How to Advertise Etsy Shop: 35 Ways to Promote Etsy Product

Etsy is an e-commerce website offering unique, retro, or handmade items. You have your products to sell on Etsy, but you wonder how to promote them. 

To ensure more and more sales, it becomes essential to adopt some Etsy marketing practices. 

There are various methods and ways to promote your Etsy products. It is about boosting your Etsy store exposure. 

Creative Ways to promote your Etsy products and store:

Finding The Right Social Media Platforms 

You cannot sell on Etsy without leveraging social media to promote your products. Social media is the best tool for marketing and promoting your Etsy store. 

However, finding the right mix of social media platforms for your Etsy products to promote is crucial. 

Certain social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest are more effective for Etsy promotions than others. 

Look For Keywords To Rank In Google

One of the best marketing practices you can do for your Etsy store is search engine marketing. 

You can optimize your Etsy shop website to rank on search engine results for maximum organic traffic. 

And finding the right keywords is key to successful organic search engine marketing for your e-commerce store. 

Image Source: Etsy Marketer

Look for as many relevant keywords as possible for your store and optimize your web pages, listing, and product titles accordingly. 

Go for low-difficulty keywords for easy ranking. Find keywords that are relevant and with high search volume. 

Local SEO is something that really works for e-commerce platforms where you choose keywords that are based on certain locations. 

It helps you to surface on the city or location-based results on search engines.  

Remunerate Your Customers To Refer Your Store To New Prospects 

This is not an ideal way to promote your Etsy products, however surely one of the last options to get effective referrals. 

Image Source: ReferralCandy

However, it is a referral route for small businesses on Etsy to promote their products or get more customers. 

Here, you will be required to pay a small amount or reward your customers with a discount coupon who refer your items to other prospects. 

It is surely one of the most effective ways to promote your Etsy store. However, it surely needs some investment on your part. 

Keep Reminding Your Customers To Support You 

It might not seem as much of a promotional strategy, but really effective. It doesn’t hurt to ask your customers to keep supporting you. 

You need to build an emotional relationship with your customers so they help you grow. 

So it becomes important to address their support through your social media profiles.  

It makes your customer more invested in your brand and even helps you spread the good word. 

Promote Through Pinterest 

You cannot leave Pinterest out of the marketing equation, especially when it comes to selling on Etsy

Etsy sellers acclaim Pinterest one of the best marketing channels to promote their product. 

Image Source: Marketing Artfully

So why not you?  Just remember, Pinterest is about creating pins that attract users and be useful enough to get saved and shared more and more. 

So make sure you put your top game into creating the design and content of the Pins here. 

Apart from that, create multiple boards by sharing helpful and insightful pins and ideas for your target customer. 

Pinterest can be a game-changer for your Etsy store and so you need to give it more attention for sure.

Tell Your Brand Story 

Brand story is what connects the target customers or users to their brand, building their trust and emotional value towards the company. 

You should definitely utilize it to promote your brand. It is about sharing your story to the people. 

It doesn’t just help you get noticed but get noticed for all the right reasons and get to communicate or connect through your story to target consumers. 

It also builds the identity of the brand and positions you more firmly in the market. Best part is it is such a great way for promotion as the mainstream media as well as internet media are keen to share brand stories. 

Leverage Medium Tail Keywords 

You surely have heard how long-tail keywords are highly effective for search engine marketing your products

However, long-tail keywords are quite obsolete when the new trend of medium-tailed keywords are more prominent to bring you high-traffic of relevant users. 

Image Source: Backlinko

Medium-tailed keywords are 3 to 5 words keywords, longer than usual keywords but still shorter than long-tail keywords. 

They are still descriptive and are high search volume and low competition keywords, ideal to grow your Etsy store on search engines. 

Make sure the page title and meta description of your Etsy listing and products include these medium-tail keywords. 

Do Not Forget To Promote Your Etsy Store Offline 

You would not even really address offline promotion for your e-commerce product, especially for an Etsy store. 

However, it should be in your promotional strategy to promote your Etsy products offline. 

You can promote your products in your city, your neighborhood, and other social networks you have.  

