50 Best Shopify Apps To Increase Sales In 2023 [Free & Paid]

Just started your Shopify store?  Or looking forward to starting your online store with Shopify? 

Well, it certainly can be an overwhelming experience to build your online store from scratch. 

You need Shopify apps to craft, develop, manage, and grow your online store. You can add features and improve the functionality of your store as well. 

But since over 10,000 applications on the Shopify App store exist in different areas, functionalities, and purposes might give you a real headache. 

top shopify apps to boost sales

Well, not to worry, we are going to list you the best, and yet a vivid and wide variety of Shopify apps to elevate your Shopify website to grow and boost sales. 

List of Best Shopify Apps to Increase Sales

HubSpot CRM 

HubSpot CRM is best Shopify Apps To Increase Sales

Image Source: Pinterest

For everything you need to organize, manage or track in your Shopify store, HubSpot CRM works like a charm. 

It also helps you nurture your leads and customers over time to keep things in the loop, boosting customer engagement towards higher conversion. 

You haven’t reached the best part! It’s free. 

This Shopify app perfectly syncs all your online store data into HubSpot, which you can use to customize your marketing campaigns. 

The app also stands tall for the purpose of personalizing your marketing campaigns for higher ROI using the stored online data. 

If you have a new Shopify store, all you want is to bring more customers and retain the new ones. 

For both, HubSpot plays an integral role in elevating your email marketing game which helps in customer retention and lead generation from time to time. 

Pricing:  Free 


OptinMonster leading Shopify Apps To Increase Sales

Image Source: OptinMonster

OptinMonster is one of the best Shopify apps highly focused on converting your visitors to your customers. 

So one of the powerful traits of the OptinMonster Shopify app is conversion, whether it is of 

  • Overall sales 
  • lead generation 
  • newsletter signups 
  • Retargeting 
  • Retargeting shopping cart abandonment users 
  • Boosting revenue 

The application allows you to create visually stunning and engaging onsite marketing campaigns for your online store. 

They also offer one-click integration with other prime email marketing services or software as well. 

OptinMonster also offers 50+ stunning campaign pre-made templates ready to use right away to get the maximum conversion. 

For new e-commerce entrepreneurs, a drag-and-drop campaign builder comes as one of the easiest and most fun features to create visually-effective campaigns. 

Then, powerful personalization and customization in the targeting make your campaign gain high ROI. 


Image Source: Oberlo

Oberlo makes dropshipping a cakewalk, especially when you want to enlist tons of products from another platform to yours, such as Amazon or AliExpress. 

It imports all those product lists, syncing the relevant information that changes on a real-time basis. 

So there is no hassle for updating your inventory count or checking up for any possible price change. 

There are some great features with the Oberlo app, such as bulk ordering, hand-picked suppliers, and faster-shopping items. 

Recently, Shopify started offering the Oberlo app in embedded form within their platform. 

Pricing:  Starts from $4.90/ mo

SEO Image Optimizer 

Image Source: Launch Grow Joy

You must know that 26% of searches are on Google Images. 

The fact that your website/store images can appear in Google images while a prospective customer is finding them can boost your traffic. 

More reason to go for this Shopify application called SEO Image Optimizer. And, as the name suggests, the app optimizes your Images for the search engine. 

It is very easy to install and integrate and starts running in just 30 seconds.  

You will get multiple features such as unlimited image sync, alt-text optimization, and much more, and that too in the free plan. 

Then, there are more optimization features with the paid plan, such as target keywords, metatag optimization, redirection URL, and more. 

Pricing:  Free Plan |  Pro Plan @ $24.99 per month 


Image Source: Printful 

If your dropshipping business is around print-in-demand or clothing lines, Printful is the application you would wish for. 

They are the leading Shopify application currently in the print-on-demand market. 

Supposedly you want to start your own clothing brand from very scratch; print offers you the services to create custom clothing for your customers. 

They take care of both print-on-demand dropshipping as well as the fulfillment warehouse. 

