. Chubbies 

Chubbies is focused on sharing the love for men’s short shorts in retro style. They started to manufacture their own and start selling at the Annual Fourth of July party that was hosted in Lake Tahoe. 

Image Source:By Mountain Dome

Chubbies sales started to increase quickly and as for now, they have more than 1.6 million followers on Facebook and earning worth in eight-figures. 

 Takeaway: Chubbies grew their audience from using social media like Facebook. 

9. Pipcorn Heirloom Snacks 

Pipcorn Heirloom is one of the eye-catching designs that you will get on websites out there.

This one got featured in ABC’s Shark Tank and the small business ‘ Pipsnacks’ turned themselves into one of the fastest-growing stores on Shopify. 

They understood the requirements that make their customers satisfied and their needs for delicious snacks.

Image source: murmurcreative

With the beautiful website design for e-commerce, they offer a unique experience to their customers as well. 

They have discreet animation which helps to interact with the product when costumes visit the homepage. This is one of the big pluses. 

Also, they  certain things that are working out for them and it includes: 

  • They have the consistency that is doing the main role in keeping their store as the best one. 
  • They have a solid theme as well as product pages that help in complementing the homepage.
  • They kept their tabs simple and added four, two for products and the story behind their brand.
  • They have the simplest and easy sign-up for the newsletter form.

Pro Tip: One of the things that you could learn to promote sales and increase the conversion rate. Make sure you have an email marketing service that is e-commerce friendly. 

Takeaway: The reason behind why they are successful is their innovation, user-friendliness as well as creativity 

They focus on creating the first impression best so they can boost their sales. . Also they gain their buyers from doing smart email marketing. 

When you sign up for the newsletter, they send you an email campaign promoting their vegan snacks and natural product. 

10. Ninja 

Ninja is run by a famous influencer and gamer that have one of the biggest channels on twitch.

On this website, he sells his merch which targets his fans as well as more interested people. 

Image Source:Moosend

The website has gone through some major changes since it opened, and now they started to feature short videos on the merchandise website. 

However, unlike other websites, Ninja has fewer pages or buttons. Also, the interface is quite simple too.  

You can browse their all products through their homepage.

Takeaway: The website redirects the visitors when they click the link on youtube or twitch.

Also, they have added only a few items to keep the purchase much more seamless. Also, this website supports gaming streaming efforts. 

11. Jane Motorcycles 

Jane motorcycles use bold photography as the primary page and this website features fashion on the Shopify store. 

They keep the natural environment when you keep scrolling to see the product showcase. 

Image Source:PageFly

The website is intriguing and has easy-to-use features to keep the sales increase. 

On the top tap, they have this “ Shop” tab, clicking on the tab takes the website to explore the complete store page. 

Thye divided their listings into two-columns i.e. by category and by brand.

This keeps the website much more clear and responsive. 

Takeaway: Jane Motorcycles are balanced between bold photography and ease in shopping which brings more customers to them.

 It’s one of the features that intrigued their customers and boosted the numbers of sales.

12. Skinny Dip

Skinny Dip is a women ‘s fashion store on Shopify. 

Skinny Dip has soothing tones,  feminine design, and visuals that give a clear image of what they are selling and who they are targeting. 

Also, Skinnydip is one of the stores that have lots of tabs and sections. But they manage it without cluttering all their content. 

To make sure they are keeping the content smartly, the tabs are picked up wisely to demonstrate what it contains. 

They used “Sale” with bright red color to notice easily. 

Takeaway:  The CTA button on the website or subscription form helps the getting converting mechanism.

It’s important to keep the website much more clear and focused so the people 

13. 8 and 9

 8 And 9 brands focus on streetwear and have one of the best sites on Shopify. 

They have used big and high-quality images to showcase the street style and the changes. 

They have nine tabs with clear visuals and it’s perfect for guiding the visitors who are new to the sites. 

Image Source:Oberlo

They have an email form that keeps more customers interacting with the brand. 

Takeaway:  The website used photos to establish as well as convince the people that they have a good sense of fashion and the niche they have chosen. 

With the product page system, images, and segmentation, the traffic is smartly used to increase sales. 

This Shopify store is dedicated to selling these cakes and cookies. They have a strong success story.

They used their different designs to display all their flavors over the page. Not just it makes the visitor feel drool but also holds their attention.

