50+ Quick Digital Marketing Tips For Your Business To Scale

Whether you are a marketer or a  small business owner, marketing is a tough game to play, especially in 2021.  

You constantly need to up your game as the competition scales up with larger enterprises deploying fatter checks for advertising and marketing. 

Above all, there are consistent updates in technological advancement, web trends and even customer behaviour you need to catch up to. 

Marketing is all about strategy that works for your product, so it needs experimentation and change over time. 

But there are some digital marketing tips, strategies and hacks that you can always rely on scaling your business. 

Here we are listing 50+ of these quick digital marketing tips that you can apply on your business to scale in 2021. 


Write Down Your Digital Marketing Strategy 

Even though it sounds very basic but yet very overlooked, is the tip to jot down your digital marketing strategy. 

Writing down really helps you see your vision for the business in the coming months or years. 

Don’t be afraid to write it down because you aren’t confident about the strategy or it might change. 

It is okay to keep adapting, removing what doesn’t work, experimenting or even completely changing your strategy over time. 

Writing down at least will give you a way to move forward rather than get lost in your thoughts. 

It also helps to delegate your work as someone can get the ideas or the strategy to work on. 

Develop A Retention Marketing Strategy 

If you really focus on retention marketing, it can most certainly boost your ROI, business efficiency and profitability of the business. 

Your priority should be to keep your customers around. 

To retain your customers, there are many marketing strategies to engage and facilitate them enough so they won’t wear off. 

Retention marketing is one of the overlooked marketing strategies today leading most of the customers to go away after spending high customer acquisition

Not to mention, how it makes you look behind the competition when customers are most probably opting for your competitors. 

So don’t wait and better develop a strong retention marketing strategy to leverage against your competitors and retain more customers. 

Know What Are You Talking About 

Most of the overlooked advice with digital marketing is learning about it. Nobody really talks about it. 

Digital marketing is a skill you can learn and gain more experience with experimenting and testing over the years. 

The very important tip is to learn as much as you can and never stop learning. 

There are tons of digital marketing terms you need to remember as you dive in. Also, keep updating yourself from the latest digital marketing trends as well. 

Focus On Brand Authenticity 

With so much development and technological advancement, people are smarter nowadays. 

It is not easy to sell to your target audience without making yourself present authentic and credible. 

People are more capable of seeing through fake promises and lavish advertisements. 

Now, it is all about how authentic and true your brand is to its core and values. It is about presenting a sense of honesty and credibility to your audience in order to sell them anything. 

You need to establish a communication to your audience for them to even consider you as a potential option. 

Engage With Your Audience On Comments & Messages 

Increasing the engagement rate on social media platforms can really boost the brand exposure, lead generation and even sales. 

It also helps you develop deeper connections and communication with potential buyers and your customers as well. 

The very basic marketing strategy you can do with the most amazing results is to engage with your audience as much as possible. 

Again, more specifically, always reply to comments on your social media posts or the social media mentions. 

Be ready to reply to the messages you get from the customers. Be very receptive and patient with them. 

Don’t try to sell and just focus on making genuine conversation regarding the niche, and presenting potential solutions. 

Make Sure You Have Relevant Digital Marketing Strategy 

It is essential to keep your digital marketing strategies relevant according to your audience and changing times. 

Most people consider a strategy to be something contemporary and stable for all time. It’s not true! 

You need to keep upgrading your strategies according to the recent digital marketing trend and customer behaviour. 

Make sure it is relevant to the current scenario including multiple factors. 

Ask Your Friends, Family, Employees, Coworkers or Any Acquaintances To Share Your Post 

When you are at the beginning of your digital marketing journey for your brand, it becomes really difficult to build momentum. 

Even sometimes, it seems to be fading away. So there must be something you can do to at least keep some traction at the base. 

Don’t hesitate to ask your friends, co-workers, employees, family or anyone you know to share the post. 

Never underestimate the power of sharing the post and the level it can reach out even with your limited circle of acquaintances. 

Adapting Artificial Intelligence 

Artificial intelligence is a rising trend for businesses. It is going to be the next big technological advancement for businesses to adapt around the world. 

It goes without saying that AI is also going to be an integral part of digital marketing strategy for any brand. 

