Top 10 Best Salad Dressing Brands in The Us – You Must Try 

Vegetables and fruits put together, sometimes with other small pieces of food are known as a salad. They are usually served at room temperature or chilled.

The sauces used as a flavoring material in salads in known as a salad dressing. It adds a unique taste to the salad due to its unique blend of ingredients.

These are either carefully chosen combinations of oils, vinegar, or milk-based products. There are two kinds of salad dressing used namely, vinaigrettes (based on salad oil and vinegar mixed with spices and other ingredients) and creamy dressing (based on fermented milk items or buttermilk). 

Best Salad Dressing Brands in the US to Satisfy Every Palate

Hidden Valley Ranch

Made up of salts, flavor enhancer E621, dried onions and garlic, spices, modified food starch, calcium stearate (<2%), and natural flavors, this dressing was developed by Steve Henson in 1954.

It initially served as a dressing in Alaska but gained so much popularity that it became a brand in no time.

Its creamy flavors melt in your mouth, and the best part is that it can be used with anything like salads, chips, chicken, etc. 

Good Seasons

If you are fond of Italian dressing, this is your best pick and should be a part of your refrigerator.

It contains preservatives, acidity regulators, dried garlic, red bell pepper, carrots, parsley and onions, thickening material, maltodextrin, soy sauce, and GMO.

It is considered one of the favorite dressing brands for its extraordinary flavor. Kraft Heinz food services own them.

It is a globally trusted brand for food products that has maintained its promise to make long-term value creations. 

Ken’s Steakhouse

Based in the city of Massachusetts, Ken’s is a family business that started in the basement of ken’s steak house, which was a restaurant in Framingham.

It has more than 60 flavors that will satisfy your taste buds so when you go shopping; you should not miss out on this. 

Wish-Bone Dressing

Along with his mother, Lena Sollomi, Phillip Sollomi founded this restaurant called Wish-bone in 1945 in Kansas City, Missouri. Phillip’s mother’s recipe for salad dressing was from her Sicilian family.

It was a special blend of herbs, oil, vinegar, and spices that became so famous that they decided to have a separate production of this. The Unilever profile’s Lipton acquired it and was manufactured in Kansa city in 1958.

Then the company was taken over by Pinnacle Foods in 2013 from Unilever. On October 26th, 2018, ConAgra from Chicago IL owned it.

Even though the brand has been owned by so many different companies, the authentic taste of the traditional family lives in it forever. 

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The T Marzetti Company, founded by Teresa Marzetti, produces many salad dressings, dips, and baked products.

It was originally started as a restaurant in Columbus, but its hand-cooked pasta and salad dressing became so famous among students that it soon became a 4-star restaurant.

They started a full-scale factory above the restaurant, and soon, it became a famous brand. After Teresa died in 1972, the factory was shut down, and the brand got her name.

Over the years, their products have improved and keep their consumers delighted. 

Litehouse Dressing

In 1949, Ed Hawkins Sr. was a chef in Spokane, WA, where one day, on the complaint of his boss about the food, he happens to blend mayonnaise, spices, crumbled blue cheese, and buttermilk and make his first creamy blue cheese dressing.

He and his wife bought a restaurant Hurschell’s lighthouse on the shore of Lake Pend Oreille, Hope Idaho, in 1958.

People enjoyed the dressing so much that they decided to sell their first jar in 1963 in Sandpoint, Idaho. 

Doug and Edward Jr in the 1980s, made a proper business plan, and due to their good reputation, they merged with Chadaleee Farms Inc. of Lowell, Michigan.

With time they expanded their products, and in 2001 Pend Oreille Cheese Company started using this recipe. In 2006, they transferred 30% of the shares to employees and 100% by 2014.

They have kept their word of making great products and kept a strong commitment to their employees. 

Brianna’s Dressing

Del Sol Food Company, Inc was founded in 1982. Brianna’s fine salad originated in Austin, Texas, was handmade in a small kitchen, and now has become a world-famous brand.

In 2019, they started their organic salad dressing to provide their users with a premium organic replacement of their favorite dressings and some new variety.

In 2017, they collaborated with the Sabormex family of the La Costena group, which is recognized as a packed food industry leader.

The acquisition was mutual, and this partnership proved to be beneficial for both. This Texas-based brand commits to the finest products and uncompromised taste. 

Girard’s Dressing

It was initially started by Chef Pierre Girard back in 1939 in San Francisco. It was originally a French dressing but with time he brought variations to it and ended up with a unique new dressing.

With time it became famous and now is one of the leading dressing brands in the US. Its wide range of products and French touch has caught consumers’ attention so that it is reviewed as one of the best dressing products. 

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Marie’s Creamy Ranch Dressing

A small café named after Marie Nordquist in Seattle’s chef Harold Smith made this blue cheese dressing and they started to sell in Marie’s.

Soon the restaurant became famous and people from all over came for the salad. Today they are one of the most famous brands with 25 different flavors to make their taste buds relish in zest. They are GMO oil-free. 

Makoto Dressing

This brand started in 1985 in Makoto Japanese Steakhouse in Melbourne, Florida. Their ginger dressing became very famous in no time and they started getting a lot of orders across the US.

They have a huge range of dressing and sauce. With their special spicy ingredients that have a unique taste that can not be found anywhere.

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