350+ Press Release Email Subject Lines (Examples)

Announce your news with impact using our Press Release Email Subject Lines. In the world of media and communications, a compelling subject line is your ticket to attention.

It needs to be informative, engaging, and spark curiosity. Our carefully crafted subject lines are designed to ensure your press release stands out in a crowded inbox.

Capture the essence of your news and captivate the journalists, bloggers, and recipients, driving them to open and read your release. Make your news the headline it deserves to be.

How To Write A Good Press Release Email Subject Lines?

  • Be Clear and Concise: Keep the subject line clear and to the point, summarizing the content of your email in a few words.
  • Highlight the News or Event: Include the most compelling aspect of your press release in the subject line. What’s the key event or news you’re sharing?
  • Use Action Words: Incorporate action verbs to create a sense of urgency or excitement. For example, “Announcing,” “Launch,” “New Release,” etc.
  • Include Key Information: If appropriate, include important details like the event date, product name, or any significant information that will catch the recipient’s eye.
  • Emphasize Benefits or Impact: Express how the content of your press release will benefit the reader or the impact it could have. For instance, “Revolutionizing,” “Improving,” “Transforming.”
  • Keep it Short: Aim for a subject line that’s between 6 to 10 words to ensure it’s easily scannable and doesn’t get cut off in email previews.
  • Personalize if Relevant: If you have a personal relationship with the recipient or if the content is specific to them, consider including their name or a personalized touch.
  • A/B Testing: If possible, conduct A/B testing with a small sample group to determine the most effective subject line before sending it out to a larger audience.
  • Avoid Clickbait: Make sure your subject line accurately represents the content of the email. Misleading subject lines can harm your credibility.
  • Proofread and Revise: Double-check for typos, grammar, and ensure your subject line is polished and error-free before sending.
  • Analyze Performance: After sending the email, analyze the performance of the subject line using email analytics. Learn from the data to improve future subject lines.

10 Top-Performing Press Release Email Subject Lines

Subject Line 1: Breaking News: [Company Name] Unveils Revolutionary Product

Open Rate: 30-40%

Click Rate: 5-10%

Subject Line 2: Exclusive Announcement: [Event/Product] Launch by [Company Name]

Open Rate: 25-35%

Click Rate: 4-8%

Subject Line 3: Limited Time Offer: Get [Discount/Deal] on [Product/Service]

Open Rate: 30-40%

Click Rate: 6-12%

Subject Line 4: Join us for [Event/Webinar] featuring [Industry Expert]

Open Rate: 25-35%

Click Rate: 4-8%

Subject Line 5: [Company Name] Earns [Recognition/Award] for [Achievement]

Open Rate: 25-35%

Click Rate: 3-7%

Subject Line 6: Exciting News: [New Feature/Service] Now Available at [Company Name]

Open Rate: 30-40%

Click Rate: 5-10%

Subject Line 7: Unlock the Secrets of [Topic/Industry] with [Expert/Guest Speaker]

Open Rate: 25-35%

Click Rate: 4-8%

Subject Line 8: Don’t Miss Out: [Limited Edition/New Release] from [Company Name]

Open Rate: 30-40%

Click Rate: 6-12%

Subject Line 9: Get Inspired: [Success Story/Case Study] from [Company Name]

Open Rate: 25-35%

Click Rate: 3-7%

Subject Line 10: Invitation: [Event/Webinar] by [Industry Leader/Influencer]

Open Rate: 25-35%

Click Rate: 4-8%

Press Release Email Subject Lines

Breaking News: [Company Name] Announces Game-Changing Product Launch

Press Release: Unveiling [Innovative Product] from [Company Name]

[Company Name] Redefines Industry Standards with Latest Release

Exclusive Announcement: [Company Name] Reveals [Exciting News]

Get Ahead with [Company Name]’s Newest [Product/Service]—Press Release Inside!

