25+ Pros and Cons of Survey Emails (Explained)

In order to ensure that your business grows and prospers it is very important for you to know the feedback of your customers. Without constructive criticisms or reviews, no endeavour can be improved or revamped.

Survey emails enable a company to understand what their customers think about their business. That is the reason why emailing surveys to your target customers or asking them to fill out email surveys is far better than merely uploading a survey on your website or even on the social media. This method is more engaging.

Let us explore the advantages and disadvantages of survey emails. 

Benefits of Survey EmailsDrawbacks of Survey Emails
Immediate information can be obtainedSpamming
Questions are asked to the target audienceReliable internet access
Quick and engagingCustomer’s response is imperative
The company gets an idea about its progressCreating a mailing list
Automatically programmedDesigning the survey
Constructive feedback from customers
Distribution costs are negligible

Advantages of survey emails: 

  • Immediate information can be obtained: 

The Internet provides you with a platform through which you can conduct the fastest interactions and you can obtain immediate information. If you ask pertinent questions to a group of people who might have shown interest in your product, then their responses can be automatically recorded and calculated through an email survey.

It is one of the most convenient methods a company can pursue to extract immediate information from its potential customers. 

  • Questions are asked to the target audience: 

Relevant questions regarding the product are asked to the target audience in these survey emails. There is an element of personalisation in these questions because the company has to keep in mind that the customers will fill up the survey sheets only if they are interested.

These survey emails also give a clear picture of the performance of their brand and how they have managed to attract the customers. 

  • Quick and engaging: 

These survey emails can engage multiple customers in just a few clicks. This quick mode of evaluation and immediate responses from the customers help a company understand their strengths and drawbacks. 

  • The company gets an idea about its progress: 

Stagnation is something that any company prefers to avoid. Every brand intends to progress and these survey emails enable a brand to recognise the areas it needs to work on. Once a company gets an idea about its progress, it can promote its products and services better. 

  • Automatically programmed: 

One of the key features of survey emails is they are automatically programmed. The responses gathered from a wide range of customers are recorded and the survey results are automatically calculated. No manual labour is required to conduct these online surveys and hence, quite obviously, these emails can reach out to a larger audience without any hindrance or interruption. 

  •  Constructive feedback from customers: 

A business can prosper when a healthy interaction takes place between the brand and the client. If the company can create a professional yet friendly space between the buyer and the seller, then the customers get the motivation to share their constructive reviews. This collective feedback gathered from the target audience helps a company grow and identify its drawbacks. 

  • Distribution costs are negligible: 

These survey emails involve negligible costs. The survey forms can be distributed without any monetary obstacle. In fact, conducting these online surveys is extremely affordable and can reach out to many. Had it been an offline survey, it would have been a little expensive. But survey emails do not promote unnecessary expenditure. 

Disadvantages of survey emails: 

  • Spamming: 

Even if the company succeeds in creating a proper mailing list that caters to those who have already invested a large sum of money in this brand, any kind of business email involves spamming issues. It is possible that the customers may not feel like filling out a survey form immediately when they receive the mail.

They may ignore it completely. That is the reason why, designing these survey emails and sending them to the customers who would probably be interested in being a part of these surveys are extremely vital. Otherwise, the entire effort of the marketing team may go in vain. 

  • Reliable internet access: 

Both the marketing representative and the customer need reliable internet access. Conducting an online survey needs high internet speed and reliable network connection. Unstable internet connection may dilute the whole purpose of the survey and adequate responses from the customers cannot be recorded if they do not have reliable access to the internet. 

  • Customer’s response is imperative: 

The whole purpose of conducting a brand survey is to collect responses from the potential customers. If that purpose is not served, then the brand cannot get an idea about the performance of its products. If the customers ignore these survey emails, the company cannot gather adequate reviews from its clients. 

  • Creating a mailing list: 

This is probably one of the most challenging tasks. The company has to have a proper mailing list where it can shortlist those customers who would be interested to participate in these surveys. A company that sells beauty products, must find those clients who face skin problems or the ones who need to buy reliable beauty products. If the customers are motivated to buy the products from a particular brand, they will fill out the survey forms without any hesitation. Selecting clients and creating a mailing list are extremely important. 

  • Designing the survey: 

If you are a representative of your company’s marketing team, you must design the survey in such an interesting way, that the customers are left with no other option but to participate in the survey. These survey emails must contain relevant questions related to the product that can intrigue the customers. Otherwise, conducting a survey has no point. 

Despite some drawbacks, sending survey emails to potential and loyal customers helps a brand gain a lot of popularity. It is an affordable mode of receiving constructive feedback from the clients so that a company can work on its loopholes. The questions asked in these surveys have to be relevant. 

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