Marketing Ideas for a Sawmill Business

A sawmill business can be transformed into a profitable venture if you are able to attract new customers regularly and for that, you need to have creative marketing techniques that can positively influence potential customers. Use both offline and online marketing techniques to stand out in the market.

How to promote your Sawmill business?

  • Create a logo, brand name, and mobile-friendly website for creating a brand identity.
  • Print attractive business cards and distribute them in all the public events.
  • Sponsor events in your locality to make your brand accessible.
  • Get listed in local directories and local listings.
  • Conduct seminars, events, or fairs to invite new into your business.

Here are a few marketing ideas for a sawmill business which helps you increase awareness and double the sales of your Business.


Advertise your sawmill business in local newspapers and magazines that are widely circulated. People will get to know about your business from such advertisements. Highlight the specialties of your business in such advertisements. Advertisements will help you to reach out to the target audience. Use TV commercials and radio to advertise your sawmill business. Place banners and billboards in your locality displaying the name of your business.

-Business Cards

Print attractive business cards and pass it on to the prospective clients. You must place the logo of your business in all the cards. It should contain a piece of brief information about your business like its location and most importantly your contact details. Distribute the business cards in all the public events that are organized or attended by you.

-Create a Brand Identity

You should establish a brand identity of your sawmill business. Customers will choose your business due to its brand identity. It helps you to stand out in the competitive market. The quality of customer service, logo, name, website and business cards will contribute to creating a brand identity of your business. You need to develop a Unique Selling Proposition (USP) that will help in attracting new clients.

-Quality of Service

You must give top priority to the quality of your services. Try to meet the specific requirements of each customer. Your employees should be trained and experienced. Customers are likely to refer your business to their friends, neighbors, and relatives if they are pleased with the quality of your services. Offer the kind of services that are not easily available in other sawmill businesses of your locality.


Design a logo that is suitable to represent the values and goals of your business. It is an important constituent of your brand identity. It should be present in all your advertising materials. Customers will identify your business through the logo. An attractive logo will depict your creativity to potential customers. You can take the help of online websites for designing or buying a logo for your business.


Generate new customers through a cost-effective word-of-mouth advertising technique. Request the loyal customers to refer your business to their friends, relatives, and neighbors. Thank all the referring customers for promoting your business and also reward them with gifts or cash commission for each successful referral.

-Reviews and Feedbacks

Follow up with your customers to know about their after sales experience. Ask for their valuable opinion, if they want to see any changes in your customer service. This will let them know that you truly value the opinion of each customer. Reviews and feedbacks will help in enhancing the quality of your services. So, request the customers to write reviews and testimonials in your website and social media pages. You should monitor the reviews regularly. Positive ratings and reviews can go a long way in influencing prospective customers.

-Send Appreciation Notes

You should take the extra step of thanking your loyal customers for choosing the services of your business for a considerable period of time. Send handwritten appreciation notes to such customers along with gifts. It is an effective way of staying engaged with them.

-Discounts and Deals

Offer lucrative discounts and deals to the customers frequently. It is the traditional way of promoting any business. You should offer discounts and exciting offers to repeat customers. Also, offer discounts to those customers who place orders in bulk. Consider tying up with a daily deals site that can provide you with new deals each day.

-Sponsor Local Events

Sponsor events in your locality that offer you the scope to meet and interact with the local community. Distribute your business cards and brochure among the visitors. Put up hoardings and banners in the advertising spaces. You can also sponsor a charitable event where you donate money to any charitable organization. Customers will get to know about the social responsibility of your business through such events. It will contribute to creating a good impression among potential customers.

-Post Online Videos

You can post videos that are related to your sawmill business in online marketing platforms like website, blog and social media pages. Customers will get to know the techniques of your work through such events. They will know what to expect from your business when they view the videos.


You should design a professional website for your business as that will help in making your online presence strong. The website should be user-friendly. It will feature all the important information related to your business like the type of services you offer, prices charged etc. Keep a section on the website that is dedicated to receiving feedback from customers. You can reach out to customers staying far away from your locality through the website.


Start your own blog where you post articles related to wood cutting. You can showcase your knowledge and expertise in wood cutting through such articles. It is a strong online marketing technique that helps in increasing the traffic to your website.

-Social Media

Promote your sawmill business through advertisements in social media. Create a business page in popular social media websites and post promotional content in them that has the potential to attract customers. You can interact with the customers on a daily basis as most of them are active in social media. Inform them about exciting offers through social media.


Optimize your online marketing efforts through Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It helps in making your website visible to customers who search online with keywords that are related to your sawmill business. You need to register your website with online search engines and directories for search engine optimization.

How to drive sales to your Sawmill business?

  • Advertise with the help of local newspapers, TV, and magazines.
  • Create referral programs for clients and reward people with some gifts or commission. 
  • Place banners and billboards in community areas to make people notice your brand.
  • Request clients to write reviews on your website and social media pages.
  • Give discount offers and deals to grab more clients.
  • Post sawmill related videos on blog, social media pages, and website.
  • Create a blog to demonstrate your expertise.
  • Promote your sawmill business through social media websites and post promotional content.

Different business have different strategies which helps them to go high gradually. Here is the Infographic which gives you more ideas how your manufacturing business can go high and be a profitable business. Read Below

sawmill business infographic

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