19+ Actionable Printing Company Marketing Ideas

So you want to run a printing business. Firstly, you need to consider the process of adapting to the natural business environment. Printing industries are in need to adapt to this landscape of digital advancements.

How to promote your Printing business?

  • Sponsor charity shows, community events, or trade shows to highlight product brands.
  • List businesses in Google Maps, Google listing, and online business directories.
  • Participate in exhibitions, shows, fashion events, or related parties to expose your brand.
  • Join hands with educational institutions, corporate companies, or health sectors to gain more orders.

And the businesses that don’t adapt are suffering from a slow death. In the realm of the printing business, Adapting and Marketing go hand in hand to make the business survive. So here are some marketing ideas for your printing business.

Some best Marketing ideas for a Printing business that helps you to get more Customers and Increase the awareness of the Business.

marketing strategies for Printing Companies

-Market Niche

Business and economics are changing rapidly. Keeping up with the changes helps your business to stay relevant and feasible even in the 21st century. That’s where market niches are helpful in achieving the feat for your business.

Niches generally are beneficial for your business in terms of targeting your customers and catering the services with undivided attention. Some of the printing niches that will set your business apart from your competitors are-

a) Product Niche: Expand your product beyond the local and regional market

b) Service Niche: Providing the services to the customers more economically and efficiently

c) Digital Services: The services that you can provide to customers through digital marketing.

-Smaller Jobs Matter

Printing shops generally receive many requests for smaller jobs such as printing invitations and cards.

But there are loads of printing shops that tend to lose out on such businesses due to pricing. And there’s an easy solution to that as well. You have to locate suppliers offering a variety of paper types that you can buy in small quantities.

So, let’s say a customer wants 100 invitations for a save-the-date occasion; you can utilize the solution you have at your disposal and finish the job. Winning such jobs will help you establish your early customer base.

-Unique Paper

What are the things that you can do for your printing business to make a mark of its own?  It is not that hard to find if you can look at the weapons that are at your disposal.

The quality of the paper is one such thing that your business should emphasize, which can also serve as a USP to attract customers. You have to earn your reputation as the print shop that offers special quality papers to their customer.

A few of the most popular special quality papers are waterproof or synthetic paper, Fold and go substrates, and carbonless laser papers. Applying this idea of marketing will surely get the customer talking.

-Be Findable on Google

Google can be categorized as the one who knows everything, well, almost everything. So it is highly imperative that Google has to have some knowledge about your printing business as well.

If people cannot find your printing shop with the help of Google, they are most likely to look for other printing shops somewhere else. By just setting up a business profile in Google My Business with all the necessary information about your printing business, you are allowing the millennials to find your shop.

Make sure to claim your business listings and provide the location of your physical store so that the shop is findable by Google and the neediest.

-Network Building

You need to build a strong networking profile to make the printing business a success. As it is already a highly competitive industry, to begin with, networking has the power to make your business recognizable and special.

You should go out and get yourself more involved with the community. Associate yourself with other business professionals by attending some forums and events.

And use those events to feature and advertise some of your printing products. It is one of the efficient marketing tools to make people recognize your brand.

-Offer Promotion

By introducing promotion deals to customers, you are expanding the business’s growth potential horizon.

You have to determine the deals that you are going to offer and the way you describe the deals so that the customers are on the same page with you. Customers are generally bombarded with various offers and deals every day. So it is pivotal to ensure that the deals you offer don’t become just one more among the many.

You must devise a great offer to avoid such problems to get them excited. Write to your audience to create a more personal connection with them. If it is done correctly, without looking too desperate, be ready to expect a handful of customers at your door.

-Join Online Groups

Market your printing products and services by joining relevant online groups on any of the social media platforms.

Chances are, you are more likely to find people online to talk about your products and service than in the real world. Look through all the groups and search for the niches that are related to the printing business.

Before posting any product links, check out the rules and comments in the group. This will help you understand the norms of every different group. Join several groups to expect better results.

