30+ Actionable School Marketing Ideas!

Parents are asking more questions about early education for their kids. They are becoming more informed about the different curriculum choices available.

These days, parents are looking for their children’s best drop-off and pick-up times. More than ever, Preschool marketing can really make a difference.

How to promote your school business?

  • First, you must create an attractive website and list all your details like address, courses, and faculties.
  • Set up a proper board with the necessary details to attract visitors.
  • Conduct seminars or educational sessions at the premises to influence students.
  • Participate in charity shows and educational events to make people notice your brand.
  • Spread messages by visiting door-to-door in the local community and distributing business cards to people.

If you decide to run a preschool, your voice needs to be heard and proactive. Marketing is not a strong suit for most owners of child care services, which is why so many early learning services count among their town’s best-kept secrets.

However, it’s easier than you think to make a difference in today’s digital age. Below is the little phase to be taken for opening a preschool business.

Since you have made a decision to venture into the preschool business, I can safely assume that you love kids. Why wouldn’t you? They are lovely. But since you are a kid person, you have no idea how to become a marketing person or from where to start.

Good news is, after reading this article, you will go through a metamorphosis and come out as a marketing “guy”. Since times have changed, the method to properly market has also changed with time.

Important marketing ideas for School Business

The goal of hosting an event is to let the local folks see your pre-school facilities. The event could be anything an open house or an art fair or the most crowds pleasing one, a BBQ.

Offer a quality time to your potential candidates and their families and slowly but steadily imprint the numerous facilities your preschool can offer.

You can introduce workshops regarding the issues of child care such as dealing with tantrums. Improve eating habits etc. This will keep theme engrossed into your conversations.

Make sure that there are enough materials for the local folks to take along with them Materials such as leaflets and pamphlets to provide more information about your preschool business. And don’t forget to ask the people for e-mail sign-ups.

-ATL (Above the line) Marketing

If your marketing budget is good enough, then it’s not going to hurt to try some Above the Line Marketing techniques.

Above the Line or most commonly known as ATL marketing caters to a large group of people known as masses. Some of the techniques used in this particular marketing strategy are-

Radio Ads

Newspaper Ads in a local newspaper

Giant hoardings

-Tie-ups with Gated Community

Firstly, list all the gated communities where most of your target group resides. Secondly, get permission from these societies or gated communities to organize an activity or an event that will benefit both the parents and children.

Let me tell you the part where you need to get permission is the toughest among others. You can easily generate leads and build brand awareness through these planned tie-ups.

A TIP: Plan seminars such as “Breast Cancer Awareness,” “Best out of waste for kids,” and “Expecting Mothers.” These activities will help you connect more with the parents.

-Get your business in Google Maps and Google Business

If you are an established business owner, the chances of your business being in Google are higher; you might have to claim it.

In a world where the Internet is used for finding almost anything, it is better to register your business within the same domain. Google Maps will help internet users to locate your preschool without much delay.

Google business will help your website and your business to attract attention from your target groups. Since everyone is into this, why not you?


Word of mouth is one of the most powerful marketing tools to grow your business. When you are doing everything right, the world is bound to travel. But the thing is, it’s not going to enough and I am pretty sure you can feel it too.

We can introduce a referral program for all the clients, so whatever their work is they’ll definitely be interested.

Tell them how they can earn money with just simply recommending your preschool business, and if they are able to bring some clients, they will be rewarded greatly. This is just a good way to turn your clients into advocates for your business.


Educate your Community with original content which will never go out of the market. Blogs works profoundly when you have something for the readers to enjoy as well as educated.

You can write blogs on why playing and learning go hand-in-hand and write learning stories that have inspired you all your life.

Blogs work great as an add-on for your website. Don’t forget the fact that quality speaks better than quantity.

Select one good post rather than posting regularly with average content. You need to choose a post that is worth the reader’s time.

Make sure to hire an SEO writer to attract the traffic of potential clients in your blogs and websites.

-Get Networking

Networking In your local community is an essential part of marketing not for selected businesses but for every business. No business has suffered any loss after implementing this marketing strategy.

