How to Increase Sales on Amazon: 12 Proven Tips [Free Guide]

If you want to promote your products on marketplaces such as Etsy, Amazon, or Ebay, they are quite different from the products on your website. 

Amazon is one of the world’s largest online retailers, and it’s no surprise that many businesses want to increase their sales on the platform.

However, with so many sellers vying for customers’ attention, it can be challenging to stand out and attract new customers.

There are various ways you can specialize the marketing strategies and techniques in Amazon marketplaces or for Amazon sellers. 

In this guide, we’ll explore some practical tips and strategies for increasing your sales on Amazon and growing your business.

The Best Tips to Increase Your Amazon Sales from The Well-Known and Experienced Sellers:

Optimize Your Product Title 

One of the very first and most important things that grab buyers’ attention is the product title. So you need to optimize it as much or the best you can. 

There is a general but effective formula in play that you might have noticed on Amazon. The product title always conforms to a specific structure which you need to follow too. 

Image Source: SellerApp

The structure is using  brand/company name + product name + features in your product title. You can add multiple types of features such as color, size, use, gender or some particular specialization. 

Such optimized product titles will help prospective buyers to understand what you’re offering exactly just from the title itself. 

Not just that, it makes shoppers find your product much easier on Amazon as it contains high-ranking relevant keywords. 

Automate Your Product Prices With A Repricer 

You can always manually reprice your Amazon inventory but it won’t be enough to get ahead of your competitors. 

This is because your competitors are using automatic repricer gobbling up your sales as they are repricing their products on mass level even before you’ve started. 

The best way to supersede this is to use an automated repricer unless you sell with no competition or quite low volumes. 

Improve the Quality of Product Photos 

The best way to grab attention of your potential buyers is to show them high-quality product photos demonstrating the promising credibility in their purchase. 

You have to improve the quality of your product photos on Amazon. Well, here are few effective tips that will boost product photos quality right away. 

  • Make sure to use white backdrop or light-neutral background. 
  • Avoid using the flash and maintain your white balance to auto. 
  • Try to shoot in as natural light as possible. 
  • Use window light as your primary source and shoot as close to the window as possible. 
  • Make sure you use a tripod to stabilize the shot. 
  • Prefer the product photos from different angles. 
  • Try to create a seamless white background by using white cloth on the table

Follow The Amazon Seller Rules 

You need to create quality Amazon listings to achieve the higher Amazon search results and sales conversions as well. 

There are Amazon’s product listing requirements you need to follow and since they are constantly changing, you need to be updated. 

You should also focus on growing the buyer’s reviews as it is one of the primary marketing tactics that help increase Amazon sales. 

All you have to do is abide the Amazon seller rules and guidelines for the sellers because it helps you optimize your store for steady growth. 

However, follow the buyer communication guidelines as you can surely send links to review your products to your buyers but cannot offer any added incentive. 

Use The Keywords To Improve Exposure 

All the potential buyers use different search terms to search the products. And it changes consistently over time. 

Image Source: SellerApp

You need to be updated with finding out the best relevant and high-ranking keywords to optimize your product descriptions and titles. 

It increases your chances to be found in the Amazon searches more often boosting your sales as well. 

To find such high-quality relevant keywords, you can always use various SEO tools such as Ahrefs or SEMrush. 

Make Sure You Sync Your Inventory 

If you are selling your products on multiple platforms including Amazon, it is important for you to ease the management process and reduce the workload to do better. 

For that, you should sync your inventory over multiple platforms. Also when you will be able to track your inventory updates remotely it will be much easier to manage the orders. 

It will save you time and help you focus on the right direction to grow your store and boost your sales.

Optimizing Your Amazon Sales Funnel 

Bringing potential customers to your sales pages is one thing and getting that conversion through the funnel is another. 

If you get traffic to your sales page that means your potential buyers are interested however if you don’t buy it, there is another problem you need to resolve. 

It means the potential buyer is not convinced enough about your product to make the purchase. 

Image Source: SellerApp

Also, it becomes crucial to establish connection with the buyer’s mind regarding the buying the product. 

You have to lead them through using various motivations and reducing hesitation or lack of information. 

So make sure you optimize your Sales funnel to get high-rate conversion on your products on Amazon. 

Optimize Your Product Listing To Generate Sales 

If you are not listing your products according to Amazon seller guidelines and the standard SEO practises, you are going to lose a lot of money. 

To make people click on your products and get more clicks through your listings on Amazon, there are different optimization practises you need to do. 

First of all, make sure you get a professional copywriter to get high-quality informative copy for your products. 

