18 Best Shopify Store Landing Page Examples

Shopify store Landing pages are an important part when you have run an online website as well as a business. 

According to the sources,  it takes around 15 to seven or even fewer seconds when people leave the site because they are bored.

Regardless, you are going to need landing pages not just to hold the attention of your visitors but also for boosting the sales and growth of your Shopify store. 

It’s important to remember that the landing page is not like average web pages. These pages are much more action-oriented and targeted to the customers. 

The purpose of a landing page is to boost the conversion at all costs. So here you will learn how landing page helps you in the conversion and the best landing page examples to learn from.

How To Know If Your Landing Page Is Good Or Not?

Well, the landing page stands alone and is designed to achieve one goal. It can be getting more signs up for the email list, buying the products, or registration to the VIP program. 

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There are basic factors that help in understanding if you have a good landing page or not. And to understand here are some pointers. 

  • Your landing page has targeted messaging along with a singular focus. This allows conversion and helps the visitors to take action. 
  • Your landing page has a minimalistic design, layout,  and links so the visitors can easily process the steps of getting a conversion.
  • It has a powerful but short and sweet headline. Also includes what you are offering and why the visitors should believe. 
  • Simple, clear, and easy CTA or Call To Action that can be eye-catching. This leads visitors to take action and guide towards the conversion. 

Why Do You Need Landing Pages For Shopify? 

Landing pages are the key to the success of the sales funnel. 

So if you are selling your product on a shopify store or any e-commerce platform for that matter, it is the first impression that customer gets from their seller. 

reasons why you need landing pages for Shopify or any ecommerce store. 

Drive Higher ROI  

 Landing pages become extremely crucial when you are running ad campaigns as it builds trust between the sellers and the buyer. 

It sets an intention where potential customers can click and learn about the product making you more credible and authentic. 

It surely drives higher ROI in the paid traffic as a comparison to not having a landing page. 

Allow you to target specific customers

Since you can personalize or customize the landing pages dramatically, it allows you to cater highly targeted and specific customers segments. 

You can make the aesthetics and provide the value suits to your customer needs and preferences. 

That includes everything from the title, image, CTA button, color combinations, design etc. 

Best Practices That You Can Consider For Shopify Landing Page 

Well, the practices that you can do for the Shopify landing page are a lot similar to the best practices for the landing page. 

However, when you are creating your landing pages, there are few points that you need to consider first to make them look effective. 

Sell What Will Benefits 

Instead of focusing on the feelings, make sure your landing page is more about the benefits.  When it comes to conversion, you are going to convince your visitors that the product you are selling is beneficial for them. 

Highlight all the benefits that your product can bring to your customer. This is important for boosting your targeted customer life. 

Focus On Making It Look Good 

Visuals are an important part of your landing page. Before your audience gets on reading, it’s crucial to grab their attention for that long. 

 Image source: justinmind

And visuals are the best way to do that. It also helps in establishing the emotional response. Add a design that can make your visitors feel good. 

Add The Video 

Well, this one is not common, but if your video makes sense or is related. Use the videos on your landing page. When you add the video, there are chances to get major rates in conversation. 

According to marketers, often the conversion rate increases to 34% along with extra benefits.

Keep It Relevant When You Launch 

It’s important to focus on the timing of the campaign. Make sure when and why you are launching the landing page, It should stay relevant to your topic and motive. 

Also, focus on launching fast so it can serve its purpose. 

Use The Psychic Triggers

It’s important that you are adding social proof as well as scarcity. This is helpful for the visitors to get familiarized with the concepts and also know more about it through others instead of brands. 

Adding triggers like the message that is time-based, for example, sales for 24 hours or 10 is left. This is a scarcity that you can use to get more drive for the landing page. 

Shopify Landing Page Examples That You Can Consider 

There are lots of examples out there that you can consider when you are planning your landing page. 

Not just do these landing page examples follow the rules but offer something unique to get more sales and conversions. 

To make sure your Shopify store has effective landing pages, here are some of the best examples that you can consider. 

Manor Collections 

Manor collection offers luxury candles that are long-lasting and burn slow. This one goes perfectly for a romantic evening or something like that. 

