25+ Pros and Cons of Advertisement (Explained)

You see them on your television during half time or break, on billboards, posters, even painted across walls, but most people don’t realize how important advertisements actually are. Advertisements are the gateway through which a product is introduced to the consumer. A well timed advertisement with a provoking message can go a long way in overtaking its competitors. Ads are the backbone of every industry that offers products for sale– makeup, clothes, food, telecommunications, etc. — a whole plethora of markets.

Advertisements even have the power to make or break your product. Some of the pros and cons of advertisements are:

Benefits of AdvertisementsDrawbacks of Advertisements
Introduces products in the marketAdvertisements are an expensive tactic
Provides information regarding brand and other productsPossibility of unintentionally creating tone-deaf ad 
Boosts image of the brandSmaller ads are lost in the deluge of ads placed by other bigger brands
Companies have control over the medium of advertisingCan come across as too frequent and annoying
Increases sales and profit margin 
Creates job opportunities in advertising 
Advertisements have the opportunity of educating people with a social message
Advertisements are vital for a business to succeed

Advantages of Advertisements.

  • Introduces products in the market. 

The main work of advertisements is to introduce a product to the market. When a company plans to launch a product, there are advertisements that proclaim the inauguration of the product prior to the event. This creates a buzz, and draws people into finding more about the item and the brand, thus increasing pre-orders.

  • Provides information regarding brand and other products. 

An advertisement for a product not only showcases the features of that product, but also refers to other recent launches by the same brand. The advertisement provides knowledge regarding the workings of the brand as well, and creates an image appealing to its target audience.

  • Boosts image of the brand. 

One of the most important advantages of advertisements is the chance to boost a brand’s image. If your business is not producing a profit, ads help to create awareness and spread news of your brand, thereby increasing sales and footfall in your store. 

  • Companies have control over the medium of advertising. 

A business has the choice to choose the medium by which they roll out advertisements. Some different mediums are through audio (radio), visual (televisions, online) and print media (newspapers, billboards). Based on the type of advertisement and the revenue that it will bring, the advertisement can be printed on various mediums. Companies have total authority over the type of medium they choose to print their advertisements.

  • Increases sales and profit margin. 

Advertisements exist to increase the customer base and sell products offered by companies. A well thought out advertisement holds the potential to make a brand a household name. Nowadays, the product being offered is almost not as important as the package it comes in — and that is the advertisement that heralds the introductions of the product.

  • Creates job opportunities in advertising.

Advertising has become a booming place of business in its own right. Advertising agencies have sprung up everywhere, and these institutions offer to tailor ads that will suit a brand’s image and product. Advertising creates job opportunities in fields like content writing, producing, directorial, acting, etc.

  • Advertisements have the opportunity of educating people with a social message. 

There are many brands that want to show solidarity with the people and its customers. They can attempt this via advertisements. An advertisement can contain a message that is socially pertinent in today’s happenings. For example, during pride month in June, many companies show their support for the LGBTQ+ community. 

  • Advertisements are vital for a business to succeed. 

For any business to achieve recognition and profit, advertisements are the cornerstone for success. People need to know the brand’s existence, the versatility and its stand on social issues to support that business. This is only possible through advertisements. Therefore, an advertisement is a vital requirement in business plans.

Disadvantages of Advertisements.

  • Advertisements are an expensive tactic. 

For all its benefits and the good that it does, advertisements are an expensive venture. A large budget needs to be set aside for advertisements alone, and that affects a company’s profits. Hiring agencies can seem like a better option rather than undertaking the whole affair upon yourself, but some packages offered by these agencies cost an arm and a leg.

  • Possibility of unintentionally creating tone-deaf ad. 

While it doesn’t happen very often, it happens enough times to create a difference. Advertisements may sometimes make a gesture of statement that may be offensive to a person or a community, and reparations that follow such a message cost a lot as well. A faux pas by an advertisement can also produce bad publicity for the brand.

  • Smaller ads are lost in the deluge of ads placed by other bigger brands. 

There are hundreds of thousand advertisements being printed, shown and displayed every day. From the miniscule startups to the big names, everyone is hoping for the largest piece of coverage. This leads to smaller advertisements being overshadowed by other, bigger competitors. The flashier the ad, the more people will get to see.

  • Can come across as too frequent and annoying. 

The main issue with advertisements is that people are not very receptive to them in the first place. While they bring in revenues for companies, advertisements are considered a nuisance and an annoying marketing tactic by many. It certainly is quite distracting to be attacked by a barrage of advertisements when you’re watching the television, or reading the paper. Therefore, many people tend to skip ads altogether.

Advertisements are vital because they help bring in profits, familiarize consumers with the products of a corporation, bring in new customers, increase loyalty base, and so much more. The cost of advertisements may depend on your budget, so you should keep a certain amount for this quota. A memorable advertisement will ensure people don’t forget the brand name any time soon.

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