Top 10 Best Sandwich Chains in the USA

It is for sure that you will not come across as many sandwich chains in the US as the number of fast-food burger joints; however, it does not imply that there is less number of sandwich buffs in the country. Thus, what are the most well-known sandwich chains in the country right now?

Let us not waste time and dive right into the article to see the top 10 sandwich chains in the US right now.

Top 10 Best Sandwich Chains in the USA

10. McAlister’s Deli

This sandwich chain had been founded in Oxford, Mississippi, in the year 1989 within a renovated gas station. At present, you will come across in excess of 300 outlets in as many as 23 states.

Although McAlister’s Deli is perhaps most well-known for the sweet tea, the sandwiches are also famous too.

These have been categorized into Hot, Club, Grilled, as well as Classic menus, plus supplemented with enthused seasonal offerings such as the Turkey Cranberry Griller, along with gorgonzola cheese, Butterball smoked turkey, Granny Smith apples, and cranberry compote. Make certain to savor one of their well-known baked potatoes as well.

9. Arby’s

This particular sandwich chain was founded in the year 1964 in Boardman, Ohio and had been created as a substitute for the quick-service burger joints.

The tagline of this sandwich chain, “We have the meats” happens to be fitting since Arby’s became reputed for its traditional roast-beef sandwich quite fast. The roast beef happens to be marinated as well as freshly sliced and is served hot on an onion roll.

Apart from this, Arby’s likewise provides different types of hot and mouthwatering sandwiches including Reubens, BBQ brisket sandwiches, plus Mediterranean-style gyros apart from deli-style sandwiches, wraps, and salads. Besides sandwiches, this chain is also acknowledged for the seasoned curly fries.

8. Jason’s Deli

The well-known Jason’s Deli which happens to be Texas-based can boast of having in excess of 240 locations in as many as 28 states, and the business is prospering day by day. What is the secret for this?

The sandwich chain is reputed for giving stress on healthier fare and customizable options. But it is their ability to manufacture their own sandwiches which the food buffs love so much!

Jason’s Deli has succeeded in eliminating high-fructose corn syrup as well as trans fats from their menus and provide “lighter portion” choices at present. A top-notch muffaletta and a solid salad bar happen to be amongst their top menus right now.

7. Subway

Having more than 40,000 locations across the globe, this particular sandwich chain is one of the most popular grab-and-go chains in the country. The restaurant is known for its assembly-line style which is appropriate for all those who really like to personalize their sub.

Customers are able to select from Subway’s reputed in-house baked breads, toppings, fresh vegetables, cheeses, condiments, as well as meats for customizing any menu item. Apart from subs, this chain likewise provides wraps, breakfast items, salads, and cookies.

Besides this, the chain recently announced the inclusion of Subway Sliders which are actually sandwiches on compact rolls which are appropriate for mixing or snacking plus matching for a complete meal. 

6. Schlotzsky’s

The sandwich outlet of Schlotzsky’s was opened up in Texas in the year 1971. The restaurant’s signature sandwich was actually based on the muffuletta which happens to be an Italian New Orleans’ favorite and is nevertheless well-known even today.

The restaurant’s version of a muffuletta (known as The Original) is prepared with the reputed homemade sourdough bread of Schlotzsky’s and also Cotto salami, ham, mozzarella, Genoa salami, cheddar, tomato, mustard, parmesan, red onion, black olives, lettuce, as well as signature sauce.

The sandwich became so well known that as many as 3 variations of it were introduced by the chain that consisted of add-ons such as turkey and ham. The menu likewise consists of salads, flatbreads, soups, plus pizzas. Moreover, many locations likewise provide desserts plus Cinnabon cinnamon rolls for the food enthusiasts.

5. Potbelly Sandwich Shop

Potbelly began as an antique outlet prior to turning out to be a sandwich chain in the US. Initially, Peter Hastings (the founder) and his wife started selling sandwiches to the customers and the shop was more known for food as compared to antics in the long run.

The menu of the sandwich chain consists of a wide variety of hot sandwiches and A Wreck happens to be one of the most popular offerings right here which features roast beef, salami, ham, oven-roasted turkey, melted Swiss cheese, tomato, lettuce, as well as mayonnaise.

Apart from sandwiches, Potbelly likewise offers different types of desserts, soups, sides, salads, plus smoothies. The hot-pepper blend of this sandwich chain is also quite popular and it is made from red bell peppers as well as serrano, cauliflower, jalapeños, carrots, green olives, plus celery.

4. Quiznos

Quiznos was founded in the year 1981 in Denver, Colorado and it became quite well known amongst the clients thanks to its different types of bread choices, unique combinations of flavor, as well as signature toasting procedure.

It will be possible for the sandwich enthusiasts to select from wheat bread, jalapeño-cheddar bread, white bread, as well as rosemary-parmesan bread for creating any of the mouthwatering sandwich varieties of the chain.

Customers are also able to customize their sandwiches fully by choosing from different types of toppings, vegetables, and condiments for creating their immaculate sub. Besides this, the eatery likewise provides salads, soups, chips, plus tater tots for accompanying the meal.

3. Jimmy John’s Gourmet Sandwiches

Every year approximately 200 units are being opened by this reputed sandwich chain in the US and it was founded by Jimmy John Liautaud in the year 1983 in Illinois. The ingredients happen to be of top-quality and the bread is baked daily in-house.

The roast beef happen to be genuine roast beef and the turkey is genuine turkey without any additive or vegetable-based filler. In case you would like to go big, then you should opt for the J.J.

Gargantuan – a combination of ham, Genoa salami, capicola, turkey, roast beef, provolone, tomato, lettuce, mayo, homemade Italian dressing, plus onions on a French bun. That is what you call a sandwich.

2. Jersey Mike’s Subs

This particular sandwich chain in America had its origin in New Jersey during in the 1950s. Jersey Mike’s Subs has become quite popular in the US because of serving subs with locally sourced meats and vegetables as well as cheeses which are sliced right before you.

The menu comprises of different types of hot as well as cold subs from Famous Philly to The Veggie.

One popular way of ordering subs happens to be “Mike’s Way” which consists of tomatoes, onions, dried spices, lettuce, and “the juice” which is consisting of red-wine vinegar plus olive oil.

1. Firehouse Subs

This sandwich chain had been founded by a couple of firefighters namely Chris and Robin Sorensen in the year 1994 in Jacksonville, Fla.

At present you will come across in excess of 600 locations across the US, and all of them come with firehouse-inspired touches. Subs likewise have names that happen to be firehouse-inspired such as the Hook & Ladder (ham, turkey, and molten Monterrey Jack).

Other specialty subs consist of the   Smokehouse Beef & Cheddar Brisket and the beef brisket is smoked for over 16 hours topped with sauce and Cheddar. The meatball sub of this chain is likewise in huge demand.

Top Sandwich Chains

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