Top 10 restaurants in New York: The Ultimate Dining Guide

New York is a fantastic destination for travelers of all kinds. The Empire State is known as the cultural capital of the world.

This city has everything one could want, from eateries run by some of the best chefs in the world to mesmerizing street food you can indulge in at any street corner.

Everything from hot dogs to tacos is available from street vendors. The best New York staples, however, are pizza and bagels.

It is highly advised that you try these two if you are anywhere near New York.

Top 10 restaurants in New York

  • Rezdora
  • Atoboy
  • Raoul’s
  • Claro
  • Keens Steakhouse
  • Wildair
  • Sushi Yasuda
  • The revelry
  • Los Tacos No. 1
  • The View

10. Rezdora, NYC

Run by Chef Stefano Secchi and Partner David Switzer, this three-star restaurant in the New York Times is a culinary paradise.

Rezdora, which is Italian for “head of the household,” is typically the grandmother who makes the pasta by hand.

The same principle is applied to this eatery in the Flatiron district. Amazing northern Italian cuisine is made using regional vegetables and meats and traditional cooking methods.

The effortlessly delicious dishes served here can always be modified to be vegetarian.

For a great breath of fresh air, while chowing down on this incredible treat, they also have excellent outdoor seating.

Cuisine: Italian

Best for: experiencing rich, authentic northern Italian food in NYC.

Must try: Gnocchi di zucca and spaghetti aglio scoglio 

Rezdora Location

9. Atoboy, NYC

The best possible representation of Korean cuisine can be found at this establishment run by Chef Junghyun Park.

Take advantage of the fantastic tasting menus offered here to truly savor the distinctive Asian dishes and cuisine.

They provide a prix-fixe menu along with a wide range of beverages in addition to wine.

In order to conceptualize “Banchan,” which are the side dishes that are served with a traditional Korean meal, the restaurant first opened its doors in 2016.

The restaurant’s minimalist aesthetic blends beautifully with the sophisticated dishes.

This restaurant checks all the boxes and has become well-known for its fantastic service to each and every patron.

Cuisine: Korean

Best for Fixed Korean menu

Must try: Shrimp Mandu, and we definitely advise adding on the spicy fried chicken with your prix-fixe meal.

Atoboy Location

8. Raoul’s, NYC

This restaurant provides an unrivaled atmosphere and vibe. Karim Raoul, the chef, asserts that the atmosphere and vibes of this restaurant are reminiscent of a classic Parisian bistro from the 1970s and are purely coincidental and not at all deliberate.

We’re glad because everyone that comes here keeps coming back because of the great lively atmosphere along with the great food that is served here.

This location’s bar scene is the perfect finishing touch. Since the French restaurant has been open since the 1970s, it is as vintage as they come.

The restaurant offers delicious dessert options along with traditional French fare.

Last but not least, you can enjoy your meals at the restaurant’s indoor and outdoor seating areas. Additionally, gluten-free options are available. Talk about inclusivity!

Cuisine: French

Best for: Enjoying a classic French Meal.

Must try: Steak au poivre and crab beignets

Raoul’s Location

7. Claro, Brooklyn

This great spot in Brooklyn specializes in Oaxacan cuisine, which is a regional Mexican cuisine.

The fantastic organic food that is fresh and locally sourced will be a wonderful way to enjoy your meals.

You won’t have to worry about unneeded bloating after the meal because this restaurant is gluten-free, of course! On the wonderful patio seating, this restaurant also has, you can take pleasure in this regional cuisine.

The expertly plated dishes have a powerful explosion of flavors and spices. You simply cannot go wrong with this location!

Cuisine: Mexican (Oaxacan)

Best for: Patio Seating

Must try: Aguachile De Tomates and Mole De Calabaza

Claro Location

6. Keens Steakhouse, Garment District

This classic NYC steakhouse that has been around for over a century leaves no room to disappoint.

The place is adorned with pipes, from the ceilings to the walls, giving it that industrial yet vintage NYC feel.

The traditional steakhouse serves the best-seasoned meats and delicacies in the area. They are widely known for their great steaks served with exceptional service.

The large portions will leave you feeling fulfilled, along with the great drinks they have to offer. We also highly recommend you try out the deserts at this place; they are simply mind-blowing.

Cuisine: American, Steakhouse

Best for: Having a true vintage NYC restaurant experience

Must try: Charred Shishito Peppers and creamed spinach

Keens Steakhouse Location

5. Wildair, Lower Eastside

Wildair is a restaurant that is as New York as it gets. The casual dining environment this place offers is great for a brief meal.

