22+ best Roofing Company Marketing Ideas

The roofing business is one the business that has difficulties in the repetition of services. People need roofs over their heads that can survive for 3 decades. And marketing demolishes the needs of the repetitive business by popularizing your company amongst the people.

How to promote your Roofing company?

  1. Create a roofing company website with a proper logo to get an online presence.
  2. Participate in trade shows to create business partnerships, new leads, and good exposure.
  3. Join local business meetups, Chamber of Commerce, real estate firms, landscaping companies, or handymen to get more orders.
  4. Make sure to list business in Google web, web directories; Google maps to help others find you with one click.
  5. Distribute professional business cards at various trade events or business partners to make a future connection.

The usage of marketing strategies helps the company to create its own brand amongst the other competitors from the same domain. There are effective marketing ideas that have the potential to make you the number one roofer in your own community.

Here are some best Marketing ideas for Roofing companies to get more customers and Increase your Company Awareness.

-A Portfolio

A portfolio is a great way to document your skills and experience. People tend to believe more when they see it with their own eyes.

So don’t waste more time and invest your time in putting together a comprehensive work portfolio that will help the people see the quality of work that has been done by your roofing company.

Document some actual craftsmanship with the help of photographs so that potential customers can expect a resembling result.

In the portfolio, don’t forget to mention the various techniques and the numerous roofing styles used by your company. Showing such versatilities through a work portfolio is a great way to market your roofing company.

-Give your audience some value

How can you make your audience feel they hold real values for the company? One way to do it is by putting powers into the customer’s hand.

If a customer asks for information regarding a leakage, then it is better to tell them how to fix it assuming you yourself have the knowledge to do it.

By giving good tips, you will be helping the customers to fix their own roofs by themselves.

And this will make the potential customer come to you because of the value that you’ve given them. You might not want to overdo this technique of marketing because in that way you are going to lose some businesses that are coming your way.

-Pricing and Niche for Roofing Company Marketing

When you are providing the customers with some high levels of craftsmanship through the use of quality products, then the temptation to charge more for your job is not unhealthy.

Also with the increased rates of your work, you will be introduced to a niche of customers who can afford to pay for the higher level of quality work.

If not at first, people will eventually understand the importance of providing security against leaks through the means of putting up a roof.

If you are able to outperform your competition in terms of craftsmanship, then the ratio of profits and booking will surely increase.

-Co-Market With Relevant Businesses

It is more likely that the community where your physical store is located has a go-to-builder already. And for the community, that builder is the number one quality service provider.

So being the only trusted builder in the community, the chances are that the company is facing some difficulties in getting the job done for everybody.

So in order to market your roofing company in your community, collaborate with the other company to share some workload and eventually create a customer base for your roofing company. In this way, both the companies involved are making their business profitable.

-Creative Promotions

Choose a household that needs a roof but is unable to pay for it, in every 3 months or so. Offer them your company’s services of making a nice looking roof for the household charging whatever the families are willing to pay.

Hire a professional cameraman and an editor to document the whole process. And after the completion of each philanthropic service, promote your roofing company by sharing the documentation with the world.

People are more willing to do business with a company that has supported a family by putting a roof over their heads.

-Claim Your Business

You should consider having your business claimed on Google. In order to be more findable by the audiences of the Internet, this is a step, to begin with.

You can easily claim your business on Google free of cost. It also allows you to put relevant information such as your contact information, business website, and the address of the physical store.

So when someone searches for your roofing company’s name, Google’s intuitive algorithm will make it more feasible for potential customers to reach you.

-Use Mother Nature

The roofing business can be categorized as somewhat of a seasonal business. The need for more roofing companies increases in creation parts of a year.

So it is highly recommended to create your advertising campaigns using the seasonal weather patterns to your advantage. For example, during the fall season, you can talk about preparing a roof for the upcoming winter months. And during the seasons of storms, a lot of prospective customers will be in need of roof repairs.

In your advertising campaigns, you can also include some pictures of house roofs that have been damaged by snows and storms.

-The Referral Program

There is no doubt about the fact that word-of-mouth is one of the best forms of marketing. But in order to transport a notch of good word-of-mouth across a huge number of potential clients, you need to start a referral bonus program.

Offer incentives to the existing customers who are bringing you loads of new customers through the use of referrals. In that way more and more existing customers will recommend your company’s services to the people they know.