They kept their design playful and attractive so it can go perfectly with their product. 

Image source: moosend

To keep it easy for the customer to find what they are looking for, they have two tabs that filter products. You can choose a category or occasion. 

The Great Cookie has dedicated tabs, making it easier to find the items for every occasion. 

They have this huge CTA in the middle of the page which can be used for instant orders for gifts or cakes.

They offer customization, allowing customers to get the type they want in cookies and cakes.

Takeaway: Their timing is the core part of the business website. The Great Cookie allows different features and customization so the buyer can feel at ease. And also they can order what they are looking for. 

With this, they have customer service covered, which exceeds their sales. 

15. CR7

CR7 is run by Cristiano Ronaldo who is one of the popular football players. Apart from being popular, he has 238M followers and even more on Instagram. And this one is the second most followed account on social media. 

Cristiano has his influence on people and because of that, he developed his own personal brand on the Shopify store. 

Image Source:Moosend

This website depends on the footballer’s image a lot and promotes his personal collections. 

This is one of the impressive tactics by someone who has so much influence.

However, the website includes the highest quality images. The store structure is clear and clean.

The product ages are made to keep the people engaged and click as soon as they land. 

With a colorful pallet, the whole vibe here is playfulness along with a call in action that is used purple to highlight it. 

Takeaway: Despite being based on popular personal branding, CR7 covers all the aspects that can attract buyers, including the images of popular products and discounts. It helps people to purchase the products with a single click. 

16. LazyFruits 

Lazy Fruits is one of the stores on Shopify that have an easy sales process. Well, the website sells fruits online.

And you can find different types of fruits on their homepage, that you can select and drop in cart. 

Image Source: Moosends

With a white background and colorful scene it’s unique, clever, and interesting choices to highlight the products. 

Lazy Fruit stimulates the walk to the grocery store. This gives the experience of actually purchasing the fruits and it’s one of the interesting concepts introduced to online buyers.

The user-friendly and clean website design made it easier to keep the customer engaged

Takeaway: Providing an experience that is not easy to have is one of the plus points that brings more customers to Lazyfruits.

 However, they don’t have exit-intent popups or email forms which are minus part from their side.

17. Tsuki Market 

Tsuki Market is another example of stores that are run by influencers. This one is a child of Felix and Marzia Kjellberg. Felix is also known as  Pewdipepie and he is one of the gamers and influences. 

The store has an eye-catching design with a user-friendly website. They kept their website minimalistic in Design. 

Image Source:Tsuki Market

They both promote their store using their Instagram and youtube. Also, they have models to promote the clothes. 

Takeaway: Using youtube and Instagram where they both have a strong audience base, they both interact with the customers and drive the traffic to the website. 

With their post, they keep their audience interested in what they are offering. 

18. Taylor Stitch 

Taylor Stitch is a famous and classic clothing brand for men. And popular due to their workshop. 

Image Source: Wishpond Blog

One of the templates is their photography that reinforces the classic element to what they are selling. It boosts their sales as well. 

They created the store with a touch of elegant, short copy, CTA, and everything to keep the customers coming. 

Takeaway: Taylor Stitch emphasis on their classic element.  They keep their website as well as product elegant so it can drive more people towards it. 

19. Carbon Beauty 

Carbon beauty focuses on cosmetic and beauty products. They have different fragrances and makeup items. 

The website has an interesting theme that keeps the design playful and colorful. This highlights the youthful spirit. 

Image source: productcoalition

Along with minimalistic  design that allows the product to highlight and let people explore the website deeper 

They have countless animations that keep the store fun and entertaining for the purchase. 

Takeaway: the key reason apart from selling a good product, carbon beauty is focused on keeping their store interactive and fun to their purchasers. 

This holds much more attention from the audience and lets them spend more time on the website which boosts the sales eventually. 

20. Happiness Abscissa 

Happiness Abscissa is one of the stores that break the style that most people choose. 

Image Source:Withinthe Flow

The store is creative and structures to keep the people interested in what they are selling. 

Apart from this, the unique store has a website design that makes it different and more attractive than others. 

Takeaway: Happiness Abscissa has interesting choices of colors and different take on design. With something new, they make sure their product is on point. 

21. Kylie Cosmetics 

The Shopify store is owned by fashion icons and one of the world’s biggest influencers Kylie Jenner. 

The website is focused on selling the cosmetic brand and the unique style keeps the people interested throughout the checkout process. 

