Top 10 Largest Self-Storage Companies in The USA

Self-storage is a rapidly growing industry in the United States, with an increasing number of individuals and businesses seeking extra space to store their belongings.

The convenience and flexibility of self-storage companies make them an attractive option for people needing extra space. In recent years, the industry has seen a surge in competition as more companies enter the market.

However, several key players dominate the industry and have established themselves as the largest self-storage companies in the USA.

These companies have expanded their reach through strategic acquisitions, innovative technologies, and exceptional customer service.

This article will examine the top players in the self-storage industry and explore what sets them apart from their competitors.

From coast to coast, these companies offer a wide range of storage solutions to meet the needs of individuals and businesses alike.

Best Self-Storage Companies in the US


Public Storage Inc

Public Storage Inc. is one of the most famous California-based companies with over 2,064 self-storage facilities.

All of these facilities are located in around 38 distinct states. They are also located in Europe.

This self-storage facility was established in the year 1972. This company has grown so quickly that it can now offer more than 142 million square feet of land or storage space to all its clients or customers.

If you will see the variety they offer, it varies from a small locker to large spaces sufficient to park even RVs and boats.

This company not only helps you provide the storage space to you, but it will also help you with certain moving supplies like all those cartons and boxes and the tapes.

Every single month one of its facilities is usually auctioned. This data can actually prove to be useful for you, may today or tomorrow. 


Extra Space Storage

Extra Space storage is again not a new company, but it is a more than thirty years old in this self-storage facility business.

Extra Space Self Storage facility has its headquarters in Salt Lake City, which is in Utah. This storage facility works in more than 35 states.

These facilities are 882 in totality. All of these huge facilities contain around 585,000 units in total.

Apart from the storage facilities and locker facilities, Extra Space Storage also provides parking spaces for all vehicles and boats. Every month, the facilities of this company are auctioned. 


U Haul International Inc

U-Haul International Inc., this company is more popular for its amazing truck rental services. This company is so popular among all the people that when it comes to moving and storing personal belongings, U-Haul Storage Facilities are usually the public’s first choice.

For further information, this self-storage company’s headquarters is located in Phoenix, Arizona.

These self-storage facilities are spread across more than 50 states. Apart from these storage facilities, the U-Haul company also has “U-Pack” containers.

These U-Pack containers are basically customer packed and can be conveniently stored inside the facilities.

All of these containers are packed only and only by the customers for storage. Auctions are usually held every month, but if there is a requirement, it can also happen.

This company maintains a total of 1,144 storage facilities which are present in different places in the country. 

Cube Smart

Cube Smart Self Storage

Cube Smart is a self-storage company that was founded in the year 2004. This company was first established in a place called Wayne, Pennsylvania. Over a period of time, this company expanded a lot.

Currently, this storage company holds around 477 self-storage facilities. All of these facilities are spread across 28 states.

Cube Smart Company holds more than thirty-one million square feet of space. It also offers more facilities for various purposes like vehicles and commercial storage.

If you need these facilities, then you can visit the website of this storage facility to be aware of when their auctions are held. 

Sovran Self Storage Inc.

Sovran Self Storage Inc

Some may call Sovran Self Storage Inc., which is more popular with the name of Uncle Bob’s company.

This self-storage company was founded back in the year 1984. Mainly you will find this company to be based in Buffalo, a region in New York.

This storage company holds 451 facilities. All of these storage facilities are spread over a total of 26 states. This self-storage company offers you both private as well as commercial kind of storage.

Apart from storage, it is also open for various other services like truck rental and vehicle storage. Auctions here are held as per the requirements and do not have any fixed pattern. 

Derrel’s Mini Storage Inc. 

Derrels Mini Storage Inc

Derrel’s Mini Storage you will find based in a place which is known as Fresno, California. This storage facility is located in around fifty-three different places, specifically between Sacramento and Bakersfield.

This self-storage company was established long back in the year 1963. Currently, you will find no facility for this self-storage company operating outside California. But like any other business, this, too, has plans for further expansion.

Auctions of this storage company are all managed and arranged by Whittemore Auction Service. For further information about the auctions, you can grab it from their own website. 

Storage Mart 

Storage Mart

Storage Mart is based in a place called Columbia, Maryland. This Storage Mart company has a total of 132 self-storage facilities. All of these self-storage facilities are spread mainly in 15 states.

Without any exceptions, they are just working more and, moreover, the expansion and growth of their company.

This Storage Mart facility came into existence back in the year 1974. It is, and also it has always been, a proactive participant, especially in the local communities. They also remain involved in various charitable works.

Besides all this, they also do amazing work for students by offering various scholarship programs for them.

If you want to stay updated about its auctions, you must regularly check up on the local media. Auctions are carried out only on requirements. 

Simply Self Storage 

Simply Self Storage

Simply Self Storage company is the one which is headquartered in a place called Orlando, Florida. The self-storage facilities of this company are spread across in like 16 states.

If you have a look, this company has a total of 116 storage facilities.

Recently, they bought around 20 more properties to expand their self-storage business further.

Here you can find storage units of various sizes. All the information regarding the auction, you can access through its website. 

Platinum Storage Group

Platinum Storage Group

Platinum Storage Group is located in Laguna Hills, which is in California. This storage company holds a total of 106 storage facilities which are spread over approximately 15 states.

This self-storage company was initially established under the name Storage Direct.

This storage company was founded in the year 2000. If you see, then you will. Find that they offer you both climate-controlled as well as none climate-controlled storage facilities. Both of these kinds are always available for both individuals and businesses.

Auctions in this self-storage company are held monthly; if needed, they can also be held otherwise.

With this storage company, you will also find a service they offer of covered and uncovered vehicle storage. 

Strategic Capital Holdings Inc.

Strategic Capital Holdings Inc

Strategic Capital Holdings LLC. the facility is more popular under the name of Smart Stop Storage services. This self-storage company has a total of 120 storage facilities.

This company’s self-storage facilities are spread across 17 states in total. This storage company was established back in the year 2004.

The branches of this storage company are now expanding continuously in the United States and Canada.

This company is continuously acquiring new lands to grow and expand its business. If you want to participate in their auctions, you can look at its website, which is updated weekly.

Top Self Storage Companies

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