Have a look at the Facebook group marketing guide.


Creating a website for your business has turned itself into an absolute necessity from being just an option.

Having a website helps you gain instant credibility depending on the content that you are providing on the site is engaging. These days any kind of business can have a website of its own by hiring a good web designer.

You can ask the designer or developer to create a professional and appealing-looking website. Don’t forget to create a landing page for the website to acquire feedback, opinion, and e-mail signups from the site visitors.

-Pay Per Click Ads

Now that the website is created, what are the things that you can do to increase its popularity? Well, one of the things that will help is running Pay-Per-Click Ads.

An everyday person is searching for something on the internet. And amongst those, some printing business-related searches are available as well.

So if you run a pay-per-click ad on those related printing searches, then you can actually generate clicks from interested people. In that way, the pay-per-click ad tool can cause some serious website traffic, which is crucial for it to gain popularity.

-Direct E-mail Communications

Printing is one of the things that people don’t encounter that often in their daily routines. You can use that opportunity to market your printing business via numerous paper usages.

You can send your offers on postcards, as it is a dying paper industry people will relate to the effect of nostalgia related to it.

Through the sign-ups, remember to create a birthday list of those sign-ups so that you can send your recipients some birthday cards. They are definitely going to remember your printing business for it.

-Social Media Marketing

The use of social media marketing will help you establish your business reputation. With the increased usage of Facebook and Instagram, acquiring leads and gaining more customers for your business has become easier.

Create a business page that has content reflecting your business’s objective. Use the tool of social media to project your printing business as fun and lively. This will help you attract new millennials, as social media platforms are full of them.

How to drive sales to your Printing business?

  • Give promotional offers, discounts, and other exciting deals.
  • Active on social media accounts and updated posts and pictures regularly.
  • Make video tutorials to make people know you.
  • Distribute pamphlets and leaflets at community places or near the store to grab people’s attention.
  • Ask customers to write reviews on your website and social media pages to win customers’ trust.

faqs about Printing Companies to get more detail and grow your business

What marketing strategy can you implement in your Printing business?

A simple yet informative website has been built to ensure potential customers will understand the services your company offers. By regularly posting a blog, you put yourself as a pioneer in the industry. This content marketing technique educates your clients and lets you reach search engines such as Google.

Make sure you refresh your online portfolio as your expertise and ventures grow. Potential customers who surf the Internet are more likely to partner with a company that can view their work. It is also important to work with trustworthy suppliers and obtain the best prices. This ensures that each customer gets the fairest price at no cost.

How to keep the customers coming back to your Printing business?

Your primary retention strategy is to offer reliable, quality service. That is what will separate you from the competition, along with your good interpersonal skills. Developing long-term ties with suppliers, business community members, and consumers would ensure a strong reputation. We live in a business landscape full of information that does not allow for mistakes or bad customer service. 

What is the growth potential for the Printing business?

The printing industry will grow collectively in the next few years to an astonishing 30 percent. Nevertheless, businessmen who controlled the market advised new business owners to provide a full-service menu. Although this business strategy needs more professional and creative jobs, the long-term benefits far outweigh the rise in payroll costs.

How can you make your Printing business a profitable one?

Although high-quality work can help your profits rise year after year, you can provide a variety of additional services to speed up growth:

-With first-class services, such as shipping, the company can be more memorable
-Sell products for offices
-Additional services include notary, passport/identification images, and shredding 
-Many print shops have also successfully delivered packaging services and partnerships with postal and other carriers. PO boxes also showed that annual profits were increased.

Who is the target market for your Printing business?

Various markets, including small companies, large corporations, and individuals, are targeted by the most popular print shops. Such diversity will make the company more effective since each group will have a slightly different marketing strategy.

Printing industry is one of the Growing Industries. It covers the many products which have day-by-day using. Here is the Infographic, which gives you more idea about statistics of the printing industry and about the colors etc.

Read it to increase your knowledge about the printing Industry. Read below.

printing industry statistics

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