The varied wine selection complements the incredibly creative dishes found on the menu here.

Even though the cafe is a little small and cozy, exceptional service, drinks, and food are surely something you can expect when you visit this great restaurant.

You are sure to have an interesting and fun experience at this restaurant.

We definitely recommend going here with a lot of friends so you can truly get a taste of all the different and unique dishes this great place has to offer.

Cuisine: American, French

Best for: Casual Dining

Must try: Seared Tuna and cannoli mille feuille

Wildair Location

4. Sushi Yasuda, Midtown East

Yasuda has established a strong reputation in the NYC sushi bar industry. You will get various types of traditional sushi here.

With meat and fish flown in from Japan and onto your plate, this Michelin-star restaurant makes you feel high-end.

The meat and fish are notorious for being freshly served each time. With dishes that are simple, classy, and minimalist, you will get a bite of Japan with every dish served in front of you by the friendly staff.

The minimalist bamboo interiors and decor further give you the very traditional vibe that this restaurant is based upon.

Cuisine: Japanese, Sushi Bar

Best for: Minimalist environment dining

Must try: White King Salmon and Yellowtail Sushi

Sushi Yasuda Location

3. The revelry, Rochester

This American restaurant and bar in Rochester is an amazing place to dine with your friends or even family.

The two floors of seating combined with a great environment make this a great place for groups.

The amazing drinks served here just add to the great dishes on the menu. The drinks and cocktail menu is worth going through for some quirkily named drinks that will not disappoint you.

They aim to provide you with a great American cuisine experience. They have both small and large dishes on the menu for you to choose from.

Cuisine: American

Best for: Greats Drinks and Big groups.

Must try: Beet Deviled eggs, shishito peppers, and Rev burger.

The revelry Location

2. Los Tacos No. 1, Multiple Locations

Founded by three friends trying to get authentic Mexican tacos to the east coast, this amazing chain serves some of the best authentic Mexican food.

They use every authentic Mexican flavor to put the most delicious and flavorful dish on your table.

Great tacos are the restaurant’s most well-known draw. The fact that you can customize them to your tastes and preferences or go all out and incorporate them into your fantastic tacos makes them even better.

If you want something tasty and quick, Los Tacos is the place to go because they have excellent service.

Cuisine: Mexican

Best for: Flavourful Mexican food

Must try: Pollo asado tacos with Chips Y Salsa on the side

Los Tacos No. 1 Location

1. The View, Lake Placid

One of the most beloved restaurants in Lake Placid is undoubtedly The View.

The restaurant overlooks the beautiful Mirror Lake and Adirondack High peaks. The entire dining experience gets ten times better with a view like that.

Apart from that, the interiors are warm and cozy yet elegant at the same time, giving you a great premium experience.

The food is unparalleled; with the finest meats and fish flown in from all over the world, this restaurant offers nothing but the best.

You can just relax with the view of nature, and a great selection of wine are offered here. This place is great for unwinding and finding tranquility.

Cuisine: American

Best for: High-end dining with a view

Must try: shrimp cocktail and their cheese board.

The View Location

Frequently Asked Questions for Restaurants In New York

1. What is the must-have staple dish when in New York?

Bagel with cream cheese is extremely popular among the locals here, so you should definitely try out the New York-style bagel when in town.

2. What is the national food of New York?

Pizza, hands-down, has to be a must-have when in the state. The culture of this state’s unique pizza comes from Naples, Italy, but the modified modern New York-style pizza that we all have come to know and love can only be found here.

3. What is a must-have dessert in New York?

The most well-liked desserts here include cheesecakes and red velvet doughnuts. We frequently see the term “New York cheesecake” on menus, so if you find yourself in the city, you must try the real, authentic cheesecake that has gained worldwide acclaim.

4. Should you choose upscale dining or New York’s street food scene?

In New York, upscale dining has a completely distinct atmosphere. The top-notch ingredients used in these restaurants make for a wonderfully rich experience. In order to get a full sense of this vibrant cultural hub and experience it more authentically, it is highly recommended that you try some great famous street food spots. These spots can be found almost everywhere, especially near Central Park in New York City. We highly recommend trying out the sausages and hot dogs that are found here.

5. Where can you have the best high-end fine dining experience in New York?

You will be completely mesmerized by The View in Lake Placid, not just because of the fantastic, fresh food it serves but also because of the view. The great wine menu is just another addition to this great restaurant. We strongly recommend this place for the most peaceful fine-dining experience. Additionally, Sushi Yasuda in NYC has a great ambiance and great cuisine that will give you a great high-end experience whenever you decide to visit the place.

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