AI is strategically going to impact the marketing technology of the businesses. This new technology brings more efficient results and helps in processes like smart data management, personalization and customization. 

Assess Your Business Performance Regularly 

You need to assess the performance of your marketing strategy through learning about the impact of the implementation.

It is essential to examine how your strategies are affecting your business, analyze it and optimize it. 

This data helps in upgrading your current marketing strategy or adapting a new one for better results. 

Always Audit Your Marketing Strategy On Regular Basis

Even if you have built yourself a perfectly oiled marketing machinery, it has to be audited regularly. 

Every machinery needs change and oiling to maximize its performance. With marketing programs, you need to audit the performance and results every now and then. 

You will find some gaps or loopholes in these marketing systems that need to be rectified. 

But you only come to know about this when you audit your marketing programs and look for potential issues. 

Nurture Your Leads Beforehand 

What it means is, you need to reach out to your customers before they even get into their buying journey. 

The goal here is to grab the target audience or potential buyer at the earlier stage of their buying journey before other companies. 

This is the stage from where you will be able to nurture your leads much more effectively, making it more likely to be converted not only for the sales but for as a long-term customer. 

Also, you don’t have to do all the pushy advertisement and heavy marketing to get the customer making it mostly even harder to get them. 

You have to understand that every buyer’s journey is unique and requires a different approach. 

Micro Moments 

The rise of micro-moments in marketing is quite evident with the rise in the overwhelming state of consumers and customers by the amount of marketing push. 

Micro-moments are a much more efficient way to communicate to the audience and clearly extend the message before even getting into conversation. 

It starts the consumer-marketer relationship on a right note to begin with and presents itself with much higher conversion. 

Make Business Decisions Based On Data 

Data-driven business focuses on taking more aware and calculated decisions as compared to others. 

Especially when it comes to business decisions that are going to impact your overall business, it is always best to back it up with data and statistics. 

You cannot just do things that you think you’re “supposed” to do. It is about receiving the feedback from the data analysis, reporting, earlier experiences and other sources. 

Date-driven marketing strategies are more likely to work accurately, however it does come from learned marketing behaviour and trial & errors. 

Focus On Driving Best Results

This might seem like a very generic marketing tip but it’s not!

There might be a lot of tricks, strategies and techniques for marketing but if it doesn’t bring you the desired results, there is no point. 

So always direct your focus on the result of these marketing strategies. 

Don’t get all lost in the sea of marketing practises, double down on only what works for you. 

Track Only Relevant KPIs 

We already mentioned how tracking your marketing performance is essential to identify potential issues. 

On the same lines, you need to also look for the KPIs you are tracking. It must be highly relevant to your business goals and integral for the success of your organization. 

You need to track only the relevant and significant to your business. It also will keep your focus concentrated on the relevant aspect of the business and saves time. 

Don’t be so focussed on just creating content for your social media. The idea is to help your audience or followers in a specific niche or a category. 

If you can share some good content on social media that benefits them, it is the next best thing to create new content. 

Also, you have more things to share, increase engagement and make connections with your audience. 

Share what you truly believe in or align with your brand’s message. It can be some blog from a news site or some insightful tweet or a particular video on Youtube. 

Give Your Priorities To Quick Wins 

The best way to boost your marketing impact on the brand is to go for quick wins. 

Not only get a little push towards the exposure of your business but also helps you move upwards incrementally. 

It does develop momentum in your marketing efforts giving an overall increase in your results over time. 

You need to discover what quick wins means to your business. And target short-term marketing goals rather than a long-term or within a long-term goal. 

Make Sure Your Branding Communicates To Your Ideal Buyer 

There is no doubt how branding the visuals of your business impacts the potential sellers. 

In fact, it is what communicates with the targeted potential user base you are tapping to. 

People learn about your brand without reading anything about your business just from your aesthetics and presentation of your brand. 

So it is crucial that you have a brand image that speaks to your ideal buyer. It should be aesthetically designed to appeal only to your targeted audience. 

Focus on developing more on brand image that instill trust and relativity with your ideal buyer. 

Keep Doing Keyword Research 

Keywords are the backbone of search engine optimization. 

It helps you optimize your content depending upon what search terms your potential buyer or audience will be searching for. 

Keyword research is an integral part of search engine optimization, search engine marketing and paid advertisement as well. 

