24+ Pros and Cons of Confirmation Email Marketing (Explained)

After triggering a certain condition, a confirmation email is sent to a client. The customer can subscribe to a particular newsletter or place an order at an online store, register for a business or educational webinar or book tickets online. In any of the mentioned situations, the customer receives a confirmation email from the company.

It’s a transactional email. Companies select customers who would probably show interest in their products in the future and send these confirmation emails accordingly. This interactional exchange of emails strengthens their connection with the customers. 

Let’s explore the advantages and disadvantages of confirmation email marketing

Benefits of Confirmation Email MarketingDrawbacks of Confirmation Email Marketing
Engages customers for future transactionsSome users may not check emails
Builds trustA mis-typed email cannot be corrected
Offers incentivesUsers may refuse to subscribe to check new offers
Upsell Spamming issues
Primary inboxUsers may forget to click on the confirmation link
Customers’ preferences can be analysed
Increased CTR

Advantages of Confirmation Email Marketing: 

  • Engages customers for future transactions: 

Once a customer receives a confirmation email, chances are high that he might look forward to more offer emails from the company through which he can get a clear idea about the kind of product the brand is featuring. These emails increase the rate of future transactions and the customers are encouraged to maintain a friendly relationship with the company. 

  • Builds trust: 

Confirmation email marketing builds trust with the customers. There is a confirmation, a validity and a sense of security that are ensured. Customers look forward to future transactions and in order to secure that, these emails are extremely important for they provide relevant information, offer details and customised product launch details.

These emails ensure that the company does not promote any fraudulent practices. If the customer is satisfied with the product, he will come back for more. 

  • Offers incentives: 

If a customer places an order at an online store, once he or she receives a mail that confirms the order, he or she also comes across certain discount offers or incentives that are sent along with that confirmation mail.

Consumerism is something that shapes our lives and once we are offered with attractive incentives and offers on some products, we feel like buying more from the store. This increases sales as the products are sold rapidly. This also assures future investments and transactions as the customers get the satisfaction that they look for. 

  • Upsell: 

A brand enjoys the opportunity to increase its sales or to upsell its products. Along with the confirmation mail, the customers receive factual details about the various products of the brand. These details and information inspire the customers to go through all the services and categories of products that the company sells. Hence, this clearly helps a company to make the business more profitable and customer-friendly. 

  • Primary Inbox: 

One of the greatest advantages of these emails is that they usually land in the “primary inbox section”. Even if a customer does not check his emails frequently, there is a lesser possibility for anyone to ignore a mail that comes in the primary inbox section.

These confirmation emails are sent in response to previous transactions that already take place between the company and its customer. Therefore, the clients are not left with much option other than going through these important emails and come across some more offer details about other products. 

  • Customers’ preferences can be analysed: 

In order to increase sales, it is extremely crucial to understand the psychology of the customers. Once a customer buys something from a brand, the company gets a clear idea about his or her preferences. This enables a company to customise its products according to the clients’ choices. Personalised products and services offered by any company are always attractive. Hence, the customers buy and share newly launched products more. 

  • Increased CTR: 

A brand gets an opportunity to increase its CTR (click-through rate) through these confirmation emails. More the clients and their acquaintances search these products, the more products get sold. 

Disadvantages of Confirmation Email Marketing: 

  • Some users may not check emails: 

There are users who do not check their emails regularly. Either they do not receive any notification or they deliberately ignore. This makes the entire effort go in vain. The company cannot reach out to its customers if they do not come up with prompt responses. 

  • A mis-typed email cannot be corrected: 

If the marketing representative sends a mis-typed email by mistake, it cannot be edited or corrected. This may send out a wrong impression and the customer may soon lose interest. 

  • Users may refuse to subscribe to check new offers: 

There are users who would not want to subscribe or invest any extra money in order to check new offers. Customers, in general, get more intrigued when they get anything for free. The moment they are asked to pay subscription fees, most of them refuse to follow these emails anymore. This is indeed a huge disadvantage. 

  • Spamming issues: 

Exchange of emails always involves spamming issues. In order to confirm an order, to give details about other similar products and to send a welcome note, a company is obligated to send a series of emails to complete these steps. There are users who may not enjoy receiving so many emails frequently. They may lodge a complaint against the company for spamming their inboxes. This can soil the reputation of a brand to a great extent. 

  • Users may forget to click on the confirmation link: 

Users without technical expertise cannot follow digital instructions well. They may forget to click on the confirmation link and that can jeopardise the whole sign-up process. If the user forgets to click on the link, he cannot continue interacting with the company. 

However, despite these minor drawbacks, confirmation email marketing has numerous advantages that can help a company grow its business. Albeit, the marketing representatives should have a clear idea about the choices, tastes and preferences of their customers. They need to create an appropriate mailing list  to communicate with their clients. 

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