They have one slick, simple,  and alluring landing page  Also with their persuasion elements and jam-packed they focus on not letting their customer leave the page. 

The customers add their products to the cart without leaving the page.  This helps in boosting the time that visitors spend on the website and with this the chances of sales as well as conversion too. 

There is no surprise that they have a 5.6% converting rate on their landing page. 

Takeaway:  Manor Collections focuses on keeping their visitors on the landing page as long as it can be possible. The more time they are on the website, the more chances boost up for conversions. 

Doctor + Daughter 

The brand offers cosmetic items where they use organic ingredients. The brand is related to  The Lee Clinic. 

They make sure to use their landing page for their marketing purpose.  Also, they added much about the company and locations. 

Image source: unbounce 

 However, the landing page of the lee clinic has a summarizing of products. Also, they kept everything clear and also attractive for the buyers. 

The design is beautiful, simple, and clean. They kept the landing page eye-catching and professional. 

They address the issues of their customers and directly help to solve the problem. This helps in keeping the visitors and also boosting the funnel. 

Takeaway: The Lee Clinic’s landing page has the professional and clean touch to keep the attention of their audience. 

The add to cart option that slid into the right hand, helps in removing the extra steps.  


Mixpanel is not just creative and fun but also one of the best examples to consider. 

Mix panel has its landing page dedicated to getting the downloads for their free ebooks.  This technique helps in boosting their lead generation.  

Image source: medium

Along with this, they get more email collections which they nurture through email marketing campaigns as well as other strategies. 

Mixpanel uses the leading page to get more visitors to their sales funnel. 

To attract people’s attention, they use negative space to the image. The leading page directs the downloads for ebooks which is the main hero of the whole thing. 

The negative spaces help in holding the attention of the subject. Also to make it more interesting, they created graphics that give the physical book vibe through their ebooks.

The technique helps in getting more visualization and tangible. 

Image source: pinterest 

They added the social proof where they used the testimonials from US banks and Clorox. To tell the people, a summary is also added. 

  • The landing page of Mixpanel has few practices which help in better conversions. It includes : 
  • The design with the clean and right amount of spaces to get the attention. 
  • Different opportunities for visitors to take action throughout the visits on-page. 
  • They added the right amount of details and information that will convince the visitors and also help in keeping the offer legit.

Mixpanel added three CTA buttons, where the first two are anchored to the bottom. This helps when the visitors click them, it leads to automatically scrolling down to the bottom. 

Here they get a form where they need to fill in the information for getting access to the book. 

Takeaway:  Mixpanel has a landing page that can be used as the best example of a balance between fun and creativity. 

The main purpose of the page is to get more downloads along with focusing on lead generation. With the amount of information, they help in keeping their offer more trustworthy and ideal to consider for the visitors. 


 Fitbit‘s landing page breaks the rule of cardinal where one CTA button or link is added. 

Their What’s new page is one of the examples that can be taken into consideration. The umbrella CTA has a list of new things where people can click and learn about the specific products where they are interested. 

Image source: laptrinhx

Featuring a large but beautiful image of their best products. They added their menu which has clickable options highlighting the four main sections. 

They also have sections that are visually designed to grab the attention of others. It includes some of the best techniques such as : 

  • Lifestyle photography showing how people are using Fitbit in their lifestyle. 
  • Bold and different color images with the sections in between. 
  • Added the negative spaces or blank areas to add more focus on the objects which need attention. It gets the attention of people towards the images. 

Takeaway:  They have added a short headline along with one sentence to describe their products. This helps in keeping their landing page free from cluttering and distracting. 

Fitbits have different  CTAs but even then, they help the visitors through their guidance to offer a streamlined experience. Also, it’s helpful to tell what’s new on their page. 

 Home Chef 

Home Chef is a meal delivery company that uses heavy branding on its landing page. They offer a $60 discount on their first four meal boxes.

Along with the front and center logo, they use the proclamation that they rated on the first rank when it comes to customer satisfaction. 

Image source: oberlo

To keep their transparency, they have added information about why the visitors should choose them. This is a great way to help the visitors to know about the product and how it can help them.

