How to Promote Your Small Business Website for Free on Google

For small to large, any form of business requires the website. Your website is a base where the audience can easily connect with you. 

Having a website is important as it shows your business is credible as well as visible on search engines 

To reach out to the audience for having better traffic and conversion rate, you require an ideal and effective website promoting.

But lots of people feel stuck when it comes to promoting their website. The idea of promoting the websites does not just seem intimidating but expensive too.

business website promote free on google

 Well, promoting your website is not going cost a lot of money, in fact, it doesn’t require money at all. 

Following some basic yet important points, you can promote your website on google for free. If you don’t have a budget for promoting the website, here are some tested strategies you can try,

Ideas to Follow for Promoting Your Website on Google For Free

Start Doing Guest Blogging 

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Guest Blogging is one in all method which is effective and helpful in establishing the website. With guests’ blogs, you can create more and more backlinks within your niche. 

More backlinks mean better index in the Google search engine. Backlinks work as a vote of confidence and for google, sites which have better reliability they will vouch for it. 

Also, when you put your content on another authority website, you are aiming for the audience who are looking for similar content. It boosts organic traffic to your website.

Guest blogging helps in promoting your website in the right crowd. It’s effective but you should know how to write the perfect guest blog first. 

Steps 1: Get Whom You Are Targeting 

When you are posting your content on different sites, you must know whom you are planning to target. 

The website itself has its audience and a certain kind of formating. Pay attention to details to deliver the same style.

Find the niche on which you can write well and inform them. Once you know who is your targeted audience, you can move forward to write a perfect pitch. 

Step 2: Get Your Pitch Ready 

To get permission for writing a guest blogging, you can either mail the prospect or some website have guest post options available. 

To pitch the idea, dedicate your time and look out for the quality content which is not already on the website. 

Write a mail about what new you are adding and a few basic points to get the approval of the editor. 

Step 3: Write the Post 

First, make points on the style of articles or post the website follows. If it contains headers, font size, or images which is different, then follow in your post too. 

Also, pay attention to word count and get feedback from the editor. Now link the backline of your website and the exciting blog links. 

Do not make the post too promotional and keep it informational for the readers. 

Pro Tip – To add the links from different blogs, do it with your older post and add to new ones. It can avoid linking too many backlinks. 

importance of backlinks for your website

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is one of the most effective ways to get your website ranked on google. It’s completely free as compare to SEM ( Search Engine Marketing).

SEO is for everyone and strongly based on improving the content on the website and easy navigation for the visitors. It includes the backlinks as well.

Apart from Improving SEO, being consistent is an important key along with passive traffic. It’s for the long term and helpful in promoting the website on the google index. 

Seo includes the word, alt text images, and phrases to rank on google like search engines. 

Start with A blog 

Guest Blogging and blogging is not too different but it has a thin line. Blogging is for your own website, and it’s a part of inbound marketing. 

Having a good blog means you can increase the chances of getting a better rank on search engines. It can help in establishing your website and build an audience for you. 

Surprisingly, good content affects the conversion rates too.

Even if you are not a professional writer, you can hire someone for help. Blogging gives deeper knowledge and broadens your information which attracts the people who want to know more. 

Create Your Free Resource 

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The idea is about creating content that is knowledgeable and valuable to the audience. It centers on the product or brand you are offering. 

You can choose the Guides in PDF or start tutorials series using YouTube. Your aim should be on creating as valuable and informative content you can deliver to your audience.

Keep the quality maintained and let the word of mouth do its work. Ask for feedback to show the authority of the website and it helps in promoting the site organically too 

Engage and Connect with the Audience 

The comment section on websites holds the one of important strategy i.e. building a relationship with your audience. 

Striking up an easy conversation and engaging with the people who are looking or interested in similar products or services you share. 

To join the conversation, you can set the mentions alerts. With the right tools, you can set the alert when someone is having a conversation regarding the niches you are providing. 

You can set the alert on your brand name, competitor brands, or the related keywords to your topic. 

Don’t be a spammer, but add the value when you are having a conversation with someone. Contribute to the form of knowledge from your experience or advice. 

When you feel the content you have is highly relevant, leave your site link so the people can reach to your websites. 

Pay Extra Attention to Email Marketing 

Email marketing is a tried and true tool and an effective method to improve the ranking of your site on google. 

Collecting the emails from the audience who can be your potential customers, sharing the content with them, and forming a relation by motivating them to try your products. 

It can be a newsletter, information, discounts, promotional, or any other kind of content. With email marketing, you can revive your old customers for bringing back them to your site. 

The tool can be beneficial for driving more suitable traffic to your website. When you write the newsletter, pay attention to information, and keep it interesting. 

Use Reddit For Promoting the Niche 

Reddit is popular with its  “ Font page of the internet’’ . it’s an open forum where you can discuss and share any kind of topic. 