So Either way, they are life-savers in their industry for businesses. 

Their print technology can also be integrated with platforms like Amazon, Etsy or eBay, so creative businesses can sell their merchandise or clothing online faster and easier. 

Pricing: No monthly/starter fee


Image Source: TrustPulse

TrustPulse offers businesses the features to leverage social proof to build trust with their visitors. 

The application does that by showing pop-up notifications regarding other users buying the product. 

So when a prospective customer is just in the resting stage of deciding whether to buy or not, they see other customers buying in. 

It gives you a sense of social security and credibility towards the purchasing decision. 

This is certainly one of the most helpful Shopify applications to integrate with your online store. 

Shoppers are more likely to trust other buyers’ recommendations than any advertisement. 

You also get a smart targeting option with the app for maximizing conversions using timing controls and advanced targeting strategies. 

TrustPulse can boost your sales conversion rate by up to 15%. 

Pricing:  Starts from $5 per month ( up to 2,500 sessions)


Image Source: EmailTech.no

You can be all set with this effective email marketing app that you can integrate easily to your Shopify store. 

SendinBlue makes email marketing for online stores easy and functional at a very optimum level. 

Even if you are very new to digital marketing, especially email marketing, the app allows you to reach the full potential of email marketing for businesses to grow. 

It allows you to create, manage and automate highly-effective SMS and email marketing campaigns. 

You will be able to check the deliverability rates, open rates, click-through rates, and other crucial metrics. 

If you are new but still want to utilize the full power of email marketing to benefit your store, this is the app to go for. 

Pricing:  Free ( + paid options  for additional features) 

Recart FB Messenger Marketing 

This is a premium Shopify application specifically built for Facebook Messenger Marketing. 

Recart FB Messenger Marketing helps you grow your messenger audience and get higher conversion from your visitors. 

It focuses on converting your visitors into subscribers with a 5% to 14% conversion rate. 

You can use the one-click Facebook messenger opt-in that comes with a smart display, enabling availability. 


If you are already exhausted with AliExpress Dropshipping, you can find all US and EU-based high-rated products and suppliers through Sprocket. 

Spocket is certainly one of the best Shopify apps for all new or experienced drop shippers. 

The application will allow you to connect with suppliers from Canada, Europe, the United States, and Australia, as well as where you can go for the fastest shipping. 

You can do product searches and other customization very easily on the application. It is one of the highly recommended Shopify apps for drop shippers. 

On the brighter side, Spocket offers a 30 to 60 percent discount on the retail cost, where you can save higher margins on the purchase. 

Pricing: 7-day Free Trial + Starts from $49 per month 


Image Source: Egnition 

When you want to elevate your email marketing game for your Shopify store, because well, it is indeed one of the most effective ways to connect with targeted prospective customers, Klaviyo is an app you should look up to. 

There are a whole lot of opportunities for sales you can generate through this Shopify application. 

It is amongst the most advanced email marketing strategy-based applications for any online store to integrate. 

If you are looking forward to doing something more than usual, more than your competitors, Klaviyo put your store altogether to a different league. 

It offers numerous tools for examining the analytics and reporting and figuring out which part of your email marketing strategy needs fixing or improvement. 

Klaviyo also can be a good upgrade toward an advanced email marketing strategy for an online store once you get comfortable with the basics. 

It also offers drag and drops email composers that are easy and faster to use, making your emails visually stunning and strategically clickable. 

You would also get a range of automation tools for email marketing campaigns, saving your time and bringing out the best results. 

You can retarget the users who abandoned the cart for some reason, as they are more likely to convert if motivated enough and effectively. 

The app also helps you test all marketing campaigns compared against each other, and see what works for you the best. 

You can also make personalized product recommendations as well. 

The best can be said for this Shopify app, as this is, by far, the most advanced email marketing application ever made for online stores. 

But do mind that there is a learning curve to go through. 

