175 Relationship Bio for Instagram That Make Hearts Flutter!

Your Instagram bio is your first impression of potential partners. It is the first thing they see when they visit your profile, and it can either make them want to know more about you or turn them off completely.

Many people like to write about relationships as bios for their social media profiles. So here are some bios depicting people’s relationships with their boyfriends, girlfriends, or spouses.

A good relationship bio can help you attract the right kind of people and even lead to more meaningful connections.

Give them a read, and if you find something you like, share it with your partner as well!

Therefore, it is important to think about creating a bio that represents who you are and what you are looking for.

Relationship Bio Ideas for Instagram

-I have found a new life after I met him! #love

-We found peace in each other’s arms!

-The world has really changed for the better after we fell in love, or that is what we feel at least! #love

-Whatever I am, I am because you are there with me, I will lose myself if you are not there with me! #truelove

-I am lost daydreaming of you! #love

-A relationship needs to be nurtured otherwise it does not last!

-Our love will solve all problems!

-We are not afraid of anything in life because we know both of us will stand together and sort every problem out! #relationshipgoals

-When you marry your best friend, your life becomes a hostel life! #relationshipgoals

-My life has changed for the better after I met you!

-Love has made my life beautiful and you are the source of love for me! #love

-I am glad I have made up without you because I could not live without you! #love

-Your love makes my world rotate! #love

-I am grateful to God that I crossed paths with you because you have made me happier than I ever was my whole life! #relationshipgoals

-The love we have for each other is pure, and so our relationship is one that is true and will last forever!

-It is true that you have not lived life if you have not loved and been loved in return! #love

-My only drug is your face and your love!

-A relationship always needs to be nurtured by both of the members in it! 

-If I was Tom, my wife would have been Jerry because that is exactly how our relationship is! #relationshipgoals

Tinder Bio For Serious Relationships

-The day my relationship breaks will be when I lose myself forever! 

-No parties are as glamorous as a dinner date with my husband at home on a quiet weekend! #love

-If I had not said ‘Yes’ to him, I would not have gotten a chance to live this beautiful dream! #relationshipdiaries

-Our love is stronger than any other thing, and we are confident that our relationship will win all challenges!

-Quarantine has made our relationship a long-distance one! #quarantinesucks

-We do not mind if we do not get to talk to each other daily; it is just the love that matters for us! #relationshipgoals

-My boyfriend and I divide our chores, he does the listening, and I do the talking!

-It is funny when my girlfriend thinks she can win an argument with me when I am holding pizza in my hand! #love

-We were reckless when we started this relationship, but we sure are glad that we didn’t give up on each other! #relationshipgoals

-Yes, we know that our relationship is going to have a ‘lived happily ever after’!

-It requires the care and attention of both the husband and wife to maintain a relationship!

-I am tired of having relationships with people, I am going for a relationship with food now! #relationshipgoals

-Do not blame your partner for the breaking up of your relationship, it is always the fault of both people!

-The world has been a wonderful place since I met you! #love

Serious Relationship Bio

-We may be married, but we still behave like college sweethearts!

-Love is not my cure; you are! #love

-My relationship with you is as strong as a diamond!

-Our relationship is a product of transparency and complete honesty! #relationshipgoals

-Love was never in the air; it was always between us! #love

-The secret to our long-lasting relationship is honesty! #relationshipgoals

-Love is nothing without trust, it is everything with trust, and that is how our relationship is built with!

-I have waited for so long to find happiness in love, and I have found that in you! #love

-I find solace in your arms, and I do not need anything else!

-I had hurt myself so badly in my past relationships that I had lost faith in love until I met you, and you brought back my faith in love and life! #love

-I have never felt so happy before, and I owe all my happiness to you! 

-A relationship is never easy to maintain; it needs dedication and time, and care! #relationship

-The ingredients needed for a successful relationship are care, honesty, love, and transparency! 

-Happily married for five years, married with a lot of fights for ten years more! #relationshipgoals

-Working out our relationship problems like the Government is dealing with poverty problems!

-We laugh more at each other than with each other! #relationshipgoals

-When you are in the right relationship, you will see that it will bring happiness to your life and not take away anything from it! #relationshipgoals

Short Relationship Bio For Instagram

-You are the reason why I have this lingering smile on my lips! #relationshipgoals

-Do not walk away from a true relationship because of your whims; you might never get the love back! 

-I do not remember signing up to stay married to a sloth! #sleepywifeproblems

-Love was just a word that I read in novels until I met you!

-I was losing my sanity when she found me and gave my life a new beginning! #relationshipgoals

-There are going to be many haters but in the end, you will only have each other to hold on to when you are trying to maintain a relationship!

-A million problems line up in front of me, but none of them matters to me when you are next to me! #relationshipgoals

-Love will be found in the air but for us, we had to work to keep our relationship going; the love in the air did not help at all!

-Do not ever fade away from my reality because my relationship with you matters a lot to me! #relationships

-Never leave me because I have put a lot of effort into my relationship with you!

-Our relationship was once on the rocks, but we worked hard and believed in each other even when it seemed impossible to, and finally, we made our relationship work! #love

-My relationship with you is my biggest asset, and it’s something that I care for with all my heart! #relationshipandlove

-Thanks to all the haters of our relationship; you guys are our biggest motivator!

-I hope our relationship stays evergreen! #friendshipandlove

-We may look perfect on the outside, but we both have times when we can tear each other’s hairs out; However, we make up with lots of hugs and cuddles soon after! #relationshipgoals

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