23 Main Pros and Cons of Seasonal Email Marketing Campaign

Major holidays and important occasions need special mention all the time. From ‘International Mother’s Day’ to Christmas or any regional festival such as easter day and Eid, these emails are sent for an effective market campaigning both before and after the concerned events. This campaigning is specifically crucial for retail marketing. 

There can be various pros and cons of seasonal email marketing campaigns. So far as the pros are concerned, these major holidays are perfect for retail sales. Retailing new products gets easier and faster as the product managers can engage more number of customers than usual. 

Now let us explore the various pros and cons of seasonal email marketing campaigns in detail. 

Can engage more peopleMindless consumerism
Retail sales and discountsMay spam your mailbox 
Promotes secularismPossibility of coming across fake information 
Information of more unique productsGaining attention may seem difficult
Helps people stay rooted to their cultures and traditions 
Cost-effective and saves time
There are no regular email notifications 
Brand awareness

Advantages of seasonal email marketing campaign: 

  • Can engage more people:

Especially during major holidays, people feel the urge to connect with their peers and relatives across the world because they are free from their boring work schedules. This is the perfect time to make them aware of a company’s ongoing sales and marketing status through emails.

If these seasonal email marketing campaigns are exciting enough, people sitting in foreign countries too may crave for buying the products on sale. This is how these campaigns can engage more people than usual. 

  • Retail sales and discounts:

Exciting offers and discounts on certain products attract more customers. This is the basic marketing mechanism that we all are more or less aware of. Seasonal email marketing campaigns can make people notify about some unique collections of products. Like for example, a jewellery startup can put a discount offer on all ethnic earrings on ‘Mother’s Day’. This motivated marketing strategy on special occasions engages more customers and increases the sale of certain holiday-special products. 

  • Promotes secularism:

Even if you are not Muslim, you may receive a marketing email from a business agency during Muslim festivals such as Eid. These seasonal email marketing campaigns, hence, do not create any binaries between different religious or cultural orientations. Therefore, despite designing the campaigns and the products based on specific festivals or holidays, these campaigns certainly do not create any division amongst the customers. 

  • Information of more unique products:

As already mentioned, these seasonal email marketing campaigns provide information about some holiday-special unique products to increase their sale. By triggering the sentiments of the customers associated with certain cultures and traditions, these campaigns generate an extreme sales drive among people from various regions and ethnicities. 

  • Helps people stay rooted to their cultures and traditions:

Since these email marketing campaigns are seasonal and holiday special, they, in a way, help people stay rooted to their cultures and traditions. If you are living in a foreign country and suddenly an online shopping site sends you a marketing email on Dhanteras (an Indian festival marking the first day of Deepavali/ Diwali), the email itself will remind you of the festival and quite obviously you will feel like going through its exclusive collections on sale. 

  • Cost-effective and saves time:

Online marketing campaigns always have their perks and benefits. If you successfully can finish designing the campaign and specify the discount offers clearly, then the rest of the job is extremely easy. All you have to do is forward the email to your clients. Needless to say, this whole process is cost-effective and certainly saves a lot of time. 

  • There are no regular email notifications:

Since these are seasonal email marketing campaigns, the clients do not receive notifications on a regular basis. As a result, the mailboxes do not overflow with spam messages every day. These campaigns are generated and shared on specific holidays. 

  • Brand Awareness:

Through these exclusive campaigning programmes a business agency or even startup company can generate immense brand awareness. They can advertise and promote their brands on special occasions by offering interesting advertisement layouts, discount offers and vouchers. This approach is very effective, profit-oriented and customer-friendly. It can attract various clients instantly. 

Disadvantages of seasonal email marketing campaign:

  • Mindless consumerism:

These kinds of online marketing campaigns are capitalistic constructs and they undoubtedly promote mindless consumerism. A customer, who probably would not have bought pens and greeting cards on a regular day, could surely buy them on Teachers’ Day if they came across a marketing email from a company that sells stationery products. This mindless consumerism has a few disadvantages including excessive expenditure and buying more unnecessary luxurious products than necessary. 

  • May spam your mailbox:

Even if you do not want to receive any marketing emails, these campaigns, in probability, can keep spamming your mailbox. If these seasonal email marketing campaigns take place during a festival that continues for a few days, you are going to receive these unnecessary emails through the entire time span of the festival. 

  • Possibility of coming across fake information:

During the festive seasons, there is a possibility that you may receive marketing emails from fake organisations. These companies do not provide genuine information about their products and often promote fraudulent practices. If your expenditure involves a lot of money, you may lose the entire amount for nothing. By the time you think of taking a legal action against the company, it may delete the mail and eliminate all the evidence. 

  • Gaining attention may seem difficult:

Reaching out to people and gaining attention from potential clients may seem extremely difficult and time-consuming. To execute it successfully, a thorough market survey is required before one can generate a seasonal campaign. 

Every activity involves advantages and disadvantages, and seasonal email marketing campaigns are not an exception. Once you plan to organise a marketing campaign through emails, you have to do a detailed research on the products you are willing to sell and also your potential customers. Everything must be done systematically. 

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