Image Source:Swanky Agency

With the light pink background, the website makes sure that it doesn’t distract the people when they do the shopping. 

Takeaway: Apart from being one of the top-selling stores on Shopify, Kylie cosmetic has a strong backup of influencer status. Also, she created the brand after her insecurities that is her lips. 

This gives a powerful message and story behind the branding.

22. KKW Beauty 

Similar to Kylie Jenner, KKW beauty is owned by Kim Kardashian. The store is dedicated to beauty and cosmetics. 

Well, Kim uses her strong knowledge of Instagram influencer marketing to direct more people and to increase sales. 

Image source: moosend

Because of this, KKW is one of the top shops on Shopify that have a global reach. 

Also, the structure of the shop is simple and easy to navigate. 

Takeaway:  KKW has a solid concept and that makes clear when you keep scrolling the page. 

This makes sure that the visitors are effectively turning into shoppers. Also, the store focuses on using the Kim Kardashian personal branding to get more sales. 

They use social proof and ratings to show the credibility of the products they offer. 

23. Dryrobe

Dryobe is one of the Shopify store brands that have one specific focus on the product. And instead of expanding or making it a collection, the store focused on the same thing. 

They have a fast clip showing people who used the Dryrobe and keep the first page impressive. 

Image source: moosend

Also, they smartly use the reviews and testimonials on the main page. This keeps the SEO boosted and gives credibility to the buyers.

They also featured different people and used their dryrobe in different activities. This gives plenty of options and ideas to customers when they start getting interested in the product.  

Takeaway:  They have a clear image of what they are selling and the website is dedicated to that completely. So when the visitors click on the website, they get the first tab which is accompanied by big visuals of the product. 

They have tabs like how to choose, features activities, etc. Also, the fact that they are promoting only one kind of product, gives more ways to promote their brand. 

The marketing focus on highlighting the features and benefits of the product. Also, it makes sure that people are aware of what they are purchasing. 

24. Miracle By Aloft

Miracle By Aloft is one of the Shopify stores that sell pillowcases,  towels, sheets, etc using antimicrobial silver. 

The website keeps the pages as minimalistic as they can be by eliminating content or images that are not needed. 

Image source: theworkshore

To keep the people interested they focus on their color pallet and have light as well as soft shade of blue. This also helps in creating a relaxation feeling. And bring the snoozing feeling too. 

Takeaway: The website is conversion optimized. They have everything that can take best from the visits they got.  

In the beginning, they have the Shop now button that has a brand tagline. 

Along with this, they added shop refunds, benefits, and other USPs of their products as well as stores. 

Also when you are leaving the website, they have the 10% discount offer that visitors can get after filling in their email address. 

They have product reviews, testimonials, and proper CTA to get a better ranking on SEO. 

25. Death Wish Coffee

One of the most popular brands that have fewer pages on the website. Also, they show their messages or content in big or clear text. 

Death Wish Coffee claims to offer the strongest coffee on the planet.  And the website makes sure to showcase the same feeling. 

Image Source: Shopify

They have lined the text with red so the buyers will know the brand is addictive. Also, it backs up the claim they do. 

Takeaway: Death Wish Coffee has a brand that focuses on its product. As for their website, they don’t have unnecessary pages, steps, or any setups.

Also, they have a box where you can check the new coffee pack every week. This boosts the recurring purchases. 

26. Ventana Supplies 

 Ventana Supplies focus on the surfer community and that’s what makes the website as well as a brand famous among other Shopify stores. 

Image source: acquireconvert

They have the same product colors to match with the website. Also, they have high-quality photography that is used in a carousel. This covers the majority of their spaces.

Takeaway: They have a clean, clear, and targeted website that covers all the points for having better sales. 

Also with the use of images, they target sharing the feeling of the moment with other surfers. 

27. Good America 

Good American is known as one of the best clothing stores on Shopify. This helps the brand to grow and become the brand as well as setting the fashion offerings. 

Well, the brand has a simple yet interesting website that has high-quality images. Also, they use the main page to offer all the information that the customer might need. 

Image Source:Command C

In 2016, the business was launched and they did the business over $1 million. 

Also, they focus on keeping the Shopify flow for increasing efficiency through their automation and get more sales. 

Takeaway: Good America has an automation strategy that helps the brands to get more sales without investing too much. 

