23+ Pros and Cons of Time Sensitive Email Marketing (Explained)

For a company, after the quality of the product comes the marketing of it. Marketing is essential to let raise brand awareness, educate the people about the product, raise their interest in the product and then lead them into buying the product. From a person knowing about the product for the first time to him buying the product, the company should keep up with the customer constantly for which marketing is essential. 

In this digital world, every mode of communication is used to the fullest for marketing. Time sensitive email marketing is one such method of successful and efficient marketing.

Benefits of time sensitive email marketingDrawbacks of time sensitive email marketing
Timing is everythingUndelivered messages
Using influence of past interactionNeed to catch the attention of customer
Reaches customer when they need it the mostNeed to design mails accordingly
Keeps the email relevantNeed to personalize experience
Influences response to pre-event marketingCustomer might miss message
More than just an important messageProblems with technology
Increased value of message
Shows how company pays attention to customers
Shows how company takes care of customers


  • Timing is everything:

Every company or brand puts in all their effort to advertise their product or service and attar potential buyers. They use every mode of communication available to try to influence the customer into buying their products.

So there needs to be something that’s puts the brand using the strategy of time sensitive email marketing ahead of the others in competition. What time sensitive email marketing does is that it sends the right message to the right place at the right time.

  • Using influence of past interaction:

Other devices track all our digital actions. So, if the company uses the data collection of the past interaction of the customer to decide if it is the right time to send forth a particular message, then it becomes even more accurate. This data helps to boost the time sensitive email marketing and make it even more effective.

  • Reaches customer when they need it the most:

Instead of mindlessly sending promotion and marketing emails, if the mail reaches the customer at a time when they have already been looking for it and need it the most, then it becomes even more effective and will make the mail bear some positive response from the customer. Using the customer’s past interaction data also helps the cause.

  • Keeps the email relevant:

If the brand sends an email to a customer at a time when they do not need it, the customer will not pay much attention to the mail and might end up considering it as a spam. But if the mail reaches the customer when they already have been searching for the service or the product, then the timing prevents the mail from being irrelevant.

  • Influences response to pre-event marketing:

When a company plans a big event and aims to make it a success, there needs to be a lot of marketing done before the event. They need to let the audience know about the event as much as is required to induce their curiosity and thus create a buzz about the event. Time sensitive email marketing creates this pre-event buzz effectively.

  • More than just an important message:

By the time, time sensitive email marketing might appear to be something that needs urgent response and is a very important message. But it is more than that. It is something that turns the potential buyer into a buyer within a very short period just by using the virtue of time.

  • Increased value of message:

We do not value something if it is given to us at a time when we do not need it. But if the same thing is given to us at a time when we need it, the value of the product changes. Same is the case with time sensitive email marketing.

  • Shows how company pays attention to customers:

If the company tracks the needs of the customer and send them something at a time when they need it the most, it shows how the company pays attention to the customer.

  • Shows how company takes care of the customers:

It is very important for the business of the company that the customer feels like he is important to the company and is being taken care of. This is something that time sensitive email marketing achieves.


  • Undelivered messages:

Sometimes the email from the company, no matter how time sensitive, does not reach the customer and remains undelivered. This is because some email sites filter out mails based on keywords and consider them to be spam. This becomes a huge setback for time sensitive emails.

  • Need to catch the attention of customer:

Even if the mail reaches the customer at the right time, it is of no use if the mail goes unnoticed. So, the mail should be formed in a way so as to catch the attention of the customer and make them act on it as soon as they see it.

  • Need to design mails accordingly:

No one carries all their devices all the time. Therefore, the mail should be designed in such a way that it can be suited to and opened on all the devices. 

  • Need to personalize experience:

Time sensitive emails should cater to the needs of each customer subjectively. Each customer should have a personalized experience regarding time sensitive mails.

  • Customer might miss message:

Even after taking all the measure to catch the attention of the customer, he might still miss the mail irrespective of everything and the company can do nothing about it.

  • Problems with technology:

Something that can never be ignored about technology is the glitches. Sometimes glitches may prevent the fulfillment of the purpose while other times the customer might not be comfortable with technology.

Time sensitive email marketing are a great way to advertise about flash sales or big events where the customer might feel like he is missing out on something if he does not participate.

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