Samsung Marketing Strategies: The Key To Building A Global Tech Empire

One manufacturer dominates the smartphone market: Samsung. They enthrall us all with their elegant looks and modern technology. But what distinguishes them? ? It’s not only innovation; it’s also their absurd marketing tactics.

As we examine Samsung’s marketing craziness, hold on tight. Prepare for a voyage into an imaginative universe where brilliant minds discuss while riding unicorns ?(well, maybe not unicorns). 

So gather your supplies and get ready to be mesmerized by Samsung’s incredible marketing world, where normal is not a choice. ?

Together, we’ll learn the enchanted techniques that have contributed to their popularity and how Samsung’s marketing gurus have perfected the art of capturing our attention. ?

Get ready for a voyage through Samsung’s unmatched marketing mastery that will blow your mind. ?

About Samsung

The South Korean-based global firm Samsung is well-known for its broad selection of goods and services. The business, which Lee Byung-chul founded in 1938, has developed into one of the biggest and most powerful in the world.

Samsung works in several sectors, including IT, telecommunications, electronic components, gadgets, and domestic appliances. The company’s smartphones, which have become quite popular and are seen as rivals to Apple’s iPhones, are its most known goods.

QUICK FACT ?- With Apple and Huawei as their main rivals, Samsung had a roughly 20% market share of the worldwide smartphone industry in 2021.

Overall, Samsung has made a name for itself as a top brand that offers modern technology, unique goods, and a variety of services to satisfy the demands of customers all over the world.

Samsung’s History in short

Lee Byung-Chul established Samsung in 1938 in South Korea as a commercial business. It changed and grew into different sectors over time. Samsung began the electronics industry in the 1960s and created its first television in black and white. It rose to prominence as an expert in storage devices and screens by the 1990s. Samsung introduced its well-liked Galaxy range of smartphones in 2000, upsetting Apple’s hegemony.

The business introduced cutting-edge technology like curved screens and smartphones with folding mechanisms as it carried on innovating. With a long history of technical innovation and a broad range of products, including electronics, semiconductors, home appliances, and more, Samsung is an international business today.

QUICK FACT ?- The South Korean business sold more than 272 million smartphones globally in only 2021.

Marketing strategies of Samsung

Brands like Samsung have used marketing as a way of promoting their brand for years and years. ?

Marketing helps to increase brand reach and find new loyal customers from all over the world. ?

There are many ways one can go about advertising, and I have listed some of the methods that Samsung uses right here ⤵️

Digital Presence

Samsung’s success in online advertising is partly due to its skillful use of social currency. Samsung is increasing its social media presence and giving consumers and brand aficionados more opportunities to share their experiences with individuals in their network. Samsung also offers numerous user profiles on every platform.

QUICK FACT ?- Samsung has 678.7k followers on their official Twitter handle.

Brand Ambassador Strategy

Samsung has partnered with celebrities to market its products. Stars were able to advertise their cell phones and other enterprises through this connection on a range of social media sites.

Due to their vast fan bases, working with A-list celebrities may ensure increased brand exposure. Several well-known celebrities, such as BTS, BLACKPINK, Huma Qureshi, etc., have collaborated with them.

Product Innovation

The main focus of Samsung’s marketing plan is product innovation. They devote a lot of money to studying and developing to include cutting-edge features, designs, and technology in their goods.

Samsung wants to thrill and pique the curiosity of customers who are looking for cutting-edge technology by persistently pushing the frontiers of development?.

Multi-channel marketing

Samsung uses a variety of marketing channels to successfully connect with its intended demographic. To increase the exposure of their brand, they make use of conventional advertising methods, including television commercials, print articles, and external billboards.

A major section of Samsung’s customer base is engaged online. Thus the company also uses digital channels like social media, online display advertisements, search engine marketing, and email marketing to communicate with customers?.

Emotional Branding

Samsung is aware of the need for empathetic marketing. They create captivating stories about their goods that speak to the hopes and wants of people.

Samsung establishes a connection with viewers on an emotional level by demonstrating how its gadgets improve people’s lives and produce unforgettable experiences?. 

This emotional branding technique aids in setting Samsung apart from rivals and fostering enduring brand loyalty.

Retail Shop Experience

Via its Samsung Experience Stores and collaborations with retail partners, Samsung concentrates on offering customers distinctive retail encounters.

Customers may become acquainted with the goods made by Samsung at these stores through comprehensive and memorable experiences?.

These retail locations allow clients to personally experience the features, functions, and advantages of Samsung devices through practical demonstrations and individualized advice.

Data-driven Decision Making

Samsung makes use of analytics and information to inform its advertising choices and improve its tactics. To obtain knowledge of consumer behavior, tastes, and demands, they gather and evaluate customer data, market trends, and campaign performance indicators.

With the use of this data-driven strategy, Samsung can target certain audience segments, optimize messages, maximize advertising expenditure, and spot areas for development?.