Also, gaining new customers is expensive, and automation helps in getting much better sales. 

28.  Jeffree Star Cosmetics 

Jeffree Star Cosmetics is one of the popular names that has a multi-million dollar business in cosmetics. 

They take leverage from social media followers and the popularity from different platforms where they have fans. 

The highest traffic they get is Twitter which drives so much traffic that they get sales and visitors when they launched. 

Image Source: Swanky Agency

Also to keep the business going and happy with Shopify, Jeffree wrote the thank you note for keeping the website crash-free and running smoothly. 

Takeaway: The important point here is to understand that the website is using the followers and driving more sales from it. 

The major traffic source they get is twitter which helps in getting more sales. Also, the brand is itself a famous name in the cosmetic business. 

29. Rhone 

Rhone is one of the sportswear brands that have a famous line of activewear. However, they focus on addressing the pain point and issues that most active people face i.e. odor control. 

Image Source:Ecommerce Guide

The business founder had an understanding when he was working with NFL players.

With the help of Shopify store, he started his business and now they are earning more than $9 million in annual sales. 

Takeaway: Rhone picked up the major issue that was with most of the active people. Understanding the pain point and demand, the business turned into a million-dollar brand. 

30. Tula 

Tula focuses heavily on skincare. They have used Shopify to get a 20% auto-renewal rate. 

And they offer subscription services so the customers can get the replenished supplies once they become the customers. 

Image Source:Shopify

The website has a lightweight theme that keeps the website more focused on the product. Also, they highlighted all the important points to keep the customers informative while shopping. 

Takeaway: The company worked initially with QVC as an outlet for several years. This helped them to understand more and get the people’s requirements fast. 

Also, they used the experience before they transition to the full-fledged eCommerce business. 

31. PuraVida 

PuraVida built the business using the efforts of their ambassador program rather than a traditional marketing strategy.  

Image Source:Shopify

They choose influencers so they can help in spreading more about the business as well as the brand. 

Takeaway: Even though the approach Pura Vida takes, it’s not the fastest one. But once it starts to get the people, it can help in gathering more people. As well as gaining more connections. 

 32. John’s Crazy Socks 

Even though it sounds crazy, the unique approach of the company’s branding is to keep the business happy instead of traditional apparel. 

With the quirky take, The store combined it with their social media marketing. Also, they did charity work with organizations like Special Olympics. 

Image source: abetterlemondastand

The store successfully earned over $25 million within its first two years. 

Takeaway: instead of approaching traditional marketing, John’s crazy socks did a quirky approach. 

Mixing it with their social media marketing to get more people attracted to the business so they can get more purchases. Well, this worked in their favor. 

33. Lessa 

Lessa is one of the known brands when it comes to a mattress. However, in the beginning, they had the rockier. 

The business started with Shopify and they might run out of money before they actually launched. However, Lessa managed to get sales of around $800,000 in their first month.

Well, the brand is now famous and has a business that is earning $150 million per year. 

34. Frank Body 

Frank’s body is one of the results where they invested minimal initial investment. 

They are also leading the coffee scrub industry. With them, they started the coffee ground which is used for exfoliating the dead skin and eliminating it. 

Image Source:Swanky Agency

Even with the minimal investment, they turned the $5,000 budget business to $20 million. 

Takeaway: the business used Shopify to keep the investment within the budget. 

Also, they focused on providing customer services to satisfy their potential target. Along with that, they keep the social media aspect and that helped them in getting the results. 

35. Pixi Beauty 

Pixi Beauty is customer-oriented where they focus on offering fantastic and easy beauty products. 

Image Source:We Make Websites

The eCommerce store focuses on keeping the work easy for the business. And also for the visitors, It keeps their work hassle-free and easy to explore. 

They streamline Shopify to keep the process easier. With that, they had the immediate results where they get a revenue of more than $1.5 million annually. 

Takeaway: Pixi Beauty focused on the two most important aspects i.e. product and customer shopping experience. 

With their eCommerce store design, they keep their store easy to shop and simple. 

36. Memobottle 

Memobottle raised a quarter of million dollars when they did the kickstarter campaign.  They combined two things together along with that i.e. retail business and social mission. 

Image Source:Blackbelt Ecommerce

They focused on offering water bottles that can fit into the laptop cases. However, Memobottle faced some errors while designing the bottle and manufacturing process. 