Your words are most valuable and interesting to a group of local parenting and mother-to-be individuals. Make sure you become an important part of such groups because this is where all the target clients are hanging out.

Talk to them about the necessities of early education, transitioning to school, and choosing a childcare service to keep the ongoing connection growing. Don’t forget to slip in your business cards or flyers during those fruitful conversations.

-Advertising Your Business

Advertising, if done correctly it has the power to fetch you a lot of profits. Irrespective of ad forms, you can use this medium of marketing to convey the necessary information to your audience properly.

People are generally receptive to good content advertising and it won’t hurt to create an ad that looks enticing as well. Today, ads are not limited to newspapers, TV, or magazines. There are ads that are invented for the sole purpose of establishing a market in the online world.

For example, you can create ads on every social media platform. Ads such as PPC are used to popularize your business website, eventually, your business.

-Video Marketing

There is a reason Video works better than writing in the marketing world. It is because people will start to believe if you are allowing them to see it for themselves.

Of course, some businesses misuse this vital form of marketing, but I suggest you stay true to your word.

So, whether you are speaking on a topic that is of current interest or sharing videos and pictures of kid playing (get permission from their parents, of course) together, people find videos somewhat irresistible.

-Business Website

If your preschool business doesn’t have a web presence yet, I suggest you do it right now. These days people are entirely dependent on the online world in search of information.

And if they can’t locate you, they will most likely ignore your preschool. Thus, you are missing out on many potential clients.

If you going to, then it is recommended to make a website which is guest friendly, so that the visitors don’t suffer any issues while surfing.

You can also upload photos of kids having a great time to make the website look more fun since it is a website for preschool.

Hire an SEO writer to make the website more visible in search engines.  And lastly, your website should be both desktop and mobile-enabled.

-Social Media

There are lots of online conversations which happen quite often on social media platforms. So if you become a part of that conversation, you can influence them greatly with the choices they’ll make. To do so, you have to engage more in the world of Social Media.

Sure, it can be overwhelming at times, but you need to hold your ground because then only you could reach a wider set of clients for your preschool business.

This is a great platform to share your created content and market them accordingly.

With the help of this medium, you can reach out to industry influencers who are able enough to help your business. Social media play an important role in humanizing your business, which is always good.

-E-mail marketing

Now that you have obtained and built sign-up lists, it is time to put that to good use, and email marketing is the best one to start with.

But don’t spam their inboxes with a daily dose of e-mails.  Use this medium of marketing to send out newsletters once a month to your target audience with their permission to inform about all the new spots that have opened up, or a special discount offer, or an upcoming event.

In this way, you are not spamming but maintaining your business’s presence in their inbox.

-Choosing the right location & infrastructure:

It is very important to look for the right location and adequate space to set up the preschool business.

The preschool should be located in a child-friendly area, and the space should be adequate to set up infrastructure accordingly.

For a school, cleanliness, and hygiene are very important, so ensure that the location is well-maintained and has no health risks.

Also, in case the location where the preschool is set up is not owned premises, enter into a long-term lease or rental with a landlord to ensure that the investment in terms of infrastructure and business development is not jeopardized.

-Weekly & Monthly lesson Plan:

A curriculum for early years is a broad statement of intent and approaches similar to thoughtful guides. LE breaks down the MI curriculum into detailed weekly plans for every age group from 1.5 to 6 years.

Provide teachers with valuable resources and concrete tools. Preparation of teaching aids and details on conducting each session will be laid out for a daily break up.

-Parent communication App:

Teachers use a dedicated in-classroom app to mark attendance, report daily activities, track each child’s development, and share photos, notes, and videos with parents.

Meanwhile, parents use their app to access all this information and to automatically check their children in and out of the preschool or nursery. just like Flinnt or Teno app

Host an open house.

Plan an event inviting the public to visit your school and tour the facility. Host your open house during the summer and have sign-up sheets available in case parents want to enroll their children on the spot.

Take out a new radio or TV advertisement several weeks before your open house to spread awareness so you will have a good turnout.

