Top 50 Shopify Cat Stores to start Your Own

Do you want the best cat food and supplies delivered to your door in no time? These online pet stores have the most excellent prices on cat supplies. We now do all of our shopping for ourselves online.

Some people browse for internet regularly offers for everything from athletic goods to home items to apparel and accessories. It should be no different when it comes to browsing and purchasing pet products for your own cat.

Whether you’re looking for a new toy for Ms. Meowington, a new collar for Fluffy, or the quickest cat food delivery service, these 50 Shopify Cat Stores have what you’re looking for.

List of Best Shopify cat store inspiration

1. Meowingtons

Shopify cat stores

Meowingtons is more than a brand — it’s a community for cat lovers to exchange the newest and coolest cat fads, information, memes, and tips – all while buying from the broadest selection of unique, cat-themed items. Meowingtons believes that each cat deserves a permanent home, and it is their purpose to assist these beautiful kitties in any way they can.

2. PrettyLitter

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PrettyLitter was intended to provide cat parents with a proactive tool for monitoring their cat’s health and the peace of mind that comes with knowing whether their cat is suffering a potential health concern early on. Its purpose is to get your cat’s medical attention before it needs it, sparing you money, stress, and maybe your pet’s life.

3. Paw Huggies

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Paw Huggies is the culmination of months of searching for unique goods to improve the lives of dogs daily. Their ultimate objective is to provide you with goods that make life simpler, more productive, and happier for your dogs.

4. Open Farm

Shopify cat pet store

Open Farm’s objective was to modify more than just the ingredients in pet food; they intended to overhaul the manufacturing process fundamentally. It means not just getting the best products but also supporting those who treat their animals humanely and delivering complete transparency to our consumers.


Shopify cat online shopping was founded on the belief that dogs are family members and that everyone should treat them as such. They decided they had to do something after becoming dissatisfied with the absence of attractive and practical dog goods. As a result, they create high-quality cat beds with a focus on house decor, and pets put them through their paces (and humans).

6. Adorable Pet Bed

Shopify cat pet shop

Adorable Pet Bed was recently founded in the year 2021 by a family who loves pets, especially cats. The company’s primary goal is to provide the best quality food for your pet cat with minimum expense.

7. Pop Your Pup

Shopify cat store online

Pop Your Pup is a collective of enthusiastic, creative individuals who share a great interest in art and animals. They feel that art is the best way to bring out and magnify the beauty in the world, and nothing is more lovely than a pet’s unconditional love for its owner.

8. Only Natural Pet

Shopify the cat store

Only Natural Pet was started in Boulder, Colorado, where expansive landscapes, fresh air, and sunshine inspire the company daily. Only Natural Pet is a firm believer in open communication and high-quality ingredients. Every step of the way, they are devoted to sustainability. It was developed to assist others in providing a good life for their dogs from head to tail.

9. Triple T Studios

Shopify cat supplies online

Triple T Studios’ graphics are influenced by cats for other cat lovers like you! Some of the patterns are subtle, while others are wacky, but they’re all done with feline grace. They make things for you, your cat, and your environment! They also support global large cat conservation programs since they like all cats, big and little.

10. PetLab Co.

Shopify the cat shop

PetLab Co is driven only by a single overarching goal: to enhance the existence of all pets. They have you covered with delectable nutrients that support your pet’s joint health, dental health, digestive health, and more. Their staff guarantees that each supplement has undergone comprehensive study so that you can trust all of their goods.

11. Pawpy Kisses

Shopify cat mart

Pawpy Kisses Boutique originally opened its doors in the year 2013, with a modest selection of pet fashion clothes and accessories. Carol, the owner of Pawpy Kisses Boutique, took the next step by creating a storefront. Apart from Pet Fashion products, Pawpy Kisses now offers a wide range of services.