But they completed the promise and that’s how the website started. 

Takeaway: Memobottle has a strong social mission along with the campaign that boosted their reach and made it easier to target their audience. 

37. SkinnyMe Tea 

With more than 1. 3 billion people using Facebook messenger worldwide. Also, they are using the messenger to send messages to their family and friends. 

SkinnyMe Tea used the messenger chat box on Shopify and capitalized it to get massive opportunities worldwide. 

Image source: wishpondblog

With a small blue messenger button, the casual visitor clicks on the box and that leads them to the customized sales funnel. 

These funnels are set by the team of SkinnyMe Tea. 

It starts with the welcome message that leads to the option to shop now and then the recommendation of products. It contacts more leads as well as products that utilize the funnel to its max. 

Takeaway: Not just they are using the messenger but with this, they are offering simple integration. 

And even with the Buy now, the shopper connects more with the product as well as the brand. This leads to more chances of getting sales.

 38.  Ratio Coffee

Video is becoming one of the most popular parts of the business. Not just for branding but for getting more sales, it’s becoming a crucial aspect to consider. 

Image Source:Limeworks

Ratio coffee understands the importance and they featured their coffee with the help of video. 

They use the Shopify store homepage where all videos are featured. 

howto keep product video on point

Takeaway: Ratio Coffee uses videos that help in providing more about the product. Also, it includes detailed information and visuals that boost the time that the customer spent on the page. This eventually leads to better sales.

39. Untuckit 

Untuckit uses the app on Shopify that’s also known as Swell. This helps in managing the referral program 

With this, they help in getting more words out about their product to people. 

Image source: sumo

83% of online business users from 60 different countries reported that they trust the recommendation when they are from their family or friends.

And that’s what the business is using so more and more people can use their referral program and get the sales. 

tips keeping your referral program effective

Takeaway: Untuckit uses the product referral program for boosting their inbound traffic. Also, they have the most trusted source of information. 

40. Flat Tummy Tea 

The company was founded in 2013, and the store sells herbal detox tea. The product helps in boosting up the metabolism, energy and also helps in reducing bloating. This results in a flatter tummy. 

Image source: OSIAffilate 

Well with their trending post on social media, the site gathers more than 13, 500 positive reviews about their product which features on their website. 

This is also helpful for them to get a revenue of $35 million yearly.  This is a huge deal for the tea site.

However, the success behind the store is Instagram as they gather more than 1.5 million followers.  Also, they did promotions with actress Laila Odom when they launched the lollipop product. 

Takeaway: The site uses the visual of what they sell.  They take inspiration and use the user-generated content on their social media to get more people to be influenced by the social proof. 

Also with the help of influencer marketing, they targeted new customers and grew their business. 

41. Freshly Picked 

Freshly picked target the kids and the shoe issues they face. Susan Peterson feels that small kids need soft soles so they can learn to walk. Also, it helps in balancing. 

With this, the kid can fix their toes better and have a fun experience. 

E-commerce sells baby moccasins. However they started rough, but the brand is now listed in the top footwear for kids store online. 

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They have a multi-million dollar business now. Also, they sell the kid’s shoes to celebrity kids. It includes Milla Kunis, Kardashians, Jessica Alba, etc. 

Takeaway:  Susan did blogging which helped in understanding what people search. And these searches boosted the sales of the store. 

They have more than 10,000+ keywords that have 14000 organic visitors per month. 

42. Endy Sleep 

Endy Sleep is the biggest online-only mattress company in Canada. They have an expensive mattress that costs around $1000 or even more. 

However, they managed to fulfill the claims but also kept the business online-only model. 

In 2017, they gained more than 20 million dollars in revenue each year. 

Image source: OSIaffilate 

Well, the biggest contribution behind the success of this Shopify store is the free trial. 

They did a 30 days free trial and even more so the customer feels justified when they pay the value. 

Even allows the potential customers to do trails for 100 nights which is 3 months approx. 

And if the customer feels don’t buying it after the trial ends, they are free to return it.  The store returns the money. 

With this no-lose situation, the Endy showcase that they have confidence in what they are offering. 

So even if the customer uses it for three months, the chances of returns are lesser. 

Takeaway: The confidence in what Endy sells is the key to the success. Because of this, the claims they did fulfill were completed. 

The trails and assurance especially when they are selling online helped in targeted more customers. 

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