Image Source: Ecommerce Guide

The poor copywriting, inadequate information on product and basic mistakes in product descriptions are the primary reason for not getting click on your products.

So you make sure you check your descriptions for any possible grammatical mistakes, typing errors or even factual mistakes as well. 

Don’t overwrite or over-crowd the description with long sentences or long paragraphs.  

Buyers should be able to scan the content in one glance to get all necessary information regarding the product. 

Mobile-First Product Listing Optimization 

You already get how to optimize your Amazon product listing to generate more sales. 

But the most important part about optimizing product listing is to go for the mobile-first approach. 

It is one of the most common things to overlook but certainly too important to be left out of the equation.

 More and more people are using mobile to surf the internet and so, buying items online as well. 

The statistics also clearly demonstrate how the larger chunk of your targeted customers  buy items from their mobile devices. 

So it makes sense to optimize your product listing accordion to the mobile interface. You need to see how your Amazon sales page appears on mobile phones. 

So the priority should be to go for a mobile-first optimization approach for your Amazon product listing and descriptions. 

Looking For Competition 

The competition helps you to stay on your course towards the right direction and also set realistic and yet ambitious sales targets as well. 

It is one of the best strategies to look for the competition which can become a great resource to improve your marketing and sales strategy on Amazon. 

There are multiple tools such as SEMRush, Ahrefs and Moat to find out : 

  • What high-ranking keywords your competitors are using? 
  • How much they are spending on their ad budget?
  • What are their pricing strategies?  
  • How are their product or sales pages optimized? 
  • What kind of products are they selling? 

And much more. 

Communicate Visually To Customers 

Online buyers primarily rely on the textual and visual information of the products they can access to make their purchase. 

It is a crucial factor in the decision-making of any purchase where the visual aspect is even more critical. 

According to a report from Shotfarm Product Information, their survey regarding the online shopping habits tell them the images are critical for the buyers. 

It states how 30% of the online shoppers considered images to be important and 63% of them to be very important in their purchasing decision. 

Product images are even more significant than product reviews as it gets to the visual confirmation of the product. 

It is also the reason the Amazon marketplace set out a minimum requirement of product images from their sellers. 

From the same research, poor quality image or lack of required images seems to be 26% responsible for the cart abandonment. 

Always Include Graphics To Your Product Images 

One of the best pieces of advice in terms of visually leveraging your Amazon listing is to add additional graphics to your product images. 

These additional graphics will be demonstrating your product for different purposes and reasons such as : 

  • Highlighting the best features 
  • Show how it works
  • Can be the size guide 
  • Promotional purposes 
  • Highlighting different parts of a product

And much more.  This varies depending upon what kind of product you are selling on Amazon.

It is about convincing your potential customers even more by reducing the unfamiliarity and lack of trust between the product and them. 

These graphics help them understand the product in one glance and make your offer more credible as well. 

Get Your Product Rank On Google 

So to get the maximum traffic, and too more of buying intent traffic can lead to increase in the Amazon sales. 

And Google is from where your potential customers will reach you, so it becomes necessary to optimize your product to rank on Google. 

Or you can also use paid advertisements to show up in the targeted keywords to get maximum exposure. 

Either way the point is to optimize your product links to reach to the Google search pages. 

Google is after all an overarching marketplaces and crucial spot to get high traffic. Make sure your products are well-indexed on Google.

Use search engine optimization techniques such as including keywords, optimizing the images etc to make your content more SEO-friendly. 

Get More And More Reviews 

Whatever number of reviews you have on your product just consider it being never enough. 

You need to get more and more reviews on your Amazon products and it is better to keep the fresh reviews coming in every now and then. 

Just remember the fact that people only buy the product from Amazon that has a significant amount of positive reviews.  

Even if you have a fair share of negative reviews on your product. Still you can make it up for getting more and more positive reviews. 

Customers prefer buying the products with mixed reviews ( predominantly positive reviews)  in comparison to few positive reviews or less reviews at all. 

Reviews are the social proof for the credibility of any product or seller on Amazon. The marketplace is a review-driven ecosystem. 

In fact, after the search engine optimization, reviews are the next best thing you can ask for to boost your Amazon sales. 

You can always ask your customers to leave a positive review after the purchase on your product page. 

Asking your happy and satisfied customers is a crucial step to increase your reviews on Amazon product pages. 

Focus On Getting Overall Reviews Strong 

Don’t get into the trap of getting all the positive reviews only or thinking that any single negative review can ruin your purchase. 

Well, you cannot ignore or avoid negative reviews even if you think you have a perfect product. 