Pricing: Free to install 


Image Source: Optinmonster 

PushEngage helps your online store reach customers instantly with more customized, personalized, and targeted push messages. 

This Shopify is all about boosting the engagement rate with customers, increasing the possibility of potential sales. 

PushEngage comes in quite handy when you have to deal with cart abandonment or retargeting customers. If not anything, the tool surely drives a lot of traffic. 

You can install PushEngage to your Shopify store within one click.  

It alerts your visitors whenever a price of your product drops or a product gets back in stock. 

It also sends notifications about new product addition, seasonal offers, discounts, and regular updates as well. 

These push notifications have tremendously high open rates boosting your website engagement.  



Image Source: Shopify 

You are not a huge e-commerce store like Amazon, where you are quite sure about your target customers as it is quite broad. 

Most Shopify business owners need to consistently find out their market to promote their products and grow their online stores. 

And there is just too much to do, such as logistics, sales, manufacturing, leading your team, and so on. 

With the consistent change in marketing strategies, you need to be updated and adapt but surely without the hassle. 

Sumo gives you an automation solution that allows you to set, save and forget the tried and tested, proven, and working sales and marketing strategies in less than 3 minutes. 

These are called Sumo Shortcuts, and you can save many of them, such as increasing average order value shortcuts, reducing cart abandonment shortcuts, etc. 

Pricing:  Free | Starts from $79/ mo 


ShipStation is the Shopify app that allows you to order from different channels and print shipping labels. 

It helps you to achieve the best USPS shipping rates for your products. ShipStation also features mobile apps to use to manage and function the whole process. 

Pricing: Starting at $9 per month 


Firepush is an all-in-one marketing automation app for Shopify stores; at least, that’s what they market themselves with. 

And that’s pretty much it, and quite effective to be supportive of their claims. 

This is an affordable solution for any online store wanting to centralize its marketing campaigns and manage them under the roof. 

The Firepush offers all the features to manage, analyze and automate all of your messaging and marketing platforms, such as Facebook messenger, email, etc. 

That level of centralization where store owners only go for one platform to take care of all their marketing channels are certainly music to those ears. 

So, you also get advanced reporting tools to apprehend your marketing practices and improve your efforts where needed. 

It saves your time and energy, so you can press the right buttons instead of investing money, time, and energy in the wrong direction. 

In a nutshell, Firepush is a dream tool for all those entrepreneurs on Shopify who feel too overwhelmed with the marketing aspect of the business. 

It does make everything easy and fast for Shopify store owners. 

Pricing:  Free up Upto 1000 web pushes 


TradeGecko inventory management is a great application for Shopify online stores to make your inventory much easier and simple to manage. 

The application allows you to sync the TradeGecko to Shopify to monitor store inventory stock levels as well. 

Pricing:  Starting at $99 per month 


Doofinder is a great Shopify search plugin offering incredibly fast, highly immersive, and relevant search results.  

The application has a smart, intelligent, and highly customizable algorithm that learns from user-click behavior required to optimize and position the search results in automation. 

So you do not need any manual optimization to do it. It helps in boosting your conversion rate of the business as well. 

There are advantages of Doofinder, such as ranking options, mobile optimizations, scalability, and more. 

Pricing:  Free ( for stores less than 1000 requests) | Starts from € 29 


Image Source: Omnisend 

Ominisend is another Shopify application for those online store owners who want to go further than the basic email marketing strategies. 

You get the omnichannel features for marketing automation. 

The Shopify app helps you establish a seamless connection as well as relations with your customers through consistent and relevant messages. 

Compared to other marketing automation platforms, Omnisend allows you to add multiple channels in the same workflow. 

And that helps in connecting to a broader range of customers but with a personalized message tailored for them only. 

You will get a lot of features such as retargeting ads, list-building resources, and segmentation with Omnisend. 

The paid plan with this Shopify app will cost you $16 per month, whereas 14- a day-free trial. 