This is an effective strategy to strengthen the relationship between the company and the customers.

-Desktop and Mobile friendly WEBSITE

In our digital age, a website is not just an online brochure for your business. It is the lead-generating tool used to bring more clients to your company.

While creating your company’s website you have to make sure to optimize it for desktop and mobile devices. The website should have a more professional outlook withholding all the necessary information about your roofing company.

It is pivotal to make the website easy to read and navigate so that the site visitors don’t turn themselves away due to its unfriendly look.

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-Blog and Website Content

Having a website for your company will not just be enough if the contents in it are not attracting potential clients. Creating website content is one of the crucial parts of marketing a roofing companies.

With the help of a keyword research tool called Google Keyword Planner, you can create some powerful content for your website. Google Keyword Planner helps you in finding the long-tail keyword phrases which are used by potential clients who are in search for a business like yours. The long-tail phrase specifies exactly what your company is selling.

You can also create blogs that provide valuable information to incorporate those keywords so that the website can generate more traffic.

-Direct Mail Marketing

Direct Mailing is still pretty relevant in advertising a local business such as a roofing company. In this day and age, people are overwhelmed with e-mails and offers.

In order to do something unique that makes your roofing company stand out from others, you can use the strategy of direct mail marketing. You can send postcards, flyers, special offers, and coupons showcasing the services firsthand to your clients.

-Social Media

Creating a business presence in the domain of social media platforms is no longer just an option for business owners.

You have to implement all the basics such as creating a business profile and social media groups to establish your brand presence. Once the basic implementations are done, use the platforms to creatively promote your roofing company. You can share some before and after photos of a roof that has been mended by your company.

23+ Proper Facebook Marketing Tips For Small Businesses

Use the tools like PPC ads to advertise the company’s services and reputation on Facebook. The possibilities of marketing are endless in the world of social media.

How to drive sales to your Roofing company?

  • Advertise your business through Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and print advertisements.
  • Hire a digital marketer and keep your social media posts fresh regularly.
  • Post-before-and-after pictures and customer testimonials on the website and social media accounts.
  • Ask about roofing reviews and testimonials from happy clients and post them on web pages.
  • Promote your company through the roofing SEO blog.
  • Put hoardings, banners, and posters in the community areas to attract people.

here are some important faqs about Roofing Company to get more detail and grow business

1. How can you make Roofing business profitable?

Keep your material and labor costs down while maintaining a steady stream of new clients is important for optimizing your roofing company profitability. Set the reputation of a high-end roofer and, when consumers are willing to pay a premium for a time tested roof, you will charge more than the competition.

Sideline companies like a roofing consultancy can also be created. Experienced roofers are able to pay for a variety of expertise and experience.  If you own a dumpster and won’t be using it on a specific day or week, you can rent it out.  You can rent this space to another company owner if you pay for office / storage space that you don’t fully use.

2. Who is the target company for a Roofing business?

Roofers tend to favor customers who have a flat roof property. Roofs are far more difficult to work on with steep angles. Most roofers tend to work with people who own several properties. Establish a business relationship with such a person and other projects in the future are likely to take place.

3. What marketing strategy you can implement in your Roofing business?

Many roofers get additional customers with word-of – mouth references. Please let your clients and they’ll be inclined to advise friends, families, colleagues and others about your business. While traditional forms of outbound TV, Check the roof assessments, repair and replacement prices of your competitors. 

4. How to keep the customers coming back to your Roofing company?

Word of mouth references are, as mentioned above, a powerful way to draw new customers. Be sure to mark the trucks of your company with the trade name and logo so that anyone passing through one of your workplaces knows that your crew does the job. Intend to meet consumer needs such that they are encouraged to return for more improvements to your roofing company over time.

5. What is the growth potential for a roofing company?

Efficient, roofing companies have infinite growth potential. In particular, this is true of roofers in highly populated urban or suburban areas. Only a lack of capital in the purchase of roofing and recruitment of staff restricts the growth of a roofing company. Most roofers find sufficient customers to expand their business at the desired rate of growth.

Roofing needs somewhat kind of expertise. There are many companies that provide services at different levels of pricing.

Before doing roofing, it’s better you should have to get answers to some important questions.

read below such a question in the infographic.

roofing questions infographic

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