Top 10 Quora Alternatives: Discover Your New Q&A Platform

If you’re tired of Quora, there are other platforms you can try. Reddit is a versatile community-driven platform with various subreddits for different topics. Stack Exchange focuses on specific fields and has a good reputation system. ?

LinkedIn’s “LinkedIn Answers” section is more professional and industry-specific. Yahoo! Answers is still around for general queries, although it’s not as active.

Medium is great for writers, while Stack Overflow is popular among programmers. These alternatives provide different communities and insights to keep you curious and connected with like-minded people.??


Users may post questions and receive answers on a variety of subjects on Quora, a question-and-answer website.

HEADQUARTERS: California, United States. 
CEO: Adam D’Angelo.

Key Features of Quora

  • Is a forum where users may post questions and receive answers on various subjects.
  • A community-driven platform where individuals may contribute their expertise and thoughts on numerous topics.?
  • Users’ tools for following and interacting with other users and subjects.
  • Questions-and-Answers stream is based on the interests and actions of the users.

pros and Cons of Quora


  • A wide range of topics and categories to choose from.
  • Each user’s response is unique, some responses could be subjective or prejudiced.
  • Free to use.


  • Since they are given by different users, some responses could be subjective or prejudiced.
  • Not all questions may receive answers.
  • Some information might not be as current or trustworthy as that from other sources.

 PRICING INFO: Quora is freely available.

Take a Step to Discover the Best Quora Alternatives

10. Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow was created with programmers in mind. It is a platform for controlling information sharing and teamwork. An employment area is provided to help programmers find new opportunities. Employers are given tools to promote their businesses.?

A sizable and vibrant developer community frequents Stack Overflow and routinely contributes questions and comments. This might simplify receiving an immediate and beneficial answer to your query.

 Year Founded: 2008
Headquarters: New York, United States
CEO: Prashanth Chandrasekar

Key Features for Stack Overflow

  • Stack Overflow allows users to create a personal profile.
  • The reputation system on Stack Overflow rewards users.
  • There is a mobile app for Stack Overflow.?
  • Stack Overflow allows users to create and share documentation.

Pros and Cons of Stack Overflow


  • The interface with Slack is excellent. 
  • Every day is integrated access to the information center.
  • Users can ask questions related to technology topics


  • It might be challenging to read through
  • It’s challenging to confirm every query because there are so many
  • Many questions are very identical.

Pricing Info: It is free, however, please check the website for additional information.

9. is a standout online community for information sharing. The website, originally known as WikiAnswers, combines responses from the public with articles written by reputable experts on a range of topics. ?‍?

You may add images to your question to make it stand out and get responses more quickly than others.

Users may vote on the precision and durability of responses on thanks to its community moderation system. This makes it easier to locate Quora’s most accurate and useful responses.?

Year Founded: 1999
Headquarter: St. Louis, Missouri, United States
CEO: Jeff Answer

Key Features for Answers.Com

  • provides access to a wide range of more general information.
  • has a search function.?
  • has a mobile app.
  • has a user profile feature.

Pros and Cons for Answers.Com


  • provide a wide range of online content.
  •’s feature allows users to get answers from experts.
  • offers customer support.


  • Users can no longer change questions.
  • The whole user database was deleted.
  • Limited interactivity.

Pricing Info: Prices vary depending on how long a subscription is for.

8. Just Answer

On Just Answer, professionals such as lawyers, computer experts, doctors, mechanics, and even home maintenance specialists may provide you with answers.

You can write out your whole narrative and include every important piece of information to support the claim. A specialist is always on hand to assess your situation.?

Unlike Quora, which lacks specialists, JustAnswer links users with professionals in various professions, including legal, medical, and technological ones. As a result, consumers may receive more knowledgeable and precise replies to their inquiries.

Year Founded: 2003
Headquarters:  San Francisco, California
CEO: Andy Kurtzig

Key Features for Just Answer

  • JustAnswer offers customer support.
  • JustAnswer has a mobile app.?
  • JustAnswer has privacy policies.
  • JustAnswer has a variety of payment methods.

Pros and Cons of Just Answer


  • JustAnswer is a useful resource for more specialized questions.
  • JustAnswer has a wide range of expert categories.
  • JustAnswer offers customer support. 