Pricing: 14-day free trial + Starts from $16 per month 

Buy Button Channel 

It is such a simple yet highly effective Shopify application for your online store. 

It allows you to create a customized buy button that you can place anywhere on the website. 

The buy button lets your buyers purchase the item with just one click. So no long process or fuss! 

The buy button is highly customizable, as you can change the colors to match your brand colors. 

You can create custom checkout links for any specific product or add another button for a new product on the homepage without editing any eCommerce code. 

It just makes the purchase seamless and very quick for the customer, allowing you to give custom links for product checkout as well. 

You can also track the sales using the home sales overview option and analytic pages. 

Pricing:  Free 

Shopify POS 

You need to make your physical store mobile, so you can also earn money while you are on the move. 

To be able to sell your products in transit, you need to accommodate the best services on the go without giving customers any discomfort. 

Shopify POS comes as a game-changer in this scenario for those who own mobile physical stores as well. 

It allows you to accept payment and track all the processes, from the orders to the customer payments. 

Pricing:  Free to $40 per month 


Image Source: ShipMonk

ShipMonk offers a highly effective order fulfillment service to Shopify store owners. 

It also helps e-commerce businessmen adopt more efficient shipping and fulfillment routes. 

ShipMonk is a Shopify application that allows users to track their SKUs on all sales channels. 

It offers different services involving tracking, order fulfillment, and stock levels, where you can easily group multiple products in different combinations. 

Pricing:  Free

Plugin SEO 

Simple yet very powerful SEO solution aiding your online store to attain better SEO health. 

Plug-in SEO Shopify application is one of the best tools to find, troubleshoot, fix, and analyze any possible SEO (Search Engine Optimization) issue in your online store. 

These SEO issues can hamper your online store’s sales conversion and engagement rate. 

Even before that, they might be among the reasons why you aren’t getting more traffic. 

So, Plug in SEO plays an integral role in the SEO of your Shopify store. It offers additional features such as structure data support, bulk editing, multilingual SEO, and much more. 

It also updates you with the latest SEO practices that you need to abide by in order to remain relevant to the search engines. 

Pricing: $20 per month 

Data Export 

Data Export is a Shopify application that helps you report and analyze all the essential data from your store. 

A lot of Shopify store owners use this app for inventory, sales, accounting, tax, refunds, and much more. The application can be utilized to create a custom dashboard using Google Sheets. 

Pricing: $5 per month 


Image Source: Parrotmob

One of the most effective ways to boost your online sales is SMS marketing. However, you need more than that or just better of it. 

Well, Parrotmob is certainly the most value-providing application when it comes to elevating the level of your SMS marketing strategies. 

It is a smart, proactive, intuitive SMS marketing tool tailored to online businesses and stores. 

The app comes in the list of very few Shopify applications that make your Shopify store stand out amongst other competitors. 

The app offers a wide range of simple tools to enable you to build a list of subscribers for text messages. 

Further, intuitive and consistent strategically planned copy content sent through text messages to your prospective customer will boost your sales. 

Also, the app appears quite simple, even for a novice Shopify owner starting out. 

There is a simple, fast, and easy-to-use text message composer who needs no learning curve to work on. 

You also get a whole range of automation tools to keep nurturing your leads, retargeting the abandoned cart users, 


QuickBooks Sync 

QuickBooks Sync automatically syncs all your orders from your Quickbooks account. 

It is an application dedicated to entrepreneurs, and small and large business owners, especially those who are already been using Quickbooks POS or systems for a while. 

You can keep your finances in order and help you cut through all the hassle of jumping back and forth on two different platforms. 

Pricing:  Paid Plans 

Candy Rack 

Image Source: DigiSmoothie

It is one of the best upsell or cross-sell Shopify applications available right now for your Shopify store. 

If you are not already upselling and cross-selling your products to the customers, it’s like leaving the money on the table. 

The app allows you to use their non-intrusive popup on the product page while checking out and making product suggestions. 

