13 Best Retail Display Ideas That’ll Captivate Your Customer

As a retailer, your store’s appearance is one of the most important factors in attracting and retaining customers. One of the best ways to make a lasting impression on your customers is through your retail displays.

Retail displays are an excellent way to showcase your products, promote your brand, and enhance your store’s overall aesthetics.

Regarding brick-and-mortar retail, displays, and visual merchandising will be important for driving attention. 

According to the research done by Dr. L.D Rosebenblum, Dr. Erica Keeps, and Dr. Harlod, how humans process the five different senses was broken down.

In,  83.0% was for sight,  01.0% for taste, 11.0% for hearing, 03.5% for smell, and 01.5% for touch.

Humans are highly visual, which is an important factor to remember when you have a retail business.

Also, to know the merchandise in person, most people prefer buying things offline. To ensure you have effective retail displays, here are some ideas you can consider.

1. Make Your Displays Interactive

There is no doubt that technology has evolved a lot in past years, and so does the experiences of brick and mortar.

You can consider using interactive displays as many stores are using such displays along with different other digital solutions which help customers to have faster and more accurate shopping.

Image source: computerweekly

If you are a furniture selling store,  you can use the VR headset so the customers can visualize how their selected products will look in their house.

There are tons of other ways that interactive displays can help.  However, it requires investment, but you can get more interaction and interested buyers for the brand.

2. Consider A Theme ‘ Graphic & Ultra Modern Lighting’ For The Store

Decide the theme for your retail display; it can be anything, depending on what you prefer or what the customer finds attractive.

It is important to create a cohesive feel through your retail; this will ensure that the items showcase their harmonious feel and entice the customers to take action.

However, when you are choosing a theme, your type of business plays a vital role. The general look, as well as feel, shows what you sell.

You can use the graphic and ultra-modern lighting as Nike’s house of innovation did in Shanghai.

Image source: Dor

Adding the graphic elements and as lighting showcases the brand’s high-tech workout gear.

The design complements the brands’ visual merchandising.

3. Use The Scents To Set Your Store Apart

Humans have the tendency to feel attracted to pleasant smells.  You can consider using this to your advantage.

Examples like Lush who are handmade cosmetics retailer, they capture the attention of their passers-by by their enticing scent used on the displays.

Image source: Dor 

Even though your shop is not fragrance-based, you can still get attention by investing in dedicated scents.

Look for the best ones that can help in triggering the sensory connection. It can help in increasing the foot traffic and people will feel connected to the store.

However, make sure you are not choosing a scent that is too intense. Choosing intense and too-strong fragrances can make your potential customer leave because it is too overpowering.

4. Grab The Attention With An Artwork

One way you can get people talking about your store is to add the element of art to your display.

Well, you don’t have to spend tons on this, you can use basics to get the attention you want. Also, you can use your merchandising to turn it into artwork.

You can use your brand’s merchandise and present it as unique artwork. It gives an interesting touch to what you are selling without pressure.

Image source: vend

It’s more about the art than the product, so you can get attention for long. The customers don’t appreciate when they are forced to purchase, in fact, they tend to ignore the pressure.

This can be a unique and creative way to get your customers to purchase the product.

5. Add Greenery To Your Display Design

You might have noticed that there are a lot of stores that have flowers or greens for their widow’s displays.

It can be real or fake, maybe it has a fragrance or it’s just an artificial item, but using the flowers helps evoke customers’ feeling to connect with nature.

Image source: gloucestershirelive

Also using the greenery in the store displays gives a cozy ambiance.  Also, if you think that using fresh flowers to the store display can be too much of an investment,

You can also use the low-maintenance plants, deepening on what suits your taste. It will help in creating the same effect.

6. Turn Your Displays Wall Instagram Worthy

Since social media has become a huge part of everyone’s life, store retailers also use this to their advantage.

Create the designs to make their store layout interesting to catch people’s attention. Well, they turn the special pairs of walls creative and attractive so people can share pics or click their photos.

To make your display Instagram-worthy, you can use witty quotes, creative merchandising, lighting, and fixtures like combinations.

Image source: Dor

Keep it fun and hard to resist, so people can click and share the photos on their social media.

7. Use Cross Merchandising For Your Store

You can consider using the power of cross-merchandising or displaying the different products from different categories together.

It can be a time-honored practice as lots of clothing retailers use mannequins to help in visualizing how the product will go together with the customers. 

That’s why instead of using mannequins to display single items, use the asset to show the look. Tell the customers what else they can purchase to complete the look, it can follow a different theme too.

Image source: affinitycreativegroup

If you have grocery stores or food retailers, you can use cross-merchandising by grouping different products suitable for the events; it can be for a birthday, outdoor barbeque, etc.

8. Use The POS Displays For Last Minute Purchase

There is no doubt that customers make impulse purchases, especially when waiting in a cash register line or POS ( Point of sale).

You can use this information for your retail advantage and use the POS display to get the attention of the buyers.

It can help in increasing the purchase and drive more last-minute sales.  Make it as creative and hard to resist to hold your customers’ attention.

9. Go Seasonal With The Displays

You can put the time displays as it’s helpful to grab your customer’s attention. Make sure you have close eyes on the calendar to see if you are missing any relevant shopping events or maybe some seasons go perfectly with what you sell.

Image source: medallionretail

For example, there can be back-to-school-like seasons.

The retailers focus on dedicating the display entirely to school-related supplies and merchandise.

The displays are added with designs, styles, and decorations that are hard to miss.

10. Make It Look Festive

Celebrate the festivals using your displays, It can be anything; choose a special holiday or occasion.

You can add materials like garlands,  balloons, and other different party supplies to create the 

display of your retail.

Image source: pinterest

Here add different colors or choose a combination to pop the display and get people’s attention.

11. Add The Wittiness To The Visuals

To give a different look to your visuals, you can add quotes that can be witty to your display wall.

It can give a good laugh, and people will be more interested in knowing what you are selling.

Using the right quotes and text can also help complement the product. With that, you can encourage your potential customers to try it out too.

Image source: vend

Here you can create a wall with witty lines, which can be a magnet for Instagrammers.

12. The Minimum Approach Can Be A Fresh Look

The minimum approach can be a fresh look; the more space you have in store or display can help in perceiving the higher value to the merchandise.

There is a reason why most of luxury retailers have standalone cases instead of overstuffing the shelves with items.

The week the species you use depends on how much you want to receive. But to ensure people don’t consider your merchandise cheap, it’s better to keep only a few things on your display.

You can put one single mannequin, and add some colors or a few elements to give an abstract vibe. Here you can avoid giving too much detail, as it will keep the focus on the product instead of other items around them.

 13. Upcycle Your Product Displays 

You can choose more environmentally friendly instead of using display cases, racks, etc. You can make your product displays upcycle. 

Depending on what you sell, you can use the old logs or fashion apparel or accessories as a creative approach. Add the products with different unique ideas and put them on display. 

You can save money without making your product look less attractive or engaging.  

14. Use The Lit Displays For Giving A Cool Vibe

Understand that no matter what you put on your display, if it isn’t well-lit, this will make everything look flat.

Image source: fokoretail

That’s why it’s important to invest in related equipment to make sure

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