22+ Pros and Cons of Offer Emails (Explained)

Offer emails are specifically sent to the customers or clients to increase the sales. They are also forwarded to the potential customers when a company needs to launch or advertise a new product. Online marketing campaigns have gained a lot of momentum in recent years especially because through these campaigns one can reach out to multiple clients.

Offer emails enable a company to engage its clients and make them aware of the products the company is selling. These offer emails encourage the customers to learn more about the products and strengthen the bond between the buyer and the seller. 

Let us now explore the advantages and the disadvantages of offer emails. 

Customer-Friendly incentivesSpamming issues
Make the products more affordable and attractiveCustomer dissatisfaction
Amplify brand awareness
Promotes mindless consumerism
Reach out to more customersLow response rates
Clients come back for moreNeeds a proper mailing list
Less intrusive
Clients recommend others to buy from the same company

Advantages of offer emails: 

  • Customer-Friendly incentives: 

The essential purpose of email marketing is providing incentives and coupons to the clients to make it worth their time. Since these marketing campaigns are customer-friendly., the vouchers, coupons and incentives they offer are customer-friendly too. These offers certainly attract the clients towards their services or products and inspire them to buy more. 

  • Make the products more affordable and attractive: 

The basic motive behind offering incentives is to make the product affordable and attractive. Even if you sell a comb, you must make it attractive and sellable; and even if you sell a product that is seemingly expensive, you must offer incentives and discounts to make it more affordable. Customers spend as much as they can afford based on the utility of the product.

If the product caters to their basic needs, they would buy it at any cost, and if the product is luxurious and caters to their secondary or even tertiary needs, then they would bargain and buy from a store that provides the best offer. These underlying responses clearly explain consumers’ choices. 

  • Amplify brand awareness: 

Quite obviously, the company that gives the best offers and incentives can raise its brand awareness. Constant engagement with the consumers is extremely important for the growth of a business.

To make your clients more aware about the prospects of your brand, you need an efficient marketing team and sales offers. The more you can flash these innovative offers, the more response you are going to receive from your clients. 

  • Reach out to more customers: 

Albeit offer emails can attract and reach out to more customers than standard marketing emails can. Reaching out to more customers requires excellent content, adequate information about the brand and products or services it is featuring, and needs to target a niche and potential audience who have either already shown interest in your product, or are most likely going to read your emails related to your product offers. 

  • Clients come back for more: 

Once your clients are satisfied with your product and service, and most importantly if you successfully managed to gain their trust, then they are surely going to come back for more. In order to gain your client’s trust, it is extremely crucial for you to be very honest about the incentives you have promised to offer.

If your offer emails are nothing but a facade just to attract more customers, and if you fail to keep your promise later, chances are high that your clients are not going to come back for more. In fact, they can lodge a complaint against your company at the consumer forum. 

  • Less intrusive: 

Despite the repeated marketing emails that a company sends to its customers, email marketing is less intrusive without any doubt. It is far less intrusive than telemarketing or door-to-door campaigns. 

  • Clients recommend others to buy from the same company: 

Once you succeed in motivating myriads of clients, they are, in all probability, going to recommend their peers and acquaintances to buy your products. This is how a business brand expands. 

Disadvantages of offer emails: 

  • Spamming issues: 

Spamming issues related to any form of email marketing are inevitable. You cannot really afford to ignore these issues because statistics are of the opinion that out of ten customers, at least two of them would not be interested in buying your products. This is the reason why, even offer emails are supposed to contain informational content and relevant updates regarding its latest products and services. 

  • Customer dissatisfaction: 

If a customer is already dissatisfied with your product or service, sending offer emails to him would be a pointless effort. Marketing of a product works only when the product itself has the capacity to attract its potential customers. Otherwise, the entire effort may go in vain. Also, if you promise to offer an incentive, and after the customer purchases your product, you refuse to keep your promise anymore, you are going to lose a loyal customer. 

  • Promotes mindless consumerism: 

Frequent emails containing product offers, incentives and coupons may promote mindless consumerism. Even if the product is not your customer’s necessity, these attractive offers may compel them to buy it. Hence, these offer emails indirectly promote impulsive shopping. 

  • Low response rates: 

Compared to telemarketing or door-to-door marketing campaigns, email marketing receives much less responses from its clients because it is less intrusive. Therefore, the customers always enjoy the liberty to overlook or ignore the email. These low response rates may cause harm to the growth of a company and reduce the value of their product.

  • Needs a proper mailing list:

 In order to attract the customers who will be showing interest in your products and services, you need to create a proper mailing list. 

Offer emails are extremely effective in engaging potential customers and they help a business grow. Without a proper campaign design and offer details, customers are never going to read marketing emails. If you are a marketing representative of your company, you need to know the art of influencing your customers.  

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