Now, they have three layouts to choose from, so either they up-sell or cross-sell appears to be an add-on to the primary product. 

Upselling/cross-selling with Candy Rack provides an increase in cost per sale value for your online store. 

Then, they also offer other additional features such as true upsells, auto upsells, customization, and much more. 

Pricing:  Starts from $39.99 per month + 14-day free trial 


Image Source: MyThemeShop

You might have heard about this one or even used it. 

It is indeed more of a content curation online tool but highly effective for Shopify store owners and marketers. 

Pocket is an application that can help you to research and save inspirations and ideas about your store. 

It is a bookmarking application and browser extension to save any content quickly on the go to read later. 

You can tag this content to find it later. It also allows you to save the content to your computer as well. 

One can access the content from any device, including smartphones and e-readers as well. 

Even Pocket is integrated with other 1500 apps to make your life easier. 

Whether you want to save inspiration, website design, some product information, or other research work, Pocket makes content curation for stores very easy. 

Pricing:  Free Plan |  $4. 99 per month

Wishlist Plus

Image Source: Shopify

A wishlist helps you learn more about your customers, what they want, what they are looking for, and what products they are more interested in. 

Knowing what audience in eCommerce translates well into generating more sales. 

Wishlist Plus is an application that allows you to collect all the information about the preferences of customers without even them logging in. 

You can integrate this app into your Shopify store easily. After integration, you will be able to maintain track of your products/items and customer engagement within the dashboard only.  

In the free plan, you can check for up to 100 items; after that, you have to go for their paid plans. 

Pricing: Starts from $9.99 per month

Restocked Alerts 

Restocked Alerts are one of the best options for managing your inventory. 

The best part about Restocked alerts is how it notifies your customers about a particular item getting back in stock. 

It doesn’t only increase the chances for more sales but also boosts engagement for your online store. 

It can improve your sales through customers showing interest but it may be missed because it wasn’t in inventory. 

Pricing:  Free Trial | Starting at $14.99 per month 


Image Source: Instafeed

Instead, it is a Shopify app; just as the name suggests, it connects your Instagram feed to your online store. 

The application helps you maintain your online store content fresh and change automatically using your Instagram content. 

It allows you to leverage the Instagram content to blend with your website content to engage with the prospective customer. 

This is great for lifestyle, clothing, or fashion brands where one can only share their product images through Instagram on their online store. 

It also supports integrating images and video and auto-updates from Instagram. The best part, it is highly responsive, lightweight, and fast to use. 

You can tag products on your posts and also filter the posts through hashtags and publish it to different Instagram feeds, but in the pro version of the app only. 

Pricing:  Free version |  Pro Plan (Starts from $3.99/mo) 


Image Source: ReferralCandy

Conversion is a Shopify app, earlier known as Recieptful, primarily used to send automated cart abandonment emails, follow-up emails, newsletters, and receipts to your subscribers. 

It is an email marketing automation application enabling you to create and manage email marketing campaigns for your online store. 

According to researchers, 70% of your e-commerce customers will abandon the cart and not buy anything for different reasons. 

Conversion helps you focus target that 70% of your customers, reminding and encouraging them to complete their checkout process. 

It also helps you to customize the receipts and send them to your customers after every purchase in your store. 

Pricing : 30 Days Free Trial + Starts from $19 monthly 

One-Click Social Login 

Your job should be to make things easier for your visitors and turn them into buyers. One of the things will be about able to log in. 

Having an account with customers makes your store credible and gives you a chance to understand their favorites or more relevant product for them. 

It most certainly increases the chances for sales on your store, so you must install this particular Shopify application for that. 

One-Click Social Login allows your customers to create accounts on your online store by easily logging into their existing social media accounts such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, Amazon, and many more. 

The app allows you to customize the social login functionality as well as its visibility of it from the admin panel. 

Pricing:  Starts from $4.99/ mo


Image Source: Metrilo

Metrilo is one of the best email marketing and CRM Shopify applications available to your online store. 