It is about how you respond to them and balance your overall Amazon review rating for the product. 

Remember, it is always better to get not-so-great reviews in mix or combinations of positive or nearly-positive reviews. 

The key is to maintain your overall rating strong when the potential customer look at it. 

Having all five star reviews is not really positive rather too good to be true. It is also assumed that you got these reviews published by yourself. 

So focus on getting more and more reviews even if it means few negative reviews in your account. 

More number of reviews give confidence to customers that the product is bought enough times to give it a try. 

Aim Higher To Generate More Sales 

Aiming higher is not just in terms of the sales but as a vision for your products. It becomes important you see past the Amazon to increase sales on it. 

Don’t just think you’re selling on Amazon or as you only selling on Amazon, you cannot include your products to be part of multiple marketing campaigns and practises. 

Think bigger for your products and you will see Amazon sales driving more and more sales over time.

When you will try to strike the best case scenario to grow your business in all aspects, there are more likely chances to boost your sales. 

And, the best case scenario for your business is about focussing on every aspect such as product quality, delivery services, shipping cost, unique product offers, customer service and much more. 

Write Long Product Descriptions 

It is definitely not advised to write an ebook on your product or just adding fluff to make it a “long description”. 

It is about providing the adequate information regarding the product to reduce the lack of familiarity, information and credibility towards your product. 

Write a long, detailed and point-to-point description. Don’t hesitate to go for over 1,000 words or at least that. 

Make it readable and scannable in one quick glance. Avoid using long sentences and over-crowded long paragraphs. 

Product content is crucial for instilling trust in your customer towards the product you’re selling. 

Back it up with effective and informative product images and graphics to help make description much easier to consume. 

Consider Trademarking your Brand 

When you are a registered trademark amazon seller or the brand, there are unprecedented opportunities to invite on Amazon marketplace. 

It gives you access to Amazon storefronts, enhanced brand content, headline search ads and also a Trademark violation tool. 

You can increase your sales conversion rate so much more with the enhanced brand content. 

Amazon Storefronts, on other hand will help you effectively traffic the traffic through your Amazon store. 

There is another league of dealing which begins with you getting a trademark for your Amazon seller brand. 

Not to forget, the level of credibility and strategic advantage it gives you amongst other competitors. 

Marketing Your Product The Amazon Way 

If you are selling your products on Amazon, isn’t it better to sell it as per Amazon suggest it. 

You can also use Amazon efficiently for generating sales if your primary sales channel is any other platform. 

Segment your email list and drive the visitors who never purchased through you or over the last 60 days. 

These customers might not trust your website to make the purchase or are simply hesitant to buy from a different website. 

But when you redirect them to Amazon, they surely trust Amazon and always have a return or exchange option as well. 

All you need to do is separate these customers, send them a promotional email for Amazon. 

Then, sync them with Facebook custom audiences and then send the clicks to those products on Amazon. 

You Have To Be Unique 

There is no survival on Amazon if you are not presenting unique offers to the table.

 And whether you are a new seller on Amazon or have been doing it for sometime, you already know how difficult it can be to get certain exposure. 

Especially, if there is another seller selling the same item as you on Amazon, then it is necessary for you to come up with a more unique offer. 

You can do that by bundling other products with it. Or you can change the configuration for the better. 

There are also options to change in the price but do not fall into the trap of competing on the price. 

The idea is to play with marginal benefits in order to gain sales over your competition. 

Stay With Your Niche 

If you are an Amazon seller offering a variety of products, well you are not so unique from any other seller or your competition. 

To stand out, the best idea is to focus on a particular niche and deliver the best possible offers with consistent change to reboot the uniqueness. 

Also, being in the particular niche will give you more ideas and specialization to understand the buyer’s mindset for those particular products. 

Focus on building product reviews, and when your products get enough positive reviews, you can build a more loyal following due to those unique products. 

This is the best way to sustain yourself on Amazon longer and beat your competition as well. 

Include Long-Tail Keywords 

If you are looking forward to optimizing your Amazon product description or the listing to get more search engine visibility, long-tail keywords can surely help. 

Long-tail keywords are the three or more words based keywords that are less competitive and easier to rank on. 

These keywords will help you get higher customer traffic and increase the sales conversion. 

You need to add these long-tail keywords in the product description or even the title of the product, if possible. 

However, don’t be pushy in this area. Just focus on optimizing the content with the long-tail keywords that are not just highly relevant but suitable as well. 

Do not Try To Compete On Price 

You need to try to set up your campaigns where  the search discovery process of your customers is always under a particular price. 

