How To Sell On Etsy : A Beginner’s Guide [2023]

Etsy is a wonderland for people who are either passionate when it comes to custom-made, vintage, etc., Or they are creative in making crafts. 

The platform was introduced in 2005 to give the marketplace to craft makers and lovers. 

To those who are creative and crafted and want to earn from it, Etsy is a place where they can create their shop and start selling. 

But to make sure you know everything so you can get the best from it, here is the guide for helping you. 

selling on etsy guide


What Is The Worthy To Sell On Etsy?

There are lots of people who might be considering why they should start selling on Etsy

There are lots of reasons why Etsy is becoming the platform for all the sellers who want to sell their products. 

When you are following the reasons, here are some points: 

Etsy Is Recognized And Most Trusted Platform 

According to the Annual Report of Statista,  Etsy has become 44.20 million and has continuous active customers. 

For the people, it’s a trustworthy and recognized platform that has a customer base for the sellers. 

Etsy Is Centralized 

The platform offers you the most vintage custom-made, handmade, etc. For those who like these things,  Etsy is all about such people.

Image source: Etsy

This is the platform centralized about such things. Unlike other platforms, you have competitors with other sellers too. This might bring more competitors that you do not even need. 

Etsy chunks out the sellers depending on volumes; it gets more to sell. 

Etsy Gives Easy Set-Up 

To start with Etsy, this will bring you the easiest options to start a business. Unlike others, you get the simple setup to open the business right away.

This needs a mailing ID and items list. 

On top of that, it’s cheap. 

Etsy Have Inbuilt Traffic 

Etsy gives you the traffic without working for it. This has been inbuilt, which has the relevant ante. You should just need a niche up, listing, etc. 

This brings more traffic to your store, which saves you time and extra effort. 

What Can You Sell On Etsy In 2022?

When you are planning to start with Etsy, here are some important things which also include what you can sell.

To make your work easier, here are some of the most popular items that are profitable niches to start the business in 2022.

items consider selling on etsy

Craft & Supplies 

It’s one of the most sales and top-selling categories when you are selling on Etsy.  Here you can sell tools for jewelry,  miniatures, craft essentials, bread, etc. 

Image source: Howtobuildvintagejewelry

You can sell items like Antique charms,  home claws, beads, and stickers. 


Stickers are the top-selling items, and it’s surprisingly the most profitable too.  Stickers are cute, and people like buying cute things. 

Image source: Xcart

According to a report submitted by Make For Business, it was recorded that more than 80% of Etsy are Female sellers and buyers. 


One of more most loved categories is Jewelry on Etsy.  These are self-designed and have more options in customized options. 

Also, people have a minimalistic design that gives the straight out of a fairytale in line. 

This platform has a level of creativity. People purchase the kits to create their jewelry. 

Handmade Items 

Etsy has another level of sales for Handmade items. You can create your customer base, and people feel more connected. 

Image source: codeascraft

Well, this brings you to more customer-based and handmade items such as metal jewelry, paper designs,  handmade stickers,  pendants, etc.

Wedding Items 

Wedding items are an important category that Etsy holds. There are lots of things they have, such as decorations,  dresses, invitations, etc. 

Etsy has items that cover all the things for important days. 

They have lots of items that have Bachelorette shirts, Bridesmaid gowns,  Invitations,  Jewelry items, etc.


Etsy has huge traffic for the Accessories category too. There are stores selling hats, trendy caps, plaid scarves, headwraps, etc. 

They also have child bows, crowns, crochet, pins, and crowns. 

Paper & Party Suppliers 

Etsy has a space completely dedicated to paper lovers. They have sales for stores that sell paper crafts, calligraphic, and planners.

Also, the platform has a large space for party suppliers to let the customers decide their party and design in their way. 

It includes stamps, party cards, scrapbooks, and making stationery.


Etsy has a category for clothes. This is helpful because lots of people like to wear what reflects their true selves. 

It includes custom styles of dresses, trendy clothes, and typographic clothing items. 


Image source: collegefashion

Etsy has variations of the choices for people to choose what they like including women’s wear, kids’ wear, and menswear. 