It can make a significant difference to spread the word physically using print marketing, word-of-mouth, networking, event participation, and other methods. 

Distributing flyers or pamphlets in your city can also be a great initiative. 

You can always visit relevant events, seminars, and networking spots to discuss your products. 

Get Emails Of Your Followers 

The failsafe method for consistent traffic on your ecommerce store is, and always has email marketing

So, the best strategy is to collect the emails of your followers, customers, and visitors.  

Especially if you are customers or followers are quite engaging with your content on social media, they would be highly inclined to join the newsletter. 

It is a way to communicate to your targeted potential customers and existing customers regarding any product update or special announcement.

Track Keywords That Works For Your Etsy Store 

To promote your product effectively, you need a concrete yet evolving marketing strategy. You might not have access to an expensive advanced SEO tool, but plenty of free resources exist. 

So the best strategy is to work towards what really works for you. Invest in the right direction, which will get you a higher ROI. 

Image Source: Wordtracker

You need to look for what keywords hold more SEO strength than others. Look for the search volume of the different keywords you’re using. 

Find out which specific terms and trends in the niche or category you are dealing with. The data will help you find out which keywords bring high and more targeted traffic. 

Keep tracking how and which keywords are working well in real-time. The best approach is to use your smartphone, laptop or tablet to keep yourself in the loop with it. 

Run Giveaway Campaigns 

Running a giveaway is one of the best promotional strategies to kickstart your sales, even if you’re starting out. 

Image Source: Twitter

It is a form of marketing where you ask prospective buyers, your followers, or just people to engage with your content or perform certain tasks in exchange for getting participation in a giveaway contest. 

This contest marketing strategy involves asking people to do a specific action, such as follow, share, comment, etc., to win prizes. 

There are two types of giveaways you can go for : 

  1. Individual Giveaways : Everyone will get one entry to win the grand prize.
  2. Group Giveaways:  You collaborate with other shops to offer a prize in exchange for the task beneficial for all collaborators. 

Have you heard of upselling and cross-selling?  Well, this technique comes from these popular marketing and sales strategies. 

You see small and large brands and even brick-and-mortar shops doing it almost all the time. 

This technique is quite simple. You are supposed to list some  related products to the existing products in the list. 

Image Source: Adobe Spark 

It always works because people are interested in buying more, especially something related to what they are already looking for or going to buy. 

Another reason is that it sends out the traffic to the multiple pages of your shopify store which are also potentially the sales pages. More traffic and spending time on your website means more chances of sales. 

Also, showing multiple products to your customer while they checkout one product increases the chances of the average cart value. 

Make Your Products Get Into Product Roundups 

To increase your exposure to the targeted audience, making your product enlisted in the product roundup is quite smart. 

Hundreds and thousands of bloggers and websites publish countless product roundup articles, quite like a mini-review. 

Such articles publish a numbered list of products where it is read by none other than buying-intent readers. 

Image Source: Withinthflow

If you make your product appear in multiple lists or as many as possible, it will get you more traffic and increase sales. 

So how do you do it? Well, the best way is to contact bloggers, e-magazines, and websites to place your product on their lists. 

You will have to give something in return as it can be a sample of the product or some remuneration as well. 

Create Infographics In Your Category

Another content-driven way of promoting your products is creating infographics for the particular niche you’re in. 

To reach more of the targeted users, you need to create meaningful and helpful content for them. The content needs to get as many shares as possible on the web to get your brand across.

The best form of content is visual content, which is creating infographics to help people understand concepts or the required information visually. 

If you create information-loaded visually-appealing infographics in your niche, this visual content will travel around the web promoting your brand for creating it.

The best way to get it done is to hire professionals to create infographics rather than doing it yourself. 

Sampling Your Products 

There are plenty of shops and businesses utilize the sampling marketing method to bring more customers in. 

You need to find your target market and try to release a few samples amongst them to create a ripple effect for others. 

This effect can be positive and convince people around them to buy the product, if you do have a quality product to offer. 

Image Source: Handmade seller magazine

Offering free samples instills trust in your product and brand from the people’s perspective. 

Customers can touch, feel and see the product in their hand, making it more acceptable and confident to buy.  

