An Ultimate Guide To Selling On eBay & Earn Money (In 2023)

eBay was launched in 1995, just a year after Amazon. Even though the platform maintained its authority and status in the e-commerce world. 

From knowing as a place where people can sell their old and unwanted items to a  fixed price marketplace where lots of businesses are running. 

In fact, 90% of GMV or Gross Merchandise Volume of eBay is coming from their Buy It Now listed with a fixed price. 

The platform connects with people from all around the world. 

It gives a great option for earning money with little investment to start as the reseller, regardless of the number of product quantities. 

selling on ebay to earn money guide


Why Should You Sell On eBay?

eBay has more than 25 billion sellers on its platform. Maybe because of the ease you get for setup the seller account or maybe the reach it provides. 

You can sell almost anything that you don’t want or clutter your attic, home, garage, etc. 

Here you can get rid of things that take too much space and you can earn money from them. 

How much you will succeed depends on the seller, and this can be a side hustle that maybe you can turn into a complete source of income one day. 

Image source: Medium

eBay offers an option where the seller awaits, here you can list your items at a fixed price or you can choose auction style. Add the photos, description, etc.

Also, eBay has more than 182 million buyers across the globe.

What You Can Sell On eBay?

As per the fourth-quarter sales report by eBay 2020, the overall revenue earned was $2.9 billion. And the  GMV of $26.6 billion and annual active buyer increased by 7%. 

The profit depends on what you are selling and how they are finding the listing of eBay’s top-selling products. 

types of categories on ebay

eBay has a different listing for generating revenues. Well for 2022, the popular products that you can consider are : 

Health And Beauty 

Beauty products and health items are ranked among the top most selling items in 2022. 

It includes products like Hair straightener, Supplements, Skincare items,  Perfume, Hair Dryer, Vitamins & Dietary, etc. 

Vitamins and minerals are listed as one of the products that can be sold on average. 

Image source:

Some of the popular brands are Puritan’s Pride, LifeVantage,  GNC, Great Healthworks, Optimum Nutrition, and LifeVantage. 

Mobile Phone And Accessories 

One of the most sold products that are on eBay is mobile and accessories.

This may be due to the constant change that people switch to different phones which have the latest technology.

In this, Covers, Cases, and Skins are popular especially if they are following the brands like : 

  • Apple
  • Otterbox
  • Storm Buy 
  • Mybat
  • Spigen

Image source: ebay

The most popular brands that sell on eBay are Apple and Samsung especially during new phone released seasons. 

Pro Tip: The iPhone is the most popular on eBay, if you have products that can link with this, it can get the same popularity as for example cases for iPhones. 

Home And Garden 

If you have products for selling that relates to the home and garden, this is another category that sells a lot on eBay. 

Here the most purchased the old wall prints, plant pots,  cushions,  lamps, etc. 

In-home category, Egyptian bed sheets are the top-selling items. Some of the popular items that are listed are LED light strips,  Dirt Devil vacuum cleaner, and gas-powered generators. 

Image source: Sellbrite

In-home decor,  lighting,  sofas, coffee table, etc are also listed in the best sellers category which has an overall average sales price of $65. 

As in garden items, you can sell the garden furniture, parasols,  barbecues, etc. Such items have an average sale price of $80. 

Video Games 

On average, 118 items are sold when it comes to video gaming. Here the price range covers from $4.99 to $88, and the average price of $25.23. 

eBay also has a large number of buyers in video consoles and games. You can sell your old video games or the one is not in use here. 


Since the fashion trend changes every season, eBay customers look for a new set of clothes at an affordable price range. 

eBay has large numbers for the Fashion category too.

Image source: eBay

The brands that have the best selling here in men’s clothing are Ermeneido, The Territory Ahead,  Schott, Filson, Zena, Carhartt, etc. 

For female clothing, you can get the brands like Eileen Fisher,  Dale of Norway,  Free People,  Diane Von Furstenberg, etc


The famous category is: 

  • Scrapbooking 
  • Paper Crafts
  • Jewelry Making Beads
  • Stone Beads 

The craft category has a large number of buyers. As for the beads,  433 items are sold as per the listing. And the price range falls between $0.71 to $69.99. Here the average price is $2.04.