Etsy has variations of the choices for people to choose what they like including women’s wear, kids’ wear, and menswear. 

Art & Collectibles 

To those people who like to live around art and have a love for art. Etsy is the place where they can get the things they are looking for. 

Also, there are lots of items on Etsy that are targeted at people who are obsessed with collecting art. This gives a huge space to create the shop and get customers. 

Home & Living 

There are lots of categories that do not just offer boxes and furniture.  There are lots of brands and beautiful things that people feel good about purchasing. 

Home & Living

Image source: Etsy

The platform has collections of different things such as servings,  dining, wall decors and prayer beards., drawings,  digital prints,  illustrations, etc. 

They have decor items for the outdoors too. 

Things To Do Before You Start The Shop On Etsy 

Whether you are opening your artwork store or craft shop, Etsy covers all the things that buyers and sellers will need. 

But if you are planning to start your shop, it’s important for you to understand a few things. 

This will not just help you in keeping your store on point, but the process of starting one can be much easier. 

Choose Your Niche On Etsy 

At this point, you already know what you are planning to sell. Finding your niche and what you are planning to sell can help you in deciding what will be the next steps. 

Differents categories on etsy

Image source: ShaneRobinson

However, to know if someone else is already selling it successfully or not, here are a few points that you can consider: 

  • Get at least 4 to 5 shops that sell similar items that you are planning. They don’t have to be the exact same; choose what looks similar to you.
  • Record the dates and how many sales they did. 
  • See when they started the business, check their review and look out for the dates.
  • Make your notes on the branding of the listed shops. Highlight the points that you find attractive. 
  • Look around their other sites, such as social media, to find how active they are or how frequently they interact with customers. 

This will help you understand the sweet spot. There are lots of businesses out there, and they can help you in planning yours. 

Think About How Will Do The Branding 

Most shops don’t think about branding at this point, especially when it’s too early stage. 

But it’s important to have some ideas about how your branding would look so you can save yourself from the hassle and errors. 

Image source: Taylorgeorgedeigns

When you have an overall look planned, it takes away the risk of doing one of the most critical work. 

Do Your Research And Do It Well 

Research doesn’t mean checking a few websites or articles. 

It means going through all possible trends, including what keywords people are using and what can help you in getting more sales. 

You can find the trending keyword regarding your products or niche. This will help you understand how to do the branding as well as use those keywords for your better effect. 

Check Out The Pinterest 

Pinterest research can help you understand what else you can offer or do something different. 

Image source: Onshecreates

Check out the number of pins, the overall look, and how many repins they are receiving.

Open The Separate Bank Account 

Many businesses make this mistake when they are planning to start their shop on Etsy. It’s important that you have a separate account for this. It can be because: 

  • You can separate the money, and it won’t go to paying the bills.
  • You can track better where you are going, and you can fix the leaky pipe of money wastage. 
  • You can get a better understanding of how well your business is going by just giving a  glance at the bank account. 
  • You will find encouragement when you see the numbers going up.
  • You will find it easier to have the money tax issues done. 

Join Groups, Pages Etc On FaceBook 

The idea of joining more pages and groups on Facebook means bringing more people to you.

Also, you will get the community which will help you understand how you can perform on Etsy. 

Image source: Theyellowbirdhouse

Also, joining Facebook groups help you understand better ways of starting your shop. 

You can get lots of ideas, understanding, and several factors that can make this process easier for you. 

To make sure you are not wasting the opportunities, here are some tips that can help : 

  • Before you join any group, make sure you read the pinned post, group invitations, and description to know more. 
  • Skip writing anything that is not related to the topic. Also, make sure you are not coming off rudely to anyone. 
  • Save the post for later so you can get access to information anytime you like instead of going through all scrolls again. 

Start Bookkeeping From The Beginning 

Ensure that you have a record of every single action you are taking for your shop. This is called bookkeeping, and it can help you a lot later, along with paying taxes. 

Write down the signs. Save the receipts and note the profit & loss to have complete control over what you are paying for. 

Keep Your Planning For Long Term 

It’s important to have a clear idea about what you are planning to do with the shop. There are lots of reasons why people start on Etsy. 