12. Tuft + Paw

Shopify cat supply store

Through innovative design and excellent service, Tuft + Paw brings comfort and joy to cats and humans alike. Its mission is to improve the lives of all cats and the humans who care for them. Tuft + paw provides modern, mindfully designed cat furniture that satisfies your cat’s requirements and improves the areas you share, whether your cat is scratching, climbing, playing, or relaxing.

13. Cuddle Clones

Shopify cats shop online

Cuddle Clones understands the special attachment that pet parents have with their fur babies. However, travel, moving away to college, military duty, or the tragic loss of a beloved pet may all interrupt that link. With 100 percent handcrafted plush reproductions of your pet, they capture that bond!

14. Zesty Paws

Shopify cat pet supplies

Always keep your best friend feeling zesty with Zesty Paws! As a result, when it comes to your fellow pet owners, they’ll always go above and beyond to ensure that you and your furry friend are pleased. That’s why they provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of their items.

15. PetCanva

Shopify cat shop

PetCanva is aware of the strong link you have with your pet. They, like you, adore your dogs more than most people. They adore how you love your pets, starting from dogs to cats and every loving animal which falls in between them. They’ve been recording the unique and fantastic link between pets and their parents at PetCanva.

16. Unifury

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Unifury, as a group of talented designers, understands that making art is only the beginning. Their paintings are both a mirror of their lives and a method for them to share their spirits with the rest of the world. These unique and significant concepts may now be seen, worn, and given away by turning them into physical forms.

17. Redbarn

Shopify cat pet store

Redbarn strives to be the best, which requires them to invest time and money in their quality assurance processes, such as acquiring new machinery, recruiting skilled and educated Redbarn family members, and implementing up-to-date and enhanced processing and testing methods.

18. Your Cat Backpack

Shopify cat store

Your Cat Backpack by Travel Cat has always been and will continue to be a company committed only to creating the most significant items for cats while also creating a community and resources for cat owners. To live happy and healthy lives, cats require stimulation and playtime, and one method is using the Travel Cat gear to venture beyond the big indoors safely.

19. Pawsome Couture

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Pawsome Couture, founded in 2016, is a cat-obsessed brand established in the lovely nation of Ireland. They are so passionate about animals that they wanted to develop an online arena where they could source and produce unique things from all around the world to share with other cat lovers.

20. MunchieCat

Shopify cat online shopping

Munchiecat’s toys are composed of non-toxic, long-lasting materials that you can feel good about giving to your cat. They don’t utilize any little plastic bits, feathers, string, or beads that may shatter and cause significant injury. In reality, they adhere to stringent safety rules and are continually striving to improve based on input from consumers and significant research.


Shopify cat pet shop was established in September 2016 with the objective of providing unique and exciting interactive cat toys that are not accessible in stores. Since then, we’ve expanded at a breakneck pace, thanks to the backing of tens of thousands of dedicated cat lovers who have banded together on social media.

22. Healthy Spot

Shopify cat store online

Healthy Spot understands that your dogs and cats are more than just pets they are members of your family who are very closed to you. That is why they are dedicated to offering pet owners a complete line of healthful, organic food as well as a large variety of treats, toys, accessories, and more.

23. Vaguitos co.

Shopify the cat store

“Vaguitos” is a Spanish term that means nothing but “little wanderer” as well as “little sluggish.” They realized there were far too many homeless dogs and cats, or “vaguitos,” as they prefer to refer to them. Some got lost, some were abandoned, some were born in the streets, and this Shopify store targets those cats/pets.

24. I and Love and You

Shopify cat supplies online

Everyone loves quality food and all animal companions should have access to the best food near the house. All available are small and big, purebred and mixed breeds, and stray and rescue dogs. They honor the unique link that exists between humans and their pets. It’s why they’re known as “I and Love and You.” Boulder, Colorado, came up with the idea.

25. Kittio

Shopify the cat shop

Kittio is a cat-first company that focuses on research and design to make toys that help cats feel less bored. They adore cats and never want them to be bored or alone without something to do.