Image source: channelreply

Also, it depends on the quality of beads and variation. Different varieties have better prices whereas some can offer a good price range in selling.

What Is eBay Selling Format?

During the launching year,  the platform was built based on peer to peer marketplace with auctions. 

As eBay evolved,  they introduced different options such as the Buy it now features.

Image source: eBay

Both methods have their style as well as format. Also, they have their pros and cons too. 

Pro Tip: Choose the format based on what you are selling or what suits your individual business. 

Fixed Price Listing  

Fixed price listing was introduced after eBay started to evolve as per the market. 

This is also called Buy It Now, With this,  you can set the amount or declare the final price on which you will sell your item. 

Image source: eBay

The buyers will know the final price and to purchase they have to do it fast. Here no bidding is required. 

Pro Tip: If you are looking for convenient and no-bid hassle solutions, Choose a fixed price listing to get your items sold faster. 

Auction Style For Selling 

The reason behind the fame that eBay got was its auction-style format in selling.  

Similar to the traditional way,  here you list an opening bid and let buyers do the bidding on the opening price. 

When the numbers get higher in bidding, the buyer wins the auction and gets the item.

However, these styles were suitable for sellers who have something unique and collectible items to sell, For example, Video Game Vince.

Pro Tip: When you are choosing the price, set your reserve price first. It means choosing the lowest price that you are willing for the items. 

With this, you get more control and sell your product at the cost that it’s worth. 

Steps To Start Selling On eBay 

eBay offers opportunities for everyone and different kinds of business models can connect with a worldwide audience without doing hassle. 

eBay has something for both sellers and buyers. As for sellers, they can sell whatever they want to and use the platform to connect with their targeted audience. 

If you are starting here, here are some basic steps that will cover all the needed points you need to start your business on eBay. 

Step 1: Understand The Basics

When you are selling on eBay, there is a simple formula that every business follows. 

  • You list the items
  • Customers do the purchase
  • And orders get delivered in return for money. 

This is the general level on which every business model on eBay functions. 

You can’t start however you like, depending on what resources you have. It can be started without any investment. 

eBay has different business models from which you have to choose. 

This will help you in understanding what category you fall into and the audience knows what they can expect from you. 

The business models that you can consider are : 

Used items 

This includes all the items that have been used, it can be for a month or maybe for years. The used items can include :

  • Video games
  • Shoes
  • Old electronics
  • Clothing
  • Furniture
  • Books
  • Toys
  • Loose legos
  • Board games
  • Sporting goods


There are more than 4.1 million cars that have been sold on the eBay site. Here lots of people look for cars or vehicles in general to purchase. 

If you have one, you can list your cars here to get a good amount in sales. 

Collectible items 

Collectible items have a huge amount of buyers. Not just this attracts the people who are interested in purchasing rare items but also those who are interested in vintage or particular taste in something. 

You can sell items like toys, watches, coins, etc. 

Vintage & Antique 

Image source: coolvinatgefinds

This one largely includes those people who like to purchase vintage or antique items such as:-

  • Furniture
  • Records
  • Plates
  • Toys
  • Clocks
  • China
  • Silverware
  • Memorabilia
  • Tinklets
  • VHS
  • Cassette tapes
  • Stuffed animals

New Items 

There are lots of small businesses or even brands that have their product on eBay.  These businesses have loyal customers and their products. 

eBay offers the platform ready to sell the products, there is a business who are selling their own and brand new item to the sellers. 

Here you can bring your business, and brand to get the targeted items. 

Random Items 

It means exactly what it says. Here the seller has the freedom to sell anything they want to. 

You can even sell the empty toilet paper rolls, mugs, old board game pieces, wine corks, etc. 

One of the unique items that are highly in demand on eBay is Pine cones.  There are lots of customers who look for something cool for their home decor. 

selling policies for ebay beginners

Step 2:  Set Your eBay Seller Account 

Well, eBay has a straightforward process that you can simply follow. This can be done within an hour and you can start the business. 

However, to start your account, follow these points. 

The Basics 

Create your account, go to the page and enter the name, address, etc. Here set the password for your account. 