Reddit is smart and skeptical when it comes to promoting the website, product, or services. As a result, you can get banned from the site. 

To promote your website, you need to focus on delivering valuable content. Start with identifying the niche.

 You can search <your niche> -inurl:”comments”

When you find your sub-niche, it’s time to become one of them. Follow the communities, build the reputations, and get Reddit karma. 

When it comes to promoting your site, do it carefully. Keep it not so obvious but more like sharing the opinions. 

Pro Tip – Subreddits are different, pay attention, and determine the approach. Post insightful comments, thoughts, and let others engaging with you. 

Don’t Skip Quora

Well, Quora is an online forum but it is different than Reddit. Quora is a site in the form of questions and answers and based on user-generated. You can either ask or answer in Quora.

The forum is more like a knowledge market. It’s an ideal place to share your opinion within your niche. Forming an authority and driving the audience to the website is easy too.

Quora takes time but promoting your website where can get you, organic visitors. 

To start with the Quora, zoom into the niche you have knowledge about. It’s similar to guest posting. You require to know the right questions to target the right people. 

Add the website inks in answers when you feel it’s relevant here.

Pro Tip – Add images which go perfectly with your answer as it attracts more views. 

Utilize the Power of Social Media Platforms 

Social media is much more than sharing personal photos and views. For promoting your website, social media plays a vital role. 

The tool can be used for awareness of the people about your brand. 

There are platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. These platforms can help in engaging the audience regularly. 

Post the content you want to share and comment to get a better relationship building with your target audience. 

Create Groups and Pages On social media 

Image source: Shoutmeloud

Build a page with the same name as your website to create a presence on social media. The business page on Facebook will help in interacting with the people following you. 

use the groups and pages for promoting your website. you can offer better customer support and communicate with the customers.

Other than Facebook, other social media have a similar feature that you can use for creating the official page. 

You can share the recent news, behind the work, etc like stuff too. It helps in connecting with the audience and let them peek inside the business. 

It helps in building trust between you and your audience. With an online presence, and official groups and pages. The audience can always connect with you when they want. 

It builds credibility and your site becomes easier to access for them. Creating pages or groups is free so it cost nothing but it can affect the business. 

Try Google My Business 

In today’s world, everyone searches everything on google before they do anything. Having your website listed on google my business makes your audience easier to find you. 

Google my business is free and it helps in showing up your website in local searches as well as google maps.

Pro Tip – Having your business listed on google helps in improving the visibility of your website on google. 

Post on Medium 


Image source : Medium

Medium is one of the powerful platforms where you can get your audience. The platform is for readers who want to know more about the things they are interested in. 

Medium is free and you can start writing your post, publish it to share with your audience. Interact with other people, authors and comment to build a better relationship 

Blogging on your website is different, you can post fresh content on the medium. Make sure not to write or post the same thing from your blog. 

The platform helps boost the visibility of your business by adding backlinks. Medium is also good for attracting the traffic who are interested in your content to your site. 

Get the Best from Twitter 

Twitter is known for it all in one approach. You can hit all of your business objectives here, like generating leads,  boosting the image awareness,  get customer support, and promoting the brand. 

To share your post, you must focus on making a highly sharable and engaging content. Twitter is easy to access and fast in spreading the news.  That’s why hashtags are important.

You can follow the trending hashtags and built one as well. It will help the audience to connect with you by adding the hashtag in thier post.

Add the links of your business with your post but make sure your content is knowledge and informative as well as relevant for sharing the links. 

Also, keep your post interesting for the audience to know more about it. You can offer giveaways and other offers in case you want to invest.

Keep the post interesting so the people can click more on your post and visits more on our profile. 

how to use hashtag for twitter marketing

Image content – How to Use Hashtag for Promoting Your Business on Tweeter 

  • Keep it relevant 
  • Easy to Remember and spell 
  • Make it interesting to use 
  • Contact with Influencers to gain exposure 

Frequent Question and Answers ( FAQs) about to promote website for free on Google

1. How can I attract customers to my small business?

To attract the customers to your website first, know who is your audience.  Know where you can find them and what you can offer. 

Build a relationship by offering something in return, it can be informative contents, knowledge resource, etc. 

Use discounts, free gifts, or deals to attract people more. 

2. How to get my Small Business website noticed?

Well, you can start by adding the keyword to your titles. Make sure the title is compelling for the audience. 

Improve your rank on google and reach out to the people who are already at the top. You can also post your website information on social media and use local media.

3. What are the free directories for promoting my Small Business website?

There are several options, you can use Yellow pages,

Google My Business,  Apple Maps, Bing Places,  Manta,  Yahoo! Locals, etc.  These are for displaying your business and optimize your SEO. 

4. How to get ranked on Google fast?

The fastest way is to improve the SEO which includes determining the keyword, making it optimize for mobile, and focus on building an easier user experience. 

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