25+ Pros and Cons of Email Advertisements (Explained)

   Email Advertisements have simply taken over the whole Marketing Industry. Almost every organisation across the globe use Email Advertisements as a big part of their Marketing plan. They are cheap to make and send out, they can be sent instantaneously to hundreds or even thousands of people at the same time and they can even contain links that lead the reader straight back to the companies’ websites. They are great to have in your arsenal and so let’s delve a little deeper into their features. 

Benefits of Email AdvertisementsDrawbacks of Email Advertisements
You can get an idea of their effects immediatelyThey might never actually reach the clients’ eyes
They can direct online traffic straight to the companies’ websitesThe information they hold needs to be updated constantly
They are extremely cost effectiveAlmost everyone is using Email Advertisements reducing their attractiveness
They help in building strong relationships with the customersPeople can easily unsubscribe from receiving these advertisements
They keep the companies’ logos fresh in the minds of the clientsThey must have a responsive design 
They can be customised at any timeThey cannot have any mistakes
Email Advertisements are very easy to share

Advantages of Email Advertisements

  • Idea of Effect :

  Almost every marketing platform that can be used to release Email advertisements, has on offer, an array of analytics that allows the sender to find out the things that are engaging their audience(both visitors and subscribers). So they can easily keep a track of the content that is generating a response and the ones that are not. 

  • Directing online traffic :

   Putting out advertisements physically and doing the same online, via Email, has one major difference.

The people who read the advertisement via Emails have the option of visiting the website of the sending company, using the link given in the Email. So the advertisement can directly play a part in redirecting traffic to the company. 

  • Cost Effective :

   Once you are making your advertisements online all of the cost of manufacturing physical representations of your advertisements (hoardings, flyers, etc.) and then distributing or putting them up, is instantly reduced. Not only that the sheer volume of Email advertisements that can be sent at a very small price is extremely high. 

  • Building Relationships :

  Despite advertisements being a sales technique, using Emails to send them allows the clients to observe a more personal side of the sending company. Email advertisements give them the opportunity to be authentic with their core demographics, thus leading to the building of a strong relationship between them and in turn a loyal customer base. 

  • Visual Footprint :

   The first thing that jumps to mind when you think of any “brand”, is their logo. Seeing the logo of a brand cements that brand in your mind and with Email advertisements that is very easy to do. Regular Email advertisements keep a company’s logo popping up in the client’s Email Account, keeping the brand fresh in their mind. 

  • Customisation :

   Once you have finished creating your advertisement and they have been manufactured physically, there is no chance of changing those physical representations. So, for any changes, the whole batch needs to be recalled and then a new batch manufactured again. Email Advertisements, being digital, can be changed at any moment and be sent out again at almost no cost. 

  • Easy to Share

   In case any of the receivers like an Email Advertisement, they can forward it to whoever they want, in an instant. So the advertisement always has the chance of going on circulating without the sending company having to do anything. The sender can also send the advertisements to all people on their mailing list at once. 

Disadvantages of Email Advertisements

  • Reaching Clients’ eyes :

   Often people just ignore Emails the moment they realise that they contain advertisements. A lot of people also consider them as spam and simply delete them. Email settings are often changing and if marked as spam, the advertisements can go straight to “trash”, without the client even realising that he/she even got an Email. 

  • Consistency in Updating :

   Email advertisements only have an effect if sent out regularly. That means they cannot be the same, or they run the risk of becoming repetitive, and they also cannot have inconsistent information. Inconsistency can drastically hurt a company’s image and/or reputation making them lose a lot of business. So the advertisements also require constant updating. 

  • Standing out :

   In the present digital age, Emails are not a new thing and so almost everyone is sending out Email advertisements. So potential clients can receive more than a hundred advertisements via Email every single day. So companies always have to make an extra effort to make their advertisements stand out from the crowd. 

  • Easy to unsubscribe :

   In the same way that people can subscribe, they can also unsubscribe from a mailing list at the click of a button. So companies have to constantly make sure that their advertisements provide the best content and information so that the receivers do not find their advertisements repetitive and annoying. 

  • Responsive Design :

   Emails can be accessed from almost any electronic device, including mobile phones, laptops, tablets, etc. So companies can never be sure of the type of display on which their advertisement(s) will be viewed. So all their advertisements must have a responsive design, to make sure that their advertisement(s) are displayed in the desired manner on all screens. 

  • Extreme Care :

  Each and every advertisement that is sent out must be carefully checked before sending out as the whole reputation of the company depends on it. Even small errors, like a wrong spelling or a grammatical mistake can make the sending company seem unprofessional, leading to them losing a lot of customers. 

  So we can safely say that Email Advertisements are definitely here to stay. Almost everyone on the planet has an Email now and Email Advertisements can be a great way of teaching out to everyone. But they do have their fair share of problems and companies should weigh out all of them before they decide to use this method of marketing. 

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