Image source: instapage

The home chef added testimonial videos on their landing page to give social proof. Also it is short, attractive and holds the message for everyone to see. 

They have the CTA for picking the meals. 

Also, they highlight their variety, flexibility as well as a value which are their value proposition. This is helpful for people who are looking for delivery services. This can help in taking the right choices. 

Takeaway: Home Chef used branding, testimonials, and other pointers to keep their message on point. With the discount, it helps in attracting more customers. 

However since they don’t add any backups, it’s not the ideal claim to make for their customer satisfaction rate. It’s something that the landing page should avoid. 

One Page love 

One page love have one of the clever tactics that they use as well as to boost their ebook “Landing Page Hot Tips”

They use the top banner to call out their pre-sale of the book.

They come up with this banner which says $30 off presale is ended, now they have $20off for the month. With this, they create a FOMO and sense of urgency in their visitors

For those visitors who are not yet very sure about purchasing, they at least signup, as they offer one tip through their email subscriptions.

Image source: Oberlo

With the visitor who doesn’t want to get committed, they can choose the option and also the buyers get the chance to try before they actually purchase it. 

Also if they liked their emails, they can proceed with the purchase of the ebook. It cuts the waiting line, as the customer gets the book instead of waiting for three months where they are getting one tip every day. 

To help the customers and make this more trustworthy, they added testimonials of their previous or current customers.

This works as social proof where the visitors can know if the tips are actually helpful or not.

Takeaway:  One Page Love is a great example to understand how to engage the customer even when they are not fully committed. 

With their techniques to create urgency and create appealing options for their visitors. They added the test run to check the content before the customer purchases it. 

Not just does this help the visitors to understand more about the brand, but also the website gets engaged visitors that can be potential customers for their brand. 


The Larq has the designing landing page. Well, the brand is balanced to create visually appealing as well as keeping straightforward. 

Image source : Dribble

Also, it keeps the offer, CTA which is clear to notice,  value propositions, and beautifully designed along with the images that are high in quality. 

Well on the Larg, there are different things that work in their favor. it includes their concise headline and clean design.  They have added the products which are presented in high quality in the image. 

They have added the state’s value propositions along with a clear CTA. 

Takeaway:  Larq keeps its landing page fun, attractive, and visually bright. This helps in holding the attention of the people when they are on the landing page. 

Also with a clear and cohesive design, it’s much better to know what to do with their powerful CTA. 

 Crazy Egg 

Crazy Egg is one of the landing pages that have an impressive conversion. 

They keep their services pointed to help their customers in boosting the performance and conversion rate of their website. 

Image source: klientboost

Unlike other landing pages, Crazy Egg doesn’t have the content under hero. Instead of that, they have the same options. 

They have the space to enter the website URL, with this you can get the heatmap. This is helpful to know which parts of your site have the most visitors and clicks. 

Image source: wordstream

Along with the main CTA, their secondary CTA is dedicated to those visitors who have not yet made up their minds. Their CTA is helpful to gain more information about the website. 

When visitors click on that, the landing page expands showing more information to help. Here you can learn about how Crazy Egg can benefit and what they can do for you. 

Apart from this, they have more CTA along with sections. This keeps the leads on the top section and to get their heatmap easily. 

Image source: marketinghy

Crazy Egg keeps its landing page focused on getting more conversions and the goal is clear. They have added different opportunities from where they can get the leads and get the visitors to convert into their customers. 

Takeaway: With the clear goal of getting more conversions, Crazy egg focused on giving more reasons to the visitors to choose them. 

Instead of focusing on talking about their capabilities or company, the landing page is focused on what will the visitors get from them. 

This helps in establishing the connection as well as visitors can visualize the products and how they can fulfill their goals. 


Shopify has its own website which has the best landing page. You can consider this for your next example. 

Shopify offers a free trial of the landing page to get visitors to sign up. 

Image source: instapage

Shopify follows the best practice where they use one CTA button on their landing page. Their Start Free Trial helps in keeping the focus on the real subject and highlights the prime action. 

They use the same CTA on the bottom as well. The double CTA works as an effective strategy to help the visitors. Also, it gives clear and simple actions that they need to take when they are on the landing page. 