26. Kohepets

Shopify store cat

All pets deserve the best. Thus, Kohepets has compiled a list of the most incredible pet items available and put them in one place for you to see. This store offers high-quality products for pets to pet owners at very affordable prices, and the shipping and return processes are also very simple and transparent.

27. Made by Nacho

Shopify cat mart

Made by Nacho is dedicated to ensuring that every cat enjoys a happy and healthy life. As a result, they help people on the ground who are making a difference, such as shelters, adoption efforts, cat health researchers, and so on. They spent time researching and developing recipes that cater to cats’ distinct tastes while addressing their health needs.

28. Furhaven

Shopify cat supply store

Furhaven Pet Products was formed in 2004 to provide snuggly-soft comfort to pets of all shapes and sizes at an affordable price. The company is headquartered in Washington state, between Mount Baker and the bustling metropolis of Seattle. They are a family-owned business with dogs, so they understand the extra-messy puppy.

29. Best Friends by Sheri

Shopify cats shop online

The Original Calming Donut Cuddler pet bed may be found at Best Friends by Sheri. Our anxiety-relieving dog beds, cat beds, fake fur donut beds, and pet houses are made to look like a mother’s fur coat. They’re dedicated to creating goods that make tails wag, smiles appear on faces, and make every journey with your pet more enjoyable.

30. ThunderWorks

Shopify cat pet supplies

ThunderWorks creates inexpensive, practical, and simple-to-use solutions for real-world pet-parenting issues. They don’t want to sell the same things that hundreds of other businesses sell — simply another dish, a collar, or a bed in a contrasting shade or material. They try to develop products that provide practical, real-world answers to common pet issues.

31. Petsense

Shopify cat stores

Petsense is a pet specialty business with a small-town focus that caters to the requirements of pet owners in small and mid-sized towns. They specialize in a wide range of pet food, supplies, and services, including grooming and training. Stella & Chewy, Diamond, Hill’s Science Diet, Victor, Zignature, and 4health are just a few of the brands they sell.

32. Pet Clever

Shopify cat shop

Pet Clever caters to a wide range of pets of various causes and sizes, all of which are sure to warm your pet’s heart. With the aid of their online pet store, offer your dogs the same affection you do by showering them with careful, loving care. Cat trees, scratching posts, cat clothing, and cat T-shirts are all available at an affordable price.

33. One Fast Cat

Shopify cat shopping

One Fast Cat is a group of cat enthusiasts in sunny Central California who are constantly searching for methods to improve the lives of all pets simpler. Sean Farley, the company’s founder, started working on a new type of cat wheel. He intended to keep the cost of shipping low and make this new wheel affordable for cat lovers all around the United States.

34. Savvy Pet

Shopify cat pet store

Savvy Pet strives to provide you with the best-customized pet items to make your life easier and more enjoyable for you and your furry friend. The Savvy Pet Team is committed to making your pet ownership experience the best it can be. They adore dogs, cats, and everything else you can think of.

35. CatGenie

Shopify cat online shopping

CatGenie is still the world’s first self-washing, self-flushing, litter-free cat waste management device after more than two decades. The CatGenie improves animal lovers’ lives by allowing them to spend more time with their cats in a cleaner, healthier, and happier environment. They, too, are cat lovers who endeavor to produce a safe, well-functioning, and trustworthy product on a regular basis.

36. Downtown Pet Supply

Shopify cat pet shop

Downtown Pet Supply creates all of its own products. For years, they’ve been producing their own goods. They are first and foremost pet owners, followed by business owners. Their mission is to give you the most significant possible value, excellent quality at a low price, and the best possible service, which is why their items are less expensive.


Shopify cat store online is a U.S.-based worldwide internet store. They understand that collecting precious cat items is an expression of your cat-loving personality. They plan to provide you with a wide range of the newest attractive cat merchandise. When it comes to providing you with high-quality yet affordable items, they know precisely where to go.