Some do because they have a hobby and they want to earn even a little bit from it. Buts, some are serious and want to turn their skills into a business. 

And there are some people who are testing the waters. They might be starting as hobbyists, but after some time, they exceed the business. 

Understanding which one you can help in investing better, as well as your actions, will be more clear and more focused. 

Think About The Cost And Time 

There are lots of people who feel scared to sell their product at a high price because this can stop the flow of customers in the beginning. 

This is an important point that you need to understand. Here you will count how much money you are investing in materials and the processing of making the product. 

But also make sure you are considering how much time it takes to make the product. And all other expenses that you have to do until your customer gets the product. 

This is an important aspect that you should consider. And depending on this, you can plan your prices and what the range will be. 

Steps To Start Your Own Etsy Shop 

There are more than 2.1 million sellers on Etsy, which sells over 60 million items. Also, 86% of sellers here are women, and around 95% of overall numbers are selling their products from home. 

However, selling on Etsy is pretty easy, but those who are new to this might find it daunting work to do. 

To keep your process here, let’s start with some steps that can help you in setting up your account to start selling on Etsy. 

Step 1: Set Your Shop On Etsy 

To start your shop on Etsy, you will need the account and register it. 

Once you get it done, you can start the next work, which is setting up your shop.  It will include some basic questions and preferences that you have answers such as language, currency, etc. 

Image source: Justbusiness

Next is, Choosing a name for your shop. You can name anything, as this is not going to be the real name for your shop. 

The name can be changed later, so you can choose the perfect one next time.

When you complete the setting of the name, here you will be asked to stock your shop. 

Choose the billing and payment, and to make sure you are doing it right, you can simply follow the guidance that Etsy provides. 

Before the shop starts,  you will also be required to fill in the bio and add a personal photo of yours.

Step 2:  Brand Your Shop On Etsy 

Well, keep your store unique, so it doesn’t get lost in other million stores on Etsy. This step will be the important one to create the brand and brand identity. 

Even though you are starting the shop as a hobby, brand identity can help you in bringing customers.  

Shoppers here look for authenticity and personal connection, which is also the reason why they shop from Etsy.

Before you start, make sure you have answers to these listed questions : 

  • How is your merchandise unique?
  • Who will like to buy the product from you?
  • What will customers get from you that they won’t find anywhere?
  • What’s your brand value?
  • What’s the unique part of your customer experience?
  • What kind of personality does your store represent?

When you have the answers to these questions, you are pretty much clear about the core of your brand. And now, you can jump to the next basics of branding. 

Image source: PicMonkey

There are three elements that are important : 

  • The name of your shop 
  • The avatar or logo 
  • The shop banner or cover photo

With these primary tools, you can communicate well with your customers. 

How To Name Your Shop On Etsy?

When you are choosing the name for your store, make sure it’s something unique and special to the brand. 

This will also help you in setting your store apart from your competitors. 

Image source: Seoquake

However, when you are naming your store, Etsy has certain additional requirements for you to follow. 

  • Etsy doesn’t allow you to add space.
  • You can’t add punctuation. 
  • The characters limit is not more than 20 
  • Your store name should be unique 

Pro Tip: Since you can’t add space or punctuation, make sure that people understand your brand name. You can use capitalization. 

tips to choose best etsy shop name

For example, If your store’s name is “Mystoreonetsy”, it can be easier to read if you write “ MyStoreOnEtsy”. 

The avatar is the space where you need to add the logo of your shop. Remember, your own photo is already added when you are filling the shop owner profile.

Just like your shop name, your logo should be directly about your business. 

Image source: Placeitblog

You can take a different approach depending on what kind of image you want to choose for the shop.

Pro Tip: Etsy has a square field for adding an avatar. Make sure your logo is not in horizontal designs.

For example, you can consider the Logo of ClaraLoo. The logo is simple, rustic, and childlike that perfectly showing the home nursery and playful decor. 

Also, it has the propositioned ideal fit for the Etsy square avatar field. 

How To Add Shop Banner Or Cover Photo?

The space available on the top of your Etsy shop is valuable. This is where you need to add the cover photo or shop banner. 