Make sure you set custom labels to tier the products by its prices. This will help you prevent third-party retailers stealing from your customers by giving them much cheaper rates. 

You can still overcome this competition on Amazon even with purposefully not selecting to bid on certain products after a particular price. 

The idea is to not compete on price, especially when it is a race to the bottom.

 Your focus should be improving your customer service, finding ways to reach out to more audiences. 

When you assure customers that how much you value them, they are more likely to choose you over someone else. 

Also, even if you want to compete on price, you need a repricing tool to prevent overselling or loss. 

Go For Influencer Marketing 

When your consumer researches a  product, they look for some kind of social proof so they can make the purchase. 

Reviews, testimonials, word-of-mouth etc are few reliable sources they trust and look upto for the answers. 

Even celebrities and experts are taken as a high regard for making buying decisions for customers. 

However, Influencers are the next big giants known to highly influence people for their purchases. 

So you need to leverage influencer marketing to boost your amazon sales. You can approach influencers on Instagram or other platforms to promote your product. 

The conversion rate for the sales through influencer marketing is remarkably higher than any other form of marketing. 

There are three methods or approaches you can make to influencers : 

Method #1  : Amazon Influencer Program

Amazon itself offers affiliate and influencer programs to their sellers and other marketers. 

You can work with influencers or marketers through the Amazon Associate program. Or you can opt for their Amazon influencer Program as well. 

Method #2 :  Sponsored Content 

You can select the influencers in particularly your niche, reach out to them via email. Send them a personalized message about your offer. 

Inform them about your product and tell them why they are the best fit. Offer remuneration for creating and publishing sponsored content featuring your product. 

Also mention what kind of content you would prefer and see how they can be organic and natural with the content. 

Method #3 :  Use a Platform 

Another way to reach out to influencers is various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter but not directly. 

There are multiple influencer network platforms and tools such as FameBit, Shoutcart etc. 

This platform allows you to reach out to the tailor-made list of relevant influencers only. 

Assure Extraordinary Buying Experience 

First of all, this is not something that is obvious to be not acknowledged for. 

Offering great buying experience to your customer and actually delivering it to an extraordinary level are two different things. 

It is not just about your product but the whole purchasing experience leading to fulfilling customer satisfaction. 

This involves custom assistance, brand reputation, shipping, delivery and other related factors as well. 

Here are a few tips that strongly determine and differentiate the good or average buying experience from the extraordinary one. 

  • Make the guessing work for customers as least as possible. Give them all the information required to maintain a level of transparency.
  • Giving out more information regarding return policies, product manufacturers, product details, warranty, delivery time etc with honesty develops trust.
  • Connect with your customers through more humane and emotional aspects. It can be by telling them stories regarding your product, patterns, the process and employees as well.
  •  Make it easy for them to reach you through different contact numbers and email addresses.
  • Personalize your communication to your customers. You need to engage with them on a personal level through various platforms, if required.
  • Don’t send automated emails to your customers. It is better to send them email follow-ups, handwritten thank you letters with packages etc.
  • Be honest with your approach with the customers and focus on resolving their issues, queries or complaints regarding the product.
  •  In case you get a negative review, reach out to them and genuinely resolve the problem the best you can. 
  • Keep in contact with your customers even after the purchase. You can ask them every once in a while if they are looking for any product you sell.


How can I optimize my product listings on Amazon?

To optimize your product listings, you should focus on crafting compelling product titles and descriptions, using high-quality product images, and maximizing product visibility with relevant keywords. You should also set competitive prices and offer Amazon Prime shipping to attract more customers.

What are the types of Amazon advertising?

Amazon offers several advertising options, including Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, and Sponsored Display Ads. Sponsored Products appear in search results and product detail pages, while Sponsored Brands appear above search results and feature your brand logo and custom headlines. Sponsored Display Ads appear on Amazon and other third-party sites and target shoppers based on their browsing history.

How can I improve my product reviews on Amazon?

Encouraging customers to leave reviews by sending follow-up emails or including inserts in your product packaging can help boost your review numbers. You should also respond to reviews, both positive and negative, to show that you care about your customers’ feedback. Dealing with negative reviews in a professional manner can help minimize their impact on your overall rating.

What are some of Amazon’s promotional tools?

Amazon offers several promotional tools, including Lightning Deals, which offer steep discounts for a limited time, and the Early Reviewer Program, which encourages customers to leave reviews by offering a small incentive. Amazon Coupons allow you to offer discounts on your products, while Amazon Giveaways offer a chance for customers to win free products.

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