24+ Pros and Cons of Tutorial E-Mail (Explained)


The best thing about e-mail tutorials is that they function on the basis of productivity and unproductivity on an individual basis. This is one of the prime reasons for the way it functions in the process of teaching and helping others learn.

The tutorial e-mail was once the only method through which a person could enhance one’s learning of the skills and craft of whatever that they would want to learn. The step by step formula would be taught to the one who wants to learn through an e-mail. This is why these were so popular in the heyday. 

Reach your AudienceBetter Explained in Tutorial Videos
Easier to Access in E-mailMust have Access to Internet
Create Separate NewslettersTutorials may be Confusing
Tutorial E-mails Help Aged PeopleSeeing is Better than Reading
Step by Step TutorialsSometimes E-mails Get Mixed Up
Broad, Clear FontsE-mail is Restrictive in Form
Presentation Advantages over Other PlatformsBetter Technology Exists
Keep the Length to Choice
Archie Important Tutorial E-mail


  • Reach your Audience:

The best way to reach your audience without interfering in the lives of other people or spamming them to the extent of making a fool out of oneself is to e-mail people. This will help in the formation and inter-disciplinary method of learning.

  • Easier to Access in E-mail:

The best way to archive, save, copy in different folders and other forms of logistical learning is to use the e-mail. The e-mail allows you to do with the process of learning what one could do with books. That is to say that the tutorials could be saved in categorization form.

  • Create Separate Newsletters:

The method of sending e-mails is quite simple and has a lot to do with the process of making best use of the space that is provided to us. This makes the process of e-mails a very easy newsletter format that you could send every week.

  • Tutorial E-mails Help Aged People:

The e-mails are better accessed by people who have more access to the old forms of technological advancement than the new ones. This means that the people who use e-mails can be accessed through the process of making it easier for aged people.

  • Step by Step Tutorials:

The tutorials that the e-mails will show you in tutorial e-mails will be in step by step format, often referred to as the baby steps format. This ensures the consolidation and conviction of the e-mail and helps you in achieving perfection.

  • Broad, Clear Fonts:

The best thing about tutorial e-mails is that you can adjust it to whichever form of font you would like to adjust it  to or whichever form suits your eyes the most. The tutorial e-mail fonts by default are clear and bold and help in the formation of learning.

  • Presentation Advantages over Other Platforms:

The presentation is advantageous over the other platforms simply because the e-mail websites are compatible on both forms of access, i.e., the website on desktop or the mail app on the smart phone. This makes the e-mail formats presentation better.

  • Keep the Length to Choice:

The length of the tutorial e-mails can be as long or as short as you would like it to be. This means that the people who make these e-mails can write it to their own advantage and their own method of functioning.

  • Archive Important Tutorial E-mail:

The e-mails can be archived if you do not have a space on your desktop or phone to save these tutorial e-mails. They can be kept for as long as you access this account and ensure that the people who do so can be told to access it whenever they want to.


  • Better Explained in Tutorial Videos:

The best method of making a tutorial is to not write but to show and hence the tutorials are usually made in the form of videos to help people understand these concepts better and to get a firmer look over these concepts.

  • Must have Access to Internet:

The people must have access to the internet in order to ensure that the people who are accessing these e-mails can actually access it on a regular basis. Without the internet it is pointless to have an e-mail and move forward with tutorials.

  • Tutorials may be Confusing:

The tutorial e-mails will only be in written form. Hence the people who are used to having an e-mail that is more solvent that the e-mail presentation of others will have a difficult time in trying to understand how to function.

  • Seeing is Better than Reading:

The best way to learn is through the audio and visual format, which is assisted by reading. In a world that is reading immensely, the people cannot be told to read through the method of making formats accessible through the reading only platform.

  • Sometimes E-mails Get Mixed Up:

The e-mails are sometimes lost in the rush and flurry of e-mails that come into the inbox and get lost in the scourge of the moment. This means finding these e-mails cannot be possible unless the inbox is searched thoroughly. 

  • E-mail is Restrictive in Form:

The e-mail is restrictive in form and keeps the people restricted in understanding. The e-mails format is also not the best way to manage tutorials and hence keep the people in compliance with the program.

  • Better Technology Exists:

The technological advancements made in this generation is something that the people who cannot keep on with can have a problem in learning and understanding topics. This means that the people may be exposed to the problems of backwardness or adaptation problems. 


The best way to work towards a functioning of the tutorial methods of learning would still be considered to be the tutorial e-mail. This is a classic method and classic methods seldom die young. This method accompanied by other forms could result in the formation of better methods of learning. 

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