Now that you’ve taken a peek at what goes on in the marketing department at Samsung let’s take a look at some of its most popular products ⤵️

Top Products of Samsung

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

If your budget allows it, the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is a great phone to buy if you want the most recent hardware specifications and photography capabilities.

Compared to previous Galaxy S23 models, it boasts a larger, crisper screen, a unique shape with sharper angles, a bigger battery, and a better camera configuration?.

The Ultra stands out from the other members of the Galaxy S23 family because of the built-in S Pen stylus, which opens up a whole new range of creative and productive possibilities for the large-screen phone.

Samsung Galaxy A14 5G

The greatest Samsung phone for frugal consumers is the Galaxy A14 5G, which costs less than $200. It features 5G, a stylish design, a big, clear display with a fast refresh rate, a multisensor camera arrangement, outstanding power efficiency, memory expansion, and a standard audio port.

The massive 5,000 mAh battery inside the Galaxy A14 5G, which has the same capability as the Galaxy Ultra phones, allows it to easily last days without a charge.

Samsung Galaxy S23

The Samsung Galaxy S23, which costs less than $1,000, is the ideal choice for those on a tight budget. It comes in a variety of colors and boasts a sophisticated design, a potent processor, a capable camera system, and a stunning AMOLED display.

Despite having cutting-edge specifications, the product’s pricing is very reasonable?‍?.

The Galaxy S23 is more streamlined than the previous model and does away with the camera hump on the rear in favor of a simpler layout and a more durable, environmentally friendly construction made of Corning Gorilla Glass Victus 2.

Samsung Galaxy A54 5G

The budget-friendly Samsung Galaxy to acquire is the A54 5G, one of the top smartphones you can get under $500.

It features a stylish appearance resembling that of the more expensive Galaxy S23, a reliable waterproof construction, a powerful CPU with 5-nanometer architecture, a sizable and brilliant display, a flexible camera arrangement, and a protracted battery life.

Additionally, I give Samsung credit for releasing the item with a $450 tag that is exactly like the one on the Galaxy A53 5G it substitutes.

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 5G

The Samsung Galaxy S21 FE (Fan Edition) is a high-end smartphone at an amazingly reasonable price of around $700. A fantastic triple camera and slick Super AMOLED display are housed in its vibrant polycarbonate body?.

The FE features a larger screen and battery than the more expensive Galaxy S21 but a more modest style. In its entry-level configuration, it lacks 8K video recording and has less RAM. The device’s remaining specifications are comparable, making it among the finest in its price category.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4

The Galaxy Z Fold4 is Samsung’s most cutting-edge and costly smartphone, much like its predecessor. It can switch from being a cell phone to a tablet, making it just as attention-grabbing as a Galaxy.

The Galaxy Z Fold4 has a strong CPU, lots of RAM, and a fantastic triple camera, all thanks to Samsung.?

It no longer needs to sacrifice camera quality to own the most avant-garde Galaxy because this model has the identical primary image sensor and zoom capability as a Galaxy S camera. One camera for selfies is concealed behind the folding display.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4

The Galaxy Z Flip4 is a monitor to the most well-known folding phone in the industry and, once again, an even more modern option to the greatest smartphones available right now. The new model differs from the Galaxy Z Flip3 in terms of design, chip size, camera quality, and battery size?.

The Galaxy Z Flip4 delivers a similarly interesting user interface because of its shape. When open, it may divide the program’s UI and position the buttons on the screen’s bottom half.

Samsung Soundbars

With AI technologies, Samsung created an immersive soundscape and enhanced audio quality. These soundbars with ultra-immersive audio may improve any watching experience.

Although the majority of Samsung TVs have speakers that are integrated, these soundbars may improve any TV to which they are connected. Although all the soundbars are excellent, I would suggest the Samsung HW-Q990B.? 

It is the Samsung HW-Q950A’s improved model. The 990 B’s specialized subwoofer and the tilted rearward satellites that widen the soundstage enable it to provide more powerful bass. Additionally, Alexa has built-in support!

Samsung Neo QLED 8K

Customers have access to high-end solutions that meet all their needs thanks to Samsung’s most recent Neo QLED 8K and 4K televisions. Samsung’s cutting-edge Neural Quantum Processor, which backs the Quantum Mini LED-lit TV with 14-bit processing and AI upscaling, powers Neo QLED picture quality.

This processor also enables elements like Shape Adaptive Light Control and Real Depth Enhancer Pro for a three-dimensional, lifelike image. ?

A variety of smart technologies on the TV, like Bixby and Amazon Alexa, make it simple to operate your television with the help of your voice while enjoying the material you love.

Samsungs Marketing Mix 4P Analysis

Now, let’s analyze the 4Ps of Samsung ⤵️


To continue to satisfy consumers, Samsung, a prominent electronic brand, must adapt to the sudden shifts in the industry. Better features, increased performance, and constant innovation may help a company compete fiercely.

Selling smartphones, home appliances, music equipment, and other products, among others, is how Samsung makes money.