If you want to keep updated with the audience’s requirements, it is important to keep doing keyword research and refresh your content accordingly. 

There is also a need for changing the topics and content you are focussing on. It should be about what people want to know. 

Keyword research is just a way to tap into that kind of information. 

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) 

The penetration of AR and VR technologies in the market has been at rise for the past few years. 

Undoubtedly, it is going to be the prime of the marketing centre for the businesses and going to impact different facets of online commerce as well. 

This indeed will impact the marketing methods. The very obvious example is already here when AR/VR used to demonstrate the product to the customer virtually. 

In fact, this is going to be a huge trend where customers will be able to try everything virtually before buying. 

So, the businesses who will be visionary enough to ride this bandwagon are more likely to succeed in their marketing endeavours. 

Using The Right Marketing Automation Platform 

Marketing automation is an integral part of marketing strategy for businesses. 

It is critical to utilize the marketing automation for your business in the most efficient way possible. 

And in order to do that, the marketing automation software, tools or platform is the best way to optimize the scheduled content for your marketing. 

Focus on selecting the right marketing automation software that aligns with your business goals and marketing strategies. 

It must have personalization, customization and optimization features for scheduled content. 

Establishing The Perfect Frequency For Your Emails 

Email marketing is a core aspect of your digital marketing strategy. For some businesses, it is even the most of their engagement and sales. 

You need to ace the frequency of emails or newsletters that you send to your subscribers. 

More of them can throw them off, irritate them leading to the unsubscribing the newsletter. 

Less of them can loosen up the communication and even make your brand forgettable. 

There is a right balance you need to find regarding how many emails you can send to your subscribers. 

It is always different depending upon what kind of business you’re in, what newsletters you’re sending and more. 

So with A/B testing, surveying and other observations, you need to strike a balance of a perfect frequency of your emails. 

Acing Social Media Marketing 

Undoubtedly, social media marketing is the backbone of any digital marketing strategy. 

And, the social media profiles of businesses are the communication centres as well as portfolios of the brand where customers and brand meet. 

There are two major strategy with social media you should follow in order to succeed at the beginning only : 

  • Focus more on a particular social media platform that aligns with your brand and audience. 
  • Keep your presence on every social media platform. 

These two are certainly different things. Having a social media presence and active content sharing is essential for  a brand to reach and attract as many as possible. 

But in order to succeed, it is critical that you first focus on a particular social media as primary. 

For some businesses, Instagram are the best social media platforms depending upon their niche, products, brand image and customers. 

For example, for businesses in niches like beauty, fitness and clothing are ideal for Instagram. 

Whereas a digital marketing firm looking for clients might get more from Facebook or LinkedIn. 

By default, Facebook and Instagram are the most important social media platforms to focus on. 

Focus On Mobile-Driven Strategy 

All the statistics clearly indicate how the major audience of today’s web traffic comes from mobile devices. 

So it is ignorant to not customize your marketing strategy according to mobile devices. 

You need to adapt marketing strategies that are focussed to target these mobile-using audiences. 

You need to adapt the core concept of mobile marketing into your primary marketing strategy. 

Establishing A Community

Establishing a community is helping your target audience reach their solution and gaining potential audience at the same time. 

It is a really effective marketing strategy and also helpful for the people. 

By creating an engaging community, you are empowering people to connect and resolve each other’s issues. 

Fostering a community helps increase the brand exposure as well as helm the brand image as well. 

Community also helps in developing a long-term relationship with your potential buyers. 

Think About Chatbot Marketing 

Chatbots have become more and more popular when it comes to digital marketing strategies. 

It is certainly the demand of the times where the implementation of bots with social media messaging applications help business owners to directly connect with customers. 

Chatbots help automate the very obvious answers to at least establish the preliminary communication. 

It definitely reduces the workload and helps business owners to do marketing automation at different levels. 

Utilizing Native Ads 

Native Ads are one of the profitable marketing strategies for the businesses, especially when you have running websites and blogs. 

It allows you to feature advertisements that look like content as compared to the traditional advertisements. 

It can recommend blogs or some content appears in the side bar and blends easily with the background. 

The idea is to almost make the advertisement look like the part of the blog itself increasing the chance of clicks even more. 