Innovation Unveiled: [Company Name] Leads the Way in [Industry]

Breaking Ground: [Company Name] Introduces [Groundbreaking Product]

For Immediate Release: [Company Name]’s Latest Milestone in [Industry]

News Flash: [Company Name] Elevates [Industry] with [Product/Service]

Discover the Future of [Industry] with [Company Name]’s [New Offering]

Breaking Barriers: [Company Name] Sets New Standards with [Product/Service]

Press Release: [Company Name] Empowers [Industry] through [Innovation]

Revolutionizing [Industry]: [Company Name] Unveils [Game-Changing Product]

Introducing [Product/Service]: [Company Name] at the Forefront of [Industry]

Breaking News Alert: [Company Name] Launches [Exciting Product/Service]

[Company Name] Announces [Major Event/Initiative]—Press Release Now Available

Press Release: [Company Name] Marks a Milestone in [Industry] Evolution

Innovation Spotlight: [Company Name] Introduces [Product/Service] to [Industry]

Breaking News: [Company Name] Reveals [Industry] Game-Changer

Get Ready: [Company Name] Unveils [Product/Service] to Redefine [Industry]

Press Release Alert: [Company Name] Pioneers [Revolutionary Product] in [Industry]

[Company Name] Leads the Charge with [Industry]-Shifting [Product/Service]

Hot Off the Press: [Company Name] Introduces [Innovative Offering] in [Industry]

Breaking Ground: [Company Name] Sets a New Standard with [Product/Service]

Announcing [Product/Service] by [Company Name]: Shaping the Future of [Industry]

Press Release: [Company Name] Ignites a Revolution with [Product/Service]

[Company Name] Unleashes [Game-Changing Product] to Transform [Industry]

Breaking News: [Company Name] Emerges as [Industry] Trailblazer with [Product/Service]

Press Release Alert: [Company Name] Takes [Industry] to New Heights with [Innovation]

Experience the Future: [Company Name] Introduces [Exciting Product] in [Industry]

Press Release Email Subject

Breaking News: [Company Name] Announces Exciting Developments

Media Alert: [Company Name] Unveils Groundbreaking Innovation

Press Release: [Company Name] Elevates Industry Standards

For Immediate Release: [Company Name] Launches Game-Changing Product

Exciting Announcement: [Company Name] Achieves Significant Milestone

New Heights: [Company Name] Sets Industry Benchmark with Latest Release

Breaking Ground: [Company Name] Redefines Possibilities in [Industry]

Media Advisory: [Company Name] Introduces Innovative Solution

Innovation Alert: [Company Name] Shakes Up [Industry] Landscape

Press Release: [Company Name] Drives Forward with Cutting-Edge Advancements

For Immediate Release: [Company Name] Impresses with Latest Breakthroughs

Special Announcement: [Company Name] Pioneers Next-Gen [Product/Service]

Breaking News: [Company Name] Unveils Visionary Strategy for [Industry]

Game Changer: [Company Name] Redefines Norms in [Industry] with [Product/Service]

Press Release: [Company Name] Powers Ahead with [Innovative Product/Service]

Innovation Unveiled: [Company Name] Leads the Way in [Industry] Evolution

For Immediate Release: [Company Name] Emerges as Trailblazer in [Industry]

Exciting Milestone: [Company Name] Celebrates [Achievement]

Breaking News: [Company Name] Set to Revolutionize [Industry] Landscape

Media Advisory: [Company Name] Reveals Game-Changing [Product/Service]

Press Release: [Company Name] Gears Up for [Major Event/Initiative]

For Immediate Release: [Company Name] Unleashes [Product/Service] Transformation

Redefining Norms: [Company Name] Breaks Ground in [Industry]

Breaking News: [Company Name] Surpasses Expectations with [Innovative Solution]

Innovation Alert: [Company Name] Shakes Up [Industry] with [Breakthrough Product]

Press Release: [Company Name] Leads [Industry] Evolution with [Latest Advancements]

For Immediate Release: [Company Name] Inspires Change in [Industry] with [New Offering]

Milestone Achieved: [Company Name] Marks Triumph in [Industry]

Breaking News: [Company Name] Unlocks Potential with [Innovative Breakthrough]

Media Advisory: [Company Name] Redefines [Industry] Norms with [Latest Release]

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