How to Promote a Webinar: A Comprehensive Guide to Marketers

A webinar is a powerful tool for marketing a small business. The importance of webinars is hard to ignore in a small business where it becomes a golden opportunity for owners. 

The education tool boosts goodwill, builds trust, saves money, and improves the collaborations. Technology is developing rapidly and it’s affecting the business by increasing its potential. 

Well, a webinar is a web-based platform that helps in conducting a presentation or online conference, seminars, promotion, etc.

Since the cost of tradeshows is going up, lots of businesses including large ones turned to webinars. Due to which hosting a successful webinar becomes a competition. 

Companies keep working on developing new strategies and plan to use this for their use. 

However, promoting the webinar plays a vital role. A webinar is known as a one-time event but it contributes a lot in generating leads if it gets promoted in the right way. 

A recorded webinar helps in keeping the flow of the audience for a long time. As per the HubSpot, there is only 30% of the registered audience show up for attending a webinar. 

But for those who missed, the recorded version can help and keep the audience engaged. 

Promoting a webinar is equally important as hosting one. Making sure to reach more and more people and convince them to attend the webinar is not easy.

 However, it’s not difficult if you know the right ways. 

But Before You Promote Your Webinar

Preparing for a webinar includes lots of work like planning, promoting, etc. It’s quite normal to overlook certain points. Make sure you don’t do, here are points for you 

  • Have an optimized landing page for your advice. Also, keep the registration easy and hassle-free.
  • Don’t wait for the final day to promote your webinar. Start at least 1 or 2 weeks earlier and give gentle reminders from time to time so your audience won’t miss the webinar.
  • Always ask for feedback. Not just from those who attended your webinar but for those who didn’t. Even if it’s about not responding on registering for the webinar. Feedbacks will help you to prepare for next time.
  • Keep testing new tactics. The market changes rapidly, as for small businesses it’s crucial to always stay on the top.
  • Record the webinar and send the links to your readers. Those who missed the chance will get an opportunity to know and also keep promoting for the next one. 
benefit of webinar for small business

effective and useful ways to promote your webinar 

1. Use the Hello Bar

Image Source:  LeadSquare

Hello bar is not very common but has proven as successful too for lead generation. The hello bar can be seen on the top of the screen, depending on how your web developers add. It takes the full width of the browser.  

The bar helps promote or call to action. You can put a sentence or a few words based on what you are promoting. Your visitor can easily visit the page where you want them.

2. Upload Teaser Videos

Video is fast and easy in communicating. Upload a small video telling about what your webinar is all about, including the small and important details. Keep the video interesting and leave your audience curious for more.  

In the case of multiple presenters, try to add them to the small video. Use social media or YouTube and upload the teaser of your upcoming webinar.

3. Exit-Intent Popup

Image Source:

Exit – intent popup is usually when the visitor has to move the mouse to click outside the box or click on X to close the pop-up. 

Similar to Hello Bar, exit intent pop is a great tool for generating leads. However, this one is a bit intrusive and you should avoid putting it on every page. 

The pop up causes the visitor to stop and give a quick view of the banner. This is a useful and effective tool for having the attention of your readers on what you are offering. 

To promote your webinar, add relevant articles or content so the visitors can understand more about it. Once they registered to your visitor, make sure not to repeat the message on their screen. 

reasons why must have exit popup

4. Add A Countdown Clock

Image Source: CodeCanyon

Countdown clock can help in keeping your content fresh and alive. The readers will also get information and stay updated. 

Set your count down with 2 weeks, then shift to 1 week and then 3 days. 

It’s information and exciting for the readers. Also, they will always know when to get ready for your webinar. 

5. Write A Promotional Blog 

Writing a blog will help in giving more information about the webinar you are hosting. Add the information regarding why it’s beneficial for the reader and how they can join. 

This works with CTAs as well.

If your site has a similar blog, you can use it for promoting. Add the internal links and CTA at the bottom of the blog. Or you can write the promotional blog. 

Publish and promote the blog on social media. Update your subscribed readers too. 

6. Get An Effective Email Workflow 

Use the email workflow to promote the webinar by using different email types. You can make a strategy or plan whichever suits your style. 

  • Send an email at least 2 weeks before the webinar for the initial invitation. Add the content reading the landing page and information about the upcoming webinar.
  • Send another email before one week as a gentle reminder. You can break this into two types, one for those who didn’t register and one for those who have not opened your last email. Ask for feedback on why didn’t register and you can use it for the next webinar.
  • Add the landing page of your webinar on your email signature. For those who have a large amount of emailing people, it will be helpful to spread the news reading the upcoming webinar. 

You can promote the webinar outside your reach, communicating with a different audience. Also, in case you don’t get results, use the same database for the next webinar. 

Once the webinar ends, send a thank you email to your readers. For those who haven’t attended the webinar, ask them to view the recorded session.

7. Share It On Social Media 

Social media offers a multi-platform, connecting with the audience from across the globe. If you have an audience from different locations. You might get a thank you or sweet post sharing the links of your webinar.

If you don’t have a large audience, use ads for increasing awareness on different social media platforms. 

8. Promote Via Paid Ads

Promoting your webinar with a paid ad on social media is another tactic. Not just it helps in making your audience aware but also connects with new people.

A platform like Facebook ad LinkedIn has its ad plans, especially for small businesses. You can reach a new audience and target the visitors who are interested in a similar thing.


9. Invite an expert as a Guest speaker 

Image source: Pinterest 

Cross-promotion in little amounts can affect a lot. According to Duct Tape Marketing, this strategy can boost 200 to 300 % sign-ups. Invite the guest speakers for sharing their thoughts. 

Also having access to a new audience can help in generating leads for your business. 

Adding experts boost the credibility of your webinar. As for your visitors, they will receive detailed and new ideas or information. 

10. Publish It on Webinar Websites 

Sites like WebinarBase and TellOnline, they promote webinars from different sites. Publish your webinar here for promoting it. 

However, you might need to follow certain steps for registration. 

Such sites can help in promoting the webinar to those who are interested. From here you can get a loyal audience for your small business.

FAQs ( Frequently Asked Questions) about Webinar promoting:

How Can I Improve My Webinar?

Connecting with your audience is an important part of hosting a webinar. To improve your webinar, follow these tips –

-Pay close attention to audio. Check the sounds of your microphone, and keep a technician assistant handy. Choose the location where you can focus. 
-Practice a lot, do voice-overs, and work on vocals.
-Start with telling a story; it keeps the audience hooked.
-Keep a conversational tone and address your audience as ‘ you’.
-Use the real facts to make the webinar informational.
-Don’t drag a silence or pause for more than 2 or 3 seconds. 

Why Are Webinars Useful For Small Businesses?

Small business has limited reach. Well with webinars, you can connect with a larger scale of people and keep them engaged for hours. It helps in building an expert image of yours and boosts sales without pushing. Webinar connects you with hundreds of people who are interested in your services.

Is Webinar Going To Help My Brand?

Webinar helps in increasing brand awareness in the market. Interaction with the audience contributes to establishing a strong relationship. With good content, the audience feels curious more about what you are offering, thus you get the attention of theirs. Use it for converting them into your customers.

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