Image source: digitalunite

When you click on create an account, this will redirect you to the next princess which is the eBay homepage.

Signing in to the new account, eBay will create a username automatically. 

However, if you don’t want it and change it later. Just visit the My eBay account that will appear under Account. 

Get to the personal info. Next, you can set your payment method. 

Add The Payment Method 

Here is a personal method that allows you to pay the fees and receive the payment from customers. 

Image source: sellbrite

Go to “My eBay”. And here click on the selling option that you will find in the dropdown menu. 

Click on “account”, under the “payment ” choose the “payment options”.

Add the payment method. 

Note To Remember:  In previous, the sellers were supposed to add the PayPal account as eBay was using the platform for that. 

Image source: tamebay

However, from the 2020 end, eBay announced that they are no longer using PayPal and introducing their payment system “ Management Payment”. 

With this, the payment will directly be credited to the bank account of the seller. 

Start listing 

The process is here done and your store is ready. You can now list the products and start your selling. 

Step 3: Do The Product Research 

eBay allows you to sell almost everything. But to understand what you can sell so you can make more profit is an important aspect. 

Image source: expandly

If you are planning to earn profit but it’s important to understand the products and what profitability they hold. 

When you are looking for products, here are few pointers to understand first. 

The Overall Profitability 

When you are selling something, make sure you are covering all the fees that you are paying for it. 

eBay has their own fees that they apply on items you sell. 

The first fee is the insertion fee. This is charged when you list your products on eBay to sell. And if you are relisting, this will charge again.

Image source: crazylister

This fee is not for refunds even if you end up not selling that item. However, eBay has an offer where sellers can list more than 200 items without any cost every month. 

If you are listed more than that, it will charge around $0.35 per listing. 

The next one is the Final value fees. This is a calculated percentage depending on the total amount on which you sold your items.

This includes shipping, it adds $0.35 per order. Most categories charge 12.35%. Here are few categories on which final value fees depends :

  • Books, Music, and DVD or Movies charge is 12.35%
  • Shoes, Clothing & Accessories have 0% if selling is $100. If it’s less than $100, it’s a 12.35% selling price. 
  • Musical Instruments and Gears have 5.85%

The average selling fee that you will pay is 12.35% on the transaction. As compared to other marketplaces in eCommerce, this one is a pretty low and high gross profit. 

The Demand  Of Product 

The best way to decide what to sell is to look for the data eBay is providing. Different products depend on the sell-through rate.

When the rate is high it means the products are in demand which is good for attractive people.

Pro Tip: Look for at least a sell-through rate of more than 50%. This helps you in selling the product faster and get better sales. 

There are products which are listed on top in-demand  Such as : 

  • Lego Building Toys ( 86%)
  • Puzzles (813%)
  • Strength Training (694%)
  • Webcams (673%)
  • VR Headsets ( 111%)
  • Golf Training Aids ( 119%)
  • Wireless Routers ( 79%)
  • Mobile Hotspots (139%)
  • Cardio Equipment (181%)
  • Painting Equipment and Supplies ( 194%)
  • Laptop Docking Stations and Power Adapters (128%)
  • Golf Training Aids (119%)
list of things sell on ebay

Overall Competition 

Regardless of what kind of business you are doing, there is competition. And not in one way, there will be different aspects to that. 

Here on eBay, you will list your items along with adding images,  shipping options,  descriptions, etc. 

This means there might be more than you who are selling similar items on the platform. 

Image source: channelreply

Make sure you check the competitors and other aspects to get your sales high. 

Step 4: List Your Products 

Listing your products on eBay is easy. You can do it using the phone.

To list your items on eBay, make sure you have the proper information as it’s going to need to while listing the products. 

types of products not sell on ebay

For a listing, first, you need to go to the sell your item form. You can get this by clicking on the Sell button at the top side of the page. 

Here you have to complete the form first. To fill the form, some questions have to answer such as : 

Image source:theebaycommunity

Selecting a category: Enter the keywords on the search box that you find labeled as “ What are you selling”. Click on start selling. 