  • Less useful for finding answers to personalized questions.
  • The answers can vary depending on the individual expert.
  • JustAnswer operates on a pay-per-answer model.

Pricing Info: The price of a response varies according to how hard the inquiry is.

7. Blurtit

Blurtit is yet another top-notch Quora substitute. The website’s numerous topic areas are simple to discover and have a clean appearance. You may look up any topic and post a ?question on Blurtit based on your interests. Information is available to you without restriction.

Blurtit is intended to be a more community-driven platform with a big premium on user involvement and debate. This might offer some users a more sociable and exciting experience than Quora.

 Year Founded: 2006
Headquarters: New York City
CEO: Not publicly disclosed

Key Features of Blurtit

  • Blurtit is designed to be a more community-driven platform.
  • Have a strong emphasis on discussion and interaction between users.
  • More social and engaging experience for some users.?
  • Blurtit has a simpler interface.

Pros and Cons of Blurtit


  • Helpful for freelancers, and entrepreneurs.
  • Blurtit allows users to create their categories.
  • It is easier to find answers on niche topics.


  • Not available on mobile platforms.
  • Not so comprehensive.
  • Not for free

Pricing Info: Prices vary according to how complicated the inquiry is.


Despite being a question-and-answer website, has a unique stance on the subject. It’s more sociable and connects you to pals on other networks, so you can message them anonymously and ask them questions. ?

Even so, the website assumes a laid-back and fun tone to aid in meeting new individuals.

Quora requires identification, but does not, making it more tempting for those who wish to ask private or sensitive questions without disclosing their name.

Year Founded: 2010
Headquarters: Dublin, Ireland
CEO: Mark Terebin

Key Features for

  • Ask. fm is a social networking and question-and-answer platform.
  • Ask. fm allows users to ask and answer questions anonymously.
  • Ask. fm also has a strong social networking component.?
  • Ask. fm allows users to customize their privacy settings.

Pros and cons for


  • control who can see their questions and answers
  • also has a strong social networking component.
  • has a mobile app.


  • The quality of the content on the platform can vary.
  • Ask. fm, particularly concerning anonymous questions and bullying.
  • Less useful for finding answers to more specific questions.

Pricing Info: The cost is determined by how long the subscription period is.

5. Snippets

You may generate and disseminate straightforward content thanks to something like a question-and-answer site named Snippets. Those who wish to react are limited to 20 or fewer words and 50 words or fewer in total in their responses (or less).?

In contrast with Quora, where users can post lengthy comments, snippets prefer shorter responses over lengthier ones since they keep things straightforward and urge people to get it to the point.

Year Founded: 2012
Headquarter: Spain
CEO: Sven Voth

Key Features for Snippets

  • A collaborative online encyclopedia with articles on a wide range of topics.
  • A more structured and academic editorial process.
  • A platform for users to engage.?
  • A range of reference materials.

Pros and cons for Snippets


  • It is a web page that may rank for a variety of searches, 
  • A platform for users to engage with one another.
  • A range of reference materials can be helpful for research and learning 


  • Don’t anticipate 
  • Have a high conversion rate.
  • There are not many strategies for increasing involvement.

Pricing Info: The price varies according to how long the subscription period runs.

4. Reddit

Reddit is the Internet’s home page. In our internet group and forum, users may get solutions to their urgent questions on any topic. Subreddits—threads on certain specialized topics—are a part of Reddit’s well-known network and message board.?

Reddit features a huge collection of communities (referred to as “subreddits”) devoted to certain subjects, passions, or fields of expertise. This can make this easier to locate solutions to particular, specialized topics; Quora lacks this functionality.

Year Founded: 2005
Headquarters: California, US
CEO: Steve Huffman

Key Features of Reddit​

  • Reddit is organized into communities dedicated to specific topics.
  • Reddit has a system of moderation.
  • Reddit allows users to upvote or downvote content.?
  • Reddit has a user profile feature.

Pros and cons of Reddit​


  • Reddit’s user profile feature allows users to connect.
  • Reddit has a method for upvoting and downvoting.
  • It a useful resource for finding answers.


  • The quality of the content on the platform can vary.
  • It resulted in the suppression of particular opinions or viewpoints.
  • Reddit relies on advertising to generate revenue.

Pricing Info: The price varies on how long the subscription period goes.