This especially works if you are selling an expensive product because not knowing or having trust on the product can be the biggest barrier to generating sales. 

You can always send samples to the shops, sellers, businesses, communities, or other target markets and groups. 

Collaborate With Other Etsy Stores 

Community helps everyone to grow and is mutually beneficial for every participant in it, and that’s why you can leverage this to promote your store as well. 

Team up with other Etsy stores where you can tap into more potential customer base which is relevant to your product. 

Group sales is a great example of collaborating where you can network with other store owners and drive an abundance of revenue, distributing further to every seller. 

It is essential you partner up with the relevant Etsy stores where you can find your potential customers

Make An Instagram Store 

Instagram is an ideal place to market your products by creating a store on the platform. 

There are many successful examples of e-commerce brands and online sellers using Instagram to promote and sell their products. 

Image Source: Sellbrite

Lot of sellers are even using Instagram for directly selling their products and reaching out to their potential customers. 

Especially if you have a shopify store or Etsy store, Instagram’s online store option will get you a lot of traffic and potential customers. 

Just make sure you create high-quality content and interact with your audience to get utmost traction. 

This is not as difficult as it sounds! Well, surely getting featured in top magazines or media companies is as hard it gets, but not if you go for small websites. 

Many small websites and blogs are churning out content consumed by millions of your target users. 

You must approach these small website owners/ bloggers and ask them whether your product can be featured or reviewed on their website. 

It will not just give you backlinks boosting your SEO for your Etsy store but also promote your brand, and that too in good light. 

Leveraging Social Media To Build Brand Authority 

Using social media to post product links or even sharing content is not the full potential of such platforms.

If you want long-term success with your Etsy store, you need to build a brand of your store. 

Utilize multiple social media platforms, especially Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest to build your brand. 

Create a content planner for regular content publishing regime. Publish content that really helps the audience. 

The focus should be creating as much content as possible through multiple social media channels in different formats including images, text and video. 

This will also help you boost your Etsy store SEO as well. When you create multiple pieces of content regularly, it will create multiple backlinks to your store. 

It builds website authority as well and helps you grow faster. 

Always Update Your Email List On A New Product Entry

It is about making your subscribers feel excited about a newly launched product in your inventory.  

Consistent inventory update also helps you to keep your customers and followers in the loop and doesn’t let them forget about your brand. 

This gets even better when many people inquire about new products, designs, or variations. 

It makes people happy to get such email about new products and makes them more connected to the brand. 

Use the Promoted Listing Feature On Etsy 

One of the best ways to promote your Etsy products is to do it within the platform. 

Etsy promoted listing feature is all about the paid promotion feature on the Etsy platform. 

Navigate to your Etsy store dashboard; at the left-hand menu, you will see “Marketing”, and when you click on it, you will find an option called “Promoted Listing”. 

Image Source: Tamebay

You can promote your Etsy product listing for a budget as low as $1 per day. This feature puts your listing first to the relevant search terms. 

It will prioritize and highlight your etsy product listing over others making it more impressionable to more users for better sales. 

It also put your listing to the prime locations of the search pages and other related pages to reach your product to more people. 

You can get higher ROI with Etsy promotions, which means you will gain more through sales compared to spending on the ad campaign. 

Using Social Proof 

Leveraging your exceptional product quality and excellent customer service to build your brand credibility is essential. 

To do that, you need to share the positive reviews of your customers who are satisfied and happy with your product on social media. 

Use this to reinforce the belief amongst other potential customers, people, and followers that they can expect a great buying experience with you. 

Ensure you ask for those customers’ permission before sharing their reviews. Social proof works wonder as it establishes the brand’s reputation. 

Make Sure Your Publishing Great Product Photos 

One of the best ways to get noticed is to grab attention visually. This goes for platforms where you are promoting your products, including the Etsy store as well. 

You need to understand how your user connects with what you’re selling mostly by the product photos you post. 

Image Source: Etsy

So, a qualitative, descriptive, purposeful product photo that feels real and alive can be the best sales pitch to your prospective customers. 

The biggest hurdle for customers to buy products online is not able to really feel, touch or examine the product. 