  • Title & Description:  The title will help your buyers to find the listing. Make sure to add good and clear descriptions about your product. Add images that have secure HTTP content. 
  • Enter items specific: Note, this option might be not for all items. Here you need to add the additional details regarding your product that help the customers to find you. 
  • Upload images:  Add high-quality and properly lit photos. 
  • Select Listing Format: Choose what type of your listing is, here you get two options i.e. fixed price and auction-style.
  • Choose the price:  This one includes selecting the starting price,  pricing options, (reserve price, buy it now ).
  • Select duration:  You can set your list duration from 1 to 10 days. The most used one is 7 days.
  • Add payment information: Choose the payment options and other settings. 
  • Add shipping information:  Mention your ship to locations and where your shipping services cover. Add days or time that the delivery will take.
  • Add return policy: Specific if your items have a return policy or not. If they do, make sure to mention all the important points. 
  • Add upgrades: You can do the listing upgrades, Here you get options such as bold, border, and highlights. 

Next, you will get a preview of your listing. Check if there is something you need to add or change. If it’s needed, you can click on the Edit listing link. 

Click on the list of items for sale to get your listing ready for eBay. 

Pro tip: To save your time, you can save the listing template for your next use. You get the option “ Save this listing as template” box. 

 Step 5:Shipping Your Items  

To sell on eBay, you are going to need a shipping label;  tracking details, and package shipping to the buyers. 

This might take time to get used to, however, you can use your computer to handle the work. 

eBay has their shipping label through the system, You are going to need the weight and dimensions of your product. This will add to your listing too. 

When you are ready to ship. Here are few things to fulfill as per the eBay orders: 

  • You are going to need some shipping envelopes or boxes. If you are shipping USPS, you can get the free shipping boxes from the post office.
  • Use the adhesive shipping label paper. With this, you can easily print, peel and stick your labels on the product packages. 
  • Have packaging tape on hand. 
  • Use bubble wrap and packaging paper to keep the product protected. Add an extra layer of protection, if what you are shipping is fragile or easy to damage. 
  • Scale your package. Make sure you weigh correctly so you are not overpaying or underpaying the product shipping. 

Pro Tip: try to do same-day or following-day shipping. It increases the positive feedback from the buyers.

 How To Develop Product Description For Your eBay?

When shopping on eBay, the buyers look for keywords. It plays an important role in finding what they want and for the sellers, it becomes easier to add relevant keywords as well as product identifiers. 

When you are writing the product description on eBay,  there are some basic yet crucial attributes that make your product description detailed, it includes: 

  • Brand
  • Style Or Model 
  • Model Number
  • Color Of Product 
  • Size & Dimensions
  • Extra Accessories Added

Here, make sure you are using the attributes that are similar to what your customers are using. 

Image source: XpertVA

Also, you can elaborate, so the buyers can find it easily.  For example,  If you are selling shoes instead of writing “ Converse Chuck Taylor Shoes”, you can write “ Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Shoes, Size 8 White”

This makes the title more optimized and the buyer gets the idea of what they are purchasing. 

Image source: channelreply

Pro Tip: Be extremely transparent if your product has any flaws or defects. Mention it separately to make sure that the buyers know about it. 

To make your product description on point and increase the reach, here are a few points that you will need. 

What are Product Identifiers?

When you use the product identifiers it can boost the visibility of what you are selling. This helps in getting more people which leads to more sales. 

Image source: eBay

This applies to what your buyers are looking for in search boxes such as Bing or Google.  

The search engines look for the special data that are related to the search. This is called a product identifier. 

When you are listing your product on eBay, the site requires a product identifier in products like refurbished or new condition. It depends on categories such as Health & Beauty,  Electronics, etc. 

Well the product identifiers include three important elements such as :

  • Your Brand 
  • Manufacturing Part Number Or MPN
  • Global Trade Item Number or GTIN. 

Here, GTIN can add Universal Product Code ( UPC), European Article Number ( EAN), International Standard Book Number ( ISBN), and Japanese Article Number( JAN)

eBay uses such product identifiers so the buyers can easily find the product they are looking for. When you add it, your product gets eligible and eBay pushes the listing to higher search visibility. 

Pro Tip: Adding your product identifiers will boost visibility on outside search engines. 