The well-known website has been running since 1996 under the moniker Ask Jeeves before even being acquired and changing its name to what it is now. However, it still aims to enable students to ask queries and quickly obtain answers.?

In addition to Quora, has a search feature that enables users to go through pertinent websites and resources to discover the answers to their queries. This can be especially helpful for topics that are more generic or wide in scope.

Year Founded:  1996
Headquarters: Oakland, California
CEO: Doug Leeds

Key Features for

  • allows users to ask and receive answers to their questions anonymously.
  • allows users to create a personal profile.?
  • has a variety of categories for users.
  • has a mobile app.

Pros and cons for


  • Users may obtain professional advice through’s Expert Q&A tool.
  • has knowledge of entertainment, health, and technology.
  • Its mobile app is awesome


  • Less useful because don’t give specific answers.
  • Not so comprehensive.
  • Need subscription.

Pricing Info: Depending on the amount of service, a subscription might range in price.

2. The Answer Bank

The AnswerBank lives up to its name by offering solutions to your questions. You must enroll as a user before posting a question on the site, which offers functionality identical to the old Yahoo! Answers.?

Similar to traditional chat rooms, the AnswerBank features a special ChatterBank feature that lets users converse with one another on a variety of topics that Quora does not permit.

Year Founded: 1947
Headquarters: United Kingdom
CEO: Not publicly disclosed.

Key Features for The Answer Bank

  • Get answers immediately and independently. 
  • Self-serve the most relevant and accurate answers.?
  • Coverage of a variety of topics, including history, science, and the arts.
  • A team of experts and scholars who answers.

Pros and cons for The Answer Bank


  • It generates intelligent Q&As.
  • Quick response saves time.
  • It a useful resource for finding answers.


  • Not for free.
  • The quality of the content on the platform can vary.
  • Not so comprehensive.

Pricing Info: The cost varies according to how long the subscription term is.


Another well-known question-and-answer site that offers a plethora of how-to information to help you solve the problem at hand is wikiHow.

A menu of choices, For instance, if you ask wikiHow well how pressure-wash a car, it will return a list of sites with the top-ranked answers that have been discovered and verified using a variety of indications.?A menu of choices, For instance, if you ask wikiHow well how pressure-wash a car, it will return a list of sites with the top-ranked answers that have been discovered and verified using a variety of indications.

WikiHow, as contrasted to Quora, offers comprehensive, step-by-step directions on how to do or accomplish anything, which may be especially helpful for more practical and hands-on tasks.

Year Founded: 2005
Headquarters: California, US
CEO: Jack Herrick

Key Features for Wikihow

  • WikiHow provides detailed, step-by-step instructions.
  • WikiHow covers basic life skills to more specialized topics.?
  • WikiHow is a collaborative platform.
  • WikiHow has a straightforward interface.

Pros and Cons for Wikihow


  • It is completely free.
  • WikiHow covers a wide range of topics.
  • It is a more extensive and varied resource.


  • It does not always provide updated information.
  • The quality of the content on the site can vary.
  • WikiHow does not provide responses from subject-matter specialists.

Pricing Info: A free application is wikiHow.


Some question-and-answer websites focus on particular subjects or professions, like programming or medicine. ?

A specialized portal may be a better option than Quora if you’re seeking responses to questions in a particular field of expertise. Some sites may emphasize privacy more, while others may provide more powerful social networking elements.???

Frequently Asked Questions for Quora

Who can use Quora?

Quora is a platform that can be used by anyone who wants to ask questions, seek information, and share their knowledge with others. It is open to users worldwide, regardless of their background or expertise. Whether you are a student, a professional, an enthusiast, or simply curious about various topics, you can join Quora and participate in its community. Users can ask questions, provide answers, engage in discussions, and follow topics or specific users to receive updates. Quora aims to create a space for people to connect, learn, and share knowledge on various subjects.

Has Quora been moderated?

Yes, Quora has a moderation system in place to ensure that content adheres to its guidelines and policies, promoting a safe and respectful environment for users.

Is there a mobile app for Quora?

Yes, Quora has a mobile app available for iOS and Android platforms, allowing users to access and engage with the platform’s content conveniently from their smartphones or tablets.

Can I post questions on Quora anonymously?

Yes, Quora allows users to post questions anonymously if they prefer to keep their identity private while seeking information or engaging in discussions on the plate

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