Top 10 Samsung Competitors and Alternatives

A South Korean multinational company has the 8th highest global value. Started as a trading company by Lee Byung-Chul is now a global brand with a valuation of. The company has made itself diverse over many years.

In 1997 when Asian Financial Crisis hit most Korean companies, Samsung was unharmed. Samsung became the leader of many companies.

It has also invested a lot more amount in research and development. In 1992 Samsung was the biggest producer of memory chips.  


Integrated and electronics, founded by Gordon Moore and Robert Noyce, is now a worldwide brand. It is an American technology company headquartered in California. It is the most significant manufacturer of semiconductor chips.

Intel has fed the growing computer industry with new microprocessor designs. But its business significantly reduced due to heavy competition from Japanese companies. Pat Gelsinger now leads this company.

It has a valuation of 19.87 billion. The introduction of mobiles led to a decline in the sale of personal computers.

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Founded by Steve Jobs is now changing lives and apple products are in great demand nowadays. The company is headed by Tim Cook and has a valuation of about $142.64 billion.

Apple is a global brand with the second most valued company. Apple had great financial success after it was launched in 1980.

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Have a look at Top 10 Apple Competitors And Alternatives


A Japan-based technology company headed by Yuki Kusumi was once the largest maker. It has a wide range of products, from rechargeable batteries to industrial systems. It had a brand valuation of about $225.71 billion.

The company has sold many of its products with other brand names. Kōnosuke Matsushita started the company with bicycle lamps, which is now a great success.

Lg Electronics

Koo In-how established a South Korean multinational company dealing with electronics under Goldstar. Still, after years the name was changed to Panasonic.

It was the second-largest LCD TV manufacturer in 2013. It was one of the top 100 brands, but its value slowly decreased. LG stopped smartphone manufacturing due to heavy losses. LG is also on the verge of manufacturing eco-friendly washing machines.


A china based company headquartered in Shenzhen, China. Established by an army official Ren Zhengfei initially manufactured phone switches. It has its mark in 170 countries.

During the pandemic wits, the sales of Samsung dropped Huawei took over the market. The brand was valued at 113.7 billion. The present CEO of the company is MengWanzhou. It has employed over 194000 employees worldwide.

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Initiated with an electronics shop with eight employees by Masaru Ibuka, the company is now going global and recognized as a brand. The company was valued at $111.48. The CEO, Kenichiro Yoshida, is transforming the company to bring the best out of it.

This company deals with various products, from robotics to semiconductor chips. The company has the slogan ” Be moved. ” It is not only a technology company but also the most significant music producer.

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Started as a laptop producer but later switched to windows mobile production; this Taiwan-based company was the first to run Android mobiles. The founder and current CEO, Cher Wang, started with notebook computers.

Still, things took a significant turnover when they produced the world’s first handheld wireless devices.

HTC lost its charm when Samsung gave it heavy competition. The company was valued at 12 million. The slogan “quietly brilliant” was made famous among the growing consumers.


American Chinese multinational company specializing in creating supercomputers was founded by Liu Chuanzhi and is now headed by Yang Yuanqing, one of the largest personal computer sellers.

At some point in time, it took over the market in China. Lenovo was also a producer of smartphones and tablets but later removed that part to focus on manufacturing personal computers but later again joined the call of smartphone manufacture and became one of the most prominent smartphone vendors in China.

Though Apple was famous, Lenovo always aimed to focus its market in China, so Lenovo took over the market in China. The company was valued at $2.145 billion.


Bill Gates established the world’s best software maker. Started by selling basic interprets but is now known worldwide for the services provided by Microsoft is dominating the market even if it has lost most of its operating systems to android.

When Satya Nadella became the CEO, the company focused on cloud computing. After that, the company’s shares reached their highest value.

The company is capitalized at $6.60 Billion, and now Microsoft is on the third global brand valuation.

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A multinational company with significant contributions to the mobile industry has not only contributed to the economy but also employed 100000 people and has business in 150 countries.

But Nokia suffered a substantial decline due to poor management and decision-making. Founded by Fredrik Idestam, Leo Mechelin, and Eduard Polón are now taken over by Pekka Lundmark. It has a valuation of 330 million.

Due to the Russia – Ukraine war, Nokia withdraws itself from the Russian market.

No matter how much competition, each brand has a unique quality in itself and its products that makes it stand out amongst the other brands and makes it likeable.

Samsung Competitors

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