With this, your listing gets eligible for special price alerts, deals, and promotions. 

It’s highly recommended to add the relevant product identifiers so you can maximize the eBay searches, better SEO, and product placement. 

What Are The Product Attribute Guidelines Best Practices?

Well, when you add product attributes,  it helps in defining and important facts related to what you are selling. 

It includes color, size, style, brand, etc. You can find the product attributes listed under specification and specs to the product. 

eBay uses the product attributes for mapping their product specs and items based on the categories. 

Image source: Omnivoresupport

Make sure you are adding the detailed specifications so the structure data can allow you to get more product filters from the search engines. 

With this, you can also boost the relevancy regarding what your users are typing and searching on the queries. 

The next thing that includes here are : 

Multi-Packs and Bundled Products 

When you are creating attributes for the bundled or multi-pack products, here are few things that you should know: 

  • The attribute should specify the GTIN of the selected multi-packs descriptions. 
  • It should add the product identifiers that are assigned by the manufacturers. 
  • To the bundle products, the manufacturer’s assigned product identifiers should be added. 
  • The attribute should add the GTIN number of the manufacturer. Instead of using the GTIN-based product or within items in the bundle. 

Dimension Of Products 

If it’s possible to add, make sure you are including the product dimension too. This can help in specifying the product in actuality instead of the size of the packaging. 

Also, this is helpful for the buyer to know what shape or size they can expect when they are purchasing. 

Product Variants 

Instead of multiple, make sure you are adding the product variants to one page. 

This will help you in boosting the setup. Also, eBay has started to add products in groups according to the GTIN. 

What Are The Advanced  Strategies & Tips For Selling More On eBay?

Well, by now you have covered all the possible guidance that will help you in starting your shop to selling the products. 

To make sure that you are getting more sales, here are a few advanced strategies that you can use for upgrading your game. 

Signup For eBay Store 

When you are signing up for the first time as a seller on eBay, the account will be free of cost.

However, eBay offers you to upgrade the store subscription once you start getting sales and listing. 

Image source: Neto

There are different levels on which you can subscribe to your store, with every level they have a set of own benefits. 

Well, the level includes : 

  • Starter 
  • Basic
  • Premium 
  • Anchor
  • Enterprise

When you sign up for eBay store and upgrade your account, this also brings you benefit which includes : 

  • Easy access to more tools that can help in managing your account as well as business. 
  • Discount on seller fees and additional free listing.
  • Instant access to promote manager, listings, and more exclusive tools that help in optimizing the listing. 
  • You can set the featured items on your display products. 
  • You can store categories and develop a greater listing organization. 
  • You can also customize the homepage of your storefront and web address.

Pro Tip: This is not required to upgrade the store. However, if you are planning to grow your business and expand, you can sign up to get more advantage. 

Use The Dashboard For Monitoring 

eBay seller dashboard can be helpful for monitoring the performance of yours. Also, it can help you in understanding as well as providing easy access to tools.

Image source: eBay

With the help of a dashboard, you can also get a detailed view of what your top-rated seller status says, buyer satisfaction,  policy compliance, etc. 

Drive More Visibility To The Listing 

Use social media platforms where you can share the listings. it will boost the visibility and also drive more people to your store. 

Also, use the important points and tacts such as using keywords,  get more reviews and focus on adding better product descriptions so eBay can put your listing to the top search results. 

Make Your Account Feedback Better 

To increase credibility, you are going to need to boost the positive and good reviews on your store.  This also boosts the overall image of your brand in the marketplace. 

The more trustful you look, the better numbers of customers will do what they purchase from you.

Image source: adobespark

 When you are a beginner, it’s obvious that you don’t have any reviews. But eBay allows you to get feedback from selling and purchasing the product. 

Pro Tip: To get positive feedback you can purchase inexpensive items from eBay sellers. Leave some positive feedback on their account. 

With this you are prompt the sellers, you can boost the chances to get kind words from them,

Here you get the colored stars from eBay that get level up according to the feedback. The goal here is to get the red shooting star, the symbol shows you have more than 100,000 feedback points. 

