22+ Pros and Cons of Internal E-mail Marketing (Explained)

Email marketing is a wonderful opportunity to know your audience, and the number of people invested in the products or articles produced by your company. There are different types of email marketing which are used to bait and draw in subscribers. Each type of email marketing has its own features, as well as advantages and drawbacks.

One such type of email marketing tactics used by businesses is internal email marketing. E-mail marketing is also the only format of marketing that has been consistently used and has produced results since its inception in the early part of the 2000s decade. 

Reach out to Multiple CustomersCustomers might be Offended
E-mails are Always CheckedChance of Being Counter-Productive
Chances of Spamming are LesserLack of Audio-Visual Content
The E-Mail is a Traditional SpaceSometimes other Platforms are Better Options
Elaborate Your Points BetterCannot Provide Additional Features
Use Special Date E-MailingE-Mails have Competition
Send Regular UpdatesLose Potential Generational Demography
Customers can Contact You
Market Various Goods Together


  • Chances of Spamming are Lesser:

The chances of spamming with applications which have direct entry into the messaging space of the customer is a lot more than the possibility of spamming of the customer using the format of e-mails. This is why several corporations still prefer using e-mail.

  • The E-Mail is a Traditional Space:

The method of e-mailing your clients is a traditional method that has been in use of the customers for the past few years. E-mail is not only used for the process of passing information but also for advertisement. This makes it a considerable option.

  • Elaborate Your Points Better:

The points you would like to convey to you customers can be better conveyed through the process of e-mail. This is because using internal e-mail marketing is a process that has been developed by the best brains in business and can be used for the process of advertisement.

  • Use Special Date E-Mailing:

The best way to wish people on their special days, be it birthday or anniversary or any other form of special occasion is the process of e-mail. Not only can you advertise your products with this option but can also send confidential coupon codes to generate interest and demand.

  • Send Regular Updates:

The updates that you send via e-mail can be stored in separate folders, something that cannot be done through the process of other messaging or communication applications. This means that the people who use these spaces are likely to know more about your products due to regular updates.

  • Customers can Contact You:

The customers who can contact you can be told to contact you via e-mail for official purposes. This is one of the best methods of registering complaints or even using other forms of communicative language to access a certain product.

  • Market Various Goods Together:

The goods which you market through the process of advertisement can be better marketed through the promotion and expansion of your brand via e-mail. Since there is not word limit in e-mails you can input as much as you would like to.

  • Reach out to Multiple Customers:

The multiple customers who use the process of e-mails can be told to access your multiple e-mails through the process of mailing lists and other forms of lists. Broadcast your messages and advertisements to several people at once to ease the process.

  • E-mails are Always Checked

The e-mails are always used for the purpose of conveying messages whenever one would like to try the best of options and access the most important of messages and notifications. This is one of the reasons that the people who access e-mails can be reached easily.


  • Customers might be Offended:

The customers of the internal e-mail marketing may get offended for seeing posts that they do not want to see. It might be flagged as irrelevant and then they will not be able to see your e-mails and products. This is one of the reasons the customers might be offended.

  • Chance of Being Counter-Productive:

The chance of being counter-productive for people who do not have a process of checking e-mails, or filtering them will be engaged if you send too many e-mails. Then they will have difficulty in searching for your mails and other mails. 

  • Lack of Audio-Visual Content:

The lack of audio visual content for people who are already used to seeing inforgraphies and videos to understand concepts better will be difficult when they will have to read entire paragraphs to adjust to the content of the products you mail them.

  • Sometimes other Platforms are Better Options:

The other platforms are better options for the functioning of the additional content that may be used to make promotional content appear more useful than the format of the e-mails. This means that survey forms and live updates of opinions are options not available on e-mails.

  • Cannot Provide Additional Features:

The e-mails that have additional content cannot be used just for the sake of making them look better in the process of the advertisement. The additional content that comes with other forms of messages or advertisements cannot be accessed when it comes to the question of e-mails.

  • E-Mails have Competition:

The e-mails have competition in the forms of digital telegrams and other methods of communication that are old, but adapted to the new generation nonetheless. This means that the e-mail cannot be used for several purposes.

  • Lose Potential Generational Demography:

The potential generational demography that all corporate and business firms try to take hold of are the youth. This is the process of catching them young and making them customers of their products from the beginning of the tenure of the product. Their imagination can be best captured through modern forms of content.


The perks of e-mail marketing are many but the problem of e-mail marketing are also quite well exposed. Making the best of the available technology is something that the people in business must learn to do, hence combining e-mail with other platforms might be a method which renders better response.

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