Top 10 Restaurants In Maine: A Culinary Journey Through Coastal Delights

Maine is a wonderful place to spend a vacation. The tranquillity of the countryside attracts a lot of new residents?.

Winter Harbor, Maine, is located in the Acadia National Forest. The well-known Schoodic Point geyser is nearby.

Though the moniker “Winter Harbor” may terrify some people, locals can rest easy knowing that it was chosen because the harbor there didn’t ice over during the winter.

Undoubtedly, Maine is well-known for its mouthwatering lobster, clams, and fresh seafood meals?.

However, Maine offers more than just exquisite restaurants and outstanding chefs; you can easily find a distinctive lunch in any town you visit. 

10. Mache Bistro, Bar Harbor 

This restaurant is one of a kind, and the lip-smacking dishes make this restaurant a great one.

Chef Kyle Yarborough, who received his initial training in traditional French cuisine, executes these ideas while fusing elements from the American south and Thailand?.

This leads to recipes like sweet potato brandade with smoked duck, brown sugar, and ancho chili, which goes just as well with some sauce.

Butcher-block tables and a lack of tablecloths are all part of the traditional bistro design?. 

Mache Bistro, Bar Harbor Location

9. Hoss & Mary’s Tasty Grub, Old Orchard Beach

This restaurant here has its expertise in luxurious royal cuisine along with very tempting and visually appealing food items?.

Since alcohol is not served there, get a 30-rack of Bud Heavy and devour your “Double Dragon” sub, which is stuffed with pastrami, shaved sirloin, and nacho cheese, privately at home. Stepping into this restaurant wouldn’t be wrong but a great decision.  

Hoss & Mary’s Tasty Grub, Old Orchard Beach Location

8. Long Lake Sporting Club, Sinclair

One of the most unusual and gratifying dinners in the state can be had for those who are bold enough to travel to Aroostook County in Maine by vehicle, boat, or snowmobile?.

When you arrive, you are given a seat in the bar/lounge area, where you will see undoubtedly down large amounts of alcohol to ward off the bitter weather before indulging in order of amazingly delicious chicken wings as an appetizer while taking in the locals’ dancing and general good times.

It is important to note that I would choose to eat at this restaurant for my final supper on Earth?. 

Long Lake Sporting Club, Sinclair Location

7. Palace Diner

Youngsters love this place, and this place is hands down amazing to dig into and have amazing dishes?.

They are presumably Biddeford’s best representatives: The amounts of everything from the pancakes and egg sandwiches to the tuna melt and the fried chicken are so wholesome that you really shouldn’t finish them, but they are too good to leave unfinished.

Palace Diner also offers takeout, which can be enjoyed in the nearby Mechanics Park with a view of the Saco River if chairs aren’t available. 

Palace Diner Location

6. Bite into Maine

If you are someone who loves lobster, you must visit here, as, without a lobster roll, a trip to Maine is not complete?.

The seasonal facility at Fort Williams is the most picturesque, while all of Bite Into Maine’s locations offer some of the tastiest lobster rolls in the state.

There are five different kinds of lobster rolls, as well as chowder, several grilled slices of cheese, whoopie pies, and a stunning view of the Maine shore.

Investing your money in this restaurant is most definitely an amazing idea; the sumptuous dishes melt your heart as well as your tummy?.  

Bite into Maine Location

5. Fore Street, Portland

Any diner will enjoy the atmosphere on Fore Street, which is walled with brick and soapstone and has an open kitchen with a wood-burning oven, a grill, and a turnspit so you can see your food being prepared.

The wood-oven roasted mussels, turnspit pig and chicken, and grilled hanger steak are some favorites that are always on the menu, even though Chef Sam Hayward’s menu varies every day to reflect the freshest ingredients available?.

Missing out on this restaurant means missing out on good tasty dishes.  

Fore Street, Portland Location

4. The Reading Room, Bar Harbor

The Reading Room Restaurant at the lovely Bar Harbor Inn provides excellent food, nightly piano entertainment, and stunning views of the harbor and Bar Island Delicious local fares like salmon, haddock, and lobster are served at The Reading Room, along with house specialties like veggie wellington and fillet mignon?.

There are also some free books to read, and you can quench your bibliophile thirst along with delish foods. 

The Reading Room, Bar Harbor Location

3. Hugo’s, Portland

Hugo’s in Portland’s Old Port District provides a luxurious, upscale dining experience?.

Chef Evans will please your palette whether you want to splurge on regional favorites like Casco Bay Skate, Lobster, or Vermont Quail or just want to relax with a beverage and something light from the tasting menu.

Royal dishes are served here, and the price range is a little expensive compared to other restaurants?. 

Hugo’s, Portland Location

2. Central Provisions

Chef and co-owner Chris Gould categorize small servings at Central Provisions into four categories: raw, cold, hot, and sweet.

You could combine a few meals from each or stick to lighter fare like a delicious stone fruit salad that is delicately seasoned with chile vinegar, topped with nigella seeds and crumbled smoked gouda cheese, and topped with nigella seeds?.

Alternatively, splurge on Gould’s famous suckling pig and Korean-spiced French fries. 

Central Provisions Location

1. Pai Men Miyake

This restaurant is too good at serving the purpose of a good delicious, wholesome meal, and it has amazingly imaginative and fresh sushi, homemade steamed bun masterpieces, and, most importantly, a glorious selection of ramen that takes the kitchen days to produce?.

Starters like Hamayaki, which consists of sushi rice, grilled crab and scallops, kewpie mayo, sansho pepper, and eel sauce, deserve to have their cult status.

If you are a ramen freak, you must most definitely visit here. What you came here for is truly the ramen, and each bowl is a multi-layered symphony?. 

Pai Men Miyake Location

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are some popular seafood dishes to try at restaurants in Maine?

Maine is renowned for its fresh seafood offerings. Some popular dishes you should try include lobster rolls, clam chowder, fried clams, steamed mussels, and haddock fish and chips. These dishes showcase the state’s delicious coastal cuisine.

Are reservations required at restaurants in Maine?

While it depends on the specific restaurant and the time of year, it is advisable to make reservations, especially during the peak tourist season. Popular restaurants in Maine can fill up quickly, particularly in coastal areas. Making reservations in advance helps ensure that you secure a table at your desired time.

Are there any restaurants in Maine that cater to gluten-free dietary needs?

Yes, there are restaurants in Maine that offer gluten-free options for individuals with dietary restrictions. Some establishments have dedicated gluten-free menus or indicate gluten-free options on their regular menus. For example, Local 188 in Portland provides gluten-free choices, and The Good Table in Cape Elizabeth offers gluten-free alternatives for many of their dishes. It’s always a good idea to inform the restaurant staff about your dietary needs to ensure a safe and enjoyable dining experience.

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