A good product photography from multiple angles and demonstrations can break those barriers. 

Also, images bring more attention on social media but it needs to be extraordinary and stand out from similar products. 

Promote Your Etsy Products Through Facebook 

Even if Instagram and Pinterest are the best social media platforms to promote your Etsy products, you still cannot leave Facebook out of the equation. 

And why would you? After all, it is a free marketing channel to get more traffic for your Etsy store. 

Image Source: A Girl and Her Scout 

Also, even if you focus too much on Pinterest and Instagram, promoting your Etsy products on as many platforms as possible is wise. 

To promote your Etsy store or products on Facebook, here are the steps you need to follow: 

  • First create the Facebook Business page using your Etsy brand name. Mention all the required sections to provide more info about your Etsy store.
  • Make sure you write the “About” section very well including all the impressive details about your brand or Etsy business. 
  • Try to include relevant keywords in the about section of your Facebook business page.
  • Always share your Etsy store updates and other instances through Facebook stories. It will keep your profile engaged and connected with your users.
  • Publish regularly and interesting posts regarding your product, it’s making, significance and application.
  • Don’t forget to engage with your audience. More you can engage and communicate with them, the more your account will grow.
  • Try to reply to every notable comment or mention regarding your product.
  • Re-share and engage with other people’s posts regarding your product on your business page or other pages.
  • Don’t only share your Etsy product links and photos. Try to make the page interesting and exciting for the users.
  • Use Facebook Audience Insights to see the performance of your page. Adapt accordingly.

Share Video Tutorials or Making-of the Product 

One of the best ways to connect more people is to share behind-the-scenes of your product. 

Buyers and potential customers are always interested in how you have created the product.  It feeds their curiosity, makes them inspired and also brings credibility to your work. 

Video tutorials are the great content marketing elements to promote your products to a larger and more dedicated audience. 

You can share the story of your product and how you have started and end up making the product as well. 

Get Your Product To A Vlogger Haul 

With the boom of vlogger ecosystem in Youtube, they are amongst the best influencer marketers in the media. 

The best way to get your product reach out to the target audience is through these vloggers with their dedicated audience and followers. 

Specifically, you can reach out the relevant vloggers and Youtubers to add your product in their video hauls. 

Image Source: Youtube

A haul is basically a product roundup but more longer and extensive. It showcases around 10 to 50 products in a single video. 

Such content reaches out to a huge amount of targeted audience as it is informative and interesting as well. 

The key here is to connect with the right vlogger or vloggers to put your product in their haul. 

Be Active and Helpful in Communities 

Being an Etsy seller, it becomes essential you connect with other Etsy shop owners on social media. 

You need to be highly active and engaging with the people whether they are Etsy sellers or your audience. 

The key to success in social media to promote your products is to not exactly promote it. 

Rather focus on bringing value to people. Help other Etsy sellers. Engage with your audience.  

When you do that continuously, more and more people will connect with you and stay with you for a longer time. Eventually they will be your customers. 

Create A Blog For Your Etsy Store 

Creating a blog is not about just another platform to publish your Etsy product links. It is about to create a community. 

Blogging will allow you to tap into the potential customer market, not pushing your product links but giving them value. 

              Image Source:  Nancy Badillo

Write blogs related to the product you’re selling. You can also write about creating such products or establishing your store. 

Your blogs should be helpful, relevant, and fun to read. The idea is to reach more and more people, build credibility and create a community out of it. 

Don’t forget to get the email address of your visitors using an opt-in form on your blog. 

You can surely write about your product or write product rounds as well to sell your products. 


How much should I budget for advertising my Etsy shop?

It depends on your goals and the advertising methods you choose. Start with a small budget and test different methods to see what works best for your business.

Can I use Google Ads to promote my individual products?

Yes, you can use Google Shopping Ads to showcase your individual products.

How can I measure the success of my advertising campaigns?

Use analytics tools to track metrics like clicks, conversions, and sales. Use this data to optimize your campaigns over time.

How can I find influencers to partner with?

Use influencer marketing platforms like AspireIQ or reach out to influencers directly on social media.

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