21+ Pros and Cons of Brand Story Marketing (Explained)

There is no room for denial that brand storytelling is indeed the future of marketing. The basic purpose of creating a story or a narrative is to engage the audience and make the product of a brand more attractive.

Several brands have experimented with their stories and presented them beautifully. Telling a compelling and an intriguing brand story requires thorough research, intricate marketing skills, and target audience. You need to exercise micro-targeting in order to select your potential customers before you feature your brand story. 

Now, let us explore the advantages and disadvantages of brand story marketing. 

Benefits of Brand Story MarketingDrawbacks of Brand Story Marketing
Engages customersThe viewers may have to subscribe to follow a story
CreativeTime consuming
Builds trust Challenging
Search engine rankingsViewers can interpret your story differently
Good stories have legsConsistency 
Emotional response from the viewers
Going viral

Advantages of Brand Story Marketing: 

  • Engages customers:

Brand story marketing enables a company to target the appropriate customers who would show interest in their products. It is extremely important for a brand to create a story that is relatable and product-oriented. There are brand stories which often deviate from conveying the ultimate message. This can harm their reputation and their products may not remain sellable anymore. 

  • Creative: 

This form of marketing is very innovative and creative. A story is always more interesting than a usual marketing campaign. Brand stories are nuanced and layered. They obviously promote their products, but do it subtly.

Promotional advertisements or campaigns are not direct and bland. These brand narratives can fuel one’s creativity and can actually explore all the possible methods of brand marketing. There is obviously no spamming issues and after a point, the interested viewers follow a brand story without any compulsion. The product, as a result, automatically becomes extremely popular amongst the viewers. 

  • Builds trust: 

A good content has the power to attract loyal customers. A good and relatable brand story never disappoints the customers who have already invested in your product some way or the other. Once a brand can build trust with its clients, they succeed in promoting their products better. The key criteria is connecting with the correct viewers.

A brand story should not be plagiarised or directionless. A believable and original story can reach out to millions of customers even within the span of a single day. All the brand needs to do is master the art of brand story marketing. 

  • Search engine rankings: 

This point is indirectly related to the engagement of the viewers. A good brand story can inspire and intrigue its audiences. It is less intrusive because the viewers hardly get bored. A good storyline enables a brand to keep its viewers hooked to the story.

Once the brand succeeds in gaining attention from its customers, it can improve its search engine ranking. More the viewers are involved, more frequently they search the story, and hence the brand can skyrocket its reach. 

  • Good stories have legs: 

There is a popular saying that good stories have legs. Good content can reach out to numerous viewers. As a result, the viewers feel the urge to share the story with their peers and acquaintances. A brand story that is easily shareable and relatable, always encourages people to buy the product that it features. 

  • Emotional response from the viewers: 

Your brand story has to be so engaging that your audience can connect to it every single time. In advertising, we often use a phrase called “emotional branding”. There are brand stories which can instantly trigger one’s emotions and the very next moment the viewer can associate himself or herself with the qualities of the product. 

  • Going viral: 

Brand story marketing has a chance to go viral all over the internet. A compelling story always attracts viewers in large numbers and countless shares enable a story to go viral. Once your story goes viral, there is no looking back. You are obligated to work on your story until it receives massive response from the target audience. 

Disadvantages of Brand Story Marketing: 

  • The viewers may have to subscribe to follow a story: 

Creating a brand story is very expensive. The entire pre-production and post-production teams need to be paid on time. If you create a story series, you may have to allow selected viewers who are ready to subscribe to view your content. This can affect your promotional campaigns because everybody would not want to subscribe. Hence, charging subscriptions, any day, is a huge disadvantage of brand story marketing. 

  • Time consuming: 

Brand story marketing is not at all easy, quick and affordable. It requires a lot of time to design a campaign and create a good brand story. Time is indeed a major factor which can hamper the entire process of campaigning. 

  • Challenging: 

Unless you are blessed with a skilled and experienced production team, you cannot create a good brand story to promote your product. The whole process is extremely challenging and requires thorough market research. You are supposed to have an idea about the tastes and preferences of your customers, otherwise the entire effort may go in vain. 

  • Viewers can interpret your story differently: 

If your story has a subtle message to convey on a sensitive issue, it may happen that your viewers can interpret your story differently. Irrelevant interpretation can send out a wrong message and that can indirectly affect your product and your campaign. Advertising experts advise a brand to create relevant stories which are not controversial in nature. 

  • Consistency: 

Last but not the least, your brand story needs to maintain a consistent storyline which is easily relatable. If your narrative fails to maintain a parity and consistency, chances are high that the viewers may stop following your brand campaign. 

However, despite these minor loopholes, brand story campaigns have brought in a revolution in the marketing field. Viewers hardly miss out an opportunity to follow these stories. This form of marketing generates brand awareness and advertises a product well. Even digital platforms are offering some brands to feature their products. 

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