However, with many people using ad blockers, sometimes it becomes a little inconsistent. 

Regularly Test The Landing Page Performance 

Your landing page is the first impression for the client or customers of your brand or product. 

It makes all the difference regarding the lead generation and sales conversion. These are basically the inbound marketing efforts that you need to put into a website. 

Optimize the landing page for faster page performance, easy-to-use interface, high-quality copy, effective layout and other essential factors. 

You need to keep testing the landing page for its performance. 

Monitoring what impact it does on conversion or lead generation when you make a certain change. 

It is a continuous process you keep doing every once in a while and see how you can optimize it better. 

Develop An Editorial Calendar For Your Content 

Editorial Calendar or Content Calendar helps you organize and schedule the content on social media. 

It features what social media post is going to be published where and when. You can add notes, timing, different formats, links to media and more. 

It keeps content marketing sorted and streamlines content publishing for long-time. 

Engage With Your Audience Through Facebook Live

Facebook Live may not be for everyone but it is definitely worth trying for the brands getting social media marketing. 

LIVE videos are getting more and more popular in content creation and marketing.It engages with the audience and also helps you discover more. 

It is only you need to come up with what you are going to broadcast. Here are some popular examples : 

  • Share behind-the-scenes of your business, product or content creation. 
  • Live Q and A from your audience. 
  • Celebrating milestone competition or an official event
  • Introduce your team members to your audience 
  • Do live product reviews 
  • Go for a LIVE podcast or interview with an expert 
  • Making official announcements 

Encouraging User-Generated Content 

User-generated content is one of the smartest ways to leverage your audience itself to promote your brand and double-down on your engagement. 

It also promotes the authenticity and image of the brand amongst the target audience. 

You can run a contest or a giveaway where the audience are expected to do certain tasks or create content regarding the product mostly. 

Winners get to publish on the brand’s social media profile and other prizes as well. 

There are just too many ways you can do this at any stage of your brand promotions.

Getting Influencer For Your Brand 

Influencers are the best carrier of your brand message to your target audience. 

It is  currently one of the most effective marketing strategies for businesses to reach an audience with low customer acquisition cost. 

You need to choose an influencer that is relevant and organic to your business products and branding. 

Make sure they don’t have to numb their audience to place your product in their content to make it more balanced. 

The products must be aligned and most probably should be the solution for their audience. 

Influencer marketing is indeed the fastest growing marketing trend for online customer acquisition, and can be a game-changer if done correctly. 

Make Your Website Obey The Successful Fundamental Web Design Rules

Most of the time, new business owners aren’t even following the fundamental rules of a successful web design, far from optimizing it. 

Your company website is after all where your potential customers or clients meet your brand. 

In many cases, you might be directly selling online where the buying experience is completely dependent on the website’s performance. 

These cases just make website functioning even more critical. 

Make sure when you design your website or go for a redesign, it must align with all the basic fundamental rules of a successful web design. 

Then only, you can think of advanced web design optimization techniques and other impactful strategies to elevate the user experience. 

Make It Easy For Your Website Visitor To Your Sign Up For Your Newsletters 

The easier it will be, higher chances of subscription you get for your email list. 

You need to include the email signup box that appears in the predominant locations of your website. 

Also, what triggers the email signup box to appear also plays an integral role in the success of the campaign. 

There are some other tips you can take care of to optimize this experience for the subscribers : 

  • Don’t ask too much information in the sign up box. 
  • Make sure you use some kind of lead magnet to encourage users to sign up such as pdf, cheatsheets, discounts etc. 
  • Present a pre-filled form for the subscriber to make it easy to get over with or guide them. 
  • Place the timing of the box strategically, possibly when the user has spent a significant amount of time or going to leave the page. 
  • Have a strategy regarding what if a user decides not to sign up for the newsletter, what more you can offer to convert the lead. 
  • The newsletter box should be visually appealing and easy to read. 
  • Make sure your sign-up box must include very precise and easy-to-understand content regarding what is in for the subscriber. 

Do More Of Inbound Marketing 

You may have already heard about inbound marketing, so it is clearly nothing new. 

But that doesn’t mean it isn’t relevant and important when it comes to digital marketing strategies. 

It is crucial that you use every card on the deck to promote your business and increase the sales conversion. 