It allows you to have everything in just one place. The app automatically identifies multiple sales channels that can significantly help your online business to grow. 

Pricing: 14-day Free Trials + Starts from $119/ mo


Image Source: Shopify Store

SmartrMail is another email marketing application for your eCommerce stores. 

If you are looking for a quick, simple, and easy-to-use email marketing solution for your Shopify store, SmartrMail is the best. 

Especially when you are not able to cope with clunky and complicated applications to use and manage. 

It features a wide range of advanced automation, including automated flow emails, abandoned carts, and much more. 

One of the best features that stand out is a recommendation engine that helps you find out what products a prospective buyer is most likely to buy. 

Once you identify those products and target the customer, it automatically sends highly personalized product recommendations to the right customer at the right time. 

Pricing: 15-day free trial + Starts from $29/mo


Sixads is a Shopify application that runs high-performing ads for you and your business to drive more sales on your online shop. 

You might be losing a lot of your business time trying to understand Ads on various platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and  Google Ads. 

And then there is a learning curve involved in all these processes and a lot of hassle. 

But, in just a few minutes, Sixads offers you a wide range of paid plans that drive targeted and buyer-intent users to your online store by displaying your products at other online stores. 

It is easy to integrate with Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Instagram Ads as well.  You can also approve your personalized ad visuals, target audience, text, and more. 

Pricing: Free | Paid Plan 


Image Source: MyThemeShop

Smile.io is the rewards and loyalty Shopify app that improves customer retention and builds brand loyalty with your business with rewards. 

You want customers to engage more with your brand. The more they engage with their brand, the more likely they are to follow you. 

So, you can leverage rewards to engage with customers and build loyalty programs with them. It offers a loyalty points program, referral program, and VIP program as well. 

These programs provide your customers with avenues to engage with your business. It also encourages your buyers to spread the word about your online store. 

Pricing:  Free Plan 


Image Source: Shopify App Store 

Yotpo is an authentic and unique Shopify app that virtually helps your brand build social proof and reputation. 

Social proof, such as online reviews, is certainly the best way to encourage and convince your targeted audience to buy products from you. 

People are more likely to buy your products if they get credibility from other buyers through reviews. 

The application allows you to send out requests to your customers for their reviews and testimonials. 

You can also utilize the app to showcase the reviews on your online store using it as widgets and store tabs. 

Pricing: Free Plan | Starts from $29 per month 

LeadDyno Affiliate Marketing 

LeadDyno is a Shopify application that focuses on helping small businesses in the recruitment process and payments for influencers and affiliates. 

The application offers dashboard access to your affiliates, helping them in tracking their progress and how much and when they will get paid. 

It facilitates you to an automated system where your influencers will receive unique and custom affiliate links, commissions, and click in real-time. 

They also will be able to access other features required to market your product better. 

You will also be able to track how many sign-ups you get, and pay goes to your affiliate recruitment and other finance heads. 

LeadDyno can be integrated with applications such as Slack, PayPal, WordPress, Klaviyo, ZohoCRM, and many more. 

Pricing: 30-day free trial + Starting at $29 per month 

PayWhirl Recurring Payments 

The PayWhirl Recurring Payments Shopify app allows your customer to manage payments and subscription details on your online store. 

They can manage their account details, credit card information, payment update, purchase subscriptions, add or remove payment/subscription plans, and more. 

Giving more customization options and management of their account to your customer means reducing the friction with your customers. 

The app gives you a “ Build a Box” feature, where buyers get customizable subscription packages. 

It is one of the hot-selling trends in eCommerce, so maybe your product or Shopify store also can benefit from “subscription boxes”. 

They have different features to further help the customer in their payment modulations, like failed payments management system. 

Then, you also get additional features such as trial periods, upsell funnels, and much more, making the app the perfect payment management tool for your store. 

Pricing: Free-to-install version for Stripe |  Starts from $49/mo + 14-days free trial 

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