It excels in all facets of product variety. Mobile Devices, Samsung Home Appliances, TV/AV, Information Technology, and Memory/Storage are some of the categories under which their goods fall.


Samsung offers primarily to service providers and merchants. As an outcome of this policy, commercial sales are exclusively the responsibility of service dealers. This business’s distribution network is its greatest asset.

The same distribution business that delivers Samsung’s products in one place also delivers them to other regions. The firm primarily sells its electronic appliances and other goods through accredited resellers.

Additionally, prospective customers may access and use the business’s goods in person at Samsung Experience Store locations. 


Samsung is the industry leader in smartphones and also rules the market for home appliances by employing various pricing techniques. Samsung continues to fall behind in several product areas.

Although it may be well-known in the world of home appliances, it still hasn’t overtaken several leading manufacturers like LG.

To compete effectively against the intense market rivalry, the corporation must adopt affordable pricing. Samsung must defend its position since the opposition is fierce, although it is not the marketplace leader in specific lines of products.


The marketing mix of the firm includes promotion heavily. Samsung claims that advertising is the most successful kind of promotion for bringing in new clients and promoting the brand.

Samsung markets new products through print media, social media, and digital media. The firm has recruited many well-known people to act as spokespersons for and sell very effective products to capitalize on celebrities’ sizable fan bases.

Samsung’s Top Campaigns

Samsung has always had creative and eye-catching advertisements. Some of their ads are talked about even to this day! ?

Let’s jump in and take a look at some of their top ad campaigns of all time ⤵️

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 Campaign

An unusual acquisition of bus stops in Belgium is part of Samsung’s most recent marketing campaign for the Galaxy Z Flip 4 series. In this shelter, several of the typical seating has been replaced with chairs designed to resemble XL replica phones, which patrons are invited to “flip open.

” The piece offers commuters a pleasant engagement and displays the distinctive phone-flipping motion. The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 combines a classic design with a futuristic folding screen.

Notting Hill Carnival

The innovative PR firm Taylor Herring launched a cross-platform campaign to highlight Samsung’s collaboration with Notting Hill Carnival. Taylor Herring was given the task of promoting Samsung’s ‘Shoot in 8K.

Watch in 8 K’s marketing campaign, which highlights the higher video and viewing resolution of Samsung’s new Galaxy S20 phones and QLED 8K TV line. ‘Colours of Carnival’ are meant to be brought to life in 8K detail by the advertising.

Samsung Spotlight

Samsung debuted “Samsung Spotlight,” a new program to support young artists who had been negatively impacted by the epidemic. The campaign’s premiere video includes Paul Mescal, the Irish actor who was selected as the “breakthrough star of 2020,” doing a dance performance motivated by the events of that year. 

Mescal, who became famous from the smash television program “Normal People,” does a 90-second performance of a contemporary dance piece in the movie “Lockdown,” which seeks to reflect the tone of a turbulent year.


With the introduction of a distinctive augmented reality (AR) experience, Samsung has been bringing attention to some of Thailand’s most endangered wild species.

The future of Thailand’s endangered species was then directly in the hands of people thanks to the augmented reality initiative known as Samsung SanctuARy. 

The AR lens placed the threatened species in the users’ hands, empowering them to speak up for what they believe in and motivating them to step up by sharing information on the internet about the situation of these species.

Vertical Stage Gig

The world’s first vertical stage concert was held as part of Samsung’s celebration of the inauguration of Samsung KX, its brand-new shop in London’s Kings Cross.

Research demonstrating how a large proportion of smartphone users are already interacting with their gadgets vertically led to the creation of the first-of-its-kind event. 

As a result, the vertical stage was constructed with every possible optimization for the audience to instantaneously record and post on social media.

Key Takeaways

Samsung has worked very hard to establish itself and has overtaken even Apple in terms of popularity. ?

Using the correct marketing strategies and innovating new products has helped it tremendously, and it can help your brand, too. ?

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Ford’s Marketing Strategies

How does Samsung use storytelling in marketing campaigns?

Samsung is aware of the effectiveness of storytelling and frequently uses narratives to communicate with its target market. To explain how their gadgets improve people’s lives and makes it possible for uncommon experiences, they create fascinating stories that showcase the capabilities and advantages of their goods. With the use of sympathetic and inspirational storytelling, Samsung forges closer ties with its audience.

How does Samsung leverage data and analytics in its marketing strategies?

To understand customer behavior, tastes, and market developments, Samsung uses analytical tools and data. To create specific promotional initiatives, enhance marketing efforts, and improve product offers, they evaluate consumer data. Samsung can make wise choices concerning marketing and increase its overall efficacy by using information-driven analysis.

How does Samsung personalize its marketing efforts for different regions or demographics?

Samsung is aware of the value of localizing its advertising tactics to appeal to a variety of groups. To correspond with local tastes, cultural quirks, and intended demographics, they adjust their communication, visuals, and promotions. Samsung assures relevance and successfully interacts with customers in diverse areas by customizing its marketing strategy.

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