Top Sendinblue Alternatives And Competitors In 2023

Sendinblue is one of the popular solutions for email marketing; it’s a tool that is often a suggestion or in a recommendation for those who are looking for an alternative to Mailchimp.

The software provides a huge library with templates and makes branded email simpler for users.

But there are plenty of faults and drawbacks that you get.  The major flow is sending emails to the wrong address can cost you money as well as customers.

Since it doesn’t have to compensate for its validity email’s inability.

To understand what more options you have in the market, here is what might help you.

What Are The Alternatives And Competitors of Sendinblue in 2021?

It’s wise that you have some of the alternatives ready as it can help you in easy switching and making your email marketing campaign much better.

Fortunately,  you will get some of the amazing and considerably better tools as compared to Sendinblue.

Apart from this, when you are looking for options, here are some of the tips that might help.

  • Seek out the email solution that can make it easy to set up as well as to deploy.
  • The tool you select should offer you the ident gallery of templates that helps in creating better marketing and making transactional email simple.
  • Look for real-time email validation that makes sure that email delivery is improved and also reduces the bounce rate.
  • The option you choose should be capable of generating reports, as you can use it for optimizing the performance of campaigns.
  • The tool you select also be affordable; the best you can choose is pay-as-you-go, the model, as it’s ideal.

Here is the list that can help you to make it easy to select your alternative options.

Alternatives Of Sendinblue


Mailjet is one of the highly recommended alternatives for you, as it offers an all-in-one transaction and email marketing solution.

The email platform helps in creating, sending as well as taking transactional and marketing emails.

Here you get the intuitive drag-and-drop editor that comes with premade templates. With this, you can create compelling emails much faster.

As for pricing, you get the free plan which avails of sending 6000 emails per month and 200 per day.

They offer basic plans and premium plans, apart from customized plans too. You can consider that one if you are looking for the Sendinblue alternatives. 


The next competitor and recommended alternative, Mailgun, are ideal for email services that are cloud-based.

It’s best for developers and businesses. So if you are either of them, you can pick a mailgun for your business.

Also, it has a powerful cloud-based email platform that is specially designed according to developers.

It helps in improving the work and maintaining the fast speed that makes it worth the price.

The email platform is API driven which allows you to send and track transaction and marketing emails effortlessly.

You can also set this up and start sending transactional emails in bulk.

It has SMTP integration and HTTP API, which makes it flexible.

They offer the pay-as-you-go model, which offers 5000 emails free for three months. And after this, you pay for the messages that you are sending.

They have the foundation plan, growth plan, and scale plan too, which is paid.


ActiveCampaign is another famous solution that is ideal for email marketing automation.

This one allows you to create as well as launch the marketing campaign instantly and also by fully automating the process.

Here you get access to professionally designed templates and intuitive drag and drop to make it easier. 

They have three paid pricing plans, which include Lite, Plus, and Professional.

You can use this if you are looking for something better than Sendinblue but also good in the automation process. 

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Pabbly Email Marketing

This one is ideal for cleaning email lists.

Pabbly Email Marketing distinguishes itself from Sendinblue in major areas, as it allows the sending wide variety of meals apart from marketing and traditional.

Here you get SMTP inbuilt and pre-configured settings. Also, it’s important to send the extraction emails without any hassle;

The software has a list-cleaning feature that can help in creating contact lists for only people with an email address that is valid.

The pricing plans include the free plan; if you are looking for paid, then you can choose Rookie, Pro, and Advance.


Ontraport is ideally for the email CRM.

This one is more CRM than ActiveCampaign, but it doesn’t have too much cost.

Also, it’s a viable option for an in-class contact management solution, especially for high-value customers.

Ontraport is a bit expensive if you switch from Sendinblue, and it has minimalist social media integration too.

But on the advantage side, you get robust and fully featured modern CRM.

Also, it has a user-friendly interface and real-time alerts for sales and notifications.

They offer an end-to-end marketing platform, which is quite similar to Hubspot and ActiveCampaign.

As for pricing, they have a free trial period which is quite generous.

The paid one includes Basic Plan, Plus Plan, Pro Plan, and Enterprise Plan.


GetResponse is considered to be an older provider, which is still one of the good ones in the market.

They were one of the first email providers who embraced true marketing automation completely.

Also, they successfully become one of the competitors and alternatives of most of the options out there.

Compared to Sendinblue, they are better if you have video or webinar marketing, like things in email marketing campaigns.

They have easy drag and drop and in-depth data analytics, which includes advanced click tracking.

All of the plans they offer require 1000 max initial subscribers. Also, the price depends on the features.

They have the fully-featured 30-day trial option, apart from this Basic Plan plus Plan, Professional Plan, And Enterprise plan.


Sendlane is one of the new options that you might get; they offer the UX first, visual spelling automation builder, which makes them more powerful.

Also, they don’t have many integration or features, but they are offering more almost every week.

They are especially easy to use if you are a non-techy type. Apart from this, they offer a landing page builder and predictive email sending time.

The prices start with Basic Plan and Fully Featured Plan.


This one is ideal for automating the email marketing campaign.

Ominsend is a completely automated tool that helps in launching and running email, push notifications, and SMS campaigns.

The software allows users with their intuitive drag-and-drop editor that offers tons of templates.

This is helpful for creating visually impressive marketing emails that collect the data of the customer and help in launching targeted campaigns.

The price includes the free plan, also the Standard and Pro plan.

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Constant Contact

The constant contact is ideally for visually impressive email templates.

They offer a plethora of temples that are responsive and creative marketing emails.

This alternative is a full email marketing package that provides users with all the tools that they might use in creating, sending, and tracking emails.

As for the price, they offer a free trial plan for 30 days.

And they have basic and monthly plans.


AWeber is ideal for the email builder for creating the email for custom marketing.

 They have the tools that are needed to create professional, personalized, and branded emails for marketing.

Have a look at Mailchimp vs AWeber: A Comparison Guide.

You get instant access to their template library and create the emails, newsletter, etc.

 They have several stock images that you can choose to create the intended messages and send them successfully.

They have a free plan for the 500 subscribers, and In paid, they offer Premium plans.                                                     

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