With inbound marketing, you need to make sure that you are practising the strategies to bring back the audience with the internet to buy or interact with your product or services.


Establish Your Business Listing Online 

This also includes one of the search engine optimization you can do for your business. 

If you have a physical store, an office or any infrastructure for your business, it is important to claim it online with search engines like Google and Bing. 

You need to establish your profile on Google and Bing business listings, so it becomes easy to reach you online. 

Also, it improves your brand exposure online and establishes reputation and credibility as well. 

Apart from that, it really helps people to reach your office or store. 

Google Business listing allows them to geotag the location or mark your location on the map. 

They can also get other important information such as detailed address, contact number, opening and closing hours, website link, photos and more. 

Go Heavy On Instagram Stories 

Instagram stories are a really engaging and impactful way to connect to your audience frequently with micro-content format. 

It is really significant when it comes to getting more reach on Instagram. 

Instagram stories are basically short videos/graphics that remain live on your profile only for 24 hours. 

It also promotes more engagement in your social media profile and helps you communicate with more targeted audiences. 

Use Affiliate Marketing 

Affiliate marketing is one of the most powerful marketing strategies for brands to market their product aggressively. 

It is about collaborating with marketers and offering them incentive to promote your products.  

Affiliate marketing works when you pay rewards to affiliate marketers as they generate sales through their marketing. 

Adapt Voice Search Optimization 

With the rise of mobile internet usage, advancement in Artificial Intelligence technology and increasing involvement of mobile assistants, voice search is clearly the future. 

You cannot deny, especially even today 30% of search involves voice searching. It is only going to grow and expand. 

So you need to make sure that you are ready to ride on the futuristic technology and adapt voice search optimization in your business. 

Invest In Video Marketing

Needless to say the significance and impact of video marketing in the business. 

From Youtube to product demonstration, there is a plethora of space that is consumed by video marketing strategies to uplift your game. 

You need to invest in the video marketing for your business in any and every way possible to ride on this marketing shift. 

Because videos are not the trend that might go away. 

It is going to stay as this is the technological change where video communication is the most impactful way to reach out to the audience. 

Here are some video marketing practises you need to do in order to leverage your competitors. 

  • Create a Youtube channel to create content for your business to boost brand visibility, customer acquisition and reach. 
  • Invest in a in-house video production team or hire professionals for video advertisements for social media.
  • Create videos to demonstrate your product and other details about it on your website.

Quora Marketing 

Quora is one of the highest engaging social media marketing platforms and online forums. 

It is a platform where people can answer the questions and engage with each other. 

Quora is the perfect platform to share your content and reach out to the genuine audience.  

Just need to make sure you don’t share the links of your product or blog directly. 

The aim here is to genuinely create conversation and provide value to the targeted audience or given question.  

Create Personalized Content 

One of the best marketing strategies leading to success for a lot of brands is involving creating more and more personalized content. 

It boosts the niche productivity and focuses on catering to a more specific audience. 

Personalized content helps you reach that specific targeted audience from your customer base you’re looking for. 

Such content is aimed to derive better results and help you customers take more actions after consuming it. 

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) 

The use of PWA ( Progressive Web Apps) is currently at the rise and definitely going to be a trend in 2021. 

PWAs are quite like web applications that function like websites. It offers additional features such as push notification, working offline and much more. 

This also broadens the horizon on how long you can work on the application and even complete the work without WiFi or internet. 

They are something every business must invest in to align their brand with upcoming marketing trends. 

Try Growth Hacking 

Growth Hacking is not something you should focus too much or more than anything else. 

However, it does have a great potential to help you boost your marketing strategies. 

It is about testing and experimenting with things and seeing what works the best in terms of growing your business. 

Growth hacking aren’t usual digital marketing practises but more rapid and aggressive acts of marketing to see whether it works or not. 

Create Infographics

Lot of small businesses are promoting their business through various content marketing strategies. 

One of these most effective marketing strategies is visual content such as  Infographics. 

Infographics are pieces of content with visual presentation, easy to read, convenient to get all info at one place and other benefits. 

If you are creating infographics in your niche, more and more people are going to share it on their blogs, social media or websites. 

It is only going to increase your brand exposure as infographics have to be credited or embedded from your website. 

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