You can set the visual tone to create an effective, memorable vibe regarding your shop. 

Image source: Bannersnack

Etsy allows different sizes here. You can choose the small one that’s 760 x 100px. Or you can select the bit larger if you have more space,i.e., 3360 x 840px. 

When you choose a cover photo, it’s visible when the person is visiting your store by computer and phone both. 

why banner cover matters in etsy

Small banners are mostly viewed when someone is using the computer. 

That’s why it’s recommended to have a cover photo instead of a banner. 

Takeaway: When you are choosing the logo, banner, etc. Focus on creating an environment; it should give a vibe that everything you have listed in your shop belongs there. 

This is helpful for making the people understand what your store is all about and what kind of things they can expect to from you in the future. 

Step 4: Understand The Game Of Numbers 

For starting any kind of business, it’s important to understand the numbers first. 

Even though you are not planning to expand or get funds, you are still going to require an assessment regarding the numbers and the importance of Etsy’s business. 

The common point to understand is the tracking of sales and profits. But with that, focus on your overall cost for starting up the store.

Write down these initial costs to know how much you will require to cover up the investments. 

The main costs that include in your shop are : 

  • Brand’s logo, banner, and cover design 
  • The license or permit fees
  • The materials for the first  products
  • Infrastructure costs like listing fees,  internet service, etc.
  • Crafting tools for making the products

 When you have the smart calculation, it will help you in determining the real cost of starting your business and planning ahead. It will keep the surprise away too. 

Step 4:  Set The Right Price For Products  

One of the most crucial steps that hold power to make or break your business.

To create an effective strategy for pricing the products, understand the cost you are spending on its overall manufacture and acquisition. 

Image source: Hannalisahaferkamp

This also includes your material cost as well as your time.

Pro Tip: if you are not sure about the pricing of your product, search the similar items that others are selling on Etsy. You can find the average price point. 

Once you are done here, it’s important for you to consider the competitor pricing and the perceived value. 

Well, it’s not just you who are gathering information here. 

Your customers also do the maths, maybe not so consciously, but they are gathering information about how the price should be of what they’re buying. 

It includes the competitors who are offering the products at a certain price level. This makes it important to have knowledge about their charges. 

Perceived value means when the customer has their thoughts regarding how much the value a product should cost.

And the competitors play a huge part. But you can change it depending on how you are doing the branding. 

Step 5.  Listing Of Your Products To Sell 

When you are on Etsy, the listing becomes the lifeblood of your shop. 

You can boost your sales depending on how well you have created the list.  This includes three important components such as : 

  • Product titles 
  • Description 
  • Photographs

To understand more about the listing as well as the three components, here is what can help: 

Listing Your Titles 

The listing title helps your potential customer to know what you are selling. 

Pro Tip: Think like yourself as a buyer, look for the search words that you might need for finding the items you are looking for. 

Image source: knowband

You can be descriptive about your product.  And the more you add, the better will custom knows about the product. 

Add evocative words to highlight what are the best qualities of your products. 

Adding The Photos 

When you add the photos, it increases the chances of sales too. And when you are using Etsy, it becomes more crucial to add photos of what the purchaser is going to get. 

Lots of people carry the uncertain feeling when they are shopping online. And with a lack of touch, customers don’t get the idea of what they are purchasing. 

When you add photos, it helps to decrease the level of uncertainty. Make sure your photos are well crafted and styled to showcase what makes your product special. 

Image source: jassicaharllee

tips to getting best photos for etsy

According to Taylor Combs, here are a few recommendations to add when you are clicking the photos of your products  :

  • Use the alternative angle to show the products
  • Use a well-lit and clear photo of the items. 
  • Highlight the unique details.
  • Add information like texture,  color, etc
  • Add a photo that has the scale of items
  • Use props to style the products
  • If possible, have models to help in handling the products.

Add Product Description 

To make the steller list, the product description is the final step.  This is an opportunity to share the story about the products. 

You can add all the unique details that make what you are selling special.  Talk about the process of making or coming up with the idea that resulted in the product. 

Image source: Wordstream

Add points regarding how the product will help the customers and how it will fit in their requirements. 