Expand To More Marketplaces 

As your business will grow, the more familiar you get with the marketplace. This allows you to expand your business and use another marketplace such as Amazon and Walmart.

Walmart is one of the emerging eCommerce websites where one-third of customers in the US shopped in the year 2020.

Currently, the place has more than 33000 sellers where eBay has 25 million. Comparing both, its competition is low and it’s popular too.

This makes the perfect time to use the marketplace to grow the business. 

Whereas Amazon has its massive market. This targets the sophisticated network that reaches 121.3 million consumers in the US. Also, they are members of Amazon Prime. 

Get Your International Shipping 

You can switch on your international shipping on eBay anytime you like. There is no additional cost or hassle that will be caused by doing the Global Shipping Program. 

You can go to the listing summary section where you are given all product information. Under this section, you will find the Delivery and then “ Ship Internationally”.

Image source:eBay

When you select this, anyone from a different country can order the product from you.  

And you can send the products that are eligible to ship to eBay’s domestic shipping center. 

Once you send it there and it gets received, eBay will manage the rest of the international shipping work and customer on behalf of you.

Follow The Reselling Community 

For those sellers who don’t have much experience on eBay or have little idea. Joining a reselling community can help you in understanding and it is also considered a good resource. 

Use your social media, like Instagram, and search-related terms to  Reselling. There will be lots of accounts that you will find which shares tips on how you can sell on eBay.

Also, there are some groups that work on the paid system but they can help you in selecting what you can sell to gain more profits. 

Even they help in pricing and choosing the right approach to the customers. 

Tips On Selling Items On eBay 

To keep your selling better and get more customers, here are some tips that you can follow along with the advantage strategies. These are some points that might help : 

Use eBay Templates For Listing 

Instead of starting from scratch, save your templates to get the work done easier for the next time. 

It will save time and you will get your basic template to follow which reduces the chance of making mistakes or missing out on important information. 

Review Similar Items Before Pricing 

If you are not sure about the pricing of your item, do simple research on eBay to get the idea. There will be lots of listings, use your UPC code, IBN number, or product name. 

If you are not selling something rare, you will find more listings similar to you. This will give you an idea about the price range and how to price the product. 

Wait For Offers To Get Free Listing 

eBay offers certain numbers on default every month for a free listing. If you don’t want to spend your money on buying it, you can’t wait to get these offers from eBay. 

Make sure you check your eBay messages, so you are not missing any beneficial offers. 

Shuffle Options When You Get Stuck In Selling 

There might be a chance that you get stuck with something that is not getting sold. You can use different item with lower price to get the sales 

Image source: lifewire

If your product is not selling in auction type, then choose the buy it now option. Add a little bit of price but keep the product free shipping. 

You can add one day, three days, or maybe 30 days for experimenting. 

Lower Prices Before Your Listing Ends  

If your listing is not getting the buyers,  bids, or watchers, try to reduce the price before the period ends.

But to do this, make sure you are doing it a day before,  this will allow you to revise the listing later. 

Try To Offer Local Pickups

If you are selling something too big or bulky, it might be expensive to offer free shipping. You can offer pickups, and try more options like Freight shipping.

Image source: ebay

This gives more options to the buyers to choose the product and chances increase that you will get better sales. 

Treat Your Customer Respectfully 

This is a brainer question that you need to keep your behavior right. And make sure you are treating your customer with respect. 

Image source:eBay

To grow on eBay as a seller, you’re going to need the support. Also focus on being honest, for example, if something is damaged in the product, tell your customer before they do the purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs)

Why is it worth it to sell on eBay?

eBay allows the seller to sell anything. There are lots of people who are earning money from selling the items that are lying around their house or storerooms. This gives a range of options and more ways to earn money. 

What is the safest option on eBay to sell?

Use the feedback mechanism to boost the rating on eBay. Focus on giving better customer experience and services which do not let the negative feedback grow.Also focus on payment mechanisms, to keep it safe for both parties. And avoid accepting western union or other methods of payment. 

Why is eBay better than Amazon?

eBay sellers have a wide range of things that they can sell. Apart from some basic restrictions, eBay doesn’t have hard rules, unlike Amazon. Also for buying second-hand goods, eBay is the top-rated platform.

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