To make sure that if the visitors need more convincing, they have provided selling points when they scroll it down. 

 Image source: instapage

They mentioned the main purpose of the landing page and the opportunity where the visitors can sign up without going up. 

This is helpful as it avoids unnecessary actions or works for the visitors.  For them, they can simply sign in and it leads to more conversion for the website. 

Takeaway: Along with keeping their site clear with the intention, Shopify also elements the extra scrolling or going up like work. 

When your visitors require to click more or take extra work, this can lead to a loss of the conversion. 


Winc winery has one of the best examples of how keeping a landing page simple can work. 

They have a page that offers 50% off on the first orders. The offer is appealing to new visitors to get their first order placement. 

On top of that, the visitors have to do nothing as it gets applied automatically. With this, Winc makes sure that the landing page is effective but also simplifies the experiences of its users. 

Image source: instapage

They added their three-world simple headline i.e.  Unbox, Uncork, Enjoy. With the images and subheadline to keep the site simple and complete at ease. 

Below this, Winc offers three selling points that help in the driving value proposition. Here they learn more about your palate and help in curating the wine, especially for you. 

On the page, they have CTA buttons that are identical and divided into two. With the CTA buttons, they boost the sales process where they ask six-question questions in quiz form to help in getting information about the palate. 

Image source: instapage

To add the social proof,  they have endorsement from The Forbes and quoted line that says Proof is in the bottle. 

Takeaway: Instead of getting confused with lots of stuff, Winc is a perfect example for you to keep the landing page simple but still effective. 

With the right choices of CTA and actions to keep the visitors interested in products and boosting the conversion. 

Manitobah Mukluks 

The per cost for the pair of Manitobah Mukluks is high which means the decision for buying the product will be more complicated as well. 

Image Source: Shopify

Pricier the product, more complicated the purchasing decision for your buyer. Any product lesser than $20 feels like buying it at the moment. It seems more tempting whereas anything more than that can make you think. 

The guilt of buying a product when it is more than $20 prevents the purchase or reduces the chances at least. So it is something you wouldn’t want for your product. 

So an ideal landing page such as Manitobah Mukluks product pages requires to make purchasing experience smoother. 

For that it needs to deal with the purchasing anxieties with tempting terms such as “free returns” and “free shipping”. This makes the offer more pushing towards the buying decision and also less guilty. 

Master & Dynamic 

Master & Dynamic website is such a great example of a bold, luxurious and elegant web design. It is one of the best landing page examples to learn from, especially if you own a Shopify store. 

Their landing page features close-up shots of their headphones highlighting their quality, detailing and finishing in the product. 

Image Source: Shopify

The pages give great examples for electronic product sellers on Amazon. They are not entirely prioritizing the design over conversion. 

So there is a trade-off you need to learn when you get your own online store design.  You can notice the “add to bag” bar at the top of the web page. 

It is present in a way that it doesn’t really distract you from the design but still reminds customers of purchasing the product. 


It is refreshing and tempting to get behind the products that stand for a cause or speak freely about an issue without making a deal out of it. 

And that is what PooPourri does and that too very well with their landing page design. 

Their landing page design ideally blends their playful approach using their communicative copy and their goodwill as well. 

Image Source: Shopify

You need to strike such balance in your design to stand out amongst your competition.

Having a voice in your design but without compromising the sales capability of the design. As you can there are multiple elements of the design that help to achieve more sales. 

Their product page upsells multiple products to their visitors to make their purchase less costly by taking up the subscription. 

They even have a “how it works?” video to make this decision easier for customers. 

 Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs)

What’s the difference between the homepage and landing page?

The significant difference here is the homepage focus on informing as well as empowering the customers. Whereas the landing page is persuading the new visitors to get the new customers. 

Why are landing pages effective?

When landing pages are provided different benefits, it includes images, graphics, and videos that help in attracting people but also make a long-lasting impression. The landing page also helps in promoting the focus of customers.

What makes the landing page better?

Social proof and testimonials are an important part. It helps in backing up the claims, also you need to add at least one CTA. Keep your conversion-centered layout and make sure your CTA is standing out. 

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