Paint the picture that can appeal to their heart. Add features and information that can help in buying the product. 

Pro Tip: To learn how you can write product descriptions, you can do research or look around the writing style of your competitors.

This is also important to remember that do not ever plagiarize. Keep it in your way but informative to people. 

Etsy is famous for its user-friendly approach to business. However, it’s still a business. 

Well, here you also require to follow legal requirements so you can keep your business going smoothly. Consider the state you live in, and check the defined way that needs to follow. 

  • You first require the legal structure to start the business on Etsy.
  • Check the paperwork or file that’s needed. 
  • Fill out the  US Small business Administration’s licenses and permits
  • Check the chores that you might need to do.

Step 7:  Create Your Stocking Strategy 

Once you start the business, the next important thing is to focus on how you will deal after this. 

Maintaining your shop becomes crucial if you want to run the business in the long run. 

And for this, you will need a shop that is well stocked. 

Image source: Helium10

Well for the people who are using Etsy as a hobby, this might be not so important as they can do it when they need or feel like it. 

But for Etsy, entrepreneurs are more proactive, which means more planning for how you don’t get overwhelmed in the future. 

Etsy has three different types in shops, including : 

  • Crafting suppliers
  • Handmade goods
  • Vintage items

These have different categories and different approaches. It’s important to have an understanding and to keep your stock so you can have a much more fluent business flow. 

Step 8:  Plan the Shipping 

When you are doing business on Etsy, shipping and parcel is the important part. 

Don’t wait for the first order; take your planning to make sure you get the shipping already clear and simple for both you as well as the customers. 

People, when ordering from Etsy, believe that the order and communication will be top-notch.

Image source: Marketingartfully 

Planning ahead will keep your hassle away and make your communications better. 

Well, Etsy has a system that helps the place to get the ships much easier. You can do the printing of your shipping labels, track packages,  shipping charges, etc, right from their shop. 

Here you will need to have a tax license,  EIN, and registered name for the business. 

Pro tip:  To keep this more personalized,  you can add something like a note or minor hoops to keep the customer happy about the purchase.

Step 9: Spread Words More About Your Store 

Opening the Etsy shop is one thing but getting your sales is a whole new section. 

That’s why you will need to build a presence and create your customer base. 

The first thing you can do is to talk or ask your family and friends to purchase the items from the store. 

Image source : wordstream 

When it comes to other buyers, they have dependent on the review, and if you have positive reviews on your store, it will bring more customers to you. 

You can also run a refer-a-friend campaign. This will keep boosting the word of mouth marketing.

Pro Tip: You can add the printed discount coupons. 

Apart from this, focus on important parts like :

Social Media To Connect 

As a new business, there are lots of ways that social media brings for you. You can connect with your audience, share more about your store, and build connections.

You can start with Twitter and Facebook for the minimum but effective results. 

You can use Facebook to share photos regarding your store, product, and other things that connect with them. 

SEO Of Your Site 

SEO also means Search Engine Optimization. This means you have to set your store in such a way that it can be easier for a search engine to find you. 

To make sure SEO is working, here are some points to remember: 

  • Use the keywords that are popular, along with product descriptions and listing titles. 
  • Utilize the tags when you are listing on Etsy. Tags can be the keywords to the shopper. 
  • Use the categories on Etsy to help customers to find the items easier. 

Have The Website 

A recent study reported that 97% of customers do their research online before they purchase anything. 

image source: EtsyblogI

When you have the website, you get more credibility and this helps people to find you as well as connect well. 

Also, there are lots of other ways of consistency : 

  • Feature your logo and the name of your Etsy shop.
  • Use the colors that you have for the logo and brand.
  • Sharing all the product images on the websites with the same description listing.
  • Link your store customers to websites.
  • Add the about section to talk about the brand.
  • Match the similar writing copy to both.

Tips For How You Should Start For Business On  Etsy 

Etsy has interesting offers that can help the business to grow its audience. 

However, if you are starting a business, certain tips can help you in improving sales and customers. 

Know What You Are Eligible To Sale And What not 

Etsy has certain rules, and for business-minded people, it’s important to know it before they jump to sell their products. 

This will help you in keeping your business protected, so you run the shop and get customers. 

This also keeps your business protected from legal issues. With this, you can categorize the listing of your product so Etsy can be visible to boost potential customers. 

Here is a quick overview of what you can sell: 

  • Vintage items that are more than 20 years old. 
  • Craft Supplies
  • Products certified by you 
  • Products that you have rights to sell
  • Digital materials designed by you 

Here is what you can’t  sell :

  • Products that threaten animal species
  • Explosive items
  • Weapons 
  • Items that glorify or support violence or hatred
  • Drugs, alcohol, and tobacco 

Understand What Is Copying & Inspiring 

Well, there is a belief that says there is no rule on how the percentage of original artwork should be qualified under the Fair Use Doctrine. 

However, here is the important thing to understand. You should know what is called copying is and what real inspiration looks like. 

Etsy removes the products if they notice or get a report regarding the copied work. 

Because of this, you should know what the important differences in their guidance are: 

  • Never tag the items with any kind of luxury brand to describe the quality. 
  • Don’t use the name of the artist where you get the inspiration; they can claim your work and even sales. 
  • Never use the names or brands for vintage items in tags, descriptions, titles, and keywords if you are not sure.
  • Check the copyrights when you are using images of someone else.
  • Avoid buying license images with a poor reputation. 

Pro Tip: if you are selling the items which are branded. You can invest in having license fees. It’s less expensive and you can save money on damages or legal fees. 

Add Options For Multiple Payments

Online shopping is becoming one huge part of people’s lives. They want more covenants which you can’t provide if you are sticking with a certain kind or one kind of payment. 

As Baymard Institute reported that 6% of online buyers drop their carts just because they don’t have payment options. 

When you are starting your shop on Etsy, the platform offers you different options, including Etsy payment. 

Image source: Etsyhelpcenter

With this, you will get different options that can help you in adding different payment methods such as : 

  • Google Pay
  • Apple Pay 
  • PayPal
  • Etsy Gift Cards 
  • Etsy Credits
  • Credit Cards
  • Debit or Bank Cards 

Understand How Much The Seller Fees Cost 

When you run the business, there are fees and that goes the same for Etsy.  

That’s why it’s important for you to know how much it will cost you when you are using the platform. 

This will help you understand to do the budgeting, so you are not the one who is suffering the loss. 

Etsy has the most common fees that include 20-cent listing fees,  3% ( addition 25 cents) for payment processing, and 5% transaction fees. 

With these fees, they have more on conversion fees, pattern fees,  ad fees, etc.

When you are dealing with this, here are a few things that you can consider : 

  • To avoid conversion fees, make sure that you have the same currency for product price and payment account. 
  • To cover the actual shipping course, add the exact dimensions of the product so the packaging can be done right without charging extra. 
  • Consider the profit margin before you go with Etsy ads
  • Remove the slow-moving product listings, so you don’t have to pay renewal fees. 

Write About Us In an Impressive Way 

For the people who love art, Etsy is just not something a platform where they sell products. 

You can show yourself and the passion you have. This is an important aspect so the buyers will know about your creating values, and it will help in convincing more purchases. 

Image source: Etsypedia

This is effective when you write a killer about us showcasing the things you do.

When you do  it, here are some pointers you can use: 

  • Add links to your social media
  • Use tons that can connect with readers
  • Talk about what inspired you to design the products
  • Keep the paras shorts 
  • Include links if you have any publication where your design got featured
  • Talk about partners on how the product development works

Here you get 5000 characters where you can derive everything about this. You can write a story and talk about your business. 

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs)

How should you attract more customers to the Etsy shop?

The basic yet effective steps that you can take is connecting your Etsy shop with your social media. You can offer mail subscriptions faster delivery,  free shipping, and use the simple policy. 

What are the things that sell on Etsy?

In 2022, the most sellable items that are considered on Etsy are Handmade items, accessories, craft and supplies, vintage items, etc. 

What types of handmade items are in demand?

There is a huge range of items that are sold on Etsy such as clothing,  candles, pet stuff, subscription boxes,  ceramics, etc. 

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