9+ Top PwC Competitors Globally

PwC, which generally means PricewaterhouseCoopers, is an international professional service firm.

It is said to be the second-largest professional service firm worldwide. A few of the top four accounting firms include Deloitte, EY, and KPMG.

PricewaterhouseCoopers provides various professional business services like accounting, auditing, strategy management, and human resource consulting.

Year Founded: 1998
Headquarters: London, United Kingdom

According to Wikipedia, PwC had 295,000 employees in 2021, with a revenue of around $50.3 billion in 2022. PwC provides its services in more than 150 countries with more than 740 locations around the globe.

PwC is a merger between two accounting firms, Coopers & Lybrand and Price Waterhouse, and was renamed or rebranded as PwC in September 1998.

Pros- Diversity of employees, Multicultural environment

Cons- Low hiring rate

List Of Pwc’s Primary Competitors and Alternatives:

McKinsey & Company 

Year Founded: 1926
Headquarters: N/A

McKinsey and Company, which is a professional management consulting firm, was founded by the University of Chicago professor James O. McKinsey in 1926.

McKinsey and Company provide professional strategy and consulting services, such as advice on acquisition, developing a sales force plan, downsizing, and creating new business strategies. 

McKinsey and Company is a top competitor of PwC with a workforce of 30,000 people, alongside revenue of more than $10 billion in 2021.

PwC has better salaries and more jobs than McKinsey & Company. Still, in other fields like overall rating, culture and values, compensation and benefits, opportunities, and positive business reviews, McKinsey is playing better than PwC, which makes it a top competitor for PwC.

Pros- Diversity and inclusion, Efficient management team

Cons- Career growth is low

Bain & Company

Year Founded: 1973
Headquarters: Boston, Massachusetts, United States Of America

Bain and company is a partnership-type company that deals in management consulting services and professional services for public, private, and non-profit organizations.

It was founded by the late Group Vice President of Boston Consulting Group, Bill Bain, and his partner Patrick F. Graham.

Bain and Company are available in 58 locations around the world, with a workforce of more than 13,000 employees in 2020.

This consulting company has a revenue of more than $5 billion in 2021, which makes it one of the top competitors of PwC in the world.

Pros- Higher promotion opportunities, the Higher employment rate

Cons- Work culture can improve

Boston Consulting Group

Year Founded: 1963
Headquarters: Boston, Massachusetts, United States Of America

Boston Consulting Group is an American management consulting firm that was founded in 1963 by Bruce Henderson.

It is one of the top consulting firms in the world by revenue, along with Bain & Company and Mckinsey & company. BCG is a private company that serves globally and has more than 100 offices around the globe.

Boston Consulting Group, which is known as BCG, is one of the top competitors of PwC, with a workforce of more than 25,000 people worldwide.

BCG is a profitable company with more than $11 billion in revenue in 2021. This shows BCG as one of the biggest consulting companies in the world.

Pros- Multiple growth opportunities

Cons- Scare opportunities of the hike.

Klynveld Peat Marwick Goerdeler

Year Founded: 1987
Headquarters: Amstelveen, Netherlands

Klynveld Peat Marwick Goerdeler is a merger of Peat Marwick International and Klynveld Main Goerdelerprofessional service network, which is famous as KPMG.

KPMG is a professional service network with a total of 8 founders and now is one of the big 4 accounting organizations around the globe. 

KPMG has a network in more than 145 countries with over 236,000 employees and mainly provides its services in financial audit, tax, and advisory for businesses worldwide.

In 2021, the revenue for the company was over $32 billion, which makes it on the list of top competitors of PwC around the world.

Pros- Useful exposure for career growth

Cons- Management structure can be improved.


Year Founded: 1845
Headquarters: London, England

With the full name Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited, Deloitte is also one of the big four accounting firms providing professional services worldwide. Its services include consulting, audit, risk advisory, financial services, and legal services. 

Deloitte is the strongest competitor to PwC, with approximately 415,000 professional employees worldwide.

The company has a total revenue of more than $59 billion in 2022 and has performed better than PwC in almost every field, including job security, skill development, and work satisfaction also. 

Pros- One of the greatest brand names in Consulting

Cons- Biased management structure


Year Founded: 1989
Headquarters: Dublin, Ireland

Accenture is a 33-year-old firm, mainly a professional service, IT, and consulting company. It has almost every company as a client from the Fortune Global 100. Julie Sweet has been the CEO of the company since 1 September 2019.

Accenture has a huge number of employees around the globe, equal to more than 721,000 in 2022.

With an income of more than $6 billion, it has incurred a total revenue of $61.6 billion in 2022. Accenture is a top competitor to PwC with its strong client approach and satisfaction. 

Pros- Not a good company for fresh graduates to join

Cons- Good brand name in the market

Have a look at Accenture competitors and alternatives.

Alvarez & Marsal

Year Founded: 1983
Headquarters: New York, United States Of America

Alvarez & Marsal, commonly known as A&M, is a professional service firm that mainly provides services like performance improvement, turnaround management, tax advisory, corporate restructuring, corporate governance, and many more.

It is a limited liability corporation that Tony Alvarez and Bryan Marsal founded in 1983. 

Alvarez and Marsal have over 6,000 employees working worldwide, with a total revenue of $2 billion annually.

Alvarez and Marsal is a strong competitor to PwC with its great and successful working model and client campaigns. 

Pros- Cooperative work culture, Focus on creativity

Cons- Tight deadlines

Oliver Wyman

Year Founded: 1984
Headquarters: New York, United States of America

Oliver Wyman, a subsidiary of Marsh Mclennan, is a professional management consulting company that was founded in 1984.

Booz Allen Hamilton’s former partners, Alex Oliver and Bill Wyman, are the company’s two founders, with more than 60 offices worldwide.

This 38-year-old company is one of the top competitors of PwC because of its more than 5,000 professional employees worldwide.

One of the factors which makes it a perfect competitor for PwC is its total revenue of around $2.5 billion in 2021. With its quick career progression and early specialization, it is one of the top management consulting companies in the world. 

Pros- Good payment cycle

Cons- Management structure can improve.


Year Founded: 1926
Headquarters: Chicago, USA

Kearney is a professional management consulting firm with office locations in more than 40 countries globally.

Kearney has earned top spots in management consulting firm rankings, like Consulting magazine’s “Best Firm to Work For” and Vault’s Consulting 50.

With more than 60 offices worldwide, Kearney has a workforce of 4,200 employees.

With its $1.4 billion revenue in 2019, Kearney has performed well in more than 10 areas, including work-life balance, culture and values, career opportunities, positive business outlook, and many more. This analysis shows Kearney is a strong and tough competitor to PwC.

Pros- Amazing work culture, Good work-life balance

Cons- Limited growth opportunity

Pwc Competitors

FAQs for Pwc Competitors And Alternatives

Is PwC a big 4 professional services company?

Yes, PwC is one of the big four professional management services companies worldwide, including Deloitte, KPMG, and EY (Ernst & Young). But, PwC has more social and sports events than any other company. 

Which is the biggest professional service company in the world by market cap?

Adventure is the biggest professional service company in the world, with more than $184 billion in market capitalization. 

What makes the big 4 so special?

Their total revenue measures the big four in the professional services business and their global growth, network, and client approach.

What makes PwC different from other companies?

PwC is one of the most reputed firms in the market because of its friendly and more social nature of work. It is referred to as a company that takes care of its people.

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