-Opening of Website:

 Present day to have a website is essential in all spheres of business. A well-reputed company is deputed to prepare a website. The website should be included with your full address and contact nos.

Few attractive photographs of your school may be included on the website, which parents will be able to see and to decide for admission in your Preschool. The website must be updated as and when required.  

-Social Media Profiles:

In the present day world, most people are habituated to having their profiles on social media where all information is available.

Create a social media page that you can use to promote upcoming events, enrollment dates, or special recognition your preschool receives. Update your social media pages regularly with interesting content to create awareness for your preschool.

Parents of your children who see their friends share these posts might be more likely to enroll their children in your school. Your profile should be updated regularly to reach the parents of students.

– Onsite Training for Academic staff:

At the time of opening your school, if teachers recruited need additional training, some institutions arrange onsite training in child education.

In addition to the above, they can also send Academic Director or Head Trainer to your preschool, where he/she will be embedded with your academic staff to train them on how to deliver the speech to the students.

-Marketing tools & guidelines:

Apart from the above, marketing materials are required to promote business. Marketing tools such as flyers, banners, and brochures will be arranged.

Over years of experience, it appears that guidelines are essential for uplifting the preschool business in your vicinity and how you should allocate your budget between active and passive marketing techniques.

-Orientation program:

An exclusive orientation program can be arranged before the launch of your school. It prepares you for parent queries during the admission process and the rules & regulations of your institution. Having an orientation program helps you to promote your school better.

-Society tie-Ups

This is one of the most successful ideas in marketing your school. List all the societies in which you feel your TG resides.

The next step is to get permission, which is the hardest, from these societies (communities) to conduct an activity that will benefit children and parents. Remember, your objective is to generate leads and brand awareness. This tie-up can develop your marketing of the preschool business.

-A mascot for the school:

If you have-not got a mascot for your preschool or school, get it right away. Your mascot will be a crowd puller in places like gardens, societies, parks, etc.

Sometimes in time of any occasion or function in the school, a selected mascot of your school can be distributed to the kids (students), which will improve your school’s business.

How to Enroll More Students to your school

  • Promote your school through video marketing to get more students.
  • Offer an early-bird discount, group discount deals, and other promotional offers to enroll more students.
  • Start referral programs to get more students by giving a small portion of the discount.
  • Ask students or parents to write testimonials on the website and social media pages.
  • Give an advertisement in newspapers, educational magazines, or local radio, or promote through distributing pamphlets or putting hoardings at the crossroad.
  • Communicate with parents through e-mail newsletters on a weekly or daily basis.


What is the growth potential for a school business?

One owner who is also the teacher may begin a school. This is how many small, independent schools begin. The employer will recruit more teachers and staff as a school increases its student base. Schools have a tremendous opportunity for development in an English-speaking country with many new immigrants.

These days schools are very common and can enroll international students directly. Sadly, it takes up to two years to register as one of these I-20 colleges, and a student and visitor exchange (SEVP) program must certify a school in the United States.

What are some insider tips for jump starting a school business?

Schools ought to be small and slow to develop. Via expansion, a school will easily close. Schools do not offer very cheap, long-term courses to draw students. This marketing strategy helps schools to fill their classes, but eventually lose revenue. The academic progress or minimum examination scores should not be guaranteed for schools. Most importantly, schools must do their best to please their students. An unhappy student can ruin a class and prevent other students from signing up for extra classes.

How to keep the customers coming back to your school business?

It’s pretty normal to offer potential students free test lessons to sample your school. It is also necessary to keep the educational standard as high as possible so that students do not feel like wasting their time and money. Teachers should concentrate their lessons in an engaging and enjoyable way to illustrate useful skills.

How can you make your school business more profitable?

Schools can incorporate new classes and activities quickly to boost their performance. English schools will boost their income by selling a number of educational resources, such as dictionaries, CDs, and language learning games.

Preschool is nothing but educating small kids with the help of intense caring and with playing. It’s a very growing business as many big preschool business franchises expanding and also, some are entering. Here is the infographic which gives an idea of the popularity of this business. Read below

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