38. Petland

Shopify the cat store

Petland has been operating as a retail pet company in the category of animal care for more than 40 years now. This Shopify store has also conducted employee training programs, in-store animal care systems, and community outreach initiatives to find homes for homeless dogs and reduce pet overpopulation in the country.

39. Meowbox

Shopify cat supplies online

Meowbox is a cheerful, humble cat subscription box company based in Vancouver, BC, and Portland. It is their goal to get you as enthusiastic as they are about trying new items and enriching the lives of your cats. Meowbox is a fun way to offer your cats the exercise, excitement, and enjoyment they deserve.

40. Cardboard Cat Homes

Shopify the cat shop

The objective of Cardboard Cat Homes is simple: to develop lovely and sustainable items that both people and cats enjoy. Cats adore their cardboard houses because of the various characteristics of cardboard that make it so enticing to dig claws into, such as the tree bark-like texture.

41. Petsonik

Shopify store cat

Since 2017, Petsonik has been committed to giving joy to pet owners as a family-owned business situated in the United States. They specialize in producing high-quality items using the best raw materials available. Their items are conceived and manufactured by experts who are pet owners who adore them.

42. Native Pet

Shopify cat mart

Native Pet consults professionals when it comes to development. To build each recipe from the ground up, they collaborate with leading nutritionists, veterinarians, specialist food scientists, and manufacturing experts. 

43. Jacks Premium

Shopify cat supply store

For discerning pet owners seeking better solutions for their loved ones from a source they can trust, Jacks Premium offers a hand-selected variety of coveted favorites. Their well-known dog treats are smoked, dehydrated, and freeze-dried utilizing traditions passed down from their forefathers and that were part of their western regions long before they were colonized.

44. CatCurio

Shopify cats shop online

We value your kitties just as much as they value their own. CatCurio is dedicated to providing the highest quality items for your feline pets. They bring social proof of the products being utilized, in addition to regularly upgrading their items.

45. Jake’s Pet Supply

Shopify cat pet supplies

In the Wellington/Lake Worth region, Jake’s Pet Supply is a bargain pet supply business. They have a vast assortment of dog and cat meals, snacks, and accessories at reasonable costs. You’ll discover a variety of stuff that you won’t find in other stores, and their retail store is always packed with new items and pleasant faces.

46. GoMine

Shopify cat stores

GoMine is a company that creates custom pet pillows. Their goal is to develop pet-related things for everyone who loves animals. Their aim and objective are to provide consumers the opportunity to design their own unique pet pillows and to supply customers with special personalized pet cushions.

47. Made By Cleo

Shopify cat shop

Made By Cleo is the go-to place for high-quality pet collars and accessories for cats, kittens, and small dogs that are not only adorable, but also safe, practical, and of the highest quality. In the end, they want to create items that are tangible, worthy reflections of their clients’ love for their “fur kids.”

48. FurZapper

Shopify cat shopping

FurZapper is a patent-pending device designed to assist pet owners with a simple, self-cleaning tool that keeps pet fuzz out of your laundry. Pet hair and fur have a nasty habit of embedding and weaving themselves into sweaters, coats, blankets, and almost any garment.

49. Prana Pets

Shopify cat pet store

Brad Solomon and Brad Noonan, both Yoga instructors, encountered in 2002 in Delray Beach, Florida, and formed Prana Pets. Passion is a driving force at Prana Pets. They seek to maintain and nurture the sacred, life-giving link between humans and their dogs in each sale they make.

50. Pet Winery

Shopify cat pet shop

Pet Winery was established to produce nutritious beverages and snacks for all feline and canine companions. They are animal lovers who work hard to create vitamin-enriched, nutritious, and safe goods for your pet. To assure the most significant quality, they are based in sunny Florida and exclusively utilize US organic goods.

We hope you are satisfied with the list we provided above regarding the top 50 Shopify stores that deal with cat products.

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