24+ Pros and Cons of Lead Nurturing Email Marketing (Explained)

Once a company is established and the product or the service has been decided upon and made arrangements of, the next big thing that one needs to do is advertisement or marketing. It is very important for a company to let the potential consumers know about the products or services available so that they can consider the company for that product or service. 

If people do not even know about the available service, then even if the service is of best quality, it might all go to waste. Lead nurturing email marketing is one way of keeping up with consumers.

Benefits of lead nurturing email marketingDrawbacks of lead nurturing email marketing
Create brand awarenessExpense involved
Educate potential buyersDeciding on the audience
Relationship between brand and consumerTime investment
Establish trustRisk of annoying potential customers
Puts one ahead in the competitionMagnified mistakes
Helps secure leadsFailing to make it personalized
Impacts buying behaviorNeed extremely efficient team
Convinces consumer to buy products


  • Create brand awareness:

It is essential for any consumer to know the company for he decides to invest in it. People do not easily give into new brands that they do not know of. Therefore, the company should raise brand awareness and make the audience aware of the kind of work and services that the brand offers. This can be efficiently done through lead nurturing email marketing.

  • Educate potential buyers:

A customer might show interest in a company but the interest will not be fruitful if the company does not take the initiative to let the customers know about their products. It is the responsibility of the company to find the people whose needs the company can cater to so that they can educate the potential buyers about the products and how the company aims to provide services. Lead nurturing email marketing does this job.

  • Relationship between brand and consumer:

When a consumer uses a product or a service of a certain brand, they tend to come back to the brand. It is up to the brand to make sure that the consumer comes back to the brand for the same product or other products. In this way, a relationship is established between the brand and the consumer which is fostered by lead nurturing email marketing.

  • Establish trust:

Trust is the core of any business. Once a consumer starts trusting a company, they will come back to the company again and again for various services. Thousands of companies have been around for so long just because their consumer trusts them.

Mostly, the companies that have been around for a long time are the most trusted ones. This is because they have kept up with the trust of their consumers for years which is why people trust them and recommend them to others.

This is the kind of trust that a company needs to establish with their consumers. Lead nurturing email marketing takes care of the customers of the company, educate them about the company and establish trust.

  • Puts one ahead in the competition:

Every field in business is booming with competitors, all of whom try to reach out to their potential buyers, educate them about their product, establish trust and so on. To present oneself as a better option is the field is essential in the current scenario. Lead nurturing email marketing gets one ahead in the competition by its personalized approach.

  • Helps secure leads:

A person is a potential buyer from the time he shows interest and enquires into the service, even though he might have no intention to be a buyer at that point. His enquiries need to be taken care of at every stage. This fosters a relation between the potential buyer and the company which can be emboldened through lead nurturing email marketing.

  • Impacts buying behavior:

Lead nurturing email marketing aims to impact how a customer perceives a product and buys it. If the perception of a customer about a product can be impacted, then it will be easier to make the customer buy from a brand that he shows interest in but has never bought from previously.

  • Convinces consumer to buy products:

Everything becomes wasteful if the customer does not even buy from the company. To make this happen, he needs to be convinced about the service which can be done through lead nurturing email marketing.


  • Expense involved:

Making a whole marketing strategy automated takes up a lot of money which the company might not be able to afford. Even though the expense for automated systems have diminished, it is still a lot.

  • Deciding on the audience:

The company needs to figure out the audience that it aims to sell its products to. It will be waste of resources if the system targets anyone and everyone.

  • Time investment:

Lead nurturing email marketing might be a good way to reach the audience and establish connection with them but it takes time to reach the target audience and for it to work effectively. Not all company might be ready to invest that amount of time.

  • Risk of annoying potential customers:

Reaching out to the customers is fine but sometimes the companies go overboard which might drive away potential buyers instead of attracting them to the company.

  • Magnified mistakes:

If a slight mistake slips through the eyes of the management and reaches the consumer, then it becomes magnifies. This is because one message goes to a numerous people.

  • Failing to make it personalized:

Sometimes the team controlling the marketing fail to make the emails personalized to each potential buyer and send a generalized message to everyone. This nullifies the need to have this system.

  • Need extremely efficient team:

The team in charge of lead nurturing email marketing needs to be extremely efficient and need to double check everything before sending them out.

There are various marketing strategies but lead nurturing email marketing is a strategy that every